OLTL Update Tuesday 6/9/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Schuyler goes to see Gigi after taking Stacy’s hair to a different lab to test her DNA. She tells him she really hopes that this will expose her sister for who she really is. She asks if he is certain that there are no ways for it to be falsified again. He that Kyle Lewis is not affiliated with this lab.

Rex returns to the apartment after jogging. He is surprised to notice Stacy making a home cooked meal.

In Dorian’s kitchen, Moe is preparing a recipe. She tells him she thought he was a culinary artist who does not need recipes. She admits to Moe and Noelle that wants to make certain that Ray has a nice meal since he’s very worried about his daughter. She reflects that Ray needs somebody caring and nurturing and who knows just what he needs.

Viki goes to the hospital to see Téa. She has flowers. Téa appears to be doing a lot better. Téa knows that Viki is going through a real crisis with Jessica, the baby and Todd’s family. Viki admits that Jessica said good-bye to the baby tonight, and her name is now Hope. She tells Téa that she wanted to see her to make certain she is alright. She knows that her cousin Powell almost killed Téa because of Todd.

Todd and Blair wonder how it is that they ended up hugging after they’ve been at odds for so long.

At Rodi’s, John asks Marty how she and Cole are holding up after giving up the baby. He affirms that Marcie and Michael will be good to Hope. They know that that does not make it any easier.

Todd and Blair are both dumbfounded about holding each other after they’ve been so distant for such a long time. He tells her he has to get home. He informs her that he’s going on a trip and taking the kids with him. Hearing that, she is clearly not ok what that.

Stacy surprises Rex by cooking a sauce from scratch. He gets ready to shower and asks her not to start without him. Alone, she says she bets that Gigi has never cooked for Rex like this and she never will again.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she really hopes that Rex will finally wake up and see Stacy for the lying worthless tramp she is. They both know that they cannot count on that happening until the test results come back. She decides they should talk about other things. She invites him to have dinner at her home. He admits that he is a bachelor and eating alone for a long time. She admits that Shane is away and they can eat a nice meal together.

Téa admits to Viki that she’s surprised that she is still living and notes that it’s not often that one confronts their own mortality. She admits that when she thought she was going to die, she had Blair to comfort her. Viki asks her how that went, realizing that Téa and Blair are not the best of friends. Téa then admits to Viki the one thing that she and Blair realized they have in common.

After Todd tells Blair he’s going to take the kids home with him, she asks him if he thinks that she will let him do that. He reminds her that he has custody. She challenges him to go upstairs and tell Starr that she is going home with him whether she likes it or not. Forget that she has lost her own baby and is devastated. Todd reminds Blair that Starr is no longer angry with him. Blair then reminds her ex-husband that he will destroy all of his progress with his daughter if he does that. He then tells Blair that he will let Starr stay with her but the boys are going with him tonight.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells John that she knows that her son has gotten it in his head that he cannot rely on her. He tells her that he knows that Cole will be able to know that she is there for him.

Todd and Blair argue about which of them their kids would choose to live with. She tells him that she knows that he wants the kids with him just because he doesn’t want to be alone in the house. She tells him that they are not a consolation prize for the emptiness in his life.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells John that she can see that he is avoiding something. He tells her that she must remember that he is not good at talking. She then tells him that he needn’t talk, just listen.

Dorian reveals to Moe and Noelle that she is very worried that the perfect dinner they have spent all of their time preparing for Ray won’t be enough. Noelle assures her that Ray already likes her and she need not worry. Dorian tells her that it sounds like she is implying that Dorian is wooing the man when she is merely concerned that his daughter is in an institution. She reminds them that they are responsible for her and Ray getting together. Were it not for them letting Ray live in her house, she’d have never had the chance to change the way she feels about him. Moe asks her if she is not grateful that that happened.

In Téa’s hospital room, she admits to Viki that when she and Blair were locked in the room together expecting to die together, she confessed to Blair that Todd was the love of her life.

Todd tells Blair that he is not using the kids in order to cheer himself up. She asks why then it is that he demands to take them home. He reminds her that he has custody. She reminds him that was only because she was in the hospital. He tells her that she lost custody in court because her “husband” escaped from jail and fled town. She reminds Todd that that would not have happened in the first place if not for Powell Lord coming after Todd. Todd asks Blair if she is ready to present her case to a judge. They might question her sex life. She then reminds Todd that she can tell a judge that he was sleeping with her lawyer in order to persuade her to fail to do the job that she was retained to do for Blair. Blair reminds Todd that Téa can be disbarred and Blair will have her kids back. Todd tells her that’s not going to happen. She tells him that the only way that he could win this court case would be if he married somebody, and that person would have to be a saint.

Schuyler is looking Gigi’s photo album. He notices that there are no pictures of Stacy as a child. She informs him that Stacy did not want anybody to take a picture of her when she was a child. She was a geeky little girl with braces and glasses with low self-esteem. Schuyler admits that he finds it hard imagining Stacy that way. Gigi tells him that it’s hard to believe that an insecure girl with these issues would turn into the slut she is now. When she uses that word, she realizes that maybe Schuyler does not want to hear that about his former girlfriend, but all she can think about is that Stacy has turned into a woman who could let her own nephew die just so that she can have a man who doesn’t love her in the firs place. Gigi reflects to Schuyler that she cannot imagine him being foolish enough to fall in love with her. He seems so intelligent, together in the head, and incapable of falling for somebody as sick as Stacy.

Téa tells Viki that Blair will not betray her secret because Blair has just as much to lose.

Blair asks Todd why he won’t let their kids stay in the home that they’ve known all their live where they are safe. He asks her just how safe it is in the place where she was stabbed. She reminds him that Lee Halpern was stabbed to death in his home. She concludes that it’s not about what could happen in anybody’s home. It’s about the environment that the parents provide for their child. She tells Todd that he is never complete unless he is waging some sort of battle over something like this.

Dorian tells Noelle and Moe that it is true that she’d have never considered giving Ray a second chance if they had not been forced to live together in such close quarters. Noelle tells Dorian that she can tell how charming Ray is. She can see how much he cares about his daughter and about Dorian. She tells Dorian that Ray could be “the one.”

Viki tells Téa if she ever needs to talk about Todd or anything, she must contact Viki. Téa then notices that Viki is wearing an engagement ring. Viki smiles and tells Téa yes, Charlie proposed to her. Téa tells Viki that Charlie is a very lucky man. Although she does not know him, she can see that he is a very special man in Viki’s life. She admits to Viki that she really needs to find herself one of those, but she knows that she has a weakness for the “bad boys.”

Blair tells Todd that he is amazing, wanting to take the boys away from Starr after what she’s gone through, but she goes to get the boys for Todd.

Marty talks to John about their history together.

Gigi asks Schuyler just what it was that he saw in Stacy. What caused him to fall for her? He replies that she did make excellent chicken parmesan.

Right then, Stacy serves Rex the chicken parmesan. He admits that it’s yummy.

Gigi tells Schuyler she’s always heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but she never really believed it. He tells her that it’s not so much the food. It’s what it means for someone to cook for you.

Rex tells Stacy she did not have to do this, but she can do it any time.

Schuyler tells Gigi that Stacy was different when they were in Vegas. He believes that seeing Rex again brought on her old obsession. He admits that when he was with Stacy, he was using and whenever he could not find drugs and had to withdraw, Stacy was there for him to comfort him with blankets, and she made some meals for him -- including chicken parmesan.

Rex and Stacy are talking about all of the heroic things they have done for each other. She saved his son’s life. He protected her from Stan. He tells her that was the best chicken parmesan he’s ever had. He admits that he has not had home cooking since… it’s been a while. She graciously tells him she’s sorry. She assures him that things will get better.

Gigi asks Schuyler what he thought he had in common with her sister. He replies that they both thought they had a great future. She thought she’d be a great dancer, he thought he’d be a great doctor, and they were ok together.

Viki asks Téa how long she has to stay in the hospital. Téa replies that they said she could go home today and be ok on bed rest. Viki reminds Téa that her home is currently the Palace Hotel. She insists that Téa stays at Llanfair. Téa tells Viki that that would be an imposition. Viki tells her of course not, she insists. Téa tells Viki that she will be ok. She admits that Todd offered to take care of her, but she is realizing that he may not have been serious. Viki tells Téa that she can see that Téa probably wishes he were serious.

Blair brings the boys downstairs. Jack asks her if she is coming with them. She explains that the only reason why she was staying at Todd’s before was that she was sick. Jack asks them where Starr is. Blair and Todd tell him that Starr will come by and visit. Jack tells his parents that he knows they are not telling him something. Todd explains to Jack that his mom lives at Dorian’s but if she ever changes her mind, she is welcome to stay with them. Blair then says good-bye to Jack and Sam.

Marty tells John that she does not need to make things worse, but she’s realizes that not everybody has a second chance. She says she has a feeling that John might want to try, but if he does not, he must say so. He then admits that he does not know what to say. She reminds him that it has been 2 years, so she can give him a few days. She tells him that after he figures out what he wants, he may give her a call, and she departs.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she respects him but she refuses to feel sorry for Stacy and is concerned over why he might. He explains to her that there is more to Stacy than the situation going on now. She helped him get through some real scrapes. He knows that the thing she has going on with Rex is a delusion that she needs help with, not unlike his drug addiction was for him. He believes that he has to help her to get over Rex even if she ends up hating him for it.

Stacy and Rex are playing together and getting closer.

Dorian tells Noelle and Moe that she appreciates their enthusiasm but she is not ready to get serious with Ray quite yet. Noelle and Moe tell Dorian that they can see that she has some special feelings for Ray that they know she did not have for David. They encourage Dorian to enjoy. Dorian appreciates it and thanks them. She tells them she’d better go and get dressed. Alone, Moe and Noelle reflect that they really hope that things work out for Dorian as so many terrible things have happened in this house recently. He tells her that they are taking the night off because Dorian is not the only one getting romanced tonight.

Todd surprises Téa by bringing the boys to visit her with balloons in hand. He tells her that he is there to bust her out of this joint; she is coming home with them.

John remembers being with Marty. Blair comes to see him. He asks her how Starr is. She replies that her daughter is getting by. She tells him that they need to talk about this marriage. He asks her what about it. She replies that they are not exactly the perfect couple and this marriage is not exactly real. He replies that it made sense at the time. She tells him that she thinks it’s worth fighting for. He’s her husband and she needs him more than ever.

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