OLTL Update Monday 6/8/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Clint, unsure of Brody and his feelings for Jessica, wanted to check on her and make sure she was okay. Viki assures him that Brody cares for Jessica and is the right one for her. Clint and Viki hug goodbye and he asks her to keep him updated on Jessica's progress. After he leaves, she turns to Charlie for comfort. She tells him that she feels responsible for the whole mess, that if she hadn't gone to Africa after Nash died, that maybe Jessica wouldn't have lost her grip on reality. Charlie tells her that she couldn't have stopped it and it isn't her fault and that she was the one who was able to get through to Tess/Bess/Jessica and that Jessica needed that and the pain and agony of it all to be able to purge herself of her alters. Viki agrees and then says she is sorry Natalie didn't get to have the wedding she wanted. Charlie pulls out a box and asks Viki to marry him. She says yes.

Brody tries to comfort Jessica but she tries to run off, telling him she wants to be by herself. He refuses to leave her alone. She isn't sure why he wants to be with her since she's such a mess. That Tess and Bess will never completely be gone, she tried to have Nash's father kill him and that she killed her baby. That if Tess had kept the appointments with the doctor, then maybe everything would have worked out better. Brody tells her he is there for her no matter what and that there were similarities between her situation and his and Shane's. He tells her he loves her more than he's ever loved anybody. She says "I'm poison", but he doesn't agree.

Bo wants John to be the chief of detectives, but John turns him down. Bo tries to convince him, but John says no. Bo wants to rent out Rodi's so he can throw a party for Clint. John asks him if he ever has a hard time with the fact that his brother is going to marry his ex-wife. Bo tells him it's not an issue.

Just as Marty comes in with the baby, Starr tells Cole that she hadn't officially signed Hope over to Marcie and Michael. Blair puts Hope in Starr's arms, who in turn gave her to Cole. Cole tells her that Hope looks just like her, but Starr thinks she's a wonderful mix of all of them. Starr looks at the unsigned adoption papers with a torn expression.

Michael asks Marcie to marry him again. He wants to renew their vows. When Marcie and Michael go to pick up Hope, Starr tells them that she hasn't signed the papers yet. Starr can tell that Cole loves Hope. Marty tries to take a picture but Cole tells her no. Starr quickly signs the paper, hands them over and Marcie gives Starr another locket; this time with Hope's real hair. After saying their goodbyes to their daughter, Starr asks them to please go. After they leave, Starr hugs her parents and as Blair starts to tear up, Todd hugs Blair. Marty meets John and Rodi's and tells him what happened and that Cole really loves his little girl.

When Rachel realizes that Nora hasn't told Matthew that she and Clint were marrying, she accuses her of not being sure that Clint is the Buchanan she wants to marry. She tells her that is ridiculous, that she loves Clint and wants to marry him. Clint walks in and says he's glad to hear it. Then he drops a bombshell: He wants to get married tomorrow!

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