OLTL Update Monday 5/11/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/11/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

When Cole and Starr leave Bo and Nora’s home, Cole goes out the door and runs into Matthew. He feels the awkwardness not knowing what to say to him. Matthew greets him and noticing the awkwardness of seeing him in a wheelchair, he asks Cole if he believes that he has a “nice set of wheels.”

Langston enters the house and informs Starr that she and Markko are going to “go all the way.” At that point, Dorian enters and tells her not if she (Dorian) has anything to say about it.

Markko goes to the drug store to purchase condoms. The clerk at the store admits that she knows him and that he must be planning on his “big night.” Hearing that, he asks her what she is referring to. She replies that she knows this must be a “big night” for his mother. At that point, he realizes she hasn’t a clue what he is there for, yet she is in contact with his mother.

Dorian admits to Langston that she thought that they had no secrets between them. Langston tries to explain, but Dorian tells her she knows that she and Markko are planning on having sex. Her “source” is Lola. At that point, Langston lashes out at Lola. She tells her that she is a spiteful, nasty little bitch who wants to take Markko away from her.

At Todd’s home, Jack enters to notice his father, his mother, and Téa lying passed out on the floor. He assumes that they are all dead.

Outside Nora’s home, Matthew asks Cole if he is going to the prom. Cole replies, "No." Matthew informs Cole that he is not going to either. Matthew attempts to make small talk about how he is developing his biceps by moving his wheelchair. At that point, Rachel enters and is surprised to see Cole at her mother’s house.

Inside, Bo and Nora talk about how they are going to communicate with their son and the whole situation. They also know they must discuss the direction that their relationship may be going in.

The clerk at the drug store implies that she knows what Markko is looking for. She knows that she was a teenager once and knows what they want and need after a prom. She presents the “product” she assumes he wants. He doesn’t know what to say or do or whether she means the condoms. She then pulls out some breath mints so that he can make out and be minty fresh. He turns away, looking very uncomfortable. At that point, she spells out to him that she knows that he is looking for “rubbers.”

Langston tells Lola that she is malicious. Dorian protests that she is glad that Lola told her the truth. But Langston firmly tells both of them that she is going to have her big night with Markko and nobody is going to stop her. At that point, everybody is silent.

Jack goes to examine Todd, Blair, and Téa and finds out that they are not dead. They are breathing. He knows he should call 911 to get them medical care, but he notices a man in uniform (Powell Lord) enter. He tells him that he did not call and the officer must help his mom and dad. They are sick. But right at that point, Powel instructs him to put the phone down and seems to know Jack’s name. Jack asks him how he’d know his name.

In Nora’s home, she and Bo talk about what type of future they may have. They acknowledge that he may have issues with the fact that she is now dating his brother.

Dorian tells Langston she demands that they talk. Starr, also, has to be a part of this conversation since she knows that Starr is keeping the secret for her.

When Markko goes to the drug store, the clerk tells him that she knows that his mother wants him to have the “rubbers.” Yet, he realizes he does not want his mother to know anything about it.

Matthew asks Cole what he talked to his (Matthew) parents about. Matthew goes inside. Rachel tells Cole she realizes that this is the first time he’s talked to Matthew since the accident. Cole then gets a call from Markko urging him to “help” him with an awkward situation.

At Todd’s, when Jack asks Powell how he would know him, Powell attempts to explain. He asks Jack if he knows what might have happened to his parents and Téa. Jack replies that he knows that he (Powell) hurt them.

Langston protests to Dorian that she and Markko have been dating for 2 years. They picked prom night because it’s their anniversary. Dorian then asks her why, if she thought it was such a great idea, did she keep it a secret? Langston replies because it’s private.

Cole rushes to the drug store to “help” Markko. He asks Markko what he needs. Markko informs him that the clerk is about to inform his mom that he’s going to purchase condoms. If he doesn’t get them, Langston will kill him and it will ruin their special night together. He needs Cole to purchase them for him instead. Cole agrees and asks Markko if that means that he and Langston are going to sleep together. Markko nods.

Langston protest to Dorian that she is not simply doing what Markko wants in order to please him. She is choosing to make love to him because she is in love with him. Dorian reminds her of how Starr and Cole had the same intent and look what happened to them. Langston protests that she and Markko are planning ahead and making a responsible decision so that they do not end up that way. She tells Dorian that they have thought it through and know what they are doing. At that point, Dorian agrees that Langston is being responsible and she should not worry about her.

Lola then goes to her room angrily after Langston has lashed out at her letting her know that she will never have Markko and she better leave him alone. Ray follows his daughter to her room and tells her she has to get over Markko and realize he is not available to her. He then goes thorough the school directory. She asks her father what he is doing. He tells her that he is looking at all the boys in her high school whom she could be interested in. She needs to focus her energy on somebody other than the one whom she already knows is not interested in her.

Matthew goes inside the house and talks to his parents. They ask him if he plans to attend the prom. He tells them no, he has homework to do and has to go. Alone, Bo and Nora hug. Clint enters and asks why it is that every time he wants to see his girlfriend, she is with his brother.

While Powell has Todd, Blair, and Téa on the floor and only Jack is there to know what he is doing, Rebecca enters, goes upstairs, and takes Sam down the stairs. Jack tells them they cannot do that, but it appears they are not going to respect his wishes.

Nora tells Clint that he cannot possibly be upset just because she and Bo are hugging. He tells her that he knows perfectly well how the two of them are dealing with the situation involving their son. But he wishes that they could get close in another way. He admits that he is jealous and wishes the two of them would be straight about their situation. Clint admits that he has kept his feelings to himself because he’d look like a creep getting jealous of the two of them in a situation like this. At that point, Bo speaks up. Clint asks him what is going on. Bo admits to his brother that the other day, he and Nora almost kissed. Hearing that, Nora reveals that she did not want him to inform Clint of that.

Rachel talks to Matthew in his room. He tells her that there is no point in going to the prom in his condition. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to miss out on the fun just because of his situation. He tells her that he doesn’t think it would be fun. She tells him that he should consider all of his options. She asks him if he has a tuxedo. He tells her of course he does. He’s a Buchanan.

At the store, Markko tells Cole that he and Langston wanted to have privacy and not tell everybody. Cole tells him he respects that, but he is not keeping any secrets from anybody. He is willing to come clean with what he’s been doing. He admits to Markko that the time he asked Markko to help him with the drug test was not the last time he used. He admits that he’s been lying to a lot of people about a lot of things. Now, for the first time, he is serious about getting clean.

Langston talks to Dorian about how she wants her first time to be special with Markko. Dorian asks her where they plan to have their special night. Langston replies that it’s at the Palace. Knowing how expensive it is, Dorian asks if they are going 50/50 on that. Langston tells her that she offered but Markko is willing to pay the full amount. She tells Dorian she must know, being a doctor, how it is that so many medical professionals want to keep teenagers in the dark about sex. But she believes that they should not look upon it that way and see it as dirty or immoral. Dorian admits to Langston that she wonders what Langston’s mother would say. Langston admits that her deceased mother might not approve, but it does not matter. She is not there. Only Dorian is.

After Powell and Rebecca come to kidnap Jack and Sam, they inform Jack that he has to call Starr and lie about why they are all gone. Jack then gets on the phone and calls his sister to tell her that when she comes home to Todd’s, she’ll notice that Todd has taken them all to a movie. Hearing that, Starr finds that a bit fishy and asks him if he could put their mom on the phone. Knowing she is unconscious, Jack knows he cannot do that and turns to see Powell standing over him. He asks Starr if she wants to talk to their mom and informs her that he cannot put Blair on because she is out for now. Starr then tells her brother she will call back later. She’s very surprised that her father has not called the SWAT team after her since she’s been gone so long. She knows how unlike Todd that is. At that point, she notices that Jack sounds kind of funny. He then tells Starr that he loves her and hangs up. At that point, Starr concludes that she can tell there is something up. When Jack hangs up, Powell tells him that he bets he’s a liar just like his father. He tells Jack that he and Sam will be able to stay in their home tonight. He and Auntie Rebecca will take good care of them. Jack asks him what about his parents. Powell tells him that he need not worry about that. He then puts on latex gloves and puts the “invitations” in a sealed plastic bag.

At Dorian’s after Starr is done talking to Jack, Dorian asks her if she and Langston can talk alone in her room. Starr leaves. Alone with Langston, Dorian gives her a gift that she got in Paris. It’s condoms. Langston looks at them and wonders what to say or do. Dorian concludes to her that a Cramer woman should always be prepared. She tells Langston she trusts her and she loves her. At that point, Dorian leaves and Starr enters. Starr is in awe with the fact that Dorian is okay with Langston’s decision.

After Cole admits to Markko that he has lied about using, Markko tells Cole that he wishes that Cole could have confided in him so that he could have helped Cole. Cole tells Markko he’s a bit surprised that Markko is so understanding. Markko tells Cole that he (Cole) has been a great guy for 18 years and made a mistake. If Cole can help Markko and Langston have their special night together, then everything will be good. He tells Cole that he and Langston know that they have a great thing together. He encourages Cole to stay clean because that way you can do anything. Markko leaves, and Cole walks by and bumps into a pharmacist with a bunch of drugs. She drops them on the floor. He apologizes for knocking into her and offers to help her pick up what she spilled on the floor. At that point, he notices a bottle of prescription pills. He picks them up knowing he could easily put them in his pocket without anybody knowing.

Bo admits to Clint and Nora that he may have an issue with Clint dating his ex-wife and Clint has a similar issue that his brother almost kissed Nora. Clint tells Bo that he can see that Bo is jealous of his relationship with Nora given that she is Bo’s ex-wife. Bo asks Clint if he’d like it if he (Bo) was with Viki. While the three of them are trying to figure out what they should say, and do, and think, and feel, Rachel enters with Matthew and tells them that they have some news. Matthew has his tuxedo on and Rachel announces to them that he’d like for them to see Matthew off to the prom.

Starr helps Langston get ready for the prom. She tells Langston she’s really happy for her and Markko and the fact that Dorian is on board with their decision to have sex. Langston admits to Starr that it would be really nice if she and Cole could come along, too. Starr does not respond to that.

At the drug store, after Cole discovers the prescriptions pills on the floor and resists the temptation to take them, he puts them on the tray where he found them. The clerk asks Cole if he is going to the prom assuming that he would. Cole replies, "No." She remarks, that is odd. She thought for certain that Cole would not miss the prom.

Lola gets on her computer cam and tells “somebody” that her father has the mistaken idea that she is going to find another boy. But she is not going to give up on the one she wants. She knows what she was taught by somebody who told her to never give up on having the person you want regardless of what anybody says or does.

At Todd’s home, Powell drags unconscious Todd, Blair, and Téa out the door. Jack and Sam watch helplessly. Rebecca asks Powell just want he plans to do. He tells her he has some business to attend to. Now, he is calling the shots.

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