OLTL Update Tuesday 6/16/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Todd leaves the courtroom appearing satisfied that the judge reconsidered his case after he’s subpoenaed Téa. She knocks him over the head with her cane and tells him that he may have gotten her disbarred just so that he could get his way. She is furious at what he just did.

Destiny helps Matthew study for his math test, but he cannot concentrate. He admits to her that he has some things on his mind. His friend, Starr just found out hat her baby is alive when the thought she died at birth, but his cousin Jessica kept her for months with everybody believing she was Jessica’s baby. Destiny knows that things are working out for Starr and that Matthew doesn’t have to be worried about anything. Matthew admits to her that his mom is getting married to his uncle and he doesn’t know how to feel about that.

Nora and Bo talk at the station. He asks her why she and Clint are moving their wedding date up and asks her if it is not a bit soon. She asks him if there is any reason why they should wait.

Cole is taken to the station when the cop notices he has a bag of drugs in his hand. Marty and John rush to help him. They ask what happened. He tells them they must believe that there has been a misunderstanding.

Blair enters Starr’s room to see her happily with baby Hope. She asks what has happened. Starr admits that Marcie willingly brought the baby to her and tore up the adoption papers so that Starr could keep Hope.

Marcie returns to Michael. He appears ok with the decision she made, but she is disappointed not to have the baby.

Marty and John ask Cole what happened and ask the cops not to keep him in handcuffs, but they say that it’s police procedures. Cole explains to them that he went off to the docks by himself. Asher somehow got out of jail early and found him assuming that he could get Cole to use again. Yet, Cole explains, he was not about to take or buy any drugs from Asher, but Asher put the bag of drugs in his pocket and told him he could have it for free.

Nora and Bo discuss her wedding date with Clint inside his office.

Matthew admits that maybe he is behaving like a baby to want his parents back together, but he could see that they were getting closer. Yet he realizes that maybe it’s just because they have a son who’s in a wheelchair. He tells Destiny that he knows that he must accept being in a wheelchair for life, but she tells him maybe not.

Meanwhile, Shawn discusses with Rachel what is happening with his brother Greg coming back to town. He tells her there’s no way that Greg could have any reason to return unless he wants something; he only cares about himself. She tells him that she does not believe that Dorian really fired him. She knows that Dorian wants him back, but he tells her that maybe he needs to stay away from a woman who feels betrayed.

Outside the courtroom, Téa tells Todd that he went too far to have recorded their private conversation. He tells her that he records everything that goes on in his house and will stop at nothing to expose Blair and John’s marriage as a fraud. She tells him that he set her up and it will blow like a hurricane for her. She tells him that it is just occurring to her now that he has used her. That is why he wanted her to stay with him when she needed care after the accident. He tells her that he did that because he cared about her, but she tells him that she does not buy that. She gets in her wheelchair and gets ready to go.

At the station, John informs Bo and Nora that Cole was just arrested.

Marty asks Cole why he accepted the drugs and did not give them back to Asher. He admits that he kept them in his hand for a while and still wondered what it would be like and was tempted to use, but he knew that he could not take any more drugs. Bo and Nora enter and he acknowledges that he owes them and owes Matthew. They tell him that is true. Marty reminds her son that he also owes Starr. He tells them that he does not ever intend to do drugs again. Yet he knows that he has lied about that before.

Blair tells Starr that she knows how hard it was to give her baby up. Starr tells her mother that Marcie knew that too, but she did not want to break her promise to Marcie. Blair tells her daughter that it took her by surprise that Marcie would proactively give Starr the baby since she thought that Marcie was desperate to be a mother. Starr tells her mother that Marcie informed her that she and Michael are back together and ok not to have a baby. Things have changed in Marcie’s life. Blair reflects that her daughter has also changed. Starr admits that she cannot raise her baby alone and might need her mom’s help.

Shawn reflects to Rachel that at the graduation party, the kids were behaving more maturely than the adults were. She agrees that it wasn’t much of a party. All of Moe’s excellent food was wasted. She then asks him if he wants to get some food from her refrigerator. They enter the living room to see Destiny and Matthew. Shawn overhears his sister telling Matthew that he can walk again even though Matthew tells Destiny that he has accepted being paralyzed for the rest of his life. Rachel and Matthew go into the other room. Alone with Destiny, Shawn firmly tells his sister not to get Matthew’s hopes up. She cannot get the idea that Greg could help Matthew. Destiny tells her brother that she cannot give up or let her friend down, and Shawn should understand that.

Michael and Marcie talk about how they are going to live with Starr’s decision. She tells him is the luckiest woman there is to have him. They know that they have to take the crib apart and get rid of the baby toys. She tells him that maybe they should redecorate. He tells her that maybe they should get away. Maybe they should go a long way away for good.

Blair tells Starr that when she saw her alone with Hope, she was in shocked. Starr picks up the baby and admits that so is she. She doesn’t know exactly how to get the things they need for a baby. Blair tells her daughter that they can always find Sam’s old baby supplies. Starr tells her mother that she wants her help raising the baby. Blair admits to her daughter that in court, the judge ruled that She, Todd, ad the kids must all live together under the same roof. Hearing that, Starr asks what will happen when her father finds out that she has Hope.

Cole tells Bo and Nora that he will do whatever he needs in order to prove that he is clean. He will take a drug test or do whatever. John and Marty ask Bo if he can make this go away. Bo replies by telling them that that is up to Nora.

When Rachel and Shawn enter her mother’s house, she remarks to Destiny that she’s heard that Destiny is a math whiz. Destiny admits that she has been known to be. She also knows that her big brother may have been fired from his job tonight.

Téa tells Todd that when she was locked in a room, gassed and near death, she may have said something that she did not mean. He has now destroyed the one thing that means everything to her, which is being a lawyer. He must know that that is her life. He tells her he knows, and he will “fix” it, but she tells him he cannot. By tomorrow morning, the bar association will know and she will be disbarred. He asks her if she does not know about his knowledge of damage control. He knows how to fix things. He tells her that maybe they can tell the bar that he talked her into saying that, or maybe he threatened her. She might get a small fine or suspension and be able to recover at his house. She smirks and asks if he believes that she will come home with him. He asks her where else she plans to go.

Starr and Blair are happily with baby Hope. Alone with the baby, Starr tells her that they will have so many adventures together and she promises she will be her last and final mom. She tells her she is probably used to being called Chloe. She tells her she is Hope Manning, she is Hope’s mom, and they are going to have an amazing life together starting now.

Michael informs Marcie that when she was gone, a colleague called and offered him a great M.D. job in Seattle when he finishes his residency at Llanview Hospital. She can get a teaching certificate in Seattle and they can start a new life. She realizes that he has really thought things through and asks if that is not a long way away. She asks if he believes that she might want to leave because she’s not ok with seeing Hope. She assures him that she is ok with seeing Starr and Hope and their family. Michael tells her that he realizes that, but maybe she can also be ok not seeing them.

While Starr and Blair are with the baby, they wonder where Cole is.

At the station, Nora tells Cole that he knows the drill when he is on probation. She has no way to let him get away with what happened, but Bo tells her that Matthew does not want to prosecute him. She tells him that she realizes that, but the judge will have to nail Cole after he was arrested under these circumstances. Bo gets a call from the judge and informs them that nothing can be done. The arresting officer already entered the arrest into the database. Cole’s situation raised a “red flag.” They know that that means he will have to go to jail. Marty protests that they cannot have Cole sent to prison and falsely accused of using just because some kid found him and harassed him. Nora asks Cole if there is any way that they can prove what happened, or if there are any witnesses or anyone who can corroborate his story. Cole answers that he was alone. Nora and Bo admit that they can do a drug test that might help Cole’s case and prove that he did not use and are willing to pull some strings, but because of the arrest, there is no way that the can keep Cole out of jail tonight because he has violated the terms of his probation.

Starr and Blair wonder what has happened to Cole and why they haven’t heard from him in hours. Blair reminds her daughter that Cole has lied before about never using again. Starr protests to her mother that she knows that Cole would never use again. Yet she knows that he was upset and went off by himself after graduation. He felt uncomfortable at the graduation and didn’t get a real diploma. Blair holds the baby and jokes about how she made her an old grandma. Starr gets on the phone and leaves a message on Cole’s voicemail.

At the courthouse, Todd tells Téa he needs her to come home with him. She might need help from him, but she moves her wheelchair and informs him that she is calling a cab to go back to the Palace hotel. Before she gets on the elevator, Todd calls and reserves every room at the Palace. He then informs Téa that she needs to go back to “plan B.” She then calls the angel square hotel but finds out from Roxy that it is also booked. Todd then smirks that she would even consider going to a sleaze bag place like that. He asks her why she will not let the love of her life take care of her. Where else can she go to shower and dress and have her needs met? He urges her to let him take her home. She agrees to come to his house, but she tells him, they will not be speaking to each other. The sound system and tape surveillance must be deactivated because it creeps her out. He tells her that she can come home with him, the kids and with Blair. Todd gets on the elevator with her.

Marcie tells Michael if he really wants to start over, she is coming with him. They agree that they are never going to be apart again.

Destiny asks Shawn and Rachel about the nature of their relationship and can tell that they like each other. They say they are friends. Shawn then tells them that he has to get to his car. Rachel walks him out. He apologizes for his sister’s persistence and curiosity. Rachel tells him that’s ok. She affirms to him that they are just friends.

Destiny tells Matthew that she can help him to get an A in Math. He tells her that if she can manage that, he bets that his parents will buy her a car. She tells him that she would like a convertible.

At the station, Bo asks a cop to take Cole to his cell. He assures Cole that it will only be for this night and nobody needs to know. They instruct Cole to empty his pockets. When he takes out his cell, he can see that Starr has called and left a message. Bo tells Cole he may call Starr back.

Starr’s phone rings. She asks Cole where he is. He informs her he is with his mom and John but doesn't tell her where he is. She tells him he must get over there right now; he has to see something, but he tells her he cannot get away. He asks her why she cannot tell him the news over the phone. She tells him that what happened today will change his life. Blair and Starr put Hope to bed and Blair assures her daughter that they have a miracle. Starr admits to her mother that when she gave her away, there was a terrible emptiness inside her. She talks about how surprises happen out of nowhere.

Destiny goes out the door and joins her brother and Rachel just after Shawn has kissed Rachel on the cheek. Destiny has a plan to help Matthew.

Marcie and Michael are exploring their plans to go away together.

Todd takes Téa to his home in her wheelchair.

Starr tells her mother that she, Blair, and Todd will all have new lives. Todd does not even know that his life will be changed, she realizes.

They take Cole away in handcuffs. He doesn’t know that he and Starr can raise their baby together.

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