OLTL Update Tuesday 6/2/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Cole and Rachel are having lunch together at Buenos Dias. She tells him he needs to think about his situation involving his baby being alive and the fact that he has no control over what Starr or Marcie decide.

At Dorian’s home, Langston gets a call from Markko. She calls him “lover” with Dorian overhearing the conversation. Dorian then goes in to see Starr and Blair. She is elated to notice that Blair is ok, but she demands to know what happened regarding Powell Lord and what would have possessed Blair to move back into Todd’s home. Unaware of the big secret regarding baby Hope, Dorian asks if there is anything more to this ordeal than she knows. Blair replies yes, there is and it’s amazing. She announces that they have just found out that Starr’s baby is alive.

Viki tries to urge her daughter to come out. Inside, Bess realizes she cannot go outside. Outside in the rain, Clint urges Viki to stay back. Bo informs them that Brody had informed him that Nash was going to contact his parents shortly before he died, and that is what tipped Brody off as to where Jessica is. Bo calls to Mr. and Mrs. Brennan on his loudspeaker. Bess lets them know that the police have their place surrounded and they must hide her. They tell her that they actually need to hear what the cops have to say.

After Starr and Blair announce to Dorian and Langston that the baby has been alive all this while, they are elated. Blair informs them that Hope is the baby everybody has known as Chloe Brennan and Jessica has kept her all this while. Hearing that, Dorian is not about to let Jessica take their baby from them. Blair urges her aunt to know that this is not Jessica’s fault; she has been very ill. Starr agrees with her mom that they do not need to take spiteful action against Jessica. Dorian tells Starr she realizes that she cares about Jessica and no harm will come to her. Starr tells her aunt that that won’t be possible because Jessica has had this baby since she was born and it will devastate her to have to lose her.

Bess urges Nash’s parents not to open the door and talk to the police, but Phil tells her that they will decide what they will do in their own house.

Markko waits on Cole and Rachel at Buenos Dias when Markko. He appears uneasy knowing that Rachel is aware that he helped Cole fake the drug test. She clarifies to Markko that she is aware of that and it’s all over. Markko takes their order and is ok. Rachel tells Cole that she realizes how hard it is for him to sit around waiting for the news about the baby. Nora enters and Rachel tells Cole that maybe her mother can help them. Nora announces that the cops are hot on the trial to find Jessica.

Starr tells her family that she is ok with knowing that her baby is alive and well. Langston goes off with her. Alone with Blair, Dorian tells her niece that she held her tongue when the girls were in the room, but she tells Blair this is unconscionable. She tells her that Viki and her family cannot get away with what they are doing. They have taken Starr’s baby and had her family believing that she died and now they are such cowards that they are letting Jessica get away with it and blaming it on her “other personality.”

Bo tells Clint and Viki that they might have no choice except to use force. Their main concern is the baby. Since he cannot get Jessica to answer her phone, maybe he can try to get a hold of Brody on the house phone. Inside, the landline for Nash’s parent is dead since Bess pulled it out of the wall so Bo cannot get through. Natalie appears and asks her parents what is going on. Viki admits that she does not know.

Inside, Bess urges Nash’s parents to know that they must want to see their grandchild and if they let “those people” inside, they will never see her again, and they will lose that one part of their son. Right then, Brody comes to and stands behind her revealing that he will not let her go through with her plan. From outside, Bo asks Bess not to make this any more difficult than it is. Viki urges Bo to let Brody help them instead of using police force. Bo tells Viki that they do not know what is going on with Brody because nobody can get a hold of him. Inside, Brody urges Bess to let Jessica come out and let people help her.

At Buenos Dias, Nora tells Cole that she knows how hard this must all be for him. She assures him that if she finds out anything, she will tell him. He leaves Nora and Rachel alone. Rachel tells her mother that she is happy for Cole, but there is a more complicated issue involving Jessica and her family. They both reflect that that poor girl lost it and went to St. Anne’s after losing her husband and now having to face that her baby died and she must give her up will be unimaginable. Nora then confirms to her daughter that Clint proposed to her and she said yes.

Bo tells Viki that he knows what he is doing, but Viki urges him not to hurt her daughter. Inside, Brody reminds Bess that there is nowhere to go or anything to do, so she must let him take her home. Bess won’t listen. She attempts to make a run for it. Brody goes after her. Nash’s parents are completely uncertain what to do.

Starr is upstairs watching the video that she made of herself talking to baby Hope before she was born, when she planned to give her up for adoption, where she explains why she did what she thought she had to do. Langston enters. Starr tells her friend that she will finally get to have her dream come true and watch her daughter grow into a teenager and she knows that Marcie will also rejoice.

At Buenos Dias, Markko and Cole talk alone about the situation.

Langston and Starr realize that this whole situation is very difficult knowing that Jessica will have to give up her baby. She also knows that Cole had to go somewhere private and talk to his drug counselor.

At Buenos Dais, Markko asks Cole if he has some issues realizing that when Starr was pregnant and they believed that Hope would live, she wanted to give their baby up for adoption and he did not. Now that she is alive, that whole situation might be coming back to “bite” Cole.

After Dorian has told Blair that she cannot wait until the baby comes back, Blair tells her aunt that she must be patient. Dorian then informs Blair that she and Langston went to St. Anne’s. Blair asks her why they went there. Dorian replies that Starr may have regained her child, but Ray has lost his.

Langston and Star talk about what they are going to do about whom Hope will live with when they bring her back.

Cole and Markko discuss the same.

Langston asks Starr if Marcie knows that Hope is alive. Starr reminds Langston that she made a promise to Marcie. She practically begged Marcie to raise her baby and she cannot go back on her promise to Marcie. She admits that when she was pregnant, she was sure that she was ready to give her baby up for adoption. She was at peace with that decision, but now she is not so certain.

Bess rushes up the stairs with the baby and locks the door. Brody runs up and reminds her that there is nowhere to go. This is the end of the road. She tells him he must leave them alone and says if he cares for Jessica, he won’t try to take her baby from her.

At Buenos Dias, Rachel asks Nora why she did not tell her that she and Clint are engaged. She asks her how they decided to get married. She knows that not long ago, they were fighting and ready to split, and now they are ready to get married. She tells her mother she knows that is not her style, so Nora had better tell her what is really going on. Nora then replies that it happened because Clint and Bo had kind of a discussion and a showdown involving her.

Viki, Clint, and Bo rush into the Brennan home to find Jessica and the baby. Brody assures them that he won’t let any harm come to them. Inside the locked room, Bess assesses that she does not know what she’s going to do now. She then sees Tess in the mirror affirming that Bess has made the wrong decision and hasn’t a clue what to do. Downstairs, Clint asks Bo if he intends to wait. Bo tells his brother no, he must make his move, and that will involve breaking down the door and grabbing Jessica in order to protect the baby. Viki tells him he cannot do this. If he does not handle this right, Jessica will completely shatter. She tells Clint and Bo that she has an idea.

Starr admits to Langston that she and Cole thought about what Hope would be like at her prom. Then they went to her grave and attempted to find out what happened. Now, this is the dream come true that she has always waited for. A part of her wants to burst out in happiness but she knows that she cannot handle what has happened. Hope is her baby, but she must give her to Marcie. She now knows that it will be a lot harder than she thought it would be. She and Cole are so much stronger than they were before. The whole reason they broke up in the first place and why he got addicted to drugs was her decision to give up the baby.

Markko tells Cole that he will stand by him in making the decision. Rachel asks Nora what has been going on between her and Bo. Nora admits to her daughter that she and Bo have been getting closer concerning the situation with Matthew, and once Bo almost kissed her. There was another time when they hugged, Clint walked in on them, and they had a discussion. Rachel asks her mother how it was that that transpired into Clint proposing to her.

Viki and Charlie go inside the Brennan's home. She tells Bo that she has an idea she needs to try. Bo tells her that her idea is unorthodox. Clint tells Bo that they should at least let Viki try this.

Upstairs, Tess asks Bess if she wants to have the cops drag her away. This will only harm the baby. Bess argues that she needs to protect Jessica. Tess tells her that Jessica will have to realize that her baby is dead. Downstairs, Bo tells Viki he will give her 15 minutes to try what she intends to do, and then the cops will have to make their move.

Dorian reveals to Blair that Lola is in St. Anne’s Hospital, sedated and practically unconscious. Ray is devastated. Blair tells her aunt she had no idea how attached Dorian has become to Ray Montez.

Starr admits to Langston that it will devastate her, Cole, Marcie, and Michael to figure out who Hope lives with. Starr remembers that she never asked Langston what happened after prom. Langston tells her that she and Markko were amazing but something happened that they might want to know about.

At Buenos Dias, Markko and Cole talk about what Cole and Starr are going to do. Rachel tells Nora that now that she is engaged to Clint, it might "put the cabash" on what is going on between Nora and Bo. Nora clarifies to her daughter that nothing is “going on” between herself and Bo. Rachel knows better.

At the Brennan's home, Bo is on the phone informing John that he is trying reach out to Bess on her terms. Clint overhears the conversation and tells his brother he thought that he might be talking to Nora. Charlie goes up and talks to Brody. He tells him that he must let Viki handle these things; she understands her daughter. Inside the room, Bess sees Tess in the mirror demanding to know what she plans to do. Bess replies that she knows how to handle this, and she makes Tess go away. Viki appears at the door. Bess asks Victoria to go away, but Viki announces that she is not Victoria; she’s Jean Randolph. She asks Bess to open the door.

Dorian tells Blair that it’s so great to have Sam and Jack in the house and when John gets back, she will throw Blair and John a real wedding and it will send a message to Todd that Blair is done with him. Blair tells Dorian that her primary objective right now is to be there for her daughter.

At Buenos Dias, Rachel tells Nora that she has to make a decision about Clint and Bo.

Bo and Clint are downstairs at Phil and Cindy Brennan’s house, discussing what to do. Upstairs, "Jean Randolph" tells Bess that as Victoria’s gatekeeper, she is doing what she has to do. She would like to discuss the situation with Bess logically. It appears that Bess is listening.

Starr talks to Langston privately when she gets a knock on the door. It’s Markko to see Langston. He announces that he snuck in and has brought someone. Cole then enters and hugs Starr.

Bess listens to “Jean Randolph” as she tells her she knows that nobody can help her. Jean is the only person who thinks rationally as Bess does. She understands and needs to remind Bess that the way things stand there is no way out.

Outside, Natalie and Jared appear and tell Phil and Cindy Brennan that they do have a granddaughter and that her name is Bree. Natalie tells them Bree is a cute, wonderful little girl, and she wants them to meet her. Natalie tells them that she knows that Jessica will always love their son, but Cindy reflects that she can see that maybe Jessica has found somebody else to love.

Inside, Brody is determined to be there for Jessica no matter what. Jean Randolph persuades Bess to open the door and let her in.

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