OLTL Update Wednesday 5/20/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/20/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda


Natalie and Jared tell Viki, Clint, and Charlie that Kyle is blackmailing them about the truth of Jessica's baby. Kyle has proof that the child isn't Jessica's; Jessica's baby died. They refuse to believe it, since when they found Jessica that night she was with the baby. Natalie explains that Bess swapped out Jessica's baby for another one from the hospital. Natalie tells them that it's all on the security tapes but they wanted to protect Jessica.

John checked to make sure that Powell was dead before letting Todd and Marty go. He asked where Téa and Blair were, but Marty didn't know. She told John that Powell mentioned that Chloe was really Starr's baby. In the boiler room, Téa tells Blair her secret but Blair passes out. Téa tells Blair that she hates her, but doesn't want her to die this way. She also says that she knows Todd only loves Blair, but wishes he were there anyway. John tells Marty and Todd to take Chloe to the hospital to make sure she is ok. Then he heads out to search for Téa and Blair. He smells gas and goes down to the boiler room, where he finds them. He calls 911 and manages to get Blair out. Rebecca hears him say that Powell is dead. As he is trying to get Téa out, Rebecca blocks his path. John tells her to get out but she lights a match instead.

Rex awakens from a dream in which he and Gigi are still together. Shane comes in to tell him he isn't feeling very well. Stacy suggests an aspirin but Rex tells her he is going to take Shane to the hospital. Rex calls Gigi, ticking off Stacy.

At the hospital, Stacy suggests it's just the same bug she had earlier that day. Gigi recalls spiking Stacy's food to make her sick. The doctor tells them that Shane is fine; he just ate too much junk. Stacy isn't happy that Rex called Gigi.

In the car with Brody, Jessica starts to remember the night she gave birth. She recalls Bess driving off with her baby. She talks to Brody about what she is remembering then passes out from the memory overload. Brody takes her to the hospital, and he calls Viki to let her know that Jessica is in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Marty and Todd are in the car taking Chloe to the hospital and she makes a comment about having to spend time trapped with Todd to get her memory back. Todd ignores her and wonders if Chloe is really their grandson. They aren't sure what to do about it. When they arrive at the hospital, Viki sees Chloe and yells for her. Jessica hears her, comes out, and takes Chloe into her arms.

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