OLTL Update Friday 5/22/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/22/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

John drives Blair home. She admits to him that she’s concerned about Téa even though they haven’t gotten along. Blair then remembers Téa confessing to her that she (Téa) has always been in love with Todd Manning. Blair admitted, that is the one thing she and Téa have in common.

At the station, Bo and Officer Fish interrogate Kyle Lewis. Kyle protests that he is not a murderer. He cannot talk without a lawyer. He tells them that he wants to be able to call his sister, Rebecca Lewis. Bo then informs Kyle that his sister was killed at the frat house. Kyle tells Bo he does not believe that. Bo then asks Kyle if he knows of Powell Lord. Kyle is silent knowing of his sister’s relationship with Powell and realizing they may be involved in dirty business. Bo informs Kyle that Powell was involved in a rape many years ago. He has spent many years in a mental institution. He recently escaped and stabbed and killed many people. Kyle must have heard about all the local stabbings. They also know that Rebecca has enabled him to escape and commit the murders.

At Todd’s house, Todd and Marty talk to Starr and Cole realizing that they are going to have to tell them that their baby is alive sooner or later. Cole admits to them that they have found out some very baffling information. They found out that Hope was not buried at the gravesite where everybody thought she was.

At the hospital, everybody is wondering where Jessica and the baby have disappeared to.

Jessica is now Bess. She wears her glasses. Her hair is in a ponytail. She is completely “emotionless.” She drives with the baby in the car, informing her that they are going to go somewhere where nobody can ever find them.

At Rex’s house, he gets on his computer to find some places where Shane might like to go. He tells Stacy that he would like to travel and take his son surfing. She tells him that he doesn’t have to travel anywhere to see his son. He just needs to spend time with him. Rex tells her that it’s just not the same when he can no longer live with his son. She tells him that is what happens when kids’ parents split up. She tells him that maybe it’s just like he says - that Shane is best with Gigi. She knows how to take care of Shane regarding his meds and everything. Rex then tells Stacy that maybe she is right. He was just so worried that he might have lost Shane forever. Once again, Stacy is acting all hospitable and nice to Rex.

Bo tells Kyle that he knows that Rebecca has helped Powell escape. He asks him if he had any idea that his sister kidnapped Jessica Brennan’s baby and gave her to Powell. At that point, Kyle indicates that he did not know what Rebecca was up to, and this is the first he heard about the kidnapping. He does not reveal his secret, however, about how he knows that Chloe is actually Hope. Bo tells Kyle that he knows that he has blackmailed Natalie and Jared. He enabled Rebecca to kidnap Jessica’s baby and give her to Powell, and then Powell used her as leverage toward Todd Manning and Marty Saybrook. Kyle protests that he is not a kidnapper. He asks if the baby is okay. Bo replies that she is okay - no thanks to him.

At the hospital, Viki and Clint are aware that something has happened to Jessica. On one level she knows that Chloe is not her baby. Clint gets on his phone and calls his daughter. As Bess, driving in the car, picks up the phone and knows not to take the call. She remarks that “Clint” must know that she is smarter than that.

While John and Blair are driving home, she tells John that she is kind of baffled about what was up with Todd. After he almost got killed, he immediately rushed off with Marty. John then reveals that there are some things she is not aware of. He informs her that when Powell held Todd and Marty captive in the room, he had Rebecca bring him a baby. Hearing that, Blair assumes the two of them (Powell and Rebecaa) had a baby together, and she remarks that the thought of that is sick. John then clarifies that she was Jessica’s baby and Powell informed Marty and Todd that Starr’s baby is still alive and Jessica’s died. Blair remarks how cruel can that son of a bitch get. John then informs her that Todd and Marty are seriously considering that he’s correct and the baby is Starr’s. At that point, Blair asks to use John’s phone to call her daughter. She gets Todd right when he and Marty are ready to “explain” to Starr and Cole what they have just found out about the baby. Todd asks Blair if she is okay. She informs him that she and John got out okay, but Téa was not so lucky. She informs him that Rebecca, Powell’s lover, found out that he was dead and, kind of, lost it. Téa got buried in the rubble and was taken to the hospital. She’s concerned. She realizes that Téa may not have anybody. So maybe Todd should go and see her. At that point, Todd leaves. Alone with Marty, Starr and Cole tell her they are so relieved that she,Todd, and Blair are all okay. She then informs her son that she has now gotten her memory back. At that point, he is stunned.

John asks Blair how it is that Powell showed up at Todd’s and found the three of them. She explains that Téa came over to give Todd “a little peep show.” He knew that they were all there. He gave them the information. They got drugged and he kidnapped them. John tells her he’s sorry that he was not there for her. He had to be with Marty, yet again, on the run. But she tells him it’s not his fault. He went way above and beyond the call of duty marrying her. He had to catch the killer and now he’s succeeded in doing just that. She is not angry at him but they are still kind of “up in the air” about their marriage.

At Rex’s home, he prepares some food and tells Stacy he’s grateful to her. She’s been so supportive, and he does not know what he’d do without her. She tells him that without him she wouldn’t have a place to live. He still has no clue what she is up to.

Todd rushes to the hospital to see if Téa is okay. The doctors tell him he has to get out of the room, but he demands to know what has happened to Téa.

Not far away, Viki tells Clint and Brody that she has also tried and failed to reach Jessica by phone. Brody tells her that maybe she just hasn’t gotten home yet. Viki knows that Brody knows nothing about the big secret. Clint goes to make some calls. Brody asks Viki why it is that she and Clint have this terrible “worry” about Jessica. He tells her she must know that Jessica would never kidnap Chloe. Viki replies that Jessica would not, but Bess would.

Bess drives and realizes that they will have to stop for gas soon. She doesn’t know why Jessica would drive such a fuel inefficient car. She concludes that does not matter. They will have to find a more practical car that cannot be traced.Once again, she has to think of everything.

While Bo and Officer Fish interrogate Kyle, Bo gets a call from Clint who informs him that Jessica and Chloe are missing. He then returns and tells Viki and Brody that the cops are “on the case.” Hearing that, Brody asks why they have this idea that Jessica has done something terrible and need the cops to find her. He tells them he didn’t mean to “alarm” them by telling them that Jessica was behaving irrationally in the car. He thinks it’s pretty normal for anybody to freak when they believe their child is missing. Realizing that Brody does not know the “secret,” Clint tells him he appreciates his input, but he and Viki will take it from there. Brody still demands to know why they believe these things about their own daughter and want to involve the cops in the matter. Viki then tells him she realizes that he “cares” about her daughter. He tells her that it’s far more than that. He is in love with Jessica.

At Rex’s home, Stacy gets on the computer to look for apartments and only finds places that are too expensive and unacceptable. She seems to only come up with places that he doesn’t want to encourage her to live. He finds himself having no choice but to let her stay with him. He concludes that with Shane now living with Gigi, there is plenty of space for her to live with him until she finds a job or another place to live.

At Todd’s, Marty admits to Cole that everything has come back to her; her entire life. Her parents,childhood, marrying her husband, having Cole, and his entire life since he was a baby. She now remembers all of his birthdays. She remembers all of the things he did as a child. She remembers when he learned to read and when he made the touchdown and won the championship. She remembers when he learned how to drive. Starr observes and listens to them. Marty then puts her arms around her son and tells him she’s so sorry that she abandoned him. He tells her it’s okay. She's here now and now she remember everything. At that moment, Blair and John return. Starr rushes to hug her mother. John goes to talk to Marty. She asks what happened to Téa. He tells her all he knows is they got her to the hospital. Marty tells Blair she’s so glad she’s all right. Blair tells her she’s happy that Marty is okay. She asks Marty where Todd went. Marty replies he went to the hospital to see Téa. Starr and Cole go away. Alone, Marty attempts to explain the secret they found out about baby Hope. Blair still believes that everybody knows that Hope was buried and Powell just made that up. Marty tells her that she talked to Viki and Clint, and they are going to get proof that Jessica Buchanan’s baby died. As they know, Jessica has had a history of DID, so she probably switched the baby. Jessica is going to see a psychiatrist. But their mutual grandchild is beautiful, healthy, and alive. Yet, at that point they know that Jessica and the baby are both missing. John then gets a call and informs them that Bo informed him that Jessica just took off with the baby.

At the hospital, Todd demands that Michael tell him what has happened to Téa. Michael admits to Todd that it’s possible that Téa might die. Todd protests that he is not going anywhere. He needs to see her. Michael reminds Todd that only “family” can see her. He then agrees to let Todd stay. Todd talks to an unconscious and badly injured Téa.

At Rex’s home, Stacy knows just how to manipulate Rex into letting her stay in his apartment. She knows how to make it look like she’s doing no such thing.

At the station, Kyle talks to Officer Fish alone. He protests that his frat brother must know that he would never help a rapist nor put a baby in danger. He had no clue that his sister’s boyfriend would do that. But Fish tells Kyle he does not care to discuss it with him nor cut him any slack. He knows that Kyle is capable of blackmail and doesn’t want to assume to know anything else. Kyle is allowed one phone call, and Fish leaves the room. Kyle then calls Stacy, reminding her that he did her one hell of a favor. Now it’s her turn to pay him back.

After Marty informs Blair that Starr and Cole’s baby is alive, Blair asks John why they can’t go and give her back to them. John replies that it’s because Jessica Buchanan is in a very fragile state right now. Blair asks why they don’t just find the baby. She could be in danger having a mental case taking her grandchild. Starr and Cole return with sandwiches unaware of what their mothers have been discussing. Cole informs them that he and Starr have a secret. Blair then asks them to tell her what is going on. Starr then confesses to Blair and to Marty that she and Cole knew that something was not right about Hope’s death. So they made a decision to have her exhumed.

At the hospital, after Brody demands to know why Jessica’s parents have this idea that she would kidnap her own baby and that things are happening that they cannot trust, Viki then informs him what they have just found out. She explains that they have found out that the baby is really Starr Manning’s. They believe that Jessica’s baby died. Since Bess had the “job” of protecting Jessica from any pain, she switched the babies so that Jessica would believe that her baby was alive and well. Jessica has no conscious knowledge of any of it because she cannot accept knowing that her baby died. Yet, Starr, Cole, and their families have all believed that their baby died. Viki happens to know that Bess has now taken over. She will make certain no harm comes to the baby. Brody must know of the situation. Brody then urges them to let him contact Jessica. Clint gives Brody his phone. Brody calls her. She assumes it’s Clint, but Brody tells her he is calling her. At that point, she turns back into Jessica as soon as she hears Brody’s voice. She admits that she has no clue how she got there or why she drove away with her baby. He asks her to pull over and listen.

When Kyle calls Stacy, he tells her that she needs to bail him out. If she doesn’t come up with the money before he’s arraigned, then her friend Rex will find out what she did to him and her sister and that she didn’t really save his son. At that moment, Rex gets ready to leave and has no knowledge of Stacy’s phone contact.

At Todd’s home, Jack rushes to see his mom. He asks her where his dad is. Sam comes and sees her. She holds him. Jack asks his mom how “naked lady” is. Blair replies by telling him that is Téa. She was in an accident. His dad went to see her. She has been hurt and needs to be in their prayers.

In Téa’s ICU, Todd tells her that he knows that she has already been through this. She’s made it through so many things and defied death so many times before. If she wakes up, he will introduce her to his granddaughter. He thought it was his fault that she died. If God won’t take his grandchild away, he won’t take Téa away either. He admits to Téa that this whole thing upsets him. He urges her to wake up and holds her hand. It looks like he’s going to cry. Just then, Michael and the doctors rush into the room.

Jessica pulls over and stops her car as Brody has asked her to. Bo knows that Brody has her on the phone. She admits that she has no clue how she got there. The last thing she knew was she was in the hospital with him and Chloe. He asks her if Chloe is in the car with her. She then turns to see her baby in the back seat and affirms she’s so happy that she is there. But she seems to remember that Bess took the baby in the car. She has the flashback of knowing that her baby died at birth. At that moment Viki grabs the phone and attempts to get through to her daughter. But as soon as Jessica knows what she must do, she turns into Bess, puts her glasses back on, and doesn’t let “Victoria” manipulate her. She tells her it’s over, and Viki better not try and find them.

At Todd’s home, everybody is happily reunited; Cole and Marty, Starr with her mom and brothers. Jack thanks John McBain for saving his mom and dad and surprises everybody by hugging John.

Todd watches the medical team rush to save Téa’s life, although, it does not look good. Alone in Rex’s apartment, Stacy is not certain what to do. She grabs some money to give to Kyle. Rex hands her the key and she smiles. The cops put Kyle in handcuffs. John watches both Blair and Marty with their kids and appears to be isolated. We hear a song of rights and wrongs and whether somebody is ready. Bo looks to see if the cops can track down Jessica or Bess. 

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