OLTL Update Friday 6/5/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/5/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Proofread by Melanie

Dr. Levin goes to Llanfair and talks to Viki and Clint about what has happened to Jessica. He assures them that she should be able to sleep with the sedative he gave her. But Viki is worried. She is aware that Jessica made a breakthrough in remembering everything, and that is the first step to recovery. Viki reflects that her daughter remembered that Bess stole Starr and Cole’s child and caused them and their families unbearable suffering by having them believing that she was dead.

We see Starr with her mom and Cole with his mom.

Viki talks about how Bess also kept the child from another couple who grieved the loss and had their lives turned upside down.

We see Marcie and Michael happily preparing to get the baby’s room ready. Michael is assembling some furniture. He tells Marcie that he should have been there for her when they thought the baby died. But she assures him that is in the past and there’s no point dwelling. He admits that he is worried what might happen if Todd Manning finds out that they might want the baby. At that moment, they are not surprised to see, Todd comes to their door.

Clint tells Dr. Levin that he released Jessica too soon. She fooled him. But he knows that Jessica did not fool Viki. Viki then tells them that her instincts tell her that Tess losing the baby was the last secret that came out. So that is some sort of closure for the person with the sickness that they both have. Viki knows what happened when her last “secret” came out for her. Dr. Levin admits to Viki and Clint that Jessica needs to say goodbye to the baby and give her to her rightful parents. It’s important that she has that closure. But Clint is not okay with that. He is worried that it will send his daughter over the edge and asks if Dr. Levin is willing to risk the chance that they could lose Jessica again. At that moment, Jessica comes through the door.

Marty and Cole go to Rodi’s to talk to John. He knows that this is a big day for them. She asks if they could have some coffee and food. But Cole admits that he is not hungry and may be worried about the outcome. Marty leaves John and Cole alone to talk.

Starr tells her mother that she knows that this may destroy Jessica. She admits that she wants to be happy knowing that her baby is alive. Blair tells her daughter she wants her to be happy. Starr tells her mother how amazing it will be that they get to see her again. Blair reminds Starr that Michael and Marcie are going to come and visit. Starr is not certain she knows what to do about that.

Jessica asks her parents and doctor if “Chloe" is still there. She appears upset and ready to cry. Viki assures her daughter, of course she is. They would never take the baby without letting Jessica say goodbye. Jessica gives them a list of her bedtime routine that Marcie should know about. She appears worried about how she has done this despicable thing. Viki assures her daughter that she has been a wonderful mother. But now that Jessica remembers all that has happened, she is devastated.

When Todd enters Marcie and Michael’s home, Michael warns him that if he threatens them or does anything that could hurt their baby, he will be sorry. But Todd tells them he does not plan to do that. He does, however, hand them a check that gives them the idea he might want to “buy” his granddaughter back.

Blair observes the adoptions papers that Starr has been keeping all this while and that she never got around to signing. Starr tells her mother that she could not do it because the law requires that you wait for 72 hours after the baby is born and have witnesses there to notarize it, and Hope did not live that long. But now, she will make it official with Marcie and Michael. Yet, Starr does not appear happy about making that decision. Blair asks her daughter if she is really sure that this is what she wants to do.

Jessica tells her parents and doctor that she is responsible for the pain that Starr, Cole, Marcie, Michael, and their families all went through. Viki assures her that she raised a healthy baby. Jessica sounds like she understands but has a problem saying goodbye to her baby.

Todd tells Marcie and Michael that he wants to make it clear that if Starr gives them her kid, he will not fight it. He looks around their apartment and asks them if they need more money to raise his grandchild. Michael then assures Todd that he makes a good living. But Todd tells them that he wants his grandchild to have the best. Plus, he admits, he owes them for what he put them through with Sam. He asks them to please take the money for Hope.

Jessica admits to her parents and Dr. Levin that she cannot say goodbye. The reason is she has no business believing that she ever had the right to have the baby or be able to say goodbye to her. But Viki and Clint urge her to know that she raised baby Chloe and took excellent care of her throughout her life. But Jessica remembers she took her own dead baby in the car without any thought or emotion. She didn't tell her that she loved her or anything. But Viki assures her daughter that it’s all over. Jessica then tells her mother that she is right. She knows that she has to say goodbye to baby Hope.

Starr asks her mother when Aunt Viki will come over with the baby. Blair replies that they are preparing to say goodbye to her. She tells her daughter that they need to talk about the adoption. She tells Starr that she knows the law, and if Starr has changed her mind about Hope, she has no legal obligation to give her away. But Starr reminds her mother that Marcie and her (Starr) made a promise when Starr was not ready to have a baby.  She knows what a great mother Marcie would be. Blair tells her daughter she knows that Marcie would be a great mother. Starr reflects about all that Marcie has gone through in order to have Hope. She was willing to break up with Michael and lose everything for her. But Starr knows that Cole is not ready to give her up.

At Rodi’s, Cole tells John that he realizes that Marcie and Michael could be taking his baby daughter very soon. He realizes that he and Starr owe them. But he is not okay with the situation knowing that he has to give her up all over again. He admits that he should be grateful that his baby is alive and well. John assures him that his brother and sister-in-law will let him see Hope whenever he wants. He shows Cole something that Cole's father wrote just for his son.

Inside the bar, Marty talks to Brody about Jessica. She knows that he found her, and she asks how it went. Brody admits that Jessica is devastated and he’s not certain he knows what to do.

At Llanfair, Clint talks to Bree and shows her the woodpeckers, realizing that she needs a distraction with what is going on with her mom and baby sister. Inside, Viki prepares for Jessica to get her stuff in order. They observe Clint talking to Bree outside. Viki informs Jessica that Bree has been asking for her mom. But if Jessica is not ready…Jessica tells her mom that she is ready. She greets her daughter who asks her where she has been. Jessica’s “smooths over” the question. Bree asks her mom if Chloe cannot join them to see the woodpecker that grandpa showed her. But Jessica tells her daughter that they cannot take Chloe with them to see the woodpecker because she is going to “take a trip” and they must say goodbye to her. Viki and Clint go up to see the baby in her crib. She reflects that this baby is very good natured. She almost never cries. She can hear and see everything Chloe does with the baby monitor. They still see her as their family. Viki admits that she does not know how Jessica is going to say goodbye to her when they cannot say goodbye to her themselves.

Cole reads the writing that his father gave to him while with John.

We see Jessica with her baby. She then goes to attempt to tell Bree the situation. She tells her daughter that Chloe has another mother who loves her, and she will go with her other mother now. But it will be okay because she will be very close and her new mother loves her very much. Bree reminds her mom that they will miss her. Jessica fights back the tears telling her daughter that she knows they will, but they must be happy for Chloe so she will not be sad without them. She encourages Bree to know that Chloe will have a whole new house with people who love her with toys and happiness. Now she will be known as Hope.

After Todd urges Michael and Marcie to take his money, they refuse to take it and assure him that Hope will have everything she needs. He then goes out the door.

Meanwhile, Blair tells Starr that so far, they have heard what Marcie, Todd, Cole, and everybody wants except for what Starr wants. She tells Starr that she does not want her to have any doubts. She may tell her mother everything that she is thinking and feeling right in this room. Starr then tells her mother that when she was pregnant, she knew that she was not ready. There were some terrible things happening, and she believed that Marcie could give her baby everything she needed. She knew that no matter who argued with her, it felt right. But Blair asks her daughter if it still feels right. Starr remembers that when she was pregnant, she did not believe that the baby was really there. She believed that she would give her to Marcie. The baby would have a happy life, and Starr would be able to get on with her life as if she had never had a baby. But now she feels as though Hope is a vital part of her life and her heart.

Jessica tells Bree that Chloe’s other mother has been waiting a long time for her. So now they have to let her go. Bree runs off, and Clint picks her up. Bo enters and tells Jessica that what she did was beautiful. But Jessica tells her uncle that it does not feel beautiful. Viki then brings the baby down and announces that she’s ready to go. Jessica acknowledges that  it’s now time.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells Brody that she knows what it’s like when one needs help. She did not accept any help from anybody except from his friend Wes whom they both acknowledge was a great man. She tells Brody that she knows that Jessica is all he needs right now.

John and Cole talk outside about how John knows that Cole can go on because he is a strong and extraordinary person.

Inside, Marty and Brody talk about how she knows that he and Jessica were right for each other when they first met at St. Anne’s and how she knows that he will be there for Jessica. Cole enters and announces that he is ready to “do it.”

Starr tells her mother that she knows she is far luckier than many other parents who have to give up their baby. Hope is alive and well, and she knows that her daughter will have great parents who will let Starr see her. She cries. Blair tells her daughter that she can see that Starr is not the same girl she was when she gave up the baby after she was born. She is a strong, young woman who can make the right decision. She reminds Starr that this has to be her decision and nobody else’s. She urges Starr to forget about all of the promises she made and all of the people except for herself. She asks her if she really wants to give up this baby. At that point, Starr cannot answer that question. Todd walks in and is surprised to notice his daughter and ex-wife are not “happy” as he expected them to be. He asks Starr what is wrong. She doesn’t know what to tell her father.

Jessica, Viki, Clint, and Bree are clearly not ready to let Chloe go.

Starr answers her father’s question by telling him she’s good. She is so happy to have her baby alive and well. But he knows that she is not okay. He surprises her by telling her that this is her decision and nobody else’s. Hope is alive, no thanks to him, he reminds her. So if she wants to give her baby to Marcie and Michael or whomever, he will not fight her on that. He tells her that he will go with her to pick up the baby from Viki’s.

Jessica and her family gets ready to give the baby up.

At Rodi’s, John is grateful to know that Brody cares about people and wants to encourage him to know that he can make things right for Jessica. Noticing Marty not far away, Brody asks John if he doesn’t mind a piece of advice...John must not let that woman get away.

Starr looks over the adoption papers that she kept but never had a chance to sign. She is clearly not okay. Assuming that she will give her up, Todd encourages his daughter to do what she needs to do.

Jessica holds her baby and tells her how beautiful she is and how much she loves her.

John calls Marty after she goes with Cole to see Starr. She tells him that her son is going to pick up Hope, and she knows that John really helped to get through to Cole. He tells her that Cole read to the poems that his father wrote to him. Hearing that, she is amazed. He asks her if she is okay. She replies, she is now that he has called.

When Starr faces Cole, he notices that she is not okay and asks her what is going on. She then admits that there is something she needs to tell him.

Michael and Marcie are making their plans, and he officially proposes to her again.

Jessica takes the baby and faces Blair and Todd. Blair tells Jessica how good it is to see her. She assumes that they must be furious with her and that Starr might never forgive her. But Blair tells her that it’s okay. She then gives them the baby and cries. She gives them a list of things that Hope (Chloe) likes and doesn’t like. She breaks down crying. Viki and Clint observe Blair holding the baby with Todd by her side. Jessica goes up to the empty baby’s room. Todd and Blair leave with baby Hope. Viki and Clint cry. Upstairs, Jessica breaks down. Brody comes up to comfort her. 

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