OLTL Update Friday 6/12/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/12/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie


Dorian walks around the yard and observes Moe and Noelle kissing. She tells them they need to “get a room.” She appears frustrated. She snipes at them about the cheap food and drinks that they have selected for the high school graduation party. Noelle attempts to tell Dorian that she really “feels for her” about Ray leaving her. Dorian does not want to discuss that, so she yells to Shawn to get there and fix things since Moe and Noelle cannot.

There is a “double” engagement celebration at the Palace between Viki and Charlie and Nora and Clint. They are all happily together at a table.

Todd called a court hearing in order to petition taking his kids from Blair with the argument to the court that Blair and John’s marriage was a sham for the sole purpose of preventing him from getting custody of his kids.

At the high school, Marty runs into Rachel. She is frantically looking for Cole. She tells her that she has to find her son because it’s possible that she won’t be able to attend his graduation ceremony.

At that moment, Cole is with Starr at Dorian’s house. They are alone in the living room kissing and not ready to go anywhere.

At Buenos Dias, Marcie enters and overhears Langston informing Markko that Starr informed her that she has second thoughts about giving the baby to Marcie and Michael. He then asks her why it would be that Starr would want to raise the baby with Cole since they are not even "together” anymore.

At the same time, Star and Cole prove that that is not true by kissing in the living room.

In the yard, Dorian tells Moe and Noelle that the champagne they have chosen is not fit to soak one’s feet in. They apologize. She yells to Shawn. She tells them she will go to the Palace and have her own festivity. Noelle then suggests that maybe she should just relax and let them serve the adults some wine coolers. At that point, she screams that she refuses to have something as lowly as wine coolers in her home. Moe then protests that this is no longer her home. It’s theirs’. She signed it over to them. He asks her if she is celebrating losing her boyfriend. Noelle tells her that she realizes that she is suffering a broken heart and really misses Ray Montez. Dorian does not want to admit to that. She is clearly jealous to see couples together. She then demands that if they intend to make out, they must do it in private as there are children in this house. She enters to see Starr and Cole kissing. She tells them that she realizes that they are grieving, but falling into “old patterns” is not going to solve anything. She reminds Cole that he has a graduation to go to. She informs them that she has a party to plan. Langston wants to celebrate Markko’s graduation. She leaves. Cole then tells Starr that, maybe, Dorian was right. Maybe they were just “reacting.” She tells him that, maybe, they should get going and not be late to his graduation. They hold hands and leave together.

At Buenos Dias, after Langston informs Markko that Starr wants to keep the baby, he protests that Mrs. McBain and her husband are the perfect parents and ready to raise the baby together, whereas, it would not be practical for Starr and Cole given their situation. While they are having this discussion, they have no clue that Marcie has overheard them. She returns to the table with Michael and the baby but does not reveal to her husband what she just overheard. She tells him she has to get ready for the graduation. She wants to find a parking space before it’s too late so that she can see all of her students march in. He reminds her that the baby may not be able to last for the entire ceremony without crying. She agrees and tells him he may stay with Hope while she goes to the ceremony.

At the high school, Marty informs Rachel that she got a court-ordered subpoena to testify at Todd’s custody hearing that he has initiated, and it just happens to be at the same time as her son’s graduation. She just wishes she could find Cole and explain the situation to him. She has disappointed her son so many times and is afraid that he will assume that she’s abandoned him, yet, again. Rachel tells Marty she will tell Cole all about what has happened. She assures her that Cole is making great progress and knows that his mom will be there for him. At that point, Marty declares to hell with Todd. She wants to be present and be able to take pictures of her son in his cap and gown and not just hear about it secondhand. Rachel tells her that she will find Cole, and Marty can take care of her business and be back in time.

At the court hearing, Todd tells the judge that he cannot proceed until his “star witness” appears. She’s not there yet. Blair’s lawyer protests to the judge that Mr. Manning has no case. The judge already ruled in Blair’s favor before. Todd protests that that was before Mr. McBain fled from prison. The judge instructs Todd to sit down. Blair’s lawyer then explains that not only was Mr. McBain cleared of all charges, but he heroically risked his life to save several lives who were held hostage, including that of Todd Manning. She is hoping that the court will reinstate the same custody rights to Mrs. McBain as they had before this situation occurred. Todd then concludes that that means that his kids have to live with a liar, a fraud, and a cheat. Blair then argues that it’s better than having them live with an ungrateful dog and reminds Todd that John saved his life. He tells her that that does not give John the right to steal his kids. Blair argues that they are her kids also, and they belong with her.  Marty appears and asks if somebody would like to tell her what she is doing there.

At the Palace, Renee enters and offers champagne and sparkling water for both happy couples and reflects that this is a great time to celebrate. Dorian enters and asks if anybody is getting married. Viki replies that they all are.

At the high school, Markko is in his cap and gown with his parents and Langston. He tells his mother that he looks and feels like a dweeb. She asks Langston if he does not need to “play the part” when he is the valedictorian. His mother notices that Langston is wearing such a short dress that it may not be appropriate for such a serious occasion. Markko tells her that his girlfriend looks great. He takes Langston into the auditorium and tells her that his mother is very “traditional.” She tells him that if his mother has a problem with her dress, imagine what she’d say if she knew they slept together. Rachel finds Starr and Cole and asks them how they are doing. They admit that they are not certain with their decision.

Not far away, Marcie overhears them admit that they see their daughter as their own. Starr turns around to see Marcie and greets her. Marcie tells them she is so proud of both of them. She wanted to see them graduate and knows all that they have been through. She leaves and wishes them luck. Rachel asks if they are okay. Cole admits that it’s so weird now. Marcie was their teacher and now she is raising their kid. They notice that his mother is not there yet. Rachel then informs Cole that she talked to his mom earlier. She was ready to be there. She had a camera and was ready to attend and take all kinds of picture, but the reason Marty had no choice but to leave is because she was served with a court ordered subpoena. Rachel tells Starr she must know about it. Right away, Starr knows that her dad has demanded that Cole’s mom miss her son’s graduation in order to go to his hearing, and she is terribly sorry.

When Marty arrives at the hearing, Todd’s lawyer calls her to the witness stand and asks her if she is not happy about being there. She replies that she is missing her son’s graduation so, yes, she’d rather be somewhere else. The lawyer then asks her if she is having an “intimate relationship” with John McBain.

At the Palace, Dorian inquires to the two couples. She tells Charlie she hopes the “water” does not “flatten” his celebration. He replies that one does not need alcohol when they are “drunk” on love. Renee then informs Dorian that she has reserved a romantic room for her (Dorian) and Mr. Montez that Dorian has previously asked for. But Dorian has to admit that she will no longer need that arrangement. At that moment, Renee reveals that she has a “gentleman caller” who publicly announces that she is a beautiful and brilliant woman, and he’s head over heels about her.

At the hearing, in response to Todd’s lawyer asking Marty if she is currently seeing John, she replies by inquiring how her personal life is relevant. The lawyer protests that this is relevant because if Mr. McBain is having a relationship with this witness, then it proves that his marriage is a fraud. The judge then says he will allow it and asks Dr. Saybrooke to answer the question. She replies that she is not having an “intimate” relationship with John. The lawyer asks if she and John did not “run off” and share a room recently. Marty responds that she and John had business to attend to and were fleeing from a killer. Yes, they did share a room because they thought it would be safer, but they did not sleep together. She realizes that John is a married man. The lawyer asks her if she can honestly tell him that she is unaware that John’s marriage is merely one of convenience. He reminds Marty that she is under oath.

At the graduation ceremony, the seniors assemble wearing their caps and gowns. Starr and Langston wave at their boyfriends and smile. The principal then introduces the class of 2009, and he introduces Markko as the valedictorian. Markko stands up and takes the podium. He announces that he is a film freak and loves capturing the moment. This is a very special moment. He announces that all people, including family, friends, teachers, and fellow students are all in the picture. He admits that they have all had some really good times. Some of them will be walking out the door and never seeing each other again. Yet, whatever happens, they must all know that they are all lucky to have known each other. They entered this school as kids not knowing much, and they still do not know much. None of them know about their futures beyond high school. Yet, he knows that so many things have happened to them recently. They have all lived through things that they might never have imagined. Yet, they can all relive it and play the video. Now it’s time to move on. He asks the people in the audience if they are scared. He admits that he is. He has to figure out what he’s going to do and make new things happen. Nobody knows what they can do in the future, but they know that they can make things happen. They have all changed and grown up. What they were once afraid of handling they now know that they can handle. He announces that now it’s time for them all to stand up and make some changes. He announces that he is now ready to live his life and he says: “Bring it on.” As he speaks, Starr and Cole realize how profoundly things have changed in their lives in such a short time.

At Todd’s hearing, while on the witness stand, Marty testifies that she knows that Blair and John’s marriage is very real. He has honored his commitment to her. The lawyer then tells the judge he’d like to ask the witness a direct question. He asks her if she knows the reason why John and Blair remarried. Marty replies she really doesn’t know the reason why other people marry. He asks her if she knows the specific reasons for these two getting married is only so that Blair can get custody of her kids. Marty then answers that whatever she might have known about the situation she has now forgotten. She suffers from a head injury and doesn’t remember a lot. The judge then tells everybody that court is adjourned. At that point, Blair tells John if he wants to go with Marty to Cole’s graduation she thinks he should.

At that moment, in the high school auditorium, when all the seniors are in their caps and gowns ready to get their diplomas, the principal calls off many names. Cole is getting ready to go up. He looks all around to find his mom but to no avail.

Charlie asks Clint and Nora when they plan to get married. Clint answers it will be the last Friday of July. Charlie then recalls that that is the day that he and Viki have booked their wedding. Hearing that, Renee smiles and asks if she sees a double wedding.

Meanwhile, at the graduation ceremony, the principal calls Cole Thornhart while everybody looks around to see if they can see his mom. At that point, Marty rushes in with her camera. John is right there behind her. She gets to see her son take his diploma where he privately reads that he can graduate after completing some summer classes. When they are all done, Starr asks Marty what her dad did now. She tells Starr not to worry. The main thing is that she made it to se her song graduate. Cole reminds his mom that he has not yet completed everything. John assures him that all he needs is a few more classes and he’ll be done. Cole then tells everybody he has some things he needs to take care of and goes off alone. Marty observes her son and appears worried. She asks Rachel to please tell her that Cole is okay. Rachel clarifies to Marty that just because he stopped using does not mean he no longer has problems. He still has feelings about a lot of things.

Alone in the courtroom, Todd’s lawyer tells Todd his case does not look good. He bets the judge will rule in Blair’s favor. But Todd tells him that he needs a chance to call another witness.

Cole goes alone to Buenos Dias. He observes Michael with his baby, reading her poems from the book that Cole’s dad gave to him. Cole goes out the door. At that moment, Marcie enters. Michael tells her he thought she was going to stay at the graduation. She then tells her husband that there is something she has to tell him.

At the Palace, Clint announces that he almost felt sorry for Dorian when she walked in on their “happy occasion.” But Charlie, Nora, and Viki admit that they do not. Viki asks just how many “poor souls' lives” Dorian is going to ruin.

At Dorian’s home, Shaun is alone with her telling her he knows that her “friend” Ray left town for his daughter, and it has to hurt. She tells him that she hardly knew nor remembers Mr. Montez. She tells Shawn she is sorry for snapping at him. He has always been extremely kind to her. She tells him it appears that he is one person who doesn’t go around parading his love life the way everybody else is doing. He then proves her wrong when Rachel enters and reveals that she and Shaun are spending time together, and he’s asked her to come by to help with the kids.

Markko and Langston are in the yard kissing. Dorian goes out to see them and it appears that it never ends. She sees visions of Viki and Charlie, Nora and Clint, Starr and Cole, Moe and Noelle, and now Langston and Markko happily together and kissing. She breaks the glass of champagne in her hand.

In the courtroom, the judge concludes that Todd has no case and he is ruling in Blair’s favor. But Todd argues that he has a witness. He then points to the door and announces that his witness is there. Blair then turns her head to see “somebody” and declares that Todd is a bastard.

In the auditorium after everybody is gone, Marty shows John the digital photo and notices that Cole actually smiled when he saw that she was taking his picture. It was great of Blair to understand and let John attend his graduation with his mother. Yet, she’s worried that her son looks so lost.

Meanwhile, Cole goes alone to the docks. He throws his cap in the river and looks at his diploma that says he will graduate upon completion of more courses. At that moment, his drug dealer appears and remarks that it’s long time no see.

At Dorian’s home, Starr wonders what happened to Cole. He has disappeared. She then hears the doorbell ring and assumes it’s Cole at the door.

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