OLTL Update Wednesday 6/17/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/17/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Langston is surprised to find Starr feeding Hope breakfast. Starr explains that Marcie gave the baby back to her and she and Cole will be raising their child together. Langston thinks that Cole must be freaking out, but Starr explains that he doesn't know yet since he was at his mom's then had to go to counseling. She wants to tell him the good news in person and can't wait until Cole gets there. Starr wants Cole to be a real father to their daughter.

While meticulously packing for Seattle with Michael, Marcie insists on running an errand.

Cole's hearing begins and the judge isn't happy about him breaking the terms of his probation by having drugs. Cole explains that somebody gave them to him, but he doesn't buy it. He reminds him that Cole is the reason Matthew is in the wheelchair. He sentences Cole to no less than five years in prison. Nora tells the judge that she has seen a big change in Cole since the accident and that he is going to rehab. The judge calls recess to think it over.

Bo tells Matthew that he couldn't keep Cole from being arrested. Matthew then questions Bo about how much time he and Nora have been spending together. At the community center's concert, Stacy bribed a kid to save front row seats for her and Rex. Rex shows up with Shane. Bo takes a walk with Rex and he tells him to go slow with Stacy, but try to forgive Gigi. That even though he and Nora had been through a lot, eventually he was able to get why she did the things she did.
Stacy meets up with Schuyler, who wants nothing to do with her. She tells him she didn't steal the blood. He tells that whatever she is into at the moment, she needs to get out of it before she gets hurt.
Destiny asks Matthew to play the piano for the concert, as their pianist isn't going to make it. Matthew tries to back out but agrees. Bo hears Matthew practicing and is pleased. He calls Nora and tells her to get there as soon as possible. Even though she is supposed to meet Clint for their date, she agrees to come. Bo tells Rex he shouldn't just dismiss Gigi from his life; it could be a big mistake. Marcie meets Gigi and tells her goodbye.

Jessica goes to Nash's grave before Chloe's memorial service. She tells him that their baby died and it's her fault. She asks Nash to take good care of Chloe. Brody is listening as she pours her heart out. Just as Natalie wonders how Jessica is going to handle seeing her baby's grave, she shows up with Brody. Jessica tells her daughter goodbye, apologizes, traces the heart on the coffin, and tells her to take it to Nash.
The judge gives Cole a reduced sentence. Even though it is less time, Cole and Marty are still upset. Cole heads over to Starr's to tell her the news. When he enters the kitchen, he is shocked to see Starr holding Hope. Starr tells Cole that Marcie stopped the adoption; that Hope is theirs. He's thrilled but she can tell something is wrong. Meanwhile, Michael asks John to sell his car for him. He tells John that they gave Hope back to Starr and Cole. John wishes them well, but promises to visit them in Seattle.

Michael goes back to the apartment and hollers out for Marcie. He finds a little pink box and Marcie comes out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test; she's pregnant!

Nora arrives at the concert just as it begins. Bo looks happy to see her as she sits down next to him. A montage of scenes play as the choir begins to sing: Starr giving Hope to Cole, Jessica at Chloe's grave, Bo and Nora holding hands. Even though Stacy is bored by the cheesiness of the music, she reaches out for Rex's hand as if she is enjoying it. Rex smiles at her.

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