OLTL Update Thursday 6/11/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/11/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Stacy notices a missed call from Gigi on Rex’s cell phone. She listens to the message and notices that it is from Shane. She erases the message. Rex then notices that she is using his phone and wonders what she is doing with it.
At Rodi’s, Gigi notices Brody hauling stuff and not talking. She asks how he is and if he’s ok. She informs him that she heard that he was the one who found Jessica’s baby. She asks how Jessica is doing. He admits he does not know. He called and her mom said she was still sleeping. They know that this will be the first morning she has to wake up without her baby and they know that will be hard for her.

Jessica rushes into the baby’s room. She breaks down crying when she realizes it was not all a terrible nightmare. It’s true; her baby is gone! Natalie comes in to comfort her sister.

Marcie and Michael are happily with the baby, but she reveals she may be incomplete about all that has happened.

Langston goes into Starr’s room and notices that she’s been awake all night. She can sense that Starr is not ok.

At Buenos Dias, Markko and Cole are getting ready for their graduation ceremony. Cole realizes that they will give him a fake diploma. Markko tells him that it’s only until he makes up his classes. Cole has something else going on. He had to give up his baby and he misses her terribly.

Starr cries and admits to Langston that she misses their baby and she misses Cole.

Stacy replies to Rex that she noticed his phone was dying so she was going to plug it in for him. Hearing that, he has no suspicion and thanks her. She asks if he wants her to cook something. He remembers how excellent her chicken parmesan was. He then gives her keys to Ultra Violet. He remembers that she wants to be able to teach dance and tells her he wants to help her pursue her dream. He admits that he doubts anybody could teach him to dance, as it’s not his thing. She tells him that maybe he just never had the right partner. He then goes out the door.

Brody tells Gigi that he feels he owes her an apology because his relationship with Jessica is now out in the open. She tells him it’s good that somebody is happy. He tells her that he knows that Rex still believes that they slept together and he knows that they must keep their whole scheme a secret and have Rex believing that she’s betrayed him while they let Stacy hold them hostage. She reveals to him that they might not have to do that much longer.

Stacy is getting dressed when Shane walks in. He asks her if she’s seen his dad. She replies that she doesn’t know when he is getting back. He then informs her that he is in the community concert and part of the kid’s orchestra. He heads for the door. Stacy knows she needs to make Shane believe that she is his friend.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody that things are a lot more complicated than simply being dependent on Stacy to donate her stem cells at the price of losing Rex. She informs him that she believes the stem cells were not Stacy’s to give in the first place.

Natalie reveals to Jessica that she has known for a long time that Jessica’s baby died and that Bess kidnapped Starr’s baby. Jessica asks her sister for how long. Natalie admits for a long time.

Michael tells Marcie that he doesn’t want to worry about Jessica. It may sound insensitive but they can finally have their happiness. Marcie then admits she is not just worried about Jessica; it’s Starr also.

Starr admits to Langston that before she had a chance to decide she wanted to keep her baby, Marcie and Michael showed up so it was too late. She said she could sense that Cole was sad about giving up their baby.

Right then, Cole reveals to Markko that he is not ok about losing his baby again.

Langston asks Starr if she has changed her mind about giving her baby to Marcie and Michael.

Jessica asks Natalie how she found out. Natalie explains that somebody came by to return Jessica’s wallet. She found a parking receipt from the hospital dated the night Chloe was born. She and Jared put two and two together. They did not want it to be true. She made the decision to keep her mouth shut since Chloe was the thing that was holding Jessica together. She debated with Jared but knew that she wanted to protect her sister from the devastating truth. Yet she knows that having Jessica falsely believing that that was her baby and growing attached to her was not helping her and she is so terribly sorry. Jessica cries and asks Natalie how she would want to protect her after all the terrible things that Tess did to her and to Jared. Natalie also cries and tells Jessica that she loves her and would do anything to protect her.

Michael tells Marcie that Starr is too young to raise a child and she knows it. Marcie tells him that she tried so many times to talk Starr out of giving her baby to them when Starr was pregnant and making the decision not to keep her, yet Starr was adamant. She says things have really changed throughout the last year. Michael asks Marcie if she believes that Starr might have changed her mind.

Starr admits to Langston that she was ready to change her mind and not sign the adoption papers. Her mom reminded her that she has the option of not doing so if she’s had a change of heart. She saw Cole holding her baby and knew it would break his heart to be without her but it was too late. Marcie and Michael walked in and she could not refuse to sign the baby over to them; it would break Marcie’s heart. Langston asks what about Starr’s heart.

Cole tells Markko that as much as he wants to keep the baby, he does not want to bring Starr down. Markko encourages him to communicate with Starr. He cannot abandon her or else he’s an even bigger jerk than he was when she was pregnant.

Langston tells Starr that she knows that Starr grieved for that baby for many months and then miraculously finds out that she is alive. Langston really does understand how Starr is justified to have a change of heart.

Natalie attempts to explain to Jessica how it was that she and Jared were willing to keep the secret from her and from everybody that Bess stole Starr’s baby, Chloe is not Jessica’s, and Jessica’s baby died. Jessica then tells her sister hat she needs to see Marcie and apologize to her for what she put her through. Natalie asks her sister if she wants to talk to Marcie or if she just wants to see the baby.

At Rodi’s, Brody tells Gigi that regardless of what she has good reason to feel about Stacy, science cannot lie that it was Stacy’s stem cells that saved Shane’s life. Gigi reveals that she may be able to uncover evidence that makes it likely that Stacy could have switched the stem cells with those of somebody else. Brody tells her if only that could be proven, then they can all be rid of Stacy. Gigi happily tells him that if that can happen, then she can get back with the man she loves who is Rex. She hugs Brody thinking the happy thought. Rex walks in to see them together.

After Shane tells Stacy that he needs his dad to attend his concert, she knows she’d better act like his friend. She tells him that she saved his life and she won’t let him miss out on this opportunity. Shane reveals to his aunt that he overheard his mom revealing to her friend that she didn’t really cheat on his dad with Brody, so maybe his parents will get back together after all. Stacy asks her nephew who he overheard his mom confessing that she did not sleep with Brody to. He says a new guy named Schuyler. He heard her tell Schuyler that she lied to Rex about sleeping with Brody. If he can just let his dad know, then maybe she can apologize to him, he’ll forgive her, and they can get back together. Shane gets ready to go out the door. Stacy tells her nephew that she knows that he does not want to believe that his mom would cheat on his dad but he must realize that it really did happen. She tells him that she will not lie to him and she’ll tell it him to him straight. She informs Shane that his mom has a thing for Schuyler. She didn’t want him to believe that she’d sleep with a bunch of other guys. She did not want him to think she was a slut.

When Rex walks in on Gigi hugging Brody, he says she is a “busy girl” to be messing around with so many different guys in such a short time. He tells them he washes his hands to the whole thing except how it affects his son. She then faces him and tells him that some day, some way; he will understand all of this. He then coldly tells her that he understands; she is not the person he thought she was.

Jessica cries and protests to Natalie that she loves that baby just as if she was her own and she has to face Marcie. Natalie tells her sister that she can do that when the time is right. Maybe it will be too devastating for her to go over there, see the baby, and then have to leave her again. Natalie says she can go and see Marcie and the baby. She tells Jessica that maybe she owes Marcie an explanation and an apology for letting her believe all this while that the baby died. Jessica then asks Natalie to tell Chloe that her mom loves her.

Marcie holds the baby and reflects to Michael that when Starr was pregnant, she was ready to let them have her baby but she can sense that things have changed. They all made the decision to have baby Hope exhumed. Starr was ready to face the truth. She saw Starr becoming a mom when Starr wanted answers about her baby. Michael then asks his wife just what she is saying.

Starr admits to Langston that Cole was furious when she was ready to give the baby up. That is a major reason why he started using. Langston tells her she does not know that. Starr knows that Cole did not talk about it and she shut him out. That was her first mistake. She needs to talk to him now. Langston then asks Starr if she did not have to worry about hurting Marcie, would she have kept the baby. Before Starr can answer, the doorbell rings. It’s Cole.

Natalie goes to see Marcie and Michael. They invite her in and ask if Jessica is ok. She informs them that she came by because she owes them an apology. Marcie asks her why. Natalie answers that they would have had their daughter months ago, were it not for her.

Cole and Starr are ready to reveal their true feelings.

Marcie tells Natalie that she has nothing to apologize for. Natalie tells Marcie and Michael that she and Jared have known for months that Hope did not die of RH disease. Michael asks her what about that. She then tells them that she grew up falsely believing that Roxy Balsam was her mother and didn’t know who her real family was or who she was because of somebody else’s decision. She rationalizes to them that her sister suffered so much. She nearly broke when she lost Nash. Natalie breaks down crying when she explains to them that she was afraid that if Jessica knew the truth it would destroy her. She knew that Starr was going to give up the baby anyway. She knew that the two of them were getting back together, getting on with their lives, and found happiness. She thought that maybe she should let a lying dog sleep, but she knows that that was bull. She kept the daughter that they should have had the whole while from them.

Cole reveals to Starr that he s going to his graduation ceremony even though they are giving him a fake diploma. She encourages him to know that he needs only finish summer school. He then faces her and tells her that it would mean a lot to him if she could be there for him at his ceremony.

After Stacy reveals to Shane that his mom did not want Schuyler to believe she was a slut, he asks her how she could use that word to describe his mom. She then graciously apologizes and tells him she did not mean to freak him out. She would never call her sister an S-L-U-T. Shane reminds her that she just did. Stacy tells him that things are complicated in Gigi’s life so maybe she turned to Brody. Now she’s with Schuyler. Shane tells his aunt that he knows that she is just friends with Schuyler. He tells her hat he knows that his mom has never been like that. Stacy smiles and tells Shane that his mom may have denied sleeping with Brody because she wanted Schuyler to like her. Shane said Gigi also told Schuyler that she’s been lying to Shane. Why would she say that?

Rex tells Gigi the reason he went to Rodi’s was to tell her that they both have to be at their son’s concert but he is not comfortable being near her. He asks her if she has anything to say to him. She hesitates and admits that she cannot. He then tells her that he will never understand her. He says they must go to Shane’s concert at different times. Near tears, she asks him if he knows how accomplished Shane is becoming with drums. Rex reveals that he really wants to be a part of their son’s life and wishes she could be also. When Rex leaves, Brody asks Gigi how it went. She tells him that she has heard from an informed source that Stacy may have switched her stem cells with somebody else’s. She has no proof and cannot tell Rex until she does. Brody asks her how long before she knows for sure.

Stacy tells Shane that she understands how he wants his parents to get back together but maybe they both need to find happiness elsewhere. Shane tells his aunt that he wishes his dad would find somebody like her. She hugs her nephew and expresses her exhilaration.

Jessica and Bree go to Rodi’s to see Brody. Bree greets him and tells him she misses him. He smiles and tells her he’s happy to see her. She tells him that she misses her baby sister but knows that she is living with her new mommy.

Marcie and Michael tell Natalie there are no hard feelings. They realize that she was merely trying to protect her sister and she may tell Jessica that she is welcome to visit the baby any time. Hope cries, and Natalie has to rush out the door. Marcie asks Natalie if she wants to see Hope. Natalie breaks down and admits that, truth be told, she came there because she was worried that if Jessica came by, it would devastate her sister to see baby Chloe again and have to say good bye to her, and now she’s finding out that that is what is happening to her. She thanks them for being so understanding and runs out the door crying.

Cole tells Starr he realizes that she made a promise to Marcie and cannot back out of it. He is not angry and he could certainly tell how hard it was to give their baby up. She tells him that it must have been hard for him too. He tells her that that does not mean that he will hold that against her. He admits that he has lost so much; he cannot lose her. She asks if he still wants her in his life after the baby is gone. He replies yes and asks if she still wants him. He tells her that she is the only person in this world who he can confide in about anything. They declare their love for each other.

Shane tells Stacy he has to leave for band practice. She urges him not to tell dad what they have discussed; it might not be a good thing to do. Rex bursts in the door.

Right then, Gigi is calling and leaving a message for Schuyler.

Shane tells his dad that he’s come to see him because he wants him to come to the concert. Rex appears happy and upbeat.

At Rodi’s, Jessica and Brody play some songs on the jukebox for Bree. He smiles adoringly at them.

Marcie goes to Buenos Dias. She overhears Langston telling Markko that she knows Starr is devastated to give up her baby and that Starr told her that she has to fulfill her promise to Marcie. Marcie perks up her ears and knows that her suspicion is true.

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