OLTL Update Thursday 6/18/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/18/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

At Rodi’s, Schuyler comes to see Gigi and informs her that he got the DNA results from the lab. He confirms that Stacy did not save Shane’s life. Gigi is delighted to find out she no longer needs to depend upon her sister.

Markko is working as the towel boy and drink server at a resort. Langston goes to visit him secretly. He tells her had to lie to his parents and get away to see her. He didn’t return her messages because his parents confiscated his cell phone. Dorian ruined life as they know it when she announced to his parents that he and Langston had sex.

Blair enters Dorian’s room to see that her aunt is terribly hung over. Dorian makes it clear that she has a terrible headache, cannot have any light in her room, and cannot take hearing the sounds of a baby crying from downstairs.

Meanwhile Starr and Cole are in the kitchen with the baby after she informs him that Marcie has let them keep baby Hope. He holds the baby, wondering how to tell Starr that he is going to jail in a few days. Starr notices that the baby’s diaper has to be changed and she wants to show Cole how to do it.

In Dorian’s room, she asks Blair if Marcie has brought the baby over to visit. Blair informs her that Marcie realized how hard it was for Starr to give her up so she brought her there and tore up the adoption papers. Now Hope can live with them permanently. Hearing that, Dorian tells her niece she is so happy. She tells her that they must now prevent Todd from ruining that baby’s life the way he has ruined all of the others’.

At Todd’s, Téa is in bed wondering what to do. He is wondering what to make her for breakfast. She asks him how he is going to prevent her form losing the career she loves.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler shows Gigi the papers that confirm that Stacy’s stem cells could not possibly have saved Shane. In response to that, she tells him she could kiss him and she hugs him in gratitude. Right then, Stacy and Rex walk in the door to see it.

Layla is in the park with the dog Aziza. Officer Fish tells her that he has to issue her a ticket because she is in violation of the leash law.

Cole changes the diaper, observes Starr with baby Hope, and tells her that Hope is beautiful and looks just like Starr. She happily tells him that they get to raise her together, but he does not smile. He tells her that he cannot raise their baby with her. Not right now.

Upstairs, Blair tells Dorian that eventually, Todd will find out that Starr is keeping the baby and he’ll want to see her. Dorian then says that she will get Shawn to keep Todd away from her home and baby Hope. Then she remembers that she fired Shawn last night. Blair demands to know why she would do that. Dorian realizes that she has to try to “un-fire” Shawn. Otherwise, Todd will be coming over. Blair tells her aunt that it might be to no avail. The judge made a decision that gives Todd rights that she would rather he not have, but she doesn’t spell out exactly what the judge decided.

At Todd’s, he tells Téa that he can help prevent her disbarment. He has hired the best lawyer in Pennsylvania. She reminds him that she is the best lawyer; what she needs is a magician. Otherwise, she will never practice law again.

Dorian asks Blair what happened in court that made the judge listen to Todd. Blair replies that he was able to prove that her marriage to John was a fraud. Dorian asks how that could have happened and asks if Todd was granted full custody of the kids. Blair tells her aunt that they both have custody, but the judge ruled that they must all live under the same roof.

Meanwhile, Téa reminds Todd that he recorded a conversation she with him that confirmed that she orchestrated Blair and John’s marriage to help Blair get custody of the kids. She tells him he does not give a damn that he destroyed her career. All he cares about is that he has custody of the kids. She notices that Todd is not as happy as he should be now that he’s beat Blair and John. She concludes that he is not telling her something.

At Rodi’s, when Gigi notices Rex and Stacy together without Shane, she asks where her son is. He replies that Bo and Matthew took him for a hot fudge sundae after the concert. Stacy tells her sister that they all had a great time with Shane. She gloats about how she, Rex, and Shane are all so close. Gigi smugly waves the document at them. Not knowing what the paper is, Stacy smugly asks her sister if she plans to take Schuyler or Brody with her to Shane’s concert. Stacy and Rex walk out the door, viewing Gigi and Schuyler disdainfully. Gigi asks them to wait and tells them that she knows of something that will profoundly change both of their lives and their plans. In response to that, Rex turns and tells Gigi he really doesn’t want or need to know why she has her hands all over Schuyler. She tells him that he must hear something very important that she has to tell him. She faces Rex and Stacy, holding the paper in front of them and informs them that she just got some news. He then asks her if it’s about Shane, if anything is wrong. She replies no, everything is good. She cannot bring herself to tell Rex exactly what she has discovered. instead, she tells him that Shane was accepted to baseball camp. Rex tells her that’s great and walks away with Stacy. After they’re gone Schuyler, who has overheard the conversation, asks Gigi why she didn’t tell Rex the news. Gigi admits to Schuyler that she doesn’t think she can.

Dorian asks Blair what judge in their right mind would want her and the kids living with Todd. She tells her aunt that the judge said that they had better all make it work or he will place the kids in foster care. Hearing that, Dorian says not if she has anything to say about it. Blair tells her aunt she appreciates her intent to help, but she has already tried and failed to convince the judge not to go through with his ruling. Dorian tells Blair she cannot be alone in the house without her. She informs Blair that she also kicked out Moe and Noelle. Blair asks her what happened, why she needs Blair to stay in the house, and why she is afraid to be alone. She reminds her aunt that she still has Langston. Dorian tells Blair that Langston is very angry and may never forgive her. Blair asks Dorian what happened to make Langston angry.

Langston and Markko are talking about how they will never forgive Dorian for what she did the previous night.

Dorian tells Blair she does not want her moving in with Todd. Blair tells her aunt that she does not have a choice. Dorian reveals to Blair that she might not have a problem with Todd living in her house as long as she is there to keep him from stepping out of line. She tells Blair she must not want Starr to have to fight her father every time Cole wants to come and see the baby, so maybe they should all live at Dorian’s house.

Downstairs, Starr tells Cole that he need not be afraid of Todd. She realizes that her father gave them grief in the past but he’s learned to accept Cole with his grandchild and even if he does give them trouble, they won’t let him intimidate them. Cole cannot bring himself to tell Starr that his compelling reason has nothing to do with Todd.

At Todd’s, he tells Téa that he found her a lawyer. He will take her to talk to him. She needs to get ready. He can help her shower. When she protests, he says it’s not as if he hasn’t seen everything before. He reminds her that she still needs him.

Cole clarifies to Starr that her dad is not the reason they cannot raise Hope together. She asks him then what the problem is. He replies that he the problem.

In the park, Layla realizes that the cop threatening to give her a ticket is Fish. She stares coldly at him assuming he is serious. He sits down with her and tells her that she couldn’t seriously believe that he would do that. She does not see the humor in it. He tells her that he was just giving her a hard time. She asks if he has a problem with the apartment, or Cristian, or with her. He asks her if the Stacy Morasco thing still bothers her. She tells him that it is in the past.

Rex and Stacy walk in the park and he tells her that whenever he sees Gigi, she’s pressed up against some guy. Hearing that, Stacy reflects that maybe they are now discovering that her sister is a tramp. Rex firmly defends Gigi, telling Stacy he knows that Gigi is not a tramp, and that is why this whole thing makes no sense. Gigi reminds him that he caught her in bed with Brody, and now she’s all over Schuyler. He tells her that it does not make him feel any better. Stacy suggests that maybe he needs to get over Gigi and see the way things are. The sooner he realizes they are through, the sooner he can have some happiness in his life.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler she did not tell Rex the truth about Stacy because she still doesn’t know who the real donor is and unfortunately Stacy is the only person who would know. If Shane needs more bone marrow, they would need to know. As much as they’d like to, they can’t just dismiss Stacy and let her leave town again. He tells her that Stacy is not the only person who knows.

In the park, when Kyle Lewis is jogging, he runs into Fish. Kyle tells him that Schuyler Joplin really did falsely accuse and attack him. Fish affirms that he is on the right side of the law and does not trust Kyle.

Starr asks Cole why they cannot raise Hope together. He says he won’t be around. She tells him she realizes that he lives at the rehab center and it is ok. He can spend his free time with Hope. Cole attempts to explain that he won’t have any more free time. Before he can tell her more, Dorian comes down the stairs and greets the baby.

Markko admits that he cannot afford the dorm and will have to live at home with his parents. While that is in effect, he doesn’t have much freedom. He promises her that they will calm down. He kisses Langston. Right then, his father walks up behind him and catches him kissing her. He reminds his son that he thought they told him to stay away from this girl. Markko asks his father if he is following him.

At Todd’s house, Téa is wearing only a towel after showering. Blair enters and remarks that this looks cozy. Téa goes back into the bathroom. Todd asks Blair if she does not know how to use a doorbell. She tells him that she did, but Todd was too distracted to hear it. Todd tells Blair that Téa does not get around great after the accident. Téa tells Blair that what they are doing is none of her business. Blair tells Todd that she saw him, Téa, and the kids together having popcorn and watching the TV like one big happy family. He asks her how she could have seen that. Was she stalking him?

Dorian faces Starr, Cole and the baby. She admits that she was in a bad way the previous night but is feeling better now. Starr asks her aunt if she wants some orange juice. Cole holds the baby and privately tells her that daddy tried to tell mommy the truth.

Markko’s father tells his son that not only is premarital sex a sin; it could make him a father before his time. He reminds his son that he is the first in their family to get to go to college. He asks if he wants to give it up because of “this little tramp?” Markko tells his father that Langston is not a tramp. His father tells him that while he lives under his parents’ roof, he must follow their rules. Right then, the manager enters and asks if there is a problem. Markko replies that he was just trying to do his job. He informs him that Langston is a member of this club but his father is not. In response to that, Markko’s father asks his son if that is how he talks about him. Markko reminds his father that it’s the truth. The manager then tells his father he’s afraid he’ll have to ask him to leave. Mr. Rivera tells his son that he is breaking his mother’s heart. Markko then faces Langston. She tells him that getting his father thrown out was harsh. He reminds her that his father called her a tramp. She tells him that she does not want to wreck his relationship with his parents. Markko tells her that she will not, but he will.

In the park, Kyle Lewis reminds Fish that his sister just died. He says he is trying to get his life back on track and is not breaking any laws. Fish does not believe him. Kyle leaves. Layla remarks that it appeared that Fish did not want to introduce her to his friend. He remarks that that guy is having some trouble with the law. She asks if that is all it is.

At Rodi’s, after Gigi reminds Schuyler that even if they can prove that Stacy is not the donor, they don’t know who is, and they are still dependent upon Stacy since she apparently knows.

Rex tells Stacy that he realizes that it is over between Gigi and himself. She tells him that maybe they should focus on something else like Shane and his concert. She tells him that when she was sitting with him watching her nephew, it felt like the family she always wanted to be a part of, and she does not want Gigi to wreck it. She suggests that they do something like going swimming. He does not know where to go. She tells him there must be somewhere with lounge chairs and pina coladas. He then admits that when he first moved there, he used to sneak into the country club and put his drinks on somebody else’s bill. She then encourages him to take her there.

In the park, Fish admits to Layla that he knew Kyle from college and he’s a jerk. She concludes that it must bother Fish to see him, knowing that he is in trouble. He asks what is up with her and Cristian. She replies nothing. She tells him that maybe they are friends now, but for a long time they hated each other. He was there for her when Talia died. She and Cristian are nothing other than roommates. He then asks her if there is a way that she would give him (Fish) a second chance.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler that if she has to get past Kyle Lewis in order to find out about the DNA secret, maybe she can use the scheme that Stacy did. Maybe a mini skirt and push up bra would motivate Kyle. He then asks her if she really wants to do that. She asks him if he does not believe she is as sexy as Stacy is.

Rex and Stacy appear at the country club. She has a bikini on. He tells her that they can register as a married couple.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he does believe that she is just as sexy as Stacy is, but he happens to know that Kyle is a creep and doesn’t want her to get hurt.

While at the country club resort, Rex and Stacy are oiling each other up and assuming the identities of Mr. and Mrs. Underhill.

Todd asks Blair why she came to his house today if she is really done with him. She then gets ready to leave and tells him that she couldn’t care less what he does with Téa. Téa tells Blair she could have fooled her. Blair then tells Todd that he will have to say goodbye to Téa because she’s not moving to Dorian’s with him. Hearing that, Téa asks Blair what she means about living at Dorian’s. Blair then replies that obviously Téa has not heard the news about their little custody arrangement.

Marko tells Langston that if his parents will not be reasonable, then he can move out of their home and get his own place. She asks how he can afford that. He replies that he will get ten jobs if need be. She then asks him how she’s going to see him if he’s working at ten jobs. He tells her that they can make it work. They have to. He cannot live without her. He tells her hat he loves her and she is the most important person in his life. She kisses him. His manager tells him it’s time to get back to work. She asks when they will see each other again. He tells her soon. He promises.

Dorian asks Starr to make certain that baby Hope knows that she intends to spoil her rotten as the next generation of Cramer women -- just as soon as she feels better. She staggers away with sunglasses. Cole remarks that she really tied one on. Starr then asks Cole to finish what they were talking about. He then replies that he was arrested.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler that it’s really sweet of him to worry about her going to talk to Kyle Lewis but she knows what she is doing, and he may be the only source that can tell her who her son’s real donor is.

In the park, Layla tells Fish that she doesn’t think it would be a good idea for the two of them to date because they are roommates. She asks what if they did not work out. He tells her that he wanted to ask her out because he scored some amazing tickets, but maybe it is kind of weird. She tells him that maybe they can go together. He then tells her that he can meet her later. He tells her he has to go for now and fight crime. He jokingly tells her to put a leash on that mutt. Alone, she tells her dog that Fish is kind of cute and wonders what might have gone down with Fish and his buddy Kyle.

While Kyle is jogging, he gets a call from Gigi asking to meet alone.

Langston comes to see Dorian and asks how she is feeling. Dorian replies much better now that she is there and tells her she realizes she owes Langston an apology for last night. Langston tells her it won’t work. Markko’s parents have forbidden him to see her, and if Dorian really is sorry and wants to make it up to her, then she needs to “fix” it.

Todd and Blair inform Téa that the judge has ruled that they must live together.

Starr asks Cole what has happened. He replies that he has no choice but to go to prison because of a misunderstanding.

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