OLTL Update Wednesday 5/13/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/13/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

After Lola lets Langston and Markko know she heard them confess they were virgins, Langston jumps on Lola. Asher intervenes. Later on, Asher offers Lola a pill and she willingly takes it. Rachel and Matthew run into one of the Pussycat Dolls at the prom and she told Matthew she would be his date. Destiny shows up at the prom with her cousin, Tyrone, with Shaun as her chauffeur. Destiny runs into Matthew and admits that Tyrone is just her cousin. Meanwhile, Shaun meets Rachel and is very gallant. Together they shut down Asher's drug business and have him arrested.

At Rodi's, Rex does his best to make sure that Gigi is jealous by overhearing him say that he and Stacy are going out on a date. After returning to Rex's, Stacy gets sick. Brody can't believe that Stacy and Gigi are sisters, since they are so different.

Clint waits for Nora's answer to his proposal. They argue and Clint brings up Bo, which makes Nora furious. She tells Clint she loves him, but sometimes she doesn't like him very much. She tells him his proposal was forced and she doesn't think he meant it. After some more arguing, Clint proposes again and Nora accepts.

Jessica has a memory from the night Chloe was born. She meets Brody at Rodi's and she tells him that thinking of Starr's baby upsets her. They dance together after she has changed into her bridesmaid dress and he changed into his dress whites. Natalie and Jared realize that everything is going to come out soon. They decide to elope.

Cole goes to Dorian's to hang out with Starr. She lets him know that they are exhuming Hope's body that night. She tells him she can call Bo and have him stop it if he wants her to. He said no, it's just moving so fast now. They decide to go to the prom and quickly get ready. Langston and Markko are thrilled they showed up. They spend the evening dancing and having fun.

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