OLTL Update Wednesday 5/27/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/27/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Rex realizes that Stacy has been lying, that she does know Stan. She finally admits it and tells him that she just took what is hers. She tells Rex that Stan is her boss from Vegas. Rex starts to call the police but she tells him not to. Stacy tells him that Stan has mob ties and it would be a bad idea to mess with him. Rex tells her to give the money back, but Stacy used the money for Kyle's bail, so she lied to Rex that it was stolen. Rex wants to know how it happened. She claims that it disappeared while she was staying with Schuyler. She describes Schuyler a druggie, telling Rex that he probably had a relapse. She tells Rex that Schuyler lost his teaching job for inappropriate contact with a student.

Schuyler tells Gigi that Stacy may have switched the stem cells. As Gigi struggles to understand, Schuyler tells her that he saw Stacy throwing out her blood. Schuyler tells her that he managed to keep Stacy's blood and Gigi wanted proof. She realizes that if all that Schuyler told her is true that she can stop lying to Rex. She tells Schuyler that since there have been a few scares with Shane, she didn't tell Rex about Stacy's scam. Gigi asked Schuyler who the true donor was for Shane. Schuyler tells her that they need to get proof to show Rex first then they'll tackle that.

John tells Marty that he's glad she has her memories back. She tells him that she remembers what they had together. They flirt a little then kiss. As they head back to the bedroom, he stops and remembers that he is married to Blair.

When Langston and Markko return to Dorian's, she meets them and tells them they need to talk. She explains that Lola has mental issues and that she murdered her own mother. Dorian tells them she doesn't know exactly what will happen to Lola, but that she is at St. Ann's for evaluation.

Kyle shows up at Roxy's and tells her that either she can let him stay there for free or he will tell everyone the truth about Stacy and the stem cells. Roxy isn't happy and tells him that since the donor is dead, so is the discussion.

Todd visits Téa in the hospital. Blair goes to visit Téa before she leaves the hospital. Todd goes in first and as Téa opens her eyes she jokes, "I scared you, didn't I?” He tells her that Blair and Marty got out fine and that she will be fine too. Todd wants to know what happened with her and Blair while they were in the boiler room, but Blair comes in. Téa tells her she looks good and reminds her that at one time they both thought Todd was the one for them. Téa decides not to tell Blair her secret.

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