OLTL Update Friday 5/29/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/29/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Gigi goes with Schuyler to the hospital so that he can show her some evidence about Stacy’s scam. He tells her that he knows what he needs to look for. She realizes that he got fired from his job as a biology teacher. He cannot explain everything to her but assures her he knows what he needs to do in order to find out that Stacy did not donate the bone marrow that saved Shane’s life.

At that moment, Stacy gets a call from Stan warning her that she better do what he wants or her “perfect” life will be ruined.

Bess is with Chloe at Nash’s parents’ home, and they watch the news report on the television that Jessica and the baby are missing. They know that they are right now harboring her in their home. Bess comes down the stairs and observes the whole thing.

John informs Marcie and Michael that baby Hope is alive. They are stunned and cannot understand how that could be.

Blair, Todd, and Marty inform Starr and Cole that their baby is alive. They haven’t a clue just what more to say. Starr and Cole are elated to hear that and don’t have any questions at the moment. The three parents observe them happily.

After John informs Michael and Marcie the news, Michael asks how it could be. While the two brothers are talking about forensic evidence, Marcie asks if they could just stop talking about autopsy reports and let them see their baby. All they need to be concerned about is the fact that their baby is alive. Isn’t that all that matters?

Starr asks her parents how it could be that their baby is alive, and if that is so, how could it have been kept from them? Where has she been all this while?

Meanwhile, Bess observes Nash’s parents watching from the television that Jessica and Chloe are missing. His father tells his mother that they should call the 1-800 number listed on the screen that Jessica’s family and the cops are asking anybody who has any information to call. But right then, Bess comes down the stairs to tell them what she’s planned to tell them.

Schuyler and Gigi go to see the lab technician. Schuyler tells him that he has a “pass” that expired and finagles his way into the lab. She knows that he is lying and using “illegal” means to gain entry into the lab. Not far behind, Kyle Lewis enters. The lab technician reminds Kyle that he thought that he (Kyle) was in jail. Kyle admits that he was, but somebody paid him back a “favor.”

At Rex’s home, after Stacy has told him about Stan’s threats toward her, she knows she better hide the truth about Stan.

After Starr and Cole ask their parents just where their baby has been all this while, Todd, Blair, and Marty are not certain exactly what to tell them. Starr assesses that she knows that her baby would now be seven months old. She wants to go and find her and hold her. The three parents know that can’t happen right now. Todd then explains to the kids that he was going to do his dastardly deed with the help of Janet and Dr. Joplin right before Starr gave birth, but then he suddenly changed his mind. Starr then tells them that she remembers that day. She was so happy to believe that her baby was going to be okay. Now she knows she was right. Hope was always alive and healthy.

Marcie reflects to Michael and to John that she saw the dead baby with her own two eyes. So how could it have been false that she died?

Todd explains to Starr and Cole that he had a discussion with Dr. Joplin, and the baby was alone in the maternity ward while they were talking. They then came back to a dead baby. Yet, they hadn’t a clue who that baby really was. They’ve been believing false information all along.

Marcie asks John how it is that the baby could be alive. She was with her when she died. He explains that somebody switched her with a dead baby and took her away.

Starr and Cole ask Todd, Blair, and Marty how it is that they were told that their baby died. Todd answers that there was another baby girl that did die, and somebody “swapped” her with Hope before they took her.

John answers Marcie’s question that the dead baby was not Hope. What happened was that somebody took her and “swapped” her with their own dead baby.

Starr demands that Todd, Blair, and Marty tell her what they know about who took her baby.

Brody goes to find Jessica (Bess). He has her photo on his cell phone.

At that moment, Bess plays Jessica to Nash’s parents and tells them that her family is going to track her down like a criminal, so she has to take her baby. She has problems with her family just like Nash does. But Nash’s father does not buy that. He tells her that he saw her mother on the screen. He knows that Viki was very sincere. She was telling the truth. He does not believe Jessica (Bess’s) story. He asks Bess to give him one good reason why he should not dial the 800 number and report her to the cops.

Stacy tries to explain the situation about Stan to Rex. Believing that she was justified to take money after Stan stole her tips and wages, Rex tells her that he can easily report him to Bo. He knows all about extortionists and is not afraid of a lowlife like Stan. She tells Rex that he is making too big a deal of this. Rex tells her that he refuses to let a scum like Stan intimidate an innocent person like her.

Kyle Lewis is on his way to the hospital ready to expose Stacy in the lab. He notices that there are two people already in the room. Schuyler gets on the computer in an attempt to find out about Stacy’s stem cells. Gigi observes and asks him why he is going through with this. What is in it for him? He tells her that he knows that he made a big mistake falling in love with Stacy. He covered for her, lied for her, and let her get away with too much. Now, he can right the wrong. She is skeptical about Schuyler’s motives or whether he knows what he is talking about.

Brody tells his contact that he has to find Jessica before the cops do, but that might be easier said than done.

Bess works on Nash’s parents by telling them that Viki wants to hurt her and has disowned her. They ask her how that could be. She tells them that since she married their son, her family believed that Nash was beneath her and unfit to be the father of her child. So after he died, she got away from them. They want to have her committed. She asks Nash’s parents if they believe that she is crazy like those “bad people” believe.

Todd, Blair, and Marty attempt to explain what the situation is. Starr tells them that Hope did not die and wasn’t even sick and that’s the main thing.

John attempts to answer Michael and Marcie’s questions about where the baby has been all this while.

Todd confirms to Starr that throughout the baby’s life, so far, she has been living with a family. A good family who has loved her.

Marcie demands to know who these mysterious and despicable people are who have taken her baby and left her, Starr, and Cole grieving in agony believing she’s dead.

Blair explains that “somebody” took Hope and had them all believing that she died and has had herself and everybody believing that her baby lived when in fact, she died. Starr then demands to know who would do that. Todd replies that it was Jessica.

Schuyler gets on the computer and manages to get the evidence of Stacy’s blood test. Not far away, Kyle appears to be doing the same thing. Schuyler then informs Gigi that he has not yet found scientific evidence. Being motivated to expose Stacy for the terrible thing she did to Gigi and Rex in order to have them falsely believing that she saved Shane’s life, he makes more attempts. He then clicks on the computer and what he sees startles him.

Rex tells Stacy that he is not going to let Stan harass her. She wants to convince him that he does not have to get involved in her problems.

After Starr finds out that Jessica stole her baby, she is horrified. Blair reminds her daughter that she knows how sick Jessica got, and Jessica could not accept the fact that her own baby died.

After John informs Marcie and Michael that Jessica’s baby died and she switched her with Starr’s, Marcie is horrified and cannot believe that Jessica would do that. Michael reminds her that Jessica has been very “sick” and not like herself.

Starr recalls to her mom that she met Chloe. She could sense the connection she had to the baby. Chloe could not stop looking at her. Cole then asks what happened with Jessica. Blair and Todd inform him that Jessica has taken off. Marty informs them that the cops have been looking for her since yesterday. Starr is worried that harm could come to her baby. Blair assures her daughter that Jessica would never hurt a baby. Before Starr knows it, she will hold her little girl. Starr then remembers that Marcie has also been believing that she’s dead. She must now know. Maybe she doesn’t want to get Marcie’s hopes up either. They have both already lost her before. They don’t want to lose her again.

John departs from Michael and Marcie’s apartment and tells them they must take care of themselves. Marcie tells Michael that all this while they have been resolved with believing that their baby died and they got back together. Her initial decision to adopt this baby is what tore them apart. So now she hasn’t a clue what to say or do. He tells her that the main thing they need to focus on is finding Jessica and the baby. She reminds him that she was willing to sacrifice everything for that baby - her husband, her friends and her job. She’s not certain how she’s going to deal with the situation that they now know.

Bess reminds Nash’s parents that “somebody” took their child away from them because they thought Nash’s real parents could not raise him. So they must understand that she is now going through the same thing. At that point, they argue but realize that maybe by not turning her in and helping her, this will be their one chance to do the right thing by their son. They go into the kitchen. When Bess is alone, she sees Tess telling her that she is not as smart as she thinks. Everybody is ready to find her. Whether she’s convinced Nash’s parents or not, there are plenty of people hot on her trail. Bess needs to know that Brody will not give up on finding Jessica.

At that moment, Brody is ready to stop at nothing in order to find Jessica. He remembers Jessica telling him that Nash has recently reunited with his parents in West Virginia. He knows where he might find Jessica and the baby.

Rex goes and waits to meet Stan alone in the park, but Stan does not show. He goes to find Stacy alone and demands to know where his money is. She has it for him. He grabs it and asks her what poor sucker she stole it from this time. She then tells him that he can keep the money, but he needs to do a favor for her first.

At the hospital lab, after Gigi seems convinced that Schuyler is right that Stacy is not a match, he tells her that unfortunately the evidence says she is. She then concludes that they both simply wanted to believe it. But the reality is she did have the stem cells. He urges her to believe that his theory is correct. He only needs to prove it. When they leave, he observes Kyle. He tells her that he finds it very suspicious that that guy had some sort of “secret” with Stacy. He came to talk to her about “something” when she was staying with him. He still has no proof of anything, but he knows that too many things are adding up to look as though Stacy falsified the stem cells.

Tess tells Bess that she must know that it’s only a matter of time before her dear, sweet in-laws will sell her out. Bess calmly tells Tess that she is not “moved” by her drama. Once again, she knows what she is doing.

Blair informs Todd that John is “on it" and ready to find baby Hope. He asks her why, yet again, John has to come out looking like the hero who will save the day when he (Todd) has to always look like a jerk.

Outside, Cole assesses to Starr that they are right for each other. Their baby did not die. He is getting sober with her help. They will find their baby together. Marty then comes outside. Starr tells her she will let her talk to her son. Cole asks his mom how long she, Blair, and Todd have known that Hope is alive. She admits that they have only known since they were in the frat house. They didn’t want to say anything until they knew more.

Marcie comes to see Starr, and they hug. They are so happy that the baby they thought had died is really alive and well.

Schuyler and Gigi go to the park and she asks him how they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stacy falsified the stem cells. When can she expose her worthless sister for the piece of trash she is and get her out of their lives? When can she jump back into Rex’s arms and tell him everything and be back with the love of her life? She is elated and hopeful. Rex sees them and has yet another “suspicion” of Gigi’s “secret” with yet another guy.

Stacy has a plan with Stan to get him in trouble.

At Nash’s parents’ home, Bess has a plan to get out and protect herself from consequences.

Marcie and Michael join Starr, Cole, Blair, Todd, Marty, and John. John informs them that they are ready to find Jessica and the baby very soon.

Bess goes out the door and leaves Nash’s parents’ home with the baby. Before she’s out, Brody appears at the door.

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