OLTL Update Tuesday 5/19/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/19/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Blair and Téa, trapped in the frat house basement, have trouble breathing because the gas is leaking. They still manage to argue. Blair tells Téa that she thinks she is so special just because she’s a lawyer. Téa tells Blair they need to realize that they are gong to die, but Blair tells her that will not happen. She tells her she knows that John will come and find them.

At Todd’s home, Starr, Cole, and John convince Jack to talk to them and tell them what happened. He tells them that he knows that Powell and Rebecca kidnapped Todd, Blair and Téa. Although they told them there were there to take care of the kids, they were there to hurt everybody.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared argue with Brody while Jessica goes up to check on Chloe. Jessica notices that her baby is gone and freaks.

Rowell takes baby Chloe to the frat house where he is holding Todd and Marty. Marty tells him that she knows that is Jessica’s baby and demands to know what he is doing with her, but he tells her that she has no evidence that that is Jessica’s baby.

Jessica tells Brody that she cannot believe that this has happened to her baby. Brody tells her there must be an explanation. Viki and Charlie are aware that nobody has seen her. Natalie and Jared go looking for her. Jessica is hysterical not knowing who could have broken into the house and kidnapped her baby.

Powell tells Marty that nobody has a clue who this baby really is, only that she was named Chloe. He talks about how Shakespeare recited that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Todd demands to know what Powell is babbling about. Powell tells Todd and Marty that they both know all too well how people give other people whole new identifies, but Todd and Marty demand to know what he is doing with Jessica’s baby, what kind of game he is playing, and why he believes that she has a different name. Powell tells them that they have no clue what her name really is.

At Todd’s home, Jack informs John that Powell and Rebecca came to the house and they kidnapped Todd, Blair, and Téa. John tells Starr and Cole that the same people knocked him out and attempted to lock him up and probably took Marty. Jack then informs them that his parents and Téa got invitations to a frat house party. John concludes that he got the same invitation, and they conclude that that might be where they have all been taken.

Blair tells Téa she believes that John will find them and save them, but Téa does not think so. There is no way he can figure out where they are or what has happened to them. Blair tells Téa that if she had not defended Todd, he would be behind bars, but Téa asks Blair why it is that she would blame Téa for what Powell Lord did. How is it her fault that a mental patient escapes and kidnaps all of them? They both conclude that they are strong, smart women who don’t’ take any crap from anybody. Téa tells Blair that under different circumstances, they might even become friends. Blair tells her not to press her luck. Téa asks Blair why not, when they are both about to die. Blair cannot stop arguing with her. She asks Blair why she hates her so much.

While Powell holds baby Chloe, and Todd and Marty are both tied up and unable to prevent him from touching her, Todd shows his protectiveness toward his sister’s granddaughter. Powell asks Todd why he is so protective of this baby. He tells them that she is not Viki’s granddaughter. She’s Todd and Marty's granddaughter. They both look at Powell in disbelief.

After John and Cole find out that Powell gave all of the people invitations to the Spring Fling, he asks if maybe Powell is trying to recreate the event where his mom was raped. John tells him that is possible, but Starr concludes that it wouldn’t make sense for him to take Téa and Blair since they were not involved in it. John admits that he does not entirely understand what Powell’s scheme is, but he knows where to find all four of the missing people. He then tells Cole and Starr he has to go, and Officer Fish will be available if they need police assistance.

Bo comes to Llanfair and tells Jessica and the family that he has a search party looking for Chloe. They have looked everywhere. They don’t know who could have come by and taken her. Jessica tells her uncle that they must find her. Bo tells his niece he promises, but she must tell him everything that happened. Jessica then replies that she went up to check on Chloe when she was crying. Then Natalie and Jared returned, and the last time she went to check on Chloe, the crib was empty. Bo asks Jessica if she knows of anybody who might be angry or want to scare her. She tells him that she knows of nobody, and if this is about money, they can pay them, but she doesn’t know who would have motive to do that. Bo goes upstairs with the cops. Alone, Natalie asks Jared if he is thinking what she is thinking. He tells her he hopes not, but Kyle might have kidnapped Chloe for extortion so that he does not reveal that he knows that Jessica stole Starr’s baby when she was born..

Powell tells Todd and Marty that Jessica may believe this is her baby, and maybe she does not have to lie, but neither does DNA. Marty demands to know what he is saying. He tells her that he is saying that this is Cole and Starr’s baby. Todd tells Powell that he'd better bring Chloe back to Jessica. His niece must be going out of her mind with her baby kidnapped, but Powell tells them that he happens to know that Jessica gave birth to a dead baby. He tells Todd and Marty that they know Jessica had another identity, went crazy, and may not be responsible for her actions. He says they also know that it makes more sense that Jessica’s baby could have died during delivery than that Starr’s would. Therefore, when her own baby died, she traded her for Star’s baby. Todd does not believe that. Powell tells Todd that he knows that Todd was going to trade this baby and have his own daughter believe that her baby died. He says Todd is the insane one. Todd tells Powell look who’s talking. Powell replies that it runs in the family. Victor Lord spawned a whole family of nuts, yet they don’t know if this little one has the crazy gene or not. Todd demands to know what he means by that.

Blair reminds Téa that she kept Starr away from her many years ago. Téa tells her that she did what she thought was best for Starr and that is ancient history.

Clint goes to Llanfair to be with his daughter. Jessica is crying and hysterical by the crib. She tells her parents that everything is there. Chloe’s blanket and toys are there but she is not.

In the other room, Jared and Natalie conclude that Kyle might very well have taken Chloe. She reminds him that Kyle is desperate for money and has extortion as his motive. Bo tells them that they will find Chloe, although Jessica questions just how he will do it. At hat point, Natalie speaks up and tells them that she and Jared might have some idea of who took Chloe.

At the frat house, Powell asks Todd if he really cares what happens to this baby. Todd tells him of course. Powell tells Todd he knows what he was about to do to his daughter. He was going to falsify the whole situation to Marty and have her unknowingly help him kidnap Starr’s baby. He also knows that Todd lost everything when his daughter lost her baby, but now he has a miraculous second chance. Todd asks Powell what he wants. Powell replies that he wants Todd to redeem himself. He wants Todd to give this child back to her mother. He can make everything right by putting her back in her mother’s arms. He then looks like he’s going to give Chloe to Todd, but Todd cannot hold her since his hands are tied up.

Blair and Téa continue to argue. Téa tells Blair that her kids are her excuse for everything. Why would she save Todd’s life? Because he’s the father of the kids. Why is she staying at Todd’s house while she is sick, even though she hates his guts? To be with the kids. Why is she angry at Téa for sleeping with Todd? Because of how it affects the kids. She uses that as an excuse for everything, but what it really all boils down to is that she is jealous of Téa’s relationship with Todd.

While Powell is ready to give Chloe to Todd, Todd tells him he must untie him, but Powell reminds Todd that Todd had the power right in this room years ago. He told Powell what to do to Marty. Powell did what he asked, and Powell lost everything. His freedom, his life and his sanity because of Todd, but now he has the power, right here and now, in this room. He tells Todd that this little girl was going to be Todd’s salvation, but now she is his. Todd tells him not to hurt her, but Powell announces that he has the power right her in his arms and he kisses the baby.

John goes to the frat house and gets on his phone to call officer Fish, but Rebecca finds him and knocks him out.

After Natalie tells Jessica that she might know something, Jessica demands to know what her sister knows, and why hasn’t she told her? Natalie then explains that when she and Jared were in the hospital, they met this lab tech named Kyle Lewis. They are not certain how to proceed to tell Jessica more about Kyle. Jessica demands that they tell her where her baby is and why they are keeping secrets about this guy she has never heard of.

Starr, Cole, and Jack are alone in the house waiting for John. Jack tells Starr he’s sorry that he lied to her on the phone, but Cole tells him that he did the brave thing. He protected Sam; he is a great son and a great brother. Starr tells Jack that they both mean that they believe that Jack is the best.

Todd admits to Powell that he ruined Powell’s life. Powell asks Todd if that should mean anything to him now. Todd tells Powell that he knows that nothing he can do can make things up to him or to Zach, but Powell cannot punish the baby because of his problems with Todd. He urges Powell not to use the baby, Marty, Blair, Téa, Todd’s kids, or anybody in order to get back at Todd. Powell tells him that he cannot save himself or anybody. Marty then protests to Powell that he wanted to save her that night. He wanted to protect her from the two other guys. He reminds her that he did nothing and only helped them rape her, but she tells him that he did save her. He helped her get her memory back. She now remembers everything.

Blair and Téa are in the basement talking about how each believes the other is jealous of her. Blair is jealous of Téa’s relationship with Todd, but Téa is jealous of Blair’s relationship with Todd and with John, and Téa knows that Blair is using John because she helped her to marry him so that he can help her get custody of the kids. Téa then asks Blair that if she really believes that John is going to save them, and she reminds Blair that John got them into this situation in the first place by abandoning her and escaping from jail. She tells Blair that she may have feelings for John, but she does not love John. Not the way she loves Todd.

Upstairs, Rebecca tells a passed out John that he is not going to stop her and Powell from doing what they plan to do. She attempts to inject him with something, but he awakens.

Natalie and Jared do not know how to explain to Jessica how it is that they suspect that Kyle Lewis might have taken Chloe, and they have no proof nor are certain that he did take her. She has a flashback of giving birth and knowing there was something wrong when the baby was not crying. Bo announces that the cops have arrested Kyle Lewis. Jessica then demands that Natalie and Jared tell her what their involvement is with this Kyle Lewis, why they suspect that he’d taken Chloe, and what secrets they are keeping from her. Viki, Charlie, and Clint are all ready to ride down to the station and want Jessica to come with them, but Natalie asks her mother if she can stay behind so that she and Jared can explain to her their theory about Kyle Lewis.

At Todd’s house, Jack tells Starr and Cole that he thought they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. They explain to him that they aren’t. Jack reminds his sister that their father has lots of cookies for them in the refrigerator. She smiles at her little brother. He then affirms to his sister that when he told her on the phone that he loves her, he really meant it. She tells him she loves him too. Jack goes off and Cole puts his arm around Starr.

While Blair and Téa are in the basement, Téa tells Blair that everything Powell said was true. Blair asks Téa if she really wanted to kill Todd. Téa tells Blair that she just wanted to get him out of her head. Blair tells Téa that she is a glutton for punishment. Téa admits that is true. Todd has given her hell but she keeps coming back for more. Téa tells Blair that Todd will always be the love of her life. Blair admits that he will always be hers also. The two women admit that maybe they should agree and stop arguing. They share that one thing, and Téa puts her head on Blair’s shoulder.

Upstairs, Marty tells Powell that he did give her entire life back to her. Just in the last few hours, everything came back to her; her life, her history, and her son, and she is so grateful to him for that. He then sits beside her, appearing sensitive and affirms that he never meant to hurt her. He wants to make it up to her. She tells him that if he wants to do that, he must give her the baby. At that point, Powell cries and he gives her the baby. She takes Chloe and holds her. It appears her hands are untied and she might untie Todd, but Powell seems to know that he cannot trust Todd.

In the other room, Rebecca and John struggle while she attempts to drug him with a needle.

Viki demands that Natalie and Jared tell her and Clint what is up with this secret they have regarding Kyle Lewis and baby Chloe, and why can’t they answer that question with Jessica there? They then answer that Kyle has been blackmailing them. Viki demands to know exactly what is up, but they cannot answer.

Meanwhile, Brody is driving Jessica to the police station to confront Kyle and find the baby, and she has a flashback. He asks her what is wrong. She does not know what to say or do.

Starr, Cole, and Jack happily are together in Todd’s home.

Téa and Blair both affirm that they both love Todd and are guilty of the same crime. Téa tells Blair that if they are going to die there, she needs to tell her something that she has never told anybody else in the world. She squeezes Blair’s hand.

Upstairs, Powell tells Todd that he does not get to be happy about the baby, Marty, or anything ever again. He goes over to Todd with a knife, as if he is going to kill Todd, but John enters and stops him by shooting him.

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