OLTL Update Monday 6/1/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/1/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda


Brody finds Jessica (Bess) at Nash's parents’ house and she tells him that nobody is going to take away Chloe. 


As he tries to shake some sense into her, trying to reach Jessica, Mr. Brennan comes in and threatens Brody.  She uses the fact that Nash was taken away by the state to get them on her side.  Cindy knocks Brody out with a vase, forcing Jessica to break through.

Stacy tells Stan she'll give him the money but she wants him to punch her.  She gives him some leather gloves so he won't leave evidence; she just wants it to appear that someone beat her up.  He leaves her with a black eye and she gives him the money.  He lets her know that she stills has a job in Vegas when she needs it.  She tells him she's moved on.

Schuyler, Rex, and Gigi are discussing Stacy and her evil ways.  Rex thinks Schuyler just wants the money. 

Rex goes home to find Stacy beaten up and wants to know who did it.  She tells him that Stan threatened her and he thinks that Stan saw Gigi and Rex at the park, so it must be his fault.  Stacy talks Rex into giving her a massage.

Schuyler and Gigi commiserate with each other and the fact that Rex and Stacy are not acting like the people they know and love.  Schuyler goes to the fridge to find Stacy's blood samples missing.  Gigi wonders if he made up the whole story but he tells her that he isn't, that Stacy must have gotten the keys and taken it.  She again wonders who really saved Shane's life.

Cole tells Starr he is happy about hope but he needs to go take his drug test and will call her soon.  Marty went with Cole. 

Cole tells Rachel about Hope and that he is confused as to who should raise the baby.  Marty asks John if he has an answer for her and he says no.  He tells her Cole will be fine, and Rachel gets Cole to tell her what he wants for baby Hope.

Starr, Marcie, and Michael wait to hear word on where Hope is.  Blair and Starr reminisce about the day Hope was born.  Todd, listening in, hears Starr say she wished he'd been there for her.  Todd does his best to make Michael and Marcie uncomfortable, so they leave. 

Todd decides to go see Téa, but Blair convinces him that he's needed there.  Starr tells him that even though she is confused as to what actually happened when Hope was born she doesn't blame him.

The Brennans realize something isn't right with Jessica and call the hotline.  Bess takes over and cuts the phone line.  Just as she is about to leave with Chloe (Hope) the police show up.

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