OLTL Update Tuesday 5/12/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/12/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

In Rex’s apartment, after he’s out of the shower wearing just a towel, Stacy stands behind him and “accidentally” drops her towel to reveal her naked body. She doesn't get the response she hoped. He looks away.

Natalie has her bridal shower and bachelorette party at Ultraviolet. Viki tells Jessica that it might be time for her and Brody to come out of hiding with their relationship. Jessica tells her mother that there are reasons why they must be discreet. Roxy enters and announces that her daughter Natalie is getting married.

Jared’s bachelor party is at Rodi’s bar. He and Charlie enter and notice that Brody is working at his previous job as a bartender. Jared asks what is going on. Brody asks Jared what his problem is. Jared replies that his future brother in law, Rex, will soon be there and might not like a reminder of the way that Brody has ruined his life.

At Rex’s, he informs Stacy that he is going to his brother in law’s bachelor party at Rodi’s. Knowing that Gigi and Brody both work there, Stacy asks him how he can face Gigi. He tells her he is going there alone because Jared asked him. His sister is getting married and that’s more important than worrying about Gigi.

Markko come to the door to pick up Langston for the prom. Dorian greets him and remarks how handsome he looks in his suit. She tells him she knows this is a special night. She asks him if she can take the flower that he brought for Langston. Hearing the word that sounds like “deflower” Markko appears uneasy, fearing that she might know what he and Langston have planned.

Upstairs, Starr informs Langston that she and Cole cannot attend the prom tonight. They have other plans. She informs Langston that she and Cole are going to have Hope exhumed because they have to find out what happened to cause her death.

After Dorian asks Markko if she can take “the flower” and notices his awkwardness, she makes several implications to him that she knows what they are going to do. She startles him again when she asks him if there will be virgins at the prom. She then rephrases the question and asks if there will be non-alcoholic drinks at the prom. She makes implications about how things change forever after the prom. Hearing that, he tells her he knows she must know what he and Langston have planned. She then demands that he tells her how he got the expression “operation de-flower”. He tells her it was just a joke. She then snaps at him demanding that tell her how he could make a joke of sleeping with her daughter.

In Starr’s room, she tells Langston about how she and Cole have to find out of what happened to her baby and who the lock of hair came from if not Hope. Was it another baby born the same day? If so, she needs to know who it was.

At Natalie’s shower at Ultraviolet, Roxy stands beside Natalie and Jessica while Jessica talks about her baby.

While Rex gets ready to leave and host the party for Jared, Stacy asks him if he has a stripper. He remembers that was supposed to hire one and forgot.

At Rodi’s, Clint and Bo talk about their dilemma involving Nora. Clint asks Bo if he still has feelings for her. Bo replies yes.

At Ultraviolet, Marcie shares with Viki how she mistakenly thought that Nora and Bo were two teenagers necking in the high school parking lot. Nora laughs, but Viki appears serious and not amused. Not far away, Natalie phones Jared. She says she won’t let anything jinx her bachelorette party, but she notices that not far away, Kyle Lewis is observing her.

Langston asks Starr if she and Cole have asked Schuyler to help them find out what his mother might have known out about their baby’s death. Starr replies that she is over Schuyler and realizes that she and Cole are meant to be. She informs Langston that she helped Cole through his withdrawal symptoms. They talk about personal things that Dorian might want to know and that they consider private. Lola listens at the door, fascinated.

Downstairs, Markko protests to Dorian that he loves her daughter and they have a serious thing going on. He would never hurt, or use, or disrespect her. He assumes that Dorian will raise objections and tell him she does not approve of their plans. She asks him if he is finished and tells him what she has to say.

At the Ultra Violet, the women gather. Nora talks to Marcie about her situation with Bo.

While the men are at Rodi’s, Clint, Bo and Charlie talk about the dilemma of the two brothers and their ex wives. Charlie informs Bo that Clint went to see Viki with his issues. Hearing that, Bo is shocked and concludes that Clint must believe that it’s ok for him to cry on his ex wife’s shoulder but Bo cannot do the same with Nora.

Rex leaves to go to Rodi’s. Stacy is alone when Gigi calls Rex. Stacy discovers that she is at Rodi’s and prevents her from talking to Rex. Stacy has another devious and diabolical plan. Wouldn’t it be great to show up unexpectedly and rub her sister’s nose in it?

Lola overhears that Dorian got some condoms for Langston when she was in Paris. Starr helps Langston with her hair and they discuss all of the intimate details. Lola goes into the room after they are gone and takes the box of condoms that Dorian gave to Langston.

Downstairs, Dorian assesses to Markko that he has told her that he loves her daughter. She tells him that while she does not condone their plan, she realizes there is nothing she can do to stop it. She tells him that she knows that this is going to be a major event for her daughter. It will change many things in her life and he’d better not let Langston down. Markko assures Dorian he won’t. She tells him he’d better not or he will be answering to her.

Upstairs, Lola talks on the webcam and shows the condoms that Dorian is providing for Langston. She discloses the fact that Dorian approves. She reveals that she has a plan to prevent Langston and Markko from having their special evening.

At Rodi’s, Gigi works and talks to Michael who is sitting alone. She asks him how long it will be before they are no longer dependent upon Stacy for the stem cells. He tells her that since Shane’s aunt is the only match, they need to make certain that he’s out of the woods, although he’s confident that Shane will be ok. Gigi asks Michael if they can look for donors since Shane is ok. In response to that, Michael asks Gigi why she’d consider doing that when they’ve already found the perfect match. Right then, Rex enters and stares coldly at Gigi while she stands by Brody. He announces that its time for Rex to cut the “cake.” The guys gather ‘round. Stacy jumps out of the cake. Rex is surprised. Gigi sees her and is horrified.

At the women’s event, Marcie talks to Natalie and Jessica about how she and Michael are going to help Starr and Cole get baby Hope exhumed. They need some answers. Jessica is not suspicious but Natalie is horrified. Right then, they announce the male stripper for the women’s entertainment. Natalie is even more horrified to notice that it’s Kyle Lewis. He stands on the stage and announces that he is about to “reveal” something. He knows that he intimidates Roxy. He approaches her, and she pulls away from him. Viki and Nora are very surprised to see Roxy turning away from him as that is not what they’ve ever seen her do with any sexy man. Kyle then pulls a rope around Natalie. He then stares at Jessica.

At the men’s event, when everybody sees Stacy. She stands over Jared and undresses.

At Natalie’s party, Kyle puts his cowboy hat on Natalie’s head. Nora, Viki, and Jessica all laugh and wonder why Natalie would appear so petrified. Then he stares at Roxy. She is equally scared and not amused.

At Rodi’s, Stacy strips to her bikini and stands over Jared. After she’s finished, Rex reveals that he depended on her to fill in on short notice. Jared then calls Natalie and informs her that he did not know that Gigi’s sister was a stripper. She tells him that she has a much worse situation. Her surprise is none other than Kyle Lewis.

Lola tells her contact on webcam that Langston and Marko may have fun tonight, but they will pay for it for the rest of their lives. She pricks tiny holes in one of the condoms from Langston’s silver box. She then puts it back in the box and back into Langston’s purse while Langston is busy and completely unaware.

Langston and Starr are excited about the big night. Starr reveals to Langston that she knows that Asher is the drug dealer who got Cole hooked. She tells her if she sees him, she must tell him they no longer need him. Not far away, Lola overhears and plots her diabolical plan. Dorian stands by Langston and Markko. Starr takes a picture of them. While they are all distracted, Lola is up to no good, unseen and unnoticed.

At Rodi’s, Bo tells Rex that he can see that Gigi and Rex love each other, but Rex does not want to talk about that. Bo then turns to face Clint and tells him he needs to put his jealousy aside when he should know that Bo and Nora are spending time together because of their son. He tells Clint that maybe he is not entirely trusting that Nora loves him, and asserts that he is not the problem; Clint is. Clint walks away. Michael then tells Bo that he is a bit concerned about his brother. He has not heard form John in a long time. Bo admits that he has not either and it’s somewhat odd. They both realize that John has a habit if taking action without thinking and could be in trouble.

Nora tells Viki that Clint believes that there is something going on between her and Bo, but he’s wrong. Hearing that, Viki admits to Nora that Clint came to her and told her in confidence that he is a bit insecure about Nora and Bo. Nora tells Viki that she does not appreciate Clint going behind her back to his ex-wife of all people. Viki tells her that she must know that anybody might be concerned, given Nora and Bo’s history.

While Marcie informs Jessica that she and Michael are going to get some answers about Starr’s baby dying Jessica is spooked to have a memory her baby not crying when she was born. Natalie overhears and walks away. Kyle follows her and warns her that she and Jared better make good on their promise to pay him off. Otherwise, he will spill the secret about her sister stealing Starr Manning’s baby. He reminds her that he knows that Michael and Marcie are also on it, and he could let them all know right now.

At Rodi’s, Bo and Michael both acknowledge that they know that Starr and Cole are going to find out what caused baby Hope’s death.

Not far away, the man who followed Stacy to Llanview to retrieve the money she stole threatens to expose her to Rex and Gigi if she does not do what he wants.

Lola invites Asher, Cole’s drug pusher to take her to the prom. They go out the door together. Inside, Dorian and Starr see Langston and Markko off. Langston then goes out the door with Markko and makes certain that she has not forgotten the box with the condoms. Seeing it is her purse, she has no suspicion about what Lola has done. Inside, Dorian tells Starr it’s very odd that her mother has checked out of the hospital but neither of them has heard from her. When Dorian leaves room, Starr stares at her locket with the mysterious baby hair.

Rex sees the guy who has unfinished issues with Stacy. Rex asks him what the problem is. When he leaves, Rex asks Stacy who he is. She tells him he need not worry about it. She graciously tells him she really appreciates his stepping in for her. Rex graciously replies that it’s the least he could do for her after she came through for him for Jared’s party.

Viki asks Nora if she has feelings for Bo. Natalie calls Jared. Clint then appears out of nowhere at Ultra Violet. Viki sees him and reminds him that this is “girl’s only event.” Clint tells her he knows, and he announces to everybody that he is proposing marriage to Nora.

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