OLTL Update Monday 6/8/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Viki’s, Clint expresses his concerns about Brody. He tells his ex wife he’s worried what a loose cannot Brody is and how he could hurt their daughter as they know he slept with Gigi Morasco. Yet, Viki tells Clint that they should know that it’s because of Brody that Jessica and the baby came home safely. Plus she seems to know that he has not cheated on Jessica with Gigi. Clint asks Viki if she believes that Brody truly cares about their daughter. Viki affirms she believes that he does and that he is what Jessica needs right now.

Upstairs, Jessica is crying in agony after losing her baby. Brody does not want to leave her even though she tells him she wants to be alone.

Right then, Rachel and Nora are looking at photos of Matthew throughout his life. Yet Rachel know that her mother is not admitting to the fact that she is still reminiscing about her relationship with Bo and how she is not completely over him nor ready to move on.

Meanwhile, Bo is talking to John at Rodi’s. He wants John to come back to the force. John knows that Bo has something personal going on in his life.

Right then, Michael officially proposes to Marcie and asks her to marry him. He affirms to her that they are going to have the baby that they have always wanted and it’s a whole new beginning. So, he asks her if she will marry him again. She replies yes.

Right then, Starr admits to Cole that they really “should” sign the adoption agreement so that Marcie can adopt their baby. But, she reminds him that the baby is not officially Marcie’s until she signs. And before they can discuss it further, Blair and Todd come through the door with the baby.

Nora admits to Rachel that she has yet to tell Matthew that she is marrying Clint and doesn’t really know how her son will react to the news. Rachel seems to know that her mother is stalling realizing that she could have told Matthew a long time ago. And she knows that Nora is not certain that Clint is the Buchanan she wants.

At Rodi’s, Bo asks John if he really wants to be pouring drinks at a bar for the rest of his life and reminds him that he is a cop and that’s what he was meant to be. John reminds Bo that he doesn’t want to call the mayor’s office every time he writes a parking ticket and that when he played by the rules, Marty paid the price. Bo then tells John that he doesn’t want him to give up when he knows that John is the best at what he does. Yet John doesn’t want to listen or come back to his job on the force.

In the living room, Viki notices that a baby shoe was left behind. Clint enters and wonders of Viki will be alone and if Charlie will be there for her. He calls it “ex husband’s prerogative to be worried about her. She asks him if he is going home to Nora and if so, he must let her in and share his feelings with his fiancé. Viki calls that ex wife’s prerogative. And they both promise to stay in touch if Jessica needs anything

In Jessica’s room, she asks Brody why he’s there. He saw her as Bess ready to let Nash’s father shoot him and ready to kidnap the baby without a thought. She tells him he must know that Bess is a part of her and so is Tess. Tess was going to murder Natalie and Jared. Tess failed to take care of her baby and she died. He holds her and tells her he’s so sorry that her baby died and that she lost Chloe. But she tells her that she did not lose her baby. She killed her.

Starr, Cole and Marty, come to the door to see Blair and Todd with the baby and Blair introduces them to Hope. Starr smiles and holds her and remarks how beautiful she is. She faces Cole and Marty and says she cannot believe her baby is there. Cole reflects that it’s like a nightmare that he has finally awoken from. She asks him if he wants to hold her. He admits that he’s never held a baby before but he takes her. Marty reflects that she reminds her of Cole at her age. Starr says that she’s a perfect blend of all of them; Manning, Cramer, Thornhart, Saybrooke.

Charlie comes by to see Viki knowing that she is devastated to watch her daughter say good bye to her baby. He asks her how Jessica is doing and how Viki is holding up. She admits that she feels responsible for what happened. Her daughter’s husband died and she went to Africa for months. But he tells her that he will not let her do that. He knows that he blamed himself for abandoning his son and he used that as an excuse to get drunk. Now he knows that he wasn’t any good to him that way. And he tells Viki she cannot blame herself. It’s not her fault.

Upstairs, Brody tells Jessica she did not kill her baby. There isn’t any part of her that could do that. But she tells him that the baby died of RH disease. There was something wrong with hers and Nash’s blood. And she somehow knew that. And that is why she stole Star’s baby. But he reminds her that she was in pain and could not cope. She reminds him that she did not feel any pain or any guilt when she let Bess do it. She did it without a thought. But he reminds her that she is feeling more than enough pain and guilt now. He tells her that she is a world of pain and not letting Bess or Tess or anybody protect her now. She is handling it. And now she needs to get through this. But she tells him she does not think she can do this. He tells her yes she can. And he will be there for her every step of the way.

Rachel tells Nora that she does not want to see her marry Clint as a way to hide her feelings for Bo. Nora then rationalizes that she and Bo got closer because of Matthew. But Rachel tells her mother that she knows that it’s more than that. If Nora is really over Bo, then why is she dragging her feet about marrying Clint?

Bo tells John that he must know that once a cop always a cop. He has a gift and cannot throw that all away.

Right then, Michael gets a call from Todd informing him and Marcie that the baby is at their home and they may pick her up. Michael and Marcie get ready to go.

Charlie tells Viki that Jessica could not have asked for a better mother. Viki tells him not as if she had another choice. Charlie tells Viki that she helped her daughter get through it the way nobody could. She tells him she wishes she saw the signs. He tells her that what is done is done and he knows that Jessica will heal. She has Viki and Natalie and Jared. But Viki reminds him that her daughter and his son did not even get to have proper wedding after having to carry around that secret. Charlie assures her that Natalie and Jared can always have another wedding. And at that point, he surprises Viki with an engagement ring that he has for her.

Clint returns to Nora. He asks him how things are with Jessica. He avoids the issue. She avoids plans to get married. He tells her he wants to set a date and asks her if there is any reason why they should not get married as soon as possible.

Bo keeps telling John that running a bar is not him. But John tells Bo it is now and asks what he can get him. Bo asks John to at least promise him to give it some thought. He also tells him that he wants to rent the place out because he is throwing a wedding party for Clint and Nora. John asks Bo if he has a problem with his brother marrying his ex wife. Bo tells John no. But that may not be entirely true.

Brody reminds Jessica that he has very similar guilt for his actions with Shane. He pretended that another man’s son was his and almost killed his real father. And she was there to him get well. He feels he never has known or loved anybody the way he loves her.

Starr asks her mom if she thinks the baby is hungry and reminds her they don’t have any baby food to give to Marcie. Marty wants to take a picture of her son and his baby. Todd reminds them that Jessica gave him a list of all of her baby’s likes and dislikes. And right then, the doorbell rings and they seem to know that it’s Marcie and Michael. They enter and Starr and Cole introduce her to them to Hope and reflect that Jessica took really good care of her. They know how happy and healthy and perfect she is. Cole asks if they got a car seat. Marcie replies that they just got it. Todd tells them that maybe Hope should try it out. But Starr has to ask them to “wait”.

Charlie admits to Viki that he has been waiting for the “right time”. But he’s been carrying around the engagement ring for a long time. And he’s realized that when things get rough, people need to take care of each other. And he tells her that the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew that she was very special. He admits that he is not certain what type of speech to make except to ask her to marry him. She tells him yes she will marry him.

Nora asks Clint if he really wants to get married right now. Doesn’t he have a lot of things going on? He tells her that he wants Jessica and everybody to come to their party. There’s no reason why they cannot. And it might help everybody to know that life goes on. But she raises more objections telling him that she doesn’t want Jessica or anybody to feel pressured. And he asks her if it is not herself who is pressured. She tells him she does not feel pressured. He then asks her how she feels about going off on his private jet.

At Rodi's, John does not want to talk about his job as a cop. SO he asks John how he feels about Clint and Nora getting married. Bo does not want to answer that. So he reminds John that he has to make a decision. Fish might want John’s job at some point.

Jessica hysterically asks Brody how he can love her. All she does is hurt people. If he does not believe her, me must ask her family and Starr and Cole and their families and Marcie and Michael.. She tells him that lots of women lose their husbands but don’t kidnap babies and lock people in rooms and attempt to blow them up. She tells him she will not let him love her because she is poison. But he tells her he is not going away.

Starr privately talks to her mother about the promise she made to Marcie. Blair tells her daughter she knows that. But Marcie will understands if Starr needs more time.. Starr faces Marcie and Michael and is torn not knowing what to do. She then signs the papers. Marcie says thank you. But Starr is not certain she’s made the right decision. She says good bye to the baby and cries. Cole holds her and holds the baby. Marcie then tells her that maybe she would want a new locket of Hope’s hair. So she will give her one. Marcie and Michael promise to love the baby with all of their hearts. Cole then gives them the book of poems that his dad gave to him so that maybe they read them to Hope one day. And Todd gives them the diaper bag and the list that Jessica gave him to give to them about Hope’s likes and dislikes. They take her out the door and Starr cries. Blair and Todd both hold Starr in their arms knowing that she is not ok giving up her baby.

Nora asks Clint if they could get married in Llanview instead of somewhere far away.

Charlie tells Viki that when he saw the ring it made him think of her. She asks how long he’s had it. He then admits that it was way back when they pretended to be engaged so that nobody would know about Natalie and Jared. She remembers that that was way back around Christmas time. He has always wondered when would be the right time. But when he saw how sad she looked after Chloe had to be taken from them, he realized that there is never a “right time”.

Upstairs, Jessica remembers the blanket that she used to play peek a boo with Chloe. She tells Brody that she can always smell and remember it. She breaks down and he holds her in his arms.

Knowing that Cole is upset by the loss, Marty puts her arms around her son and tells him how much she loves him and how she wishes there was something she could do. Blair then leaves with Marty and tells the kids that they will be right out there if they need them. Marty tells Blair she has to get going and hopes it’s ok if Cole stays with them for a while. They both know how painful this day is for their kids and that they may never forget it.

Bo goes to Nora’s home.

Marty goes to Rodi’s to see John. He asks her how Cole is holding up and how she is..

Right then, Blair and Todd sit on the steps together. She remarks that she was very pleased that he behaved appropriately. They both know that their daughter made a major decision. And they reflect that Starr was right. The baby looked like all of them. And right then, Blair can sense that her ex husband might have some new “goal” that she does not want him to have.

Viki tells Charlie that she hopes Jessica finds a man who is as good and as wonderful as Charlie Banks.

Upstairs, Jessica cries and Brody holds her assuring her that everything is going to be alright.

When Marcie and Michael bring the baby home, they acknowledge that they are her mommy and daddy. He spent a lot of time building the crib. She found a stuffed animal for Hope named Marvin.

Starr admits to Cole that when she was pregnant, she tried to picture what their baby would look like. He tells her now they know. She cries and tells him she just wishes she had had more time with her. And they show that they are both clearly incomplete with losing their baby again.

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