OLTL Update Thursday 6/4/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/4/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Gigi and Schuyler go to Rex’s apartment and see him in bed with Stacy. He demands to know what Gigi is doing in his loft and what she’s doing with “this guy.” She was not invited and has no business barging in unannounced. She demands to know what he’s doing in bed with her sister.

Cristian settles into Layla’s apartment. They are looking for another roommate. Officer Fish comes to the door. Layla assumes he’s there on police business and apologizes for the solicitation for a roommate on the door. He tells her that he is there to inquire about the ad for a roommate.

Starr and Cole are in the kitchen waiting for the baby to return. Moe and Noelle are cooking and ready to celebrate, but Starr and Cole are aware that things may not be as simple or miraculous and it appears given the circumstances.

Outside Nash’s parents’ home in the rain, Bo and Clint talk about some of the cold realities that Jessica will have to face when she knows the horrifying reality that her baby died.

Inside, Jessica cries hysterically realizing that Tess did not get medical care when giving birth and her baby is dead. Viki holds her daughter and comforts her. Downstairs in the living room, Natalie, Jared, and Brody have coffee while waiting. Jared asks Brody if he and Natalie are bothering him. He tells them no, He just remembers that they hated him and wanted to get him into trouble not too long ago. Natalie tells Brody that she was not ok with his sleeping with Gigi Morasco but she sees that he cares for her sister. Brody clarifies that he doesn’t just care about Jessica; he loves her. He is there for Jessica and not going anywhere. Outside, Bo and Clint talk about a situation when someone’s kids are in trouble, but they can’t do anything about it. Clint tells his brother that the situation with Jessica is different that Bo’s with Matthew.

In the bedroom, Viki tells her daughter she is there for her and will not let anything bad happen to her. She tells Jessica that she knows all too well that the only way for the pain to go away is to remember and face everything that happened. Jessica then tells her mother that she remembers holding the dead baby and blacked out. She remembers putting on glasses and having no emotions or pain over the dead baby. Jessica cries and remembers driving with Chloe’s lifeless body on the seat next to her. She remembers realizing that another baby was being born that night --Starr’s baby. Jessica breaks down remembering that she stole her cousin’s child and is responsible for Starr’s family believing that her baby died when she did not.

Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko are in the kitchen. Noelle keeps mentioning how Marcie will adopt their baby and that everybody will be happy now. Shawn opens the door to see Rachel and Matthew enter. Matthew goes to talk to Starr and Cole. Rachel and Shawn talk about Prom Night. Shawn asks if Matthew had fun. She asks him about this little sister. Destiny enters. Rachel goes to the patio to call Nora and give Shawn and Destiny some privacy. Shawn asks his sister what is going on. She reveals that she has contacted their brother Gregory and that she has a plan and knows what she is doing. She tells him she believes that Greg can help Matthew.

At Rex’s, Gigi explains that she still has a key and needs to pick up some of Shane’s stuff. She said she called and no one answered, so she did not expect to see him there with her sister. Schuyler notices Stacy’s black eye and accuses Rex of hitting her. Rex explains that that worthless creep Stan beat her up took money from her. Schuyler says that he knows Stan from Vegas. He says Stan is no saint, but he would never hit a woman. Gigi tells Rex that she knows that her sister is just playing the sympathy card with him. Rex tells Gigi that no matter how angry she is at Stacy that it is cold even for her, after Stacy saved their son. She tells him that she and Schuyler are there to wake him up to see what a liar and despicable person her sister is.

At Layla’s apartment, Officer Fish tells her that he noticed her ad online. He knew that that was her apartment but thought she had moved out of town. Since there was no contact listed, he assumed that the place would be empty. He reflects that it appears that Layla and Cristian are odd roommates, since they always fight and don’t seem to get along. He quickly apologizes, saying he should not get into their business. He apologizes for the Stacy incident when he dumped Layla, believing that he had a future with Stacy Morasco. He notes that he may not be welcome in their home. Before he’s out the door, Cristian asks him to wait and tells him it might not be a bad idea if the three of them live together in the apartment.

At Rex’s apartment, Rex tells Gigi that he is not sleeping with Stacy. He is not hopping around from person to person the way she went from him to Brody, from Brody to Schuyler. He asks Schuyler if Gigi is not a bit too old for him. He asks if Starr Manning is not more his speed.

Matthew enters the kitchen and tells Starr and Cole that he heard that they found out that their baby is alive. He’s happy for them. Markko asks Matthew if he is not Jessica’s cousin. Langston interjects that he is also Starr’s cousin. Matthew tells them that maybe he can help with their situation. Matthew calls his father. Bo asks his son if he is alright. Matthew replies that he is at Starr’s home.

Brody talks to Jared and Natalie about his feelings for Jessica. Outside, Clint and Bo know that whatever happens will affect Jessica for the rest of her life.

Viki asks Jessica what she remembers. She cries and remembers overhearing Todd say he was going to steal his daughter’s baby. She knew that she was due about the same time Jessica’s baby was due. She went to the hospital and overheard Todd and the nurse talking outside Dr. Joplin’s office. When the coast was clear, she took Starr’s baby out of the crib and she left her dead baby there. She cries hysterically, remembering what she did.

After Rex accuses Schuyler of messing around with Starr Manning and Gigi of sleeping with both Brody and with Schuyler, she apologizes to Schuyler for Rex. Schuyler asks if he may use Rex’s bathroom, hoping to get Stacy’s toothbrush to compare her DNA with Shane’s. Rex refuses. Rex tells Schuyler he will not let him near his son. In the other room, Gigi tells her sister that she knows that she is cannot be trusted. She and Schuyler are going to expose her for the person she really is.

At Layla’s apartment, she makes it clear that she does not want Fish as their roommate. He tells them that he is clean, picks up after himself. He’s a cop. He has a real job and can afford the rent. He even cooks. Cristian tells Layla she needs to get over her issues with him and realize he is harmless. They can use the extra rent. She then tells Fish she’ll let him stay there under one condition.

Destiny and Shawn talk outside of the room where Matthew is talking to Starr and her friends. She tells her brother that their brother Greg can help Matthew. Shawn tells his little sister that they cannot trust Greg. She tells him she has to get over his bitterness toward Greg. Rachel enters and wonders if Matthew is ready to go home. Destiny says she did not know that Matthew was in the other room. She wants to go in and talk to him.

In the kitchen, Matthew discusses with Starr, Cole, Markko and Langston that he knows that Jessica has been keeping Starr’s baby all this while.

Jessica cries and tells her mother that she left her dead baby alone at the hospital and then she took Starr’s baby home. Then she awoke with no memory. She did not question anything. She was happy to see that her baby girl was alive and healthy. She cries hysterically remembering what she did. Then she goes over to see the happy and healthy baby and tells Chloe how terribly sorry she is.

At Layla’s apartment, Layla asks Fish if he might be able to help them set up the television. He agrees and asks where the converter box is. They don’t have one. He happens to have one in the trunk of his car.

Natalie tells Brody that her sister had the worst year of her life, but she knows that Jessica finally found some happiness with him. She admits to him that she saw her sister turn into somebody whom she hated. It made it hard to remember the person Jessica really is. Charlie enters with Nash’s parents. He tells them he feels for them about the loss of not only their son but also their grandchild. He says the woman he loves is also up there. He wants to make sure that Viki is ok. Clint and Bo enter.

In the bedroom, Jessica cries and tells her mother that she stole Starr’s baby. Viki assures her daughter that the first step to this is remembering and Jessica must know that she will get through this. Clint knocks and asks if he can talk to his daughter. Viki tells Jessica she should talk to her father.

Matthew tells Starr and Cole that he is very happy for them and their miracle, but he doesn’t expect a miracle of his own. He then leaves, but Starr admits that she is not certain what will happen with the baby comes home. Rachel returns to the other room and observes Shawn and Destiny talking alone. She tells them she’s sorry if she interrupted. He reveals that he wants to protect her from being disappointed. She asks if besides being a bodyguard and caretaker, if he does anything for fun. He tells her that he does have a life also. He has two tickets to a concert and asks if she might want to join him. She asks if he is asking her on a date. He says yes. Destiny asks Matthew if he’d like her to help him prepare for the Math test. He accepts her offer.

Rex and Schuyler argue. Each believes terrible things about the other. In the bedroom, Stacy gloats to Gigi that she and Rex are ready to be together, but Gigi cannot accept that. She attacks her sister and pushes her down.

Fish shows Layla and Cristian the procedure for hooking up the converter box. He advises them that they most have the converter box to receive television signals after the switch to digital broadcasts. He tells them they will also receive more channels and better reception than before. Cristian and Layla both agree to let him live with them. Layla tells him he can take Talia’s old room. He tells her that he would be honored to have the room of one of the best officers he served with. He tells them that the three of them can be the three Musketeers. Cristian tells him never to say that again.

Rex pulls Stacy off Gigi. He asks Gigi what her problem is. She tells him he needs a serious reality check about Stacy. He tells her that it’s time for her and her boyfriend to leave and Gigi needs to leave her key. Schuyler and Gigi go out the door. Stacy smiles with satisfaction.

Matthew and Destiny are going over the Math test. Matthew leaves with Rachel. Destiny tells Shawn that she believes that Gregory will come through for her regardless of what Shawn says. She leaves. Alone, Shawn wonders aloud why Greg is coming and what he really wants.

Brody goes outside to talk to Bo while Clint talks to Jessica. Bo thanks Brody for the tip of finding Jessica at Nash’s parents’ home. Brody tells Bo that he can thank him and all of the people who love Jessica. That’s one thing he has in common with all of them. Inside, Charlie attempts to console Nash’s parents about losing their granddaughter. Brody goes inside. Bo is worried about Clint entering to talk to Jessica. Viki tells Jessica that her father and uncle and Brody and the whole family are there for her. She lets Clint in. Clint enters to see his daughter crying in agony and holding the baby. Viki informs him that Jessica is back. Viki takes the baby. Jessica cries in her father’s arms.

Once the television is connected, Layla, Cristian, and Fish all want to watch different shows. Layla wants to watch a fashion program, Cristian wants to watch sports, and Fish wants to watch a Sci-fi show. Layla determines that it is her place, so she gets to choose.

Gigi and Schuyler go out the door. Inside, Stacy asks Rex how it is that her sister can be so mean to her. He admits to her that he no longer knows Gigi.

Schuyler tells Gigi that they should have had a better plan, but Rex wouldn’t even let him get into the bathroom. Gigi then reveals a lock of Stacy’s. She tells him that she pulled it out when they were fighting. They leave, happy to know that something might get done after all.

Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko are happy to know that the baby is coming home.

Natalie, Jared and Brody turn around to see Viki, Clint and Jessica coming down the stairs with the baby. They call Starr to let her know that her baby is coming home. Bo informs the local authorities that the baby has been recovered. Jessica and her family leave the Brennans’ home to return to Llanview.

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