OLTL Update Monday 6/15/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/15/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Marcie surprises Starr by bringing the baby over when she knows that Starr is having second thoughts about giving her up. Starr is surprised to see her and wonders why she is there. Marcie tells Starr they need to talk. Starr is not certain why.

Cole has gone alone to the docks after being depressed from losing his baby. He sees his drug dealer. Asher informs him that he has gotten out of jail early. He obviously hopes he can get Cole back to his old habit.

Dorian is not okay noticing that there are romantic couples making out all around her, for she has lost her new love interest, Ray Montez. Langston, Markko, Moe, and Noelle are all a bit worried that she is not okay even though she denies she could care less that Ray has left her to be with his daughter. She is busying herself to get ready for Markko’s’ graduation ceremony. She sees Markko’s parents and assumes they are hired help. Langston introduces them. They can clearly tell that she is not okay.

At the end of the hearing, where Todd is hoping he can get custody of the kids and take them from Blair, the judge tells him that he is ruling against him and the court is adjourned. Todd tells the judge that he has another witness. He has subpoenaed Téa. She comes into the courtroom reluctantly, walking with a cane and knows she can be disbarred if she serves her subpoena and answers the questions that Todd wants her to answer.

Marcie tells Starr that she wants to talk alone. Starr tells her they can go up to Starr’s bedroom. They go up the stairs with the baby.

Outside, Markko’s parents tell Dorian that they are very grateful to her for hosting this party for their son. They have some Mexican foods to pass. Dorian assumes that they must know Carlotta Vega, the owner of Buenos Dias. She asks Shawn to take their food inside and speaks with a Spanish accent. She acts unnaturally friendly and volatile, and everybody can tell that she is covering her grief of losing Ray. She overextends herself to Markko’s parents and asks them what they want to drink. They can tell she’s had too much. She tells them she cannot wait to propose a toast to Geraldo Rivera (Markko’s Christian name).

In the courtroom, Todd’s lawyer asks Téa just what she did when she represented Blair Cramer to get custody of her children. He asks her if she did not advise her client to marry John McBain in a hastily arranged wedding ceremony in Blair’s hospital room and if she aided and abetted the perpetration of a fraud.

On the docks, Asher asks Cole if he wants to buy more drugs and reminds him that he was one of his best customers. Cole tells him that he is no longer using and is cleaning up his act. He is not going to throw away all of the things he’s accomplished in his life. But Asher knows that Cole did not really graduate and did not finish all of his credits. He also knows that Cole finally got his baby back only to have to give her up for adoption. He can sense that he is really bringing Cole down.

Marcie and Starr sit in Starr’s room and both hold baby Hope. Marcie tells Starr that she was afraid that the baby might be scared in a new room, with a new crib, and new parents. Yet, she did fine. She reveals to Starr that it was herself who had the “problem.”

Dorian engages with Markko’s parents. They tell her that Langston is a beautiful girl and they know that her uncle tried to take her back to Columbia. Yet, they now know that he is a valued family member and a friend of Dorian’s as they have heard. Of course, that opens up a wound for Dorian. Dorian then tells them that Ray had to leave in order to take care of his lunatic daughter. Lola stabbed her mother and falsely accused her father. His daughter let him rot in prison for a crime that he did not commit. Yet, Ray has chosen to be with her instead of with his family and a woman whom he supposedly cares for. Dorian gets very upset and agitated remembering and speaking of all that. At that moment, Langston attempts to get her to change the subject and not do this. But Dorian won’t listen.

Todd’s lawyer has Téa on the witness stand and tells her that he knows that she perpetrated a fraud to get Blair to marry John for the sole purpose of sabotaging Todd’s chances of getting custody of his kids. She tells the lawyer that conversations between herself and her client were privileged. Téa obviously knows how to answer the question, and the judge knows that she is correct that she does not have to answer. But Todd and his lawyer are not about to stop and present to the court a tape recording of the private conversation that might be of interest to the judge.

Marcie explains to Starr that Michael was afraid that Todd would not let them adopt the baby and make their lives a living hell. That is why Michael left her. Hearing that, Starr asks Marcie if they are now afraid that Todd will make trouble again. Marcie tells Starr that it’s not Todd, so much that she is afraid of. Starr assures Marcie that Todd is not going to make any trouble for her and Michael, and the baby is theirs to keep

Dorian realizes that she has made people uncomfortable with her outburst, remembering what Ray did, and apologizes to Markko’s parents. She tells them that this is not about her. It’s about their son. He’s a great young man whom she knows would never cheat on her daughter. She has to get into how that was “tested” by that despicable Lola, who is the reason why Ray had to leave her. She has to let them know that Lola tried to seduce Markko, yet, he didn’t fall for that. Yet, that wasn’t enough for her to get it through her head that Markko wasn’t hers. When he and Langston were going to have their intimate time together, she almost “ruined” it for them. At that point, Markko’s parents who obviously do not know that their son had sex with Langston, ask what happened. Dorian replies that Lola poked holes in the condoms. Hearing that, Markko’s mother is shocked and horrified to hear that. But Dorian assumes they need not worry and tells them that she found out before it was too late and made sure they did not use those broken condoms. Their son was responsible enough to know to bring his own condoms because he plans ahead and doesn’t want to get her daughter pregnant. At that point, his parents are horrified to know that their son had sex, and his father demands that he leaves with them. At that point, Langston is furious with Dorian for opening up her mouth and revealing that to them.

After Todd’s lawyer plays the private conversation that Todd recorded of Téa’s private conversations, Blair’s lawyer asked Téa if she was not involved in a sexual relationship with Todd. Téa denies that. But Blair stands up and announces that she is lying. They argue about the private conversation where both women (Téa and Blair) revealed that Todd was the love of both of their lives. Todd listens and smirks. The judge pounds on the table with his gavel and calls order.

On the docks, when Asher can tell that Cole is very depressed and empty, he tells him he is only “trying to help.” He holds a bag of drugs in front of Cole’s face and tells him that this will make him feel better.

Starr tells Marcie that she wanted what was best for her baby, and that is why she wanted Marcie to have her baby. Marcie admits that at the time, she said yes, she was afraid that many people in the town would not have trusted her with a pet rock. Plus, she found out she could not have her own baby. Yet right when she needed anther chance, she knew that Starr's trust would give her that. Starr admits that she really did want Marcie to raise her baby, at the time. But Marcie admits that she knows that Starr no longer wants that.

After Markko’s parents leave Dorian’s home, outraged to find out their son had sex and they dragging him out with them by his ears, Langston tells her foster mother she is furious and demands how she could do that. Dorian does not know why Markko’s parents left. Langston tells her that she has ruined his graduation ceremony. She must know how old fashioned they are and that it’s not appropriate for her to admit some things to them. Moe then tells Dorian that she is behaving like a two year old having a tantrum and taking everything out on everybody because her man is gone. She then tells Moe that she has found lawyers who will throw him and Noelle out of her house. Shawn protests that she cannot do that. She tells him he is fired. She screams at Moe and Noelle that they are evicted. They then agree that, maybe, they should get out as they never belonged there in the first place. They go off. Langston admits that she is horrified and asks Dorian who she is.

After Téa admits in the courtroom that she was sleeping with Todd while representing Blair, the judge informs her that she will be reported to the bar. He adjourns the court. Téa is furious with Todd, but he could care less as long as the judge might consider ruling in his favor. He smirks to hear that she admitted that he is the love of her life.

While Starr holds the baby in her room, Marcie tells her she knows that she will always love her baby. Starr tells Marcie, "Of course." She knows that Starr is trying so hard to be brave, and she could clearly tell that Starr could barely sign the papers. The look on Starr’s face when she put Hope in Marcie’s arms tore Marcie apart. Marcie knows of the bond that Starr and Hope share. Starr then asks Marcie why she is doing this. Marcie tells Starr that she knows that she will regret the decision she made. She knows that Starr is not the same girl she was when she was ready to give up her baby. When she asked Marcie to raise her baby, she was not ready to be a mom, but she is now. Marcie declares to her if she (Starr) wants to raise this baby, then Marcie wants her to raise this baby.

After Dorian has her meltdown, throws Moe and Noelle out of her home, and fires Shawn, Langston asks her what has happened to her. Dorian denies that there is anything wrong. Langston tells Dorian that she is hurting people who care about her. Moe, Noelle, and Shawn are all her friends. Why should Dorian ruin one of the happiest days of Markko’s life? Dorian grabs for more alcohol. But Langston pours the bottle of Champagne in the pool. Dorian tells her that it’s extremely expensive and cannot be wasted. Langston then tells Dorian if she likes it so much, she can go in after it. She then pushes her into the pool.

In the living room, Markko explains to his parents that he is 18 and in love with Langston and can make his own decisions. But they tell him that they will not allow any son of theirs to have premarital sex. He tells them that, maybe, someday they will understand. They tell him that he is forbidden to see that girl ever again or her dreadful mother. At that moment, Langston enters to hear that and demands to know what she just heard.

The judge calls the court back to session. He asks Todd and Blair just how long they both want to drag out this custody battle. He knows that they both love their children. Yet, he can see that they are both so hell-bent on wanting to “compete” with each other. They should realize that it is only hurting their kids. He is tempted to send the kids to foster custody. It might force both parents to wake up and see the error of their ways. But what he is doing is awarding them joint custody. That does not mean a few days with Mr. Manning and a few days with Ms. Cramer. That would be too easy and not motivate either of them to see what they are doing. They are all going to live together under one roof. If they cannot make it work, the kids are going to foster care. At that point, Blair tells Todd she refuses to live in his home. He tells her he refuses to live at Dorian’s.

When Asher waves the bag of drugs in front of Cole’s face, Cole tells Asher that he is cleaning up his act and knows how to kick his addiction. Starr helped him get through it. Asher asks Cole if he is fooling himself believing that he can get clean and if he believes that he “owes” Starr. He then tells Cole that he can give a freebee to his best customer and puts the bag of drugs in Cole’s pocket. He then leaves telling Cole that he may call him when he wants more. He knows that Cole can’t live without his drugs.

Marcie tells Starr that she and Michael are more than willing to raise the baby if that is what Starr wants. She knows that Starr cannot give her up. Yet, Starr tells Marcie that she cannot prevent them from having the baby. Marcie reveals to Starr that many things have changed in her life. Previously, she thought her life was incomplete if she could not be a mom. Now she knows how grateful she is to have what she has: a wonderful husband, a good job, and friends. She does not need a baby in order to be complete. Starr tells Marcie she cannot ask her to do this. Marcie replies that Starr is not asking. She (herself) is offering. Starr then admits that she carried the baby for so many months, and when she held her, it felt as though she belonged, and it seemed right. Marcie then gives Hope to Starr and lets her hold her. She tells her it’s okay. At that point, Marcie takes the adoption paper and tears them up in front of Starr. She tells her that she (Starr) is now officially Hope’s mom. She smiles and reveals to Starr that she is okay. She has Starr to thank for giving her her life back. Starr smiles, holds the baby, and tells Marcie that they are even.

After Asher leaves and Cole has a free bag of drugs in his pocket, he is ready to throw it in the river when he remembers promising to Starr not to lose anything anymore. Before he can throw it, a cop comes out of nowhere and asks him what he has there.

When Todd walks out of the courtroom with smug satisfaction, Téa knocks him out with her cane.

Markko’s parents tell him that he does not have their permission to ever see Langston again. She better stay away form their son. He goes out the door with them speechless.

At that moment, Dorian climbs out of the pool soaking wet.

On the docks, the cop asks Cole if he has a prescription for these drugs. Cole admits that they are not his, and he was about to throw them away. The cop does not believe that and places him under arrest.

After Marcie leaves Starr’s room, Blair enters. Observing Starr holding the baby alone in her room, she asks her what is going on and what Hope is doing there. Starr happily tells her mother that she has her baby. 

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