OLTL Update Thursday 5/28/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/28/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Blair observes Starr on the phone and asks her whom she is calling. Starr replies that she is trying to get a hold of Marcie to talk about the mystery of the Hope’s death. They observe a news report online about Jessica taking Chloe out of state and disappearing from the radar. Knowing that her daughter does not know the secret that she knows, Blair is concerned about Starr having access to too much information. Starr is ready to make calls to find out about Jessica. Blair tells her daughter that not to make any calls.

At the same time, Marcie and Michael are also wondering what is up with the mystery of Hope’s death. They have seen proof from the autopsy that the baby they buried was not Hope. They have no answers. John enters. Michael hugs his brother, glad that he is ok. John informs him that he was cleared of all charges. Marcie reminds her husband that maybe they can tell John about the mystery of Hope’s death.

Marty is similarly hiding information from her son about the death of his baby.

Viki and Charlie are wondering what to do about Jessica. They know that even if she comes back, she will have to face the horrifying reality that her baby died. Todd enters and admits that he knows all about Tess. She is the one who tried to kill Natalie and Jared, but he knows nothing about Bess. He asks Viki if she might be able to shed some light on how crazy Bess is.

Bess stops her car and disposes of her long black wig. She looks at herself in her makeup mirror and sees Tess demanding to know what the hell she thinks she is doing.

Layla is on the phone when she assumes the movers are at the door ready haul her stuff away. She’s surprised to see Cristian at the door. He tells her he won’t be long; He just wanted bring her the painting that she did. She notices it and seems to be impressed. He tells her that he thought he should give it to her since she created it the last time they were together after Talia’s death.

In Marty’s hotel room, she explains to Cole that she was alone in the room remembering when he was a baby. She is so happy to remember what a wonderful baby and child he was and what a great, handsome, and strong young man he is now. Cole then asks his mother just what it was that enabled her to get her memory back. She never told him exactly what happened. It seems odd that it happened when this crazy man was ready to kill her at the frat house. She explains that she doesn’t really know how it happened but all of the memories came back. She remembered how much she loved Cole’s father. He tells her that there are memories that one might not want, but they have to live with them. He had to lose his dad. Then he lost his mom. Then she reappeared but lost her memory. Then he lost his baby. Marty assesses that those are too many things to happen to a person at such a young age. Cole then informs his mother that he is concerned that Starr has the idea that their baby is alive. He would like more than anything for that to be true but cannot let himself get his hopes up and have their hearts broken all over again over this fantasy.

Starr notices that her mom has been acting weird since she was rescued from the frat house. She can tell that her mom has some sort of secret. She reminds Blair that he is not a child. She had and lost her baby. She recovered from the devastating loss, so her mom may tell her what is going on. She can take it.

Viki tells Todd that she knows about Bess. She is the gatekeeper like her own alter, Jean Randolph. Bess needs to protect Jessica from the truth so she is blocking out the fact that her baby died. Todd tells Viki that he is certain that Bo will find them and Jessica will get over it. He appears confident knowing that he and his family have a gain in all of this. Viki tells her brother that without Chloe, Jessica has nothing. That baby is what put her together after Nash died. What will happen when she finds out that her baby is dead? Todd confidently tells his sister that Jessica will have to get back to Bree and get her act together or else go back to St. Anne’s. Todd asks Viki what daughter of hers would make the wrong choice

Marcie reminds Michael and John that there is an unsolved mystery. Michael then gets a call from the funeral home director, who confirms that the only baby the buried was the one that the hospital brought to them. There were no others. Marcie asks in that case, where is Hope? John looks at them silently.

Bess sees Tess in the mirror reminding her that when she takes her baby to some strange place all alone, she has no protection from murderers and child molesters. Bess needs to know the realities of the world and listen to Tess. Bess does not listen to Tess and disregards her. She is confident that Jessica will thank her some day.

Layla reflects to Cristian that she is not in a good state of mind to have lost Talia and Sara and with what has happened to her sister. She is not happy to be living with her mother. She’s too controlling. She wishes she could get her business venture back with Adriana. She is not making enough money to afford her living expenses. He asks her if she could find anther roommate. She replies that she hasn’t’ met anybody she could trust to have the key to her home. He asks what about himself.

Blair tells Starr that she and all of the others stuck in the frat house may never get over the experience. She tiptoes over the issue involving Starr’s baby. She asks Starr how the prom went with Cole. Starr then replies that she and Cole might be getting back together. Knowing that her daughter is now distracted, Blair sounds encouraged to change the subject.

Cole tells his mother that he doesn’t even want to imagine that Hope is alive. He doesn’t want to get Starr’s hopes up. They went to the gravesite. It’s just too heartbreaking for ether of them to live with. Hearing that Starr has the idea that baby Hope is alive, Marty asks her son more about that and if he believes the same. Cole answers that they talked about what it would be like if their daughter lived and grew into a teenager. They imagined seeing Hope off to her first dance and prom and how they’d feel about her having boyfriends. Marty smiles and asks her son what they imagined regarding their daughter living. Assuming it’s all a fantasy, Cole does not want to entertain that thought, however.

Michael informs Marcie and John that hospital has a chain of custody that they would have had to follow beginning with putting a bracelet on the baby as soon as she was born. She tells him she remembers saying goodbye to baby Hope when she died, and she distinctly remembers that the baby was not wearing a bracelet.

Bess takes the baby and finds Nash’s parents. She tells them she wanted Chloe to meet them. Nash’s parents have never met Jessica or the baby. They don’t know that their son is dead. Bess then informs them that Nash has passed away. She informs them that their son had an accident. His mother remembers that their son sent them a letter informing them that he was happily married with a baby daughter and was considering coming down to see them. They waited and waited and never heard another word. Bess clarifies that Nash died shortly after he wrote that letter. She was pregnant and she never found out. Nash’s mother informs her that they thought their son hated them, and then they suddenly got the letter. Bess asks Nash’s mother if she wants to hold Chloe.

CCristian tells Layla that he was also considering moving in with his mother but would really rather not. She awakens too early and he’d rather sleep in. Since Layla doesn’t want to live with her mother either, he tells her that maybe they can live in the apartment together. She reminds him that they have not gotten along. He reminds her that neither of them wants to live with their mothers and neither can afford to live alone, so maybe this can solve both of their problems.

Marty tells Cole that she knows that he has to focus on his recovery right now. He tells her that Starr has been a major part of his recovery. She tells him that maybe he should tell her how he feels.

Starr informs her mother for the first time that Cole has been using for longer than he had let on and that she helped him through his withdrawal symptoms. Blair appears concerned, but Starr assures her that Cole is ok.

Viki talks to Bo and informs Todd that they have tried and failed to get an Amber alert out on Jessica and the baby. She tells him it’s wonderful that he, Blair, and Marty will have the grandchild that they’ve always wanted, but Todd needs to realize that Starr might give her to Marcie. She asks him how he will feel about that.

Michael informs John that when they found out that the baby they exhumed was not Hope, Marcie got some sort of fantasy. She argues that it may not be a fantasy, so she would like a first class investigator like John to help them get to the bottom of what is going on. John calls Blair. She is in on the patio so that Starr won’t overhear. She tells John that Starr is asking questions and is halfway to figuring it out. John informs Blair that Michael and Marcie are also demanding answers and want to investigate the baby’s death. They agree that it is time to tell everyone the news about Hope.

Bess talks to Nash’s parents. They invite her and Chloe to stay there.

Layla tells Cristian she’s not certain if she’s in favor of the idea of living in the apartment with him. He tells her there’s got to be a way to make it work, but it’s up to her.

Blair tells Starr that she needs to go make some phone calls. Starr again asks her mother what is wrong, wondering what her mother’s big secret is.

Viki tells Todd that even if the baby comes back, Starr might very well decide to give her to Marcie and Michael, and Todd and Blair will have to say goodbye to her all over again. Todd gets a call from Blair informing him that they have to let Starr know the secret. He rushes to get home to Blair and Starr. Alone, Viki is very worried about Chloe.

Cole tells his mother that when he thought she was dead, he didn’t want Starr to give the baby up for adoption because she was the only family he had left. Then, the baby died and more things happened. He started using. She tells her son that she is proud of him. He then admits to his mom that he got serious about getting clean when he decided to find out what happened to Hope. Starr would not agree to help him unless he stopped using. He could not have done it without Starr. Marty gets a call from Blair informing her that Starr is asking many questions. Marty tells Blair that she will be on her way.

Nash’s parents inform Bess (Jessica) that Chloe is the age that Nash was when Social Services took him from them. Bess goes into the other room and sees Tess in the mirror. Tess tells Bess that Bess is the evil one by making Nash’s parents that Chloe is their grandchild when she is not. Bess tells Tess that she knows what she is doing. Nash’s father comes out and asks whom she is talking to.

The movers come to Layla’s apartment informing her that the truck is downstairs and ask if everything is ready to go. She just needs to sign and they can get her stuff out. She then informs them that she has changed her mind and won’t need them after all.

Bess tells Nash’s father she was talking to herself. Nash’s mother really likes the baby. She offers to watch her while Bess rests, but Bess takes the baby with her to the guest room.

Charlie informs Viki that he is going to help her get though this situation.

John returns from his private phone call with Blair. Marcie tells him she realizes that he is no longer a cop but she believes that if anybody can help them, he can. John then tells the two of them that already knows what happened, and tells them they should sit down.

Todd comes to the house. Starr asks him if he’s gotten some information about Jessica and her baby. He replies no. She asks him why he is acting so weird. Marty and Cole enter. Starr asks them if it is about the funeral home.

Layla dismisses the mover. Cristian tells her it will be great. She’ll have a flat screen television, a foosball table, and so many things she did not have before. She tells him that she will have to approve any lifestyle decisions. He tells her that is cool. She tells him that the first rule is absolute honesty. He tells her that will work for him. She then asks if he really likes her painting. He replies that it may not be a technically correct work of art, but he does like it.

Charlie arranges for Viki to go on television to report that Jessica and Chloe are missing.

Bess assumes she is safe in Nash’s parents’ home. Nash’s father turns on the television to see Viki reporting that her daughter Jessica and granddaughter Chloe are missing and if anybody has any information, they must call the number on the screen

Marcie tells John if he has any information about Hope, he must tell her and Michael. John then responds that it’s a long story but he will cut to the chase.

When Blair, Todd, Marty, Starr, and Cole are all together, Blair announces to Starr and Cole that there is a reason why they did not see their baby in the grave.

John tells Marcie and Michael that baby Hope is alive.

Blair informs Starr and Cole that her baby girl did not die. She is alive.

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