OLTL Update Monday 6/1/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/1/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie


Stacy tells Stan that he needs to do her a favor by punching her in the face. Hearing that, he laughs and asks her if she is serious. She tells him that she usually doesn’t want things like that, but in order to get $20,000, he needs to put his fist in her face.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Schuyler are in the park together after he’s given her hope that he might be able to prove that Stacy falsified the stem cells and did not save Shane. She is so happy believing that once the truth is revealed, she can get back with the love of her life, Rex. Rex appears and angrily confronts them about seeing them together.

When Bess is ready to flee Nash’s parents’ home with the baby, she sees Brody at the door. She attempts to "play Jessica," but Brody tells her she must “cut the act.” He does not buy it. She does a lousy Jessica and he knows what she is doing, he tells her.

Blair, Todd, Marty, Starr, Cole, Marcie, and Michael are all wondering when they can see Hope. They now know that she is alive and Jessica has taken her. It's  been revealed that she is not really Chloe.

Bess tells Brody she is not afraid of him. She knows what she needs to do.

Stan tells Stacy she’s crazier than he thought. He tells her that he knows that she is tricking him so that she can get him arrested for assault. She tells him she does not intend to do that. She has another reason. This is her “insurance policy.” She tells him that she is truly in love with Rex. Even if he believes that it’s sick, Stan knows he needs to do her this “favor.” He then can go away with the money and never see her again. He tells her that he knows that she intends to set him up to get arrested. She goes and finds some gloves of Rex’s and tells him that if he puts on the gloves, there will be no evidence that he hit her. All he needs to do is that, and he can have his 20 grand.

In the park, Rex asks Gigi if she has a clue what Schuyler’s “deal” is. He is very suspicious of Schuyler and believes he has no reason to distrust Stacy. He tells Gigi that he knows that Schuyler is a nut job to be accusing Stacy of this unfounded accusation. Rex informs Gigi that he knows that Schuyler got suspended from his high school teaching job for “inappropriate conduct” with a student. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know what Rex is talking about. He replies that she must have heard that Schuyler had an inappropriate relationship with Starr Manning when he was her teacher.

Starr and Cole wonder what to do in order to find their baby. He goes out the door telling her he cannot sit around and wait. He has an appointment with his drug counselor. Marty tells her son she can take him to his appointment.

At Nash’s parents’ home, Brody protests to Bess that he knows that she needs treatment for what has happened. He can help her. But Bess protests that she no longer needs treatment or any help from him. Jessica needs her. He attempts to get Jessica to come out, informing Bess he knows that she is there. He promises to be there for her and demands that she comes with him. At that point, Nash’s father appears with a shotgun and tells Brody he better get out of there and leave Jessica alone. After overhearing their conversation about her “not being the real Jessica,” Nash’s father tells Brody that he likes this Jessica just the way she is. Bess then looks at him and smirks in satisfaction. Nash’s father tells Brody he better step away and not be manhandling this woman or a child. Brody protests, that is not what he is doing. But Nash’s father believes that “Jessica” is telling the truth. She has successfully convinced him that her family and others want to take her baby and falsely accuse her of being ill, just like the state took Nash away from his parents. Brody protests to Nash’s father that he loves this woman, but she is ill and needs help. However, Nash’s father does not buy that.

Starr admits to her mom that she does not want to go anywhere until they find out where Hope is. Blair suggests that they go with John. Starr reflects to her mom that she knows that it would be a big responsibility to have a baby. Blair relives with her daughter what it was like when Starr was an infant. She tells her that she knows that she (Starr) gave birth to the most perfect little girl. Starr tells her mom that is thanks to her mom and Marcie. She tells her that she wishes that her dad could have been there also. From the other room, Todd overhears and appears depressed. Starr tells her mom that she so wishes that her father could have been on her side and that things could have been different. Todd listens silently not knowing what to say or do.

Marty takes Cole to the drug treatment facility. When she finds out that Rachel is his counselor, she reveals that they are old friends. Rachel remembers that she is not scheduled for a session with Cole. He lies to his mother telling her that he has to see Rachel about having a test. When Marty leaves them alone, Rachel asks Cole why he told that lie to his mother. What is the real reason he wants to talk privately with Rachel?

Rex confronts Gigi and Schuyler. He tells her that he does not want this pervert near her or near his son. He asks her if Schuyler wants her to dress up like a little girl. He reveals to her that he believes that Stacy has money that somebody is trying to take from her. Both Gigi and Schuyler do not believe him and tell him he needs to know what a lying no good piece of trash Stacy is, and that he must know she hasn’t a cent to her name.

At Rex’s home, after Stan agrees to punch Stacy in the face, she acts like she is hurt. He tells her that this is a little too weird for him. Before he’s gone, he tells her that if things don’t’ work out with “this guy,” she always has a home in Vegas. He reveals that he may miss her. She reveals a bloody bruised eye and has a plan. Rex returns and does not see Stacy’s face yet. She turns her back. He informs her that it was a bust. Stan did not show up. Maybe he was afraid. He then asks her why she won’t turn around and look at him. She answers because she does not want him to “see her” looking like this. He then turns her around to see her eye all bloody. He then demands to know what happened and who did that to her. She replies that Stan beat her up.

Schuyler goes to his apartment with Gigi and apologizes for losing it there with Rex. She tells him that Stacy is playing Rex. She admits that she was in love with Rex. That jerk they saw in the park is not the way he really is. Schuyler then confirms, that is what Stacy turned Rex into. He tells her that he is not going to rest until he can expose Stacy for using a dying kid in order to get a guy. Even if he cannot prove it yet, he will. He reaches in his refrigerator and discovers that the bag of Stacy’s blood is gone.

Cole knows that he needs to talk to Rachel alone. She asks him just what happened. He then asks her if she has any experience with believing that the most miraculous thing could happen and then get your hopes up over nothing. He’s about to tell her exactly what happened.

Marcie and Michael tell Blair that they won’t overstay their welcome. Todd is ready to tell them not to let the door hit them in the ass. Blair tells him that’s not appropriate. They announce that they need to go home and find out what they are going to do. John comes to the house to talk to Blair. Todd is alone and realizes that he might not be welcome in the house or in this situation. He tells Blair that he will go and check on Téa. Blair tells Todd that he is welcome to stay.

When Nash’s father, Phil, points the shotgun at Brody, Bess asks him what he is waiting for. Why doesn’t he just shoot Brody? He hesitates when Brody convinces him not to. However, out of nowhere, Nash’s mother, Cindy, comes up behind Brody and knocks him out with a glass bottle. She then announces to Bess (Jessica) that maybe she and her baby girl need to make some plans.

Starr tells her father he may stay if he wants. Todd replies that she does not seem so sure. Starr then admits that she is having difficulty figuring this whole thing out. First she believed her baby died, then she finds out that she’s been alive and well. Now she has to lose her again. Todd tells his daughter that he wishes he could do something, and all he wants is for her to be happy. She then tells her father that she didn’t know how it is that their relationship failed. They were so close, and he went off the wall after she got pregnant by Cole. But now she knows that she cannot hate her father anymore and wants to give him another chance.

Cole tells Rachel that he really needs to know what he is supposed to do and want to feel about this whole situation with the news he’s found out about his baby. She tells him that she knows that he has some things going on. He then admits to her that he doesn’t want to face the truth about Hope nor be with his family. He wishes that he never got the “glimmer of hope” that she’s okay.

After Bess notices Brody passed out on the floor, she has a flashback of being Jessica and being very close to Brody. She remembers them spending time together, when he showed her how to throw a football, when they first kissed, and when they danced together. She reveals to Nash’s parents that she loves Brody and is very worried that he has been hurt.

Schuyler and Gigi are at his apartment where he’s certain that he can find Stacy’s bag of blood in his refrigerator. He is startled to see that it’s gone. The only person who could have taken it would be Kyle Lewis.

Meanwhile, Stacy sells the story to Rex that Stan barged into the house and demanded that she give him the money. When she refused, he assaulted her. Rex then asks her how he could have gotten in when the door was locked. She tells him that she mistakenly let him in. Rex realizes that that story may not have credibility when Stan assumed that Rex would pay him off in the park. Rex concludes that, maybe, the reason why Stan did not show up was because he didn’t "buy it" and may have seen him with Gigi and Schuyler.

At Schuyler’s apartment, neither he nor Gigi can decipher how the bag of blood could have disappeared from his refrigerator. She then concludes that maybe he just had a “fantasy” about it in order to give Stacy what she deserves out of wishful thinking. He asks her if she thinks that he is making this up. He reminds her that she has just heard that he is a recovering drug addict and got fired from teaching high school because of inappropriate conduct with a student. He admits to her that, yes, he did have a drug problem, but he got help and recovered and has been clean for a long time. He has been a teacher for years. He may have not done the right thing with Starr, but he didn't have any intent nor any interest in having any type of sexual contact with her. All she has is his word. Maybe, if she does not believe him, then she can ask one other person about Stacy. Hearing that, she concludes that he must be referring to Rex.

Stacy has successfully "sold" to Rex that Stan assaulted her in order to get the money. Hearing that, he tells her that the money is not as important as she is. He appears very protective to her and asks if she wants to go to the hospital.

After Nash has been knocked out, Jessica reappears and remembers her love and protectiveness toward him. She appears not to remember having even been at Nash’s parents’ home and demands to know who they are and what has happened to Brody. At that point, they decide they will call the number on the screen to report her. But hearing that, she knows that Bess must come out. She pulls the phone out of the wall and apologizes for the “damage” but tells them that she cannot let them do this.

Starr and her father talk alone. She tells him that she wants him to go see Téa if he wants, but after he’s done, she wants him to come back.

After Marty has taken Cole to his drug appointment, in the parking lot she runs into John who has been talking to Michael and Marcie. He tells her he is confident that Jessica and the baby will be home soon. He doesn’t know how to answer Marty’s “other” question of him. They both know that her son wants to keep the baby, but Marcie and Michael and Starr might have other plans.

Cole confides with Rachel that he and Starr were ready to break up. Then they got back together and appeared to accept the fact that Hope was dead. Now they find out that she is alive, and yet, they don’t know where she is. He admits that even if she does come home, the very same issue is still facing them as before regarding just who will get to keep her.

Rex wants to “help” Stacy and pulls out some peas from his refrigerator for her injury. He reminds her that’s just old food he wasn’t going to eat anyway. He only had it because Gigi wanted them to “eat healthy.” She even manipulates him to give her a massage.

Schuyler lets Gigi out of his apartment and concludes that maybe they are at what is called an impasse. She tells him, no, they are not. She admits that she has spent so much time lying to all of the people she knows, but he has had so much courage to be honest and admit to his situation. So she concludes to him that she knows he is not the enemy. Her sister is. She tells him that she knows that somebody out there saved her son’s life besides Stacy. They still haven’t a clue who it is or how to prove it.

Blair concludes to Todd that even after Hope returns, they might have to face what will happen if Star wants to give their grandchild to Marcie and Michael. Todd tells his ex-wife that maybe he won’t fight it if it happens. She concludes that it’s good, at least, that they are all on the same page.

Marcie and Michael return home and admit their dilemma now that they know that their baby is alive.

Marty and John talk in the parking lot about what will happen to Cole with all that has happened. He assures her that Cole’s outlook is good. He is in treatment. He’s getting his act together, and he has her. Those are some really good odds.

Rachel demands that Cole is honest with himself and with her about what he wants regarding his baby. He tells her he accepts the fact that she might be living with Mrs. McBain and her husband. She tells him she is not asking him what he "accepts" but what he really wants out of this.

Starr cries on her mom’s shoulder and tells her how happy she is that her baby will be okay. She knows that maybe she should be living with Marcie and Michael. They both know that might not be okay with Cole or with Todd.

Jessica turns back into Tess and walks out of Nash’s parents’ home with the baby. She steps over an unconscious Brody and appears completely cold. She tells them she has to go. She opens the door and gets ready to go. Before she can get out, she hears and sees sirens flashing and knows it might not be that easy. 

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