OLTL Update Friday 5/15/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/15/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie


Jessica and Brody sneak into her home together and joke about how they could get caught. He remarks that they have been quiet enough not to wake Chloe. She remarks that she can tell that her baby can sleep through anything. They both notice how peaceful she looks. Jessica tells him that with children, she knows that no matter how innocent and peaceful things can be, she knows she cannot protect them forever.

When Lola returns home under the influence and barges in on her father and Dorian sleeping together, they are concerned about her state of mind. She indicates to them that she has “done something” to Langston and Markko. Dorian demands to know what she did to Langston and Markko. Lola spins around and replies that the two of them had their night to remember. She concludes that Langston, and Markko, and baby makes three. She then remembers taking the condoms out of Langston’s purse and breaking them.

Right at that moment, Langston gives Markko the condoms, and now they are ready. Markko remarks that he finds it really “special” that she’d have them in such an elegant case that Dorian gave to her. At that point, they are ready to sleep together and suspect nothing.

At the frat house where Powell Lord is holding Todd, Blair, Marty, and Téa hostage, he urges the three women to take back the power that Todd took from them. Now is their chance to kill him. He asks who wants to go first. Both Blair and Marty are silent. Téa speaks up and tells him she can go first. In response to that, Blair admits she is not okay with what Téa has just decided to do.

Lola tells Dorian and Ray, in her drug induced delirium, that Langston and Markko are making love all night long. Dorian asks her what she is talking about and if she is jealous. Ray then asks his daughter if something happened at the prom. Did she drink or take some kind of drug? She does not answer but asks her father why he dyed his hair blue. Dorian tells Lola that she can clearly tell that she has taken something. They then conclude that it must be LSD. Ray tells his daughter that he needs to know the truth. She needs to tell them exactly what she took, and how much. Dorian then demands to know what she has done to her daughter and Markko. Lola talks in a silly manor about how Langston and Markko are going to have sex like it’s some religious experience. She laughs and tells them that they will be in for a big surprise, but it will certainly be "holy."

While they are together at the palace, Markko hesitates. Langston asks him what is going on. He kisses her and they undress. At that point, she tears open the first package of condoms.

While Brody and Jessica are secretly together, he tells her that in a matter of time, they will be able to tell everybody their secret. She may go to Natalie and Jared’s wedding without him. If anybody asks her to dance, she may tell them that she threw her back out. Before too long, they will be dancing and happily together in public. She then reflects that she is so fortunate to have him. Not long ago, her life was miserable. She lost her husband, lost her sanity, and almost lost her children. But now she has two beautiful daughters and a great man. She only wishes that things continue to be this good.

Kyle Lewis goes to Todd’s home looking for Starr, but nobody is there except for his sister Rebecca, He is surprised to see his sister appear out of nowhere unexpectedly in Llanview and asks her what she is doing at Todd’s of all places. She remarks that she has many plans that might be of interest to her brother and people that they know.

After Powell tells Téa she has the chance to murder Todd, Blair tells him that she knows that Téa has probably been the biggest victim of Todd falsely believing that he would come through for her. Téa admits that she has been lost in this cycle with Todd for too long. Powell then concludes to her that that is what Todd does. He has no respect for women. He manipulates others to do what he wants them to do. He put Powell and the others up to doing what they did to Marty. Téa tells him that she has been so humiliated for so long by Todd. Todd then tells Powell that he may give Téa the knife so that she can get it over with. But then Powell must let the three of them go. They may kill him, but Powell has to let the three women go.

While Ray and Dorian observe what is happening to Lola, he asks Dorian if there is something they can do, realizing that Dorian is a doctor. Dorian asks Lola what she did. She needs to know what Lola did and what type of drug she took. Lola then reminds her father that they did not have the luxuries of Dorian’s home in Columbia, and they did not allow their daughters to go and have sex. Dorian then demands to know what she did to Langston and Markko. Lola then tells Dorian and Ray that she has to ask them one question. She then asks if condoms work after you poke holes at them. At that moment, Dorian gets on her phone to call her daughter to warn her of what might happen if she uses the defective condoms.

While with Markko, Langston notices that Dorian is calling her and refuses to answer it. They both conclude that they must ignore Dorian and that she has gone too far. But the phone keeps ringing. Langston suddenly answers. Dorian urges her daughter to listen to what she has to say. Langston instantly assumes that Dorian is once again trying to ruin their evening together. But Dorian tells her, no. She is still in support of what Langston is doing. But Langston needs to know that if they use those condoms, she could wind up pregnant.

While Jessica and Brody are alone and kissing, assuming they are alone, Bree enters. Jessica greets her daughter. Bree asks her mom why she is kissing “that man.”

At the frat house, Powell tells the three women all about how Todd can manipulate and push people to do so many things and he ruins so many lives. Blair tells Powell that he just needs to give Téa the knife. He then tells Blair that he can forgive even her for talking to the reporter and falsely accusing Marty of killing a man. He knows that they were all under Todd’s thumb including himself. He tells Marty that he never meant to hurt her. So the three of them are going to watch Todd die and be able to get their lives back without Todd in it.

Rebecca asks Kyle why he came to Todd Manning’s home. He tells her that he knows Todd’s daughter Starr. She (Rebecca) has not told him what she is doing there in the empty house.

Todd tells Powell that he wants to let Téa do it. He reminds Powell that none of the others will argue. Téa confirms that she will murder Todd if Powell lets her. Todd asks Powell to untie Téa. Powell then unties her.

Over the phone, Dorian tells Langston that she mustn’t use the condoms that she gave her. They are not safe. So Langston needs to promise her she won't use them. Langston then hangs up an agrees. She tells Markko that her foster mother told her that the condoms were unsafe for some reason. So she’s can’t be with him unless they can have safe sex. At that point, he reveals to her that he has agreed to let Dorian have a lot of say in a lot of things because she is Langston’s mom, but he was not really on board with using condoms provided by her. So he surprises Langston by showing her the condoms that he purchased in the drug store. He informs Langston that he had an awkward situation when he ran into a friend of his mother’s behind the counter. He didn’t want to have everybody knowing. So he made certain he got some “help” because he was bound and determined to be responsible for having a safe first experience with the girl he loves.

Lola tells her father that he does not know her at all. He asks her what she means. She tells him that he thinks he knows her but he doesn’t know what she is capable of or who she really is. He tells her he loves her. She then tells him that in that case, love is blind, because she is capable of doing some really bad things.

Bree comes into Jessica’s room and asks her mommy why she is with this strange man. Jessica tells her young daughter that she must have met Brody. He’s a nice guy. He’s mommy’s friend. Bree asks her why she is kissing him. Jessica explains that when people like each other, sometimes they kiss. Jessica concludes that maybe she can trust Bree with the “secret.”

At Todd’s home, Kyle reveals to Rebecca that he thinks he might be able to get a ton of money regarding the mysterious death of Todd Manning’s daughter’s baby. He shows her an envelope.

At the frat house, Powell tells Téa that he knows that she can point the gun at Todd’s heart and pull the trigger. She then holds the gun and says that Todd does not have a heart, but she knows that killing him will not solve anything. At that point, she turns the gun away from Todd and points it at Powell. He tells her that he knows she was only bluffing. She could never end Todd. She is in love with him. She worships him. He made certain to put blanks in the gun so that it won’t work. She then struggles with him. But at that point, he pulls out another gun and tells them all that this one is loaded. Todd then urges Powell to let Téa go. Hearing that, Powell asks him how he could make such a request as that. Does Todd actually care about somebody besides himself? Todd admits that he cares about all of these women, and so Powell needs to let them go. Powell then asks Todd why he should listen to him. Todd did not listen to him when he asked Todd to let Marty go all those years ago when Todd raped her. Todd tells Powell he realizes what he did. Powell can now make things right.

At Todd’s home, Kyle informs Rebecca that he happens to know that Todd’s daughter’s baby is actually alive, contrary to what everybody believes and what is in the news. He has DNA evidence right from the hospital lab to prove it. She asks him just who knows about this besides himself. He replies that Todd’s niece Natalie and her fiancé know. The dead baby is actually Jessica's who is Todd’s other niece. She asks him if he might want to rethink this extortion he’s doing. He reminds her that med school is expensive these days and he did what he had to do. At that point, she tells him that he must wait there while she goes off somewhere. He asks her if she wants him to check on the kids. She tells him no and goes out the door while he waits. Right then, Kyle looks up the stairway of Todd’s home.

At Jessica’s, Brody is alone looking at a photo of Chloe. He tells her that she is beautiful, and he is the luckiest man in the world to have her mom. She is amazing. She really gets him. Some day he wants them all to be together. He believes that they have all hit the lottery. Not far away, Jessica watches and overhears him. She appears very happy to know that Brody values her.

Lola tells her father and Dorian that she is sorry for what she did. It was terribly bad. She was just terribly angry. But Ray tells his daughter that they can talk about it. Dorian tells Ray that she is right. She thinks that Lola needs to get this all out now, and Dorian holds Ray. Lola observes her and believes that she is her mom. She asks what she is doing with her daddy. She reveals that her momma is supposed to be dead. She killed her.

Now that they have the proper condoms, Langston and Markko make love at the Palace.

Powell holds the gun on Todd and asks Todd to choose which of the three women he cares for the most. Todd demands to know what he is talking about. Powell concludes that he could choose Blair. She was married to him, had his kids, and put up with him for too long. Téa went through the ringer over him. But he believes that out of the three of them, the most important one to Todd is Marty, the woman he raped. So he needs to hear from Todd who the first one really is. Todd does not respond

While Lola hallucinates from the LSD, she sees Dorian as her mother and reveals that she murdered her mother when she saw her cheating on her father. She cries hysterically when she admits that it disgusted her to see her mother with that man. She was afraid of what her father might do. Without her mom, she’d be taken from her daddy. So, she reveals that she murdered her mommy and made her father pay. At that point, Ray and Dorian stare at her with their mouths wide open

Brody tells Jessica that he’s sure that Natalie will have other things on her mind on her wedding day besides Jessica’s business. Jessica tells him he does not know her sister. She is not one to let things go. Natalie believes that he (Brody) is the reason why Rex broke up with Gigi At that point, he concludes that he believes that it will all be worth it in the long run even if they must keep the secret a little longer. Jessica smiles but right then, has a “vision” of remembering that when she gave birth to Chloe, she was not crying and was stillborn. Brody notices her spooked expression and asks if he said something. She tells him it’s not him. It’s just something weird that she remembers when she gave birth.

Todd tells Powell that he is crazy to accuse him of playing with women’s lives. Powell then turns to Blair and tells her he knows that she wanted Todd to declare that he loved her the most. Then he turns to Téa and tells her he bets she does also. He notices that Todd has not made his choice, and he must. He chooses Marty. He tells her he never meant to hurt her. Now he will make it up to her. He sends Blair and Téa out of the room, indicating that he might kill them. Marty demands that he waits.

Langston tells Markko that what they just experienced was different than she’d imagined. It was better, way better.

After Lola confesses that she murdered her mother and framed her father for the murder, she cries. Ray holds his daughter in his arms and tells her he will be okay. Dorian stands by watching and not certain what to say.

Jessica admits to Brody that she happens to know that Starr, Cole, Marcie, and Michael are about to have their baby exhumed. They have lost a baby. She had a baby the very same night that is alive and perfect. So she is, kind of, having some issues about that. He assures her that there is no cause for worry. But little do they know.

Kyle waits at Todd’s home holding the envelope wondering where Rebecca went and what she did.

Rebecca sneaks into Jessica’s home and is unseen by Jessica and Brody while she finds baby Chloe in her crib.

Right then, while Marty and Todd are alone in the room at the frat house, she relives the night when she was raped. She sees herself drunk, at the party, with Todd and his group ready to rape her. She remembers that Powell and Zach were ready to save her and prevent Todd from going through with it. But it was Todd who demanded that they help him rape her. She notices that she is alone in the room with Todd. He asks her what is wrong.

Right then, Powell takes Téa and Blair down to the basement. They are afraid of being locked in there. He tells them they have no choice. At that point, Téa falls down the stairs. 

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