OLTL Update Tuesday 5/26/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/26/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Todd sits on the floor outside Téa’s hospital room looking very depressed and waiting for a long time. When he sees a nurse, he asks her what is going on, but she cannot tell him why the surgery is taking so long. Todd is not ok without knowing. He can’t leave. Blair appears, and sees that her ex-husband is upset. She hugs him.

Schuyler Joplin goes to talk to Gigi. Remembering that he is Stacy’s friend, she informs him that her sister is not there. He informs Gigi that he came there to talk to her. He asks Gigi if he can come in so that they may talk about some things regarding Stacy.

Rex and Stacy return home together after almost attending Natalie’s wedding. He informs her that there is a complication with his sister’s wedding going through as they’d planned. She asks him why that is. He informs her that Natalie had to cancel the wedding because of some things going on with Natalie’s sister, Jessica. He informs Stacy that Jessica took off with her baby. He tells her that Jessica has had some issues and has “other personalities.” He tells her that one of her personalities locked Natalie and Jared in the basement for about a month where nobody could find them, and she tried to kill them. He informs Stacy that Jessica has apparently turned into another personality now and has kidnapped her child. He reflects that he really wishes that Natalie could be happy with the love of her life. Stacy tells him that he deserves that too and puts her head on his shoulder.

Natalie and Jared are outside the police station realizing they haven’t a clue where Bess would have taken Chloe. Jared thinks she can’t have gone far on one tank of gas. Natalie regrets keeping the secret and whishes she had told Jessica as soon as they found out the truth.

Bo informs Viki, Clint, and Brody that he has no further information about where Jessica/Bess could have gone, but he knows that eventually they will trace her car. She will need to get gas, use a credit card, or need baby supplies. Bo asks Brody if he might have an idea where she might have gone. Brody replies that he does not. Bo concludes that eventually Bess will make a mistake and they will find her.

Talking to Chloe, Bess says there is no room for error. She confirms that she’s now bought a less conspicuous car in another state, outside of Bo’s jurisdiction. She says she insisted on cash for Jessica’s car so that they would have money. She is now wearing a wig with long black hair. She has everything all figured out in her cold, calculated, methodic and unemotional demeanor. She says she will make certain that nobody will ever find them and Jessica will never know the secret about Chloe.

Bo, Viki, and Brody agree that Brody should call Jessica again. Brody makes the call. Bess notices it’s from him, but she lets the phone ring and refuses to answer. She then throws it out of the car window. Chloe throws her hands up and fusses. It is as if she knows it is Brody and wants him to contact her mommy. Bess then concludes that Jessica cannot come to the phone.

In the DA’s office, Nora tells Kyle Lewis of all of the charges she can bring against him. He protests that he had no idea that his sister took Chloe Brennan. She tells him he may save that for the judge. His lawyer then asks if he can make bail and if the person is reliable. He has not heard from Stacy.

Stacy wants to spend time alone with Rex, but he just wants to see Shane. He’s is worried that his son could be rejecting the stem cell transplant. He holds her hand and tells her how grateful he is to her, but he walks away. Stacy remembers Kyle telling her if she fails to come up with the bail money for him before his arraignment, Rex will find out that she did not save his son’s life. She reaches in a suitcase and pulls out large wads of cash.

Schuyler informs Gigi that something has been going on regarding Stacy. He has figured out some theories and cannot let this go. She asks him just what his theory about her sister is. He asks her if he can run this by her.

At the hospital, Todd tells Blair that she should take it easy since she left the hospital so recently. She knows that he blames himself for what happened to Téa and all of the others. She affirms to him that Powell Lord was insane and there was nothing Todd or anybody could have done to stop him. They both affirm that one good thing Powell did was informing them that their granddaughter is alive. They both smile.

While Bess drives with Chloe in the car, she has her plan all thought out so that nobody ever knows, but then she sees Tess in the mirror. Tess tells Bess she won’t let her go through with her plan.

Gigi tells Schuyler if he has a problem with her sister, she cannot help him with that. They barely speak, she tells him. He probably knows more about Stacy’s life and her business than Gigi does. He tells her that he has known Stacy for a long time. He admits that he was once in love with her, but there was always another guy on her mind.

Rex sees Stacy on her way out and asks her where she is going.

At the station, Bo tells Viki, Clint, and Brody that he is reissuing the Amber Alert. When Clint asks why it was pulled, Bo explains that was no evidence that the baby was in danger. Viki tells him that she knows Bess’s job is to protect Jessica, so she will not hurt Chloe. She tells him that this is an extreme situation, now that they know that Jessica is finding out that her baby died. Tess, who they know is unpredictable, might come out. She tells him that for all they know, there could be “other personalities.”

While driving in the car and hearing Tess, Bess tells her she is supposed to be “asleep”, but Tess reminds Bess that she(Bess) has not spent a lot of time out in thee world. Tess asks Bess just how long she can stay on the run. Bess concludes that she knows what she is doing and will make certain that neither Jessica nor anybody else will ever know about the loss of her baby, but Tess tells Bess that she is not as smart as she thinks and must realize that people will catch on eventually.

Natalie, Jared, and Charlie talk about what they are going to do with the fact that Jessica doesn't know about losing her baby. Natalie admits she blames herself and believes she is no better than Bess assuming that she must protect her sister from the truth. She has been playing God and has prevented Starr, Cole, Marcie, and Michael from having the baby that is rightfully theirs.

While in the car, Tess tells Bess that Bess is supposed to make things better for Jessica, yet all Bess has done is make things worse. Why doesn’t Bess let Jessica know the truth, clean up her own mess, and give the baby back to her real family?

Todd and Blair happily talk about how great it is that their grandchild is alive. Todd tells Blair that he deserved to lose her after the terrible thing he did, but she tells him that babies do not die in order to “teach somebody a lesson.” He tells her that it took Powell and Rebecca to find out the truth about Starr’s baby.

Schuyler informs Gigi that the entire time Stacy was with him, she was obsessed over this other guy. Gigi asks if he knew this guy. Schuyler admits that at the time, he’d never heard of him. He admits to her that when Stacy moved into Llanview, he was kind of a sucker to let Stacy live with him. Gigi tells Schuyler that she knows that the guy her sister is obsessed over is Rex; it’s no secret.

Stacy informs Rex that she is ready to go and find a job and get out on her own. She tells him she is going to a job interview, but she is actually going to go to bail Kyle out.

Gigi asks Schuyler just what types of things Stacy did to him when they were together.

As soon as Stacy is out Rex’s door, her mysterious friend knocks on Rex’s door and asks if Stacy is in.

Charlie assures Natalie that she knows she did what she thought was right for her sister. She raised her child. He is very happy that his son is in love with such a wonderful young woman. She hugs him. Jared informs his dad hat he and Natalie actually got married last night.

Bo informs Clint, Viki, and Brody that if he puts the APB out on Bess, then everybody will be looking for Bess and the baby. Clint tells his brother that he must not let any harm come to his daughter. Viki protests that Bess is only doing what she believes is necessary to protect Jessica. Bo asks what will happen if Jessica comes back. They know the first place she will go is home. Viki then tells Brody that she believes he is the first person Jessica will contact, so if he hears from her, he must tell them.

Tess protests to Bess that she cares about the baby and knows that Bess will get them both into a lot of trouble going on the run. Bess asks Tess how she could care about anybody or anything. She tells Tess that she only knows how to set off explosives. She says it is Tess’s fault that Jessica’s baby died in the first place. Tess tells Bess she must know that everybody is looking for Chloe. Not just Jessica’ family, but her real family which includes Todd Manning, is looking for them. Does Bess really want to cross Uncle Todd?

Blair and Todd realize that they haven’t a clue where their grandchild is.

Tess protests to Bess that Chloe deserves to be with her rightful family that is Starr and Cole, their parents, and Marcie and Michael. Bess tells Tess that Chloe will survive with what Bess has to offer her. Tess protests not without love. She tells Bess that Bess doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby; she’s just like a machine, she has no feelings. What kind of a life is this baby going to have with her? She asks Bess to be straight with her and tell her if she will ever know how to love this baby. Bess does not respond.

Clint tells Nora that he is going to go with Viki to Llanfair to wait. She tells him she knows that is not his strong suit. He tells her that maybe while he’s waiting, the two of them can plan a wedding. They can think of themselves standing at the alter with a happy, healthy Jessie watching them.

Bo gets a call.

Bess reminds Tess that Tess neglected her baby when pregnant. She was so focused on revenge against Natalie and Jared because of what happened to Nash that she did not get proper medical care for the child she had with Nash. If she’d let Natalie and Jared out to help her instead of trying to kill them, if she’d called a doctor, the baby would not have died, so Tess has nobody except herself to blame for what happened. Tess protests that she can make it right if Bess lets her out.

At the hospital, Todd tells Blair that the last time he sat there he was waiting for her. People accused him of stabbing her, but he would not let anybody prevent him from seeing her. He was so worried that he’d never see her again and that somebody would take her away from him, but there they are. She looks at him and smiles.

Stacy rushes to the police station. Kyle tells her that she better do what he wants because she would not want Rex Balsam knowing that she faked the stem cells to save his son.

Stacy’s acquaintance enters Rex’s home and introduces himself as Stan Ferrel. He smirks and implies that Rex needs to know what type of slimy person Stacy is. Rex does not buy that and asks if he is stalking her, but Stan tells Rex he must know that Stacy Morasco is a liar and a thief.

Schuyler asks Gigi just what type of deal Stacy struck with her in order to save Shane. Gigi does not answer that question, but he tells her he bets that Stacy made her sister give up Rex in order to save her son. Gigi does not want to admit that, but he knows. Gigi then asks him what if it’s true.

After Charlie finds out that Jared and Natalie are married, he is very happy, but asks why they eloped. She answers that they knew what would have happened if Starr and Marcie knew about the secret. They appear happy however. Clint and Viki enter and reveal that they know the secret of their wedding also.

Meanwhile, at the station, Bo tells Nora that it appears that things look good between her and Clint. She smiles and confirms that it is. He tells her that he knows that when Clint went to see Viki behind Nora’s back, she was not happy, but he knows that Nora is not saying something. He asks her if things are going ok between her and Clint. She tells Bo of course, and tells him she and Clint are engaged.

Brody sits outside Llanfaire on the patio. Charlie come and talks to him and asks him how he is holding up. Brody informs Charlie that when he met Jessica at St. Anne’s he felt like an angel was there to pull him out of the hell that was going on with him. He didn’t think it would be possible for him to see a better life, but she made it possible for him. Then, today he had her on the line. She was almost ready to come back, but he lost her. Charlie can see how devastated Brody is and assures him it is not his fault. Brody tells Charlie that he has to get Jessica back.

Tess tells Bess that she has to let Jessica know the truth and not let Bess kidnap the baby and hide. It’s what Nash would want, but Bess tells her that Nash does not want anything from her because Nash is dead. Tess tells Bess that Bess is the only person who wants to keep Hope away from Starr and Marcie. Bess clarifies that her name is Chloe and she’s Jessica’s baby. Tess asks Bess how she could possibly raise a baby. She is not even a human being much less a mother. Bess asks Tess how such a useless slut as Tess could characterize Bess or know how to take care of a baby.

Todd tells Blair that he is afraid that he’s failed all of his women. He did something terrible to Marty. He knows that Téa was very angry with him and wanted to dump him when they last spoke. He is afraid that he ruined everything with Blair. A doctor appears and introduces himself as the head of Téa’s surgical team.

Stan informs Rex that he managed the casino where Stacy used to strip and that she cleaned out all of his money when she left. Rex tells him no way, but he tells him that Stay is not to be trusted. Rex does not seem to buy it, but tells him that he can call his best friend the police commissioner if Stan wants to report Stacy. Stan tells Rex he won’t let cops get involved. Rex tells Stan in that case, he doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and he dismisses Stan out the door. Stan then tells Rex that he needs to ask Stacy about the money.

At the station, Stacy tells Kyle that she has the money and he'd better come through on his end o f the bargain or she’ll let him go to jail. He’s all alone with nobody to bail him out now that his sister died.

After Schuyler informs Gigi he happens to know that Stacy blackmailed her by using the stem cells as a hostage for Rex, she tells him that she knows she’d better not mess with God. She is at the desperate mercy of her sister. Stacy saved her son’s life, but Schuyler tells Gigi that he happens to know that Stacy did no such thing. She only let Gigi and Rex believe that she saved Shane when she did not.

Todd asks the doctor if Téa is going to be ok. The doctor tells Todd that he cannot make any promises, but Ms. Delgado is very lucky. They believe she will make a full recovery.

Bo tells Nora he is happy that she and Clint are going to get married. She tells him that right now it’s the furthest thing from her mind with what has happened to Jessica, Chloe and everybody.

Viki hugs and kisses Natalie and Jared and tells them how happy she is for them. She encourages them not to let anything stand in the way of their happiness. She tells them that they will have a real wedding as soon as Jessica comes back.

Outside, Charlie tells Brody that he must not ever give up on Jessica. He will find her and they will be together. Still, Brody is worried.

Bess drives and manages to shut Tess out. She affirms that she knows how to find the very people that she and Chloe need on their side.

Stacy returns to Rex’s apartment. He asks her how her job interview went. She tells him they already filled the position. He informs her that when she was out, the guy he noticed her talking to at Rodi’s, Stan came over and told Rex that she stole from him and has a lot of nasty secrets.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he is almost positive that Stacy did not save Shane with her stem cells. He believes that she falsified it somehow. He only needs to prove it, but he knows he will.

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