OLTL Update Monday 5/18/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/18/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Starr and Cole return to Todd’s home after the prom. When she notices the lights are on, she assumes that her father is waiting up for her and she realizes she didn’t even tell him that she was going to the prom. They both agree not to tell everybody that they went to get baby Hope’s body exhumed. Starr confirms to Cole that she has a feeling that after this night when they find out the answers about Hope, then everything will change.

Natalie and Jared are together wondering what they are going to do with the fact that they have now found out that Starr and Cole are having Hope’s body exhumed. They realize that neither Starr, Cole, Marcie, nor Michael are completely at peace with her death or else they would not be going through with it. She asks him just how they are going to tell her sister that her baby is dead. She tells him that she believes that after tonight, nothing is ever going to be the same again.

At Viki’s empty home, Jessica and Brody are together trying to be secretive about seeing each other. They know that Natalie and Jared might catch them together. They confirm that for the time being, it must remain their secret that only Bree knows about. They kiss. In the other room, still unseen, Rebecca enters to see baby Chloe. She tells her that she knows she is in the wrong house. She is actually Starr and Cole’s baby girl and Todd’s grandchild, and that makes her one very special baby girl. She observes the baby in her playpen and knows she must be quiet. Jessica and Brody can hear the baby from downstairs.

While John drives, he hears his friend Pete telling him that he needs to listen to him and accept his help in finding Marty just like he helped John get out of the straightjacket. John knows he is hallucinating, but Pete reminds John that his deceased father would want him to be there for him. He reminds John that he needs to think like a cop and think of just where Powell Lord would want to take Marty.

While Marty is upstairs in the bedroom of the frat house with Todd, Powell takes Blair and Téa down to the basement. Téa panics and tells him she cannot go down there and tries to run. But Powell shoots her and she falls to the floor. Blair exclaims that he killed her, but Powell confirms that Téa is not dead. She just has a wounded arm.

Upstairs, Marty has a flashback of the rape and remembers seeing the faces of Powell and Zach over her. Todd asks her what is going on. She replies that she remembers that he raped her right in this very room. He asks her just how much she remembers. She tells him that she knows she was on that bed and had too much to drink so she tried to sleep it off. Then the door opened and she saw him, Zach, and Powell all smiling. Todd remembers that she asked them to leave but Zach grabbed her. She remembers that she felt sick and tried to get to a phone but Zach would not let her go. She realizes that she read all about it and Nora told her. She did not feel it nor remember it because she didn’t want to. He tells her that he knows it did not do her any good to block it. He reminds her that he cannot hurt her now that he is tied up. He realizes that he cannot hurt her any more than he already has. He tells her if she wants her life back, then, maybe, she needs to let it go and not fight it.

In the basement, Blair helps Téa get to her feet. She tells Powell he will have to kill her before she will go in that room. She is hysterical. Powell tells the two of them that if they go in that room, there’s a “very small chance” they will survive. If they do not do as he says they must, then they will definitely die.

While John drives he brainstorms just where Powell Lord might have taken Marty. He appears to have a clue.

When Starr and Cole enter Todd’s home, they expect to see Todd. They notice that only Kyle is there on the couch. She demands to know what he is doing in her dad’s house. He replies that he is babysitting. But they know that Todd and Blair would never let him be alone in the house with the kids.

When Natalie and Jared enter Llanfair, they see Brody at the door and demand to know what he is doing there. Upstairs, Jessica checks on baby Chloe. She is still okay and still there. Rebecca watches unseen. Downstairs, Natalie assumes that Brody is stalking Jessica and she gets on her phone to call the police. At that point, Jessica rushes downstairs to inform Natalie that she’s mistaken to assume that about Brody. Natalie demands to know what he’s doing in the house. Jessica replies they are together.

At Todd’s home, Starr asks Kyle what he’s doing alone in her dad’s house. She informs him that she was under the impression that Todd took the kids out to a movie. She goes upstairs to see if she can find her parents and brothers. Alone with Kyle, Cole asks him just what he is up to. He knows that Kyle has some sort of “scheme” involving the mystery of their daughter’s hair sample. At that moment, he answers Todd’s phone and assumes that it’s Rebecca. To his surprise, it’s John.

In the basement of the frat house, Powell holds the gun on Téa and Blair. He tells them he won’t let any harm come to them as long as they listen and cooperate with him. Téa, hysterically, tells him that he is a rapist, a pig, and a murderer. Blair urges her to calm down. He tells the two of them that he knows what he is doing. He then knocks a pipe so that gas comes through the room and tells Blair and Téa that they will be dead in a few hours and locks them in the room. They bang on the door, but he won’t let them out. Blair tells Téa that she could kill her for this. It was from her lashing out at Powell and refusing to listen to him that he has forced them into this room.

Upstairs, Todd tells Marty that if remembering what he did to her will enable her to break through and get her life back, then she must do it. He does not care if she hates him. He just wants what is best for her. She remembers Todd leading the party to rape her. He threw her on the bed and forced himself on her while the others stood there watching. She remembers that she thought she was going to die.. She could not breathe. Her head was pounding. She thought she was going to pass out. She remembers that she didn’t. She remembers that she didn’t want to die. He asks her if she remembers what happened when he was finished. She then remembers that he was still holding her down and then turned to Zach and Powell and invited Zach to have his “turn” telling him that “she has been dying for it.” Marty stares at Todd furious to remember him saying that.

Natalie asks Jessica if she is serious in saying she and Brody are “together.” She reminds her that Gigi broke her brother’s heart by sleeping with this guy. He is a jerk who sleeps with other men’s girlfriends. Jessica attempted to explain to her sister that things are complicated and she and Brody are “working things out.” Natalie protests that her sister deserves better than a loser like this guy who would do something like this to her and to Rex. Jessica tells her sister she need not worry. She will not bring Brody to her wedding. Natalie tells Jessica that she is very worried about Jessica’s “state of mind.” Hearing that, Jessica asks her just what she means by that.

Rebecca is still in the room upstairs, alone with the baby, unseen by everybody.

Marty is reliving the time when all three guys raped her. Powell took the last “turn” yet seemed not to really want to go through with it. She remembers calling the police, pressing charges, and sending all of them to prison except for Todd. She remembers that they pardoned him. He reminds her that she had a good life. He reminds her that they are in Kevin’s frat room for a reason. She tells him that she is not okay with what happened. He tells her that he does not want her to shut down. He tells her that he wants her to remember what happened on that night so that she can remember what happened afterwards. He tells her that he knows that she is so much more than what happened that night. He then reminds her that she went to Ireland and stayed with her aunt. Then she met Patrick, the love of her life and married him. She smiles when she remembers Patrick. Todd seems to know that Patrick meant everything to Marty. She tells him that she now remembers how much she loved Patrick. She cries as the memories come back.

While Blair and Téa are locked in the room ready to die from gas inhalation, Blair tells Téa that this is all her fault. She had to piss Powell off so that he was forced to lock them in the room. Téa protests that she went to get help. Blair tells Téa that it’s just like her to only look out for number one. Blair then tears her jacket and attempts to block the gas from coming out of the pipes so that her kids will not be without a mother. She demands that Téa also takes off her clothes and help her prevent the gas from killing them.

John talks to Kyle on Todd’s phone. Starr comes down the stairs and tells them she noticed that Sam is sleeping, but Jack is not. She knows that somebody did something to them. Kyle attempts to rush out the door, but he sees Officer Fish at the door. He attempts to charm his old frat buddy. Fish tells him he is there on official police business. John told him he had to get to Todd’s and find out if anything has happened.

After Natalie tells Jessica that she is concerned about her “well being” and how that relates to her seeing Brody, Jessica asks her sister if she is implying that Jessica might have some sort of “relapse.” Jared protests to Jessica that that is not what Natalie means. Jessica then notices that Natalie and Jared have wedding rings on their fingers and asks if they’ve already gotten married.

Blair attempts to tie her torn jacket material around the wound in Téa’s arm to stop the bleeding. Téa is coughing. Blair tells her that they must get out of there. She will boost Téa up to climb through the ceiling and get out of there. Téa asks Blair what her problem is to think that that will work. Blair tells Téa she better do what she says so that they can get out of there. Blair says even if Téa doesn’t want to save herself, she (Blair) needs to be there for her kids.

Rebecca is ready to take baby Chloe out of her crib while Jessica, Brody, Natalie, and Jared are all distracted downstairs.

Marty and Todd talk about her life and what she is now remembering. She relives falling in love with Patrick, and then she got pregnant with Cole. She remembers that Patrick was there with her when she gave birth to their son. She remembers holding baby Cole for the first time. Now she remembers the smell of Cole after he had his bath and how he giggled when she touched his belly. She remembers everything about her son, now.

Kyle opens the door to Todd’s home and notices Officer Fish. Fish tells him that John McBain called him and told him he better get to Todd’s home because he knows that Kyle is up to no good. He tells Kyle he is not going anywhere. Kyle tells Fish he must trust him. The two of them are fraternity brothers. Starr tells him that she knows that something bad has happened. She can see that her brother is scared out of his mind. Starr then urges Jack to talk to her and tell her what happened. She remembers he called her and told her that their parents were going to take him and Sam to the movies. Cole assures Jack that it will be okay. He must tell them. Starr then notices that Jack is shaking and not speaking. She is very worried about what could have happened to him.

Natalie and Jared explain to Jessica and Brody that they got their wedding rings because they just got them fitted from the jeweler. Jessica and Brody know that they are lying. Jessica tells them she wishes that they would just tell her the truth. They appear to look guilty and she wonders why because they haven’t done anything “wrong.” Both Jessica and Brody wonder what is up. Jessica then has another vision of the night when she gave birth to Chloe but noticed she was not crying. At that point, she tells them she has to go up and check on her baby.

Marty tells Todd that she now remembers that Cole always loved her. She remembers throughout Cole’s life. She remembers the night that the van crashed. John struggled to save them. She remembers the explosion. Cole got out okay, but she remembers completely blacking out. She turns to face Todd and confirms to him that she remembers all that he tried to keep from her. She concludes that he took her whole world from her. He confirms to her he knows he did, but now she just got it all back. Now nobody can ever take it from her again.

At Todd’s home, Starr and Cole urge Jack to tell them what “that man” did to them, but he won’t speak. At that point, John enters and Fish takes Kyle away. Cole asks John where Marty is. John admits that he does not know, but he will find her and won't let anything happen to her this time. He then observes Starr holding Jack in her arms. Starr explains that they came home from the prom and didn’t see her parents anywhere. They only saw Kyle in the living room who told them he was babysitting. John then attempts to get Jack to tell him what happened to his parents.

Blair tells Téa that she will help her climb to the top of the basement and see if they can open a window and get out. She puts a pallet on the floor for Téa to climb on. They argue about whether they should trust each other. Téa falls, but Blair helps her get up again. Téa reaches for the window at the top but cannot quite reach it. Téa then falls to the floor and passes out. Blair urges her to wake up and tells her she cannot die on her. Téa finally comes to but coughs. She is hysterical and afraid they’re going to die there. Blair urges her not to give up.

At Todd’s, Starr concludes to John that Jack is too freaked out to tell them anything. He tells her that he does not believe that. He tells Jack he knows that he is a tough guy. He tells Jack that he knows that something happened that scared him, but he must know that nobody is going to hurt him or his mom and dad. So he needs Jack to talk to him. He then shows Jack the photos of Powell and Rebecca and asks if he’s seen those two people tonight. At that point, Jack admits to John that they told him that he would hurt his family if he told anybody anything. He admits that he called Starr and lied to her telling her that their parents took them to a movie. Those two people drugged his mom, dad, and Téa, and he has no clue where they took them.

Jessica then rushes to check on baby Chloe. She’s already gone.

When Todd and Marty are in the frat room together, Powell enters carrying baby Chloe. He tells the two of them that he has an honored guest that he knows they both want to see. Marty stares at the baby and asks him what he is doing with Jessica’s baby. 

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