OLTL Update Thursday 5/14/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/14/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Todd awakens in a strange room. He notices a STOP sign and a fish tank beside his bed. Powell Lord notices he is awake and asks him if he’s ready to party. He greets his cousin with “long time no see.”

John awakens in a padded room, on the floor wearing a straight jacket.

Dorian goes to talk to Ray in his room and is surprised that he plays the guitar. He can tell that she might be nervous about Langston’s first time. She admits that she is. He tells her that he also wants to stay up and wait for his own daughter as well as his niece. He asks her if she wants to meet him downstairs, but they decide to talk in his room.

At the prom, Langston and Markko and many other couples dance happily together. Starr and Cole are there. He asks her if she is ok and tells her if she wants to leave, they can. Starr and Cole observe how happy their best friends are. They recall that they used to be that happy, but things were very different then; all they had to worry about then was being together. They both admit that they are worried what will happen in the cemetery.

Meanwhile, Bo and Michael McBain conduct the autopsy with some men who dig the grave. Michael asks the men to be careful and reminds them that his wife was going to adopt the deceased baby. Marcie unexpectedly appears. Michael asks her what she is doing there.

Todd realized he is at the old frat house, in the room where he used to sleep, Powell reminds him that the house has been boarded up for years and is ready to be torn down, but he made a lot of effort to recreate the whole thing. Todd asks Powell why he wants to relive the night that they gang-raped Marty. Powell reminds Todd that this room is where it all started. He reminds Todd that they found Marty, sick, passed out and helpless on this bed. Then they raped her. He then asks Todd just who is trapped and helpless now. Todd then turns to notice that he is tied to the bed and is unable to move. He asks Todd how it feels to be at the mercy of someone who does not give a damn about your suffering or how scared you are. Todd tells Powell that he is sick. Powell asks him if he believes that. He asks what Todd’s excuse was for pinning Marty to the bed and forcing himself on her. He relives how three men hurt a woman who was their unwilling prey. He tells Todd that he is now the unwilling prey of three women. Powell then opens the curtain to reveal Blair, Téa, and Marty gagged and tied up in chairs.

John notices a mentor and friend of his father’s who asks John to think about what his father would do in a situation like this while using the cop mentality.

At the gravesite, Marcie tells Bo that she really appreciates the help that he is offering. She wants to be there. Michael tells her that she really does not have to be there. She tells him that she was supposed to be Hope’s mother, and would like to be there for her. She tells him that maybe Starr should not be there, but she wants to be there for the both of them. Bo and Michael then agree to let her be there when they exhume baby Hope.

At the prom, Langston and Markko are disenchanted when Lola appears and looks like she’s under the influence of something. Cole asks her to get out of there. She remembers that Asher gave her a drug to take. They ask where he is. They tell her if she’s high, they might be concerned. She reminds them that they don’t care about her and it makes no difference of she is using. Langston protests that she is Lola’s cousin and is concerned about her well-being. Markko tells Lola they can take her home, but she tells them she does not need their help.

At the frat house, Powell brings in the three women. He reminds Marty that she could not protect herself when she was raped. If only she had a knife. She did not have one that night, he reminds her, but now she does. He pulls out a knife.

At the prom, Langston admits to Starr that regardless of her issues with Lola, she is worried that something that could happen to her. Starr tells Langston that she knows that Langston is nervous over something that has nothing to do with Lola. Langston admits that she and Markko have planned and their experience is so “non- spontaneous,” unlike what happened with Starr and Cole. Langston reminds Starr that they made sure to get the condoms. Dorian has offered her blessing and she should not be worried. Starr then assures her that her night will be perfect. Langston leaves with Markko. Lola sits on the bleachers alone, watching, but seems under the influence of drugs.

While Ray and Dorian are together in his room, he plays the guitar. She asks him how she could not see that her daughter is ready to lose her virginity on prom night when she’s only 17. Ray reminds Dorian that his daughter is also 17 and he’s had no opportunity to raise her or know what she is doing. He also informs Dorian that his mother got married at 15 and had two children by 18. She admits that she might not be as worried nor losing sleep if it were her son. He acknowledges that it is different with girls. She asks why that is. He replies because girls are delicate. She asks him if she seems delicate to him. He tells her she does, and that she is beautiful and desirable.

In the padded room, John realizes that his father’s friend, Pete, who is encouraging him, is not actually there. He’s just in John’s head. He knows that to get out of the room, he must make the “doctor” believe that he is sedated; then he has a chance.

Powell tells Todd that he knows all about his history, and he admits that he stabbed all of those people. He wanted to get John in trouble. He would have killed him, but Officer Sahid was there. He wanted to go after everybody else that hurt Marty, including Lee Halpern, Wes Granger, and Blair. He reminds Blair that she lives to make Marty miserable with their rivalry over Todd and John. Todd urges him to leave Blair alone, but Powell spins Blair around in her chair. Blair appears scared.

Dorian and Ray have wine together. She admits that when he was going to take Langston from her, she wanted to kill him. He tells her that he knows, and he knows that she could not help it because whatever she felt, she felt very deeply. He tells her that he knows that she will love him as passionately as she hated him. She then turns to face him and asks him if that is a challenge. They kiss, and he lifts her up to carry her to the bed.

Markko gets the room ready at the Palace. He has room service prepare a surprise for Langston. She turns around to face him.

At the prom, Starr and Cole realize that Langston and Markko should be at the Palace by now. She tells him she hopes that everything turns out for them. They reflect that things did not work for them, but nothing was their fault regarding her dad and their baby. When they were together, they had control over their entire situation.

At the gravesite during the exhumation, Michael asks Marcie if she is sure she can handle what she’s about to see. He reminds her that they are about to bring the casket up as they speak. She assures him yes. He then assures her that he is not going anywhere and he holds her hand.

John gets attention from the guards. When they are off guard, he knocks them out.

At the frat house, Powell reminds Todd that he did not want to hurt Marty. Todd and Zach pushed him into it. They said that he was not a man and that he was too weak. Todd tells Powell that he is still not a man. He’s a weak coward, no different than he was that night. Powell then demands that Todd shuts up and reminds him that he has the knife. Todd then asks Powell what he’s waiting for. Powell may go ahead and kill him. He just needs to let the three women go. Powell then affirms to Todd that he is going to die alright, but Powell will not be the one to kill him. The women are going to do it.

Dorian and Ray sleep together. Out of nowhere, Lola enters her father’s room. She is obviously under the influence. She asks them if they are having sex and concludes that everybody is having sex tonight. Ray sits up and is concerned about his daughter’s state of mind.

In the room at the palace, Markko tells Langston that they have all the perfect accommodations. They have music and movies to watch. There’s a pool where they can swim. They both admit how nervous they are. He tells her that he remembers when they were children how mean they were to each other. He says that even then, she was beautiful. They both admit they are nervous, but they are best friends and they love each other more than anything.

At the prom, the DJ announces that they are going to play the last song and the last dance, so everybody should find a partner. Starr and Cole dance together.

When they raise Hope’s coffin, Marty tells her deceased baby that mommy is there and she’s not going to leave her. Michael and Bo stand beside her.

Pete reminds John of the birthday gift his father gave him when e was a child; Houdini's how-to manual of escape tricks. He reminds John that he read this book many times and should remember it. John tells him that it’s easy for him to say. Right now, he’s drugged out of his mind. Pete reminds John that desperate times will motivate him. He needs to help Marty, and he is stuck in the straightjacket. He preps John to do what he knows how to do in order to get out of a sticky situation.

Powell reminds Todd about how he treated Blair after all she put up with from him, having his kids and everything. Todd tells Powell he knows nothing about him. Powell tells Todd he knows all about his twisted relationships with women such as Ms. Delgado. He knows all about how Todd messed with Téa. Todd asks Powell what he expects of him. Powell then tells Todd that he could tell Téa he is sorry and puts the knife up to Todd’s throat.

Langston undresses, and Markko tells her he’s never seen anything so beautiful. They kiss.

Starr and Cole dance. She tells him she is ok. He tells her he knows that she is not. She tells him that she is thinking about Hope 16 years from now having some boy taking her to her prom. Cole tells her he knows he’d want to kill the boy who might want to sleep with his daughter. Starr tells him that she would tell him that she couldn’t be their little girl forever. They both know that it would not make it any easier; Marcie and Michael were going to be her parents. They are ready to leave and they both realize that they are still not ok with knowing that Hope is being exhumed.

While John is in the room, he hears Pete coaching him on how to get out of the straight jacket.

At the frat house, Powell reminds Todd that he raped Marty and bullied Powell and Zach into helping him rape her. Then he hurts her again just recently. Todd has this deluded idea that he loves her. Todd does not know what love is. Todd asks Powell if he knows what love is. Powell replies that he is going to give Marty a chance to do what she’s always wanted to do. Todd asks Powell if he is not going to let Marty decide what she wants to do next. Powell then unties Marty and tells her she may kill Todd right now.

Lola tells her father and Dorian that nobody knows what they are talking about; nothing is wrong with her. Dorian then tells her that she will call Langston at the hotel, but Lola reminds her that she may not want to do that, because right now Langston is going to have sex with Markko. She reminds them that Markko did not want her; he wanted Langston, so she “fixed” both of them. Dorian demands to know what she did. Lola then remembers puncturing the hole in the condoms but she does not answer.

Langston tells Markko that she is a Cramer woman, as Dorian has reminded her, and a Cramer woman is always prepared. She hands him a condom. They suspect nothing.

Starr and Cole go to their baby’s gravesite. All the others are gone and they only see the hole in the ground where her casket was. They conclude that they will know soon. She reminds him that Hope will always be their baby no matter what happens. They hold each other.

John manages to remove the straps of the straight jacket. Pete reminds him he had better think fast because the clowns he knocked out won’t be out forever. John then manages to remove the straight jacket. Pete urges him to go and find Powell Lord and watch his back. John then goes out the door with nobody to stop him.

Powell holds the knife and tells Marty that this is her chance. He urges her to kill Todd for all the pain he’s caused her. She tells him that that is not what she wants. Killing Todd will not accomplish anything. He then tells the others that they must do it. Blair and Téa say nothing. He faces them and tells them that they must know that they cannot allow Todd to victimize them again; they must take their power back. He asks which one of them is going to be first. Téa then speaks up and answers that she will.

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