OLTL Update Thursday 5/21/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/21/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

At Rex’s apartment, Shane comes home, assured there’s no cause for alarm, and he’s ok. Stacy tells Gigi that she may leave now; Shane is fine and she and Rex can take it from there. Gigi demands that he comes home with her. Of course, he does not want that. He asks his father if he is ok with that. Rex then asks his son if he can have a moment alone with his mom. Stacy and Shane let Rex and Gigi talk alone. She angrily tells him that her son got sick and gave her a big scare because he fed him junk food that made him ill so recently after he almost died. She asks if he doesn’t know about Shane’s meds and what foods he can and cannot have. Stacy overhears. Again, Rex protests that it was not Stacy’s fault. She tells him she won’t listen to that one more time. He’s coming home with her whether anybody else wants it or not. Rex protests that Shane needs both of his parents. Gigi then tells her that in that case, he can come home with them.

At Todd’s house, Starr, Cole, and Jack are ok. Todd, Marty, and the baby are all ok. Todd and Marty returned Chloe to Jessica. John, Blair, and Téa have been in an explosion in the basement of the frat house caused by Rebecca.

At the hospital, Jessica is elated that her baby is back, unharmed. Her parents are not certain what to say or do in regard to what they have just heard about Chloe’s real identity.

Marcie and Michael come by Todd’s to see if Starr and Cole are ok. They inform them what they have just found out from the autopsy of Hope. Cole then asks them if they have found out why Hope died.

At the hospital, Viki tells Jessica that she has some concerns. Jessica tells her mother she is just fine, but Brody informs Viki that he is concerned. Jessica appeared physically sick when they were in the car. Viki and Clint are a bit concerned about what might be happening to Jessica with her history of hepatitis and other things. Yet, they do not know how to reveal what else is going on.

At Todd’s, Michael informs Starr and Cole that the examiners have found out that the dead baby is not Hope. Starr and Cole stare at them, speechless and confused.

At the hospital, Viki tells Jessica that they need to make certain that Chloe is ok. Jessica is confident that her baby is fine. Todd and Marty both know that maybe she needs to listen to Viki and be concerned about Chloe. Jessica asks who took her. Todd replies his crazy cousin did.

After the explosion, John rescues Blair. She tells him she is worried about her kids. He assures her that he just saw Starr, Cole and the boys. They are all fine.

Marcie and Michael admit to Starr and Cole that they know that they were at the right grave. The only explanation is that they buried somebody else’s child. Starr then demands to know where Hope is.

At the hospital, Jessica holds the baby. Todd and Marty tell her that Powell Lord kidnapped her. They cannot tell her the reason. Jessica asks why Powell would kidnap Chloe when he’s never met her or seen Jessica in many years. Todd attempts to explain that he has an issue with him. Jessica asks why he didn’t take Todd’s kids. Todd cannot explain that. Jessica goes into the exam room with her baby. Everybody else knows the big secret that she is not ready to find out.

Gigi tells Rex that she does not intend to keep him and Shane apart. If he wants to live with his son, he has to come home with her. Stacy asks her sister what she intends to do having her son living with her and Rex and Brody. Gigi protests that she is not with Brody. Rex tells her that he is not about to live with her when she is seeing Brody. She then tells him that she can find another arrangement. She has been raising her son by herself without any help throughout his life.

While Jessica goes into the room, she is not certain what anybody will find wrong with her or with the baby. Outside in the waiting room, Todd informs Viki that their nut job cousin Powell kidnapped Chloe and informed him and Marty that Chloe is not Jessica's baby. She’s Starr and Cole’s child. Viki confirms to her brother that Powell is right. She is not Jessica’s; she’s Starr’s baby. Hearing that, Todd and Marty are both shocked.

Starr asks Marcie and Michael how another baby could have ended up in Hope’s grave. Michael informs them that the hospital has a fully accurate record of every baby that was born there. The only place where they could have made a mistake would have been the funeral home. Cole does not believe that that could have happened. Michael sees that as the only explanation. Cole says that makes no sense. Starr then concludes that maybe Hope is still alive.

While the doctor examines Jessica, he tells her he knows that she spent some time at St. Anne’s Hospital. She explains that she just needed some time to recover after her husband died. Now she and her baby are both fine. Yet, the way she says it indicates that she is not completely confident that that is the case.

In the basement, after the explosion, Blair and John realize that Téa is still missing. He tells her that he has to call the cops. He can see only a hand buried beneath the rubble. Bo and the cops arrive. Bo helps John attempt to get Téa out from under the fallen materials. Blair is worried that she might not make it. She is bloody and appears unconscious.

At the hospital, Viki admits to Todd and Marty that she has no hard evidence that Chloe is really Hope. She heard from a source. She concludes however that the baby will have to have a DNA test to confirm it all. Jessica will have to be told. Todd admits that he thought that his grandchild died and that it was his fault. He thought that it all happened because he was going to take his daughter’s child from her. Viki then concludes to her brother that in that case, maybe he should be the one to give her back to Starr.

Starr tells Marcie and Michael that, given that they have discovered that the dead baby is not Hope, and they’ve found out that there are no scientific explanations of her death, she could very well be alive. Marcie tells Starr that she’d like to believe that. It just seems like an unrealistic miracle that they should not get their hopes up believing. Starr tells them all that she has always felt it and believed it. She asks Cole if he has not sometimes felt as though their little girl is out there waiting for them to find her. Cole somehow seems to know what is going on. None of them knows that she is Chloe.

In the exam room, Jessica somehow knows that she cannot let anybody examine her baby. She sees her reflection in the mirror. It is Bess, warning her.

At Rex’s home, everybody debates where Shane should live. He asks his parents if he is staying or going.

Bo has the paramedics take Téa to the hospital. John explains to him that Powell is the mysterious murderer. He murdered Wes Granger and Lee Halpern, and he stabbed Blair and attempted to frame Todd for it. Talia was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he knew that he could not pin the rap on Todd, he framed John. They conclude that at least it’s all over now and Powell is gone.

Cole tells Starr that they have said goodbye to Hope and realized that she is gone. Starr does not seem willing to accept that. Marcie tells them that she and Michael are going to head to the funeral home. They will find her. They promise. Marcie promises that they are going to get to the bottom of this. She realizes that both of them have wondered and have fought for their daughter and have been great parents. Starr and Cole are still baffled and incomplete about the situation.

At the hospital, Viki tells Todd and Marty that they both need to get back to their kids. They want to stay there. She asks them both to let their kids know that Jessica might need more time and realize what this will do to her. Marty tells Viki that she certainly understands. She knows what Jessica has been going through with DID. She will get a hold of some psychiatrists for Jessica.

Jessica is staring at Bess in the mirror. The doctor notices. Jessica is stunned and asks what is going on. Brody then enters. She does not know what to tell anybody. Todd and Mary enter. She thanks them for bringing her daughter back to her. She holds the baby. They leave. Brody stands beside her, knowing she is not ok.

At the frat house, the paramedics haul Powell out. Bo assures John that he’s in the clear for escaping from prison because he has risked his life to save all of these people from the stabber. Blair asks him if he’s heard anything about Téa. Bo replies not yet. Todd, Marty, and the baby are ok, he tells her. While the doctor checks Blair out, Bo informs John that Clint told him that there was something very strange that they heard about Jessica’s baby and Starr’s baby.

At the hospital, Viki and Clint go into the exam room to join Jessica, Chloe, and Brody. Clint tells his daughter that the doctors have ordered some CAT scans. She does not want to go through with that. She knows that if anybody examines her baby, then something might happen. She hears, sees, and remembers what Bess did the night when she gave birth. She refuses to let anybody take her baby.

At Todd’s, Starr is not going to accept the fact that her baby is dead. She is very disappointed with Cole wanting to give up on it. He tells her that he’d like to believe that his child is alive, but he cannot go there. Part of his recovery is to realize what happened. He lost his baby, his mother left him, he got addicted to drugs, and he hurt Matthew. He can’t live with any more fantasies or pretend something has happened that has not. Todd and Marty enter. Starr rushes to hug her dad. Cole rushes to hug his mom.

Rex concludes to Shane that he has to go home with his mom even if he doesn’t want to. She is much more capable of taking care of him regarding his meds and everything. Shane is very disappointed. He leaves with Gigi. Alone with Rex, Stacy tells him that he must know that everything will be ok with his son. He is not ok about it.

Jessica appears very defensive about not wanting to let anybody examine Chloe or take her out of her arms. Brody asks her if she really thinks it’s such a good idea to go home without making certain that both she and Chloe are ok. She tells him she knows what she is doing. In the other room, Viki and Clint wonder what they are going to do. They know that now is not the time for her to be ready to find out the truth about Chloe. Brody then tries to convince Jessica to let the doctors do their jobs. She hears and remembers all of the flashbacks and the voices of Tess and Bess and she freaks. She asks Brody to go and get her a glass of water. Bess emerges and notices eyeglasses that the doctor had left on top of her chart.

At the frat house, Blair tells John she is not going to the hospital. She has to go home and see her children.

At Todd’s, Starr is concerned when she sees that Todd almost got his throat slit by Powell. She is no longer angry or distant to her father. Todd assures his daughter that he is ok. She asks about her mom. He tells her that John is with Blair at the frat house and she would have to be ok. Todd does not even appear angry that Blair is with John. Marty is with Cole. She and Todd know that they must have a talk with their two kids.

At the hospital, they rush Téa in. Brody then finds Viki and Clint and tells them that he is very worried about Jessica; she is not herself. They rush to find her. She is already gone. She is now wearing the glasses, as Bess and is driving Chloe away. She sings to Chloe. She tells Chloe to say goodbye to Llanview.

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