OLTL Update Friday 5/8/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/8/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

When John goes to the institution and finds Rebecca, he goes into Powell’s padded cell and assumes he’s passed out on the floor. Rebecca and Powell have arranged to knock out somebody else in order for Powell to escape from the institution.

Starr takes Cole to Nora’s home so that they may talk to Bo. He admits to her that he is comfortable facing any of them. It would be the first time he’s spoken to Bo since Matthew’s accident. She tells him she can go inside and talk to Bo if he is not up to it and that will be okay. Inside, Nora is getting ready to go to work. Bo is with her and tells her that this is nuts. He knows that they have been avoiding each other and must talk. She then faces him and asks him what about?

At school, Matthew sits in his wheelchair in the auditorium watching the kids play basketball. He notices Destiny sitting alone and asks to talk to her. He reminds her that he said some things to her that were out of line. She tells him that she did not appreciate his reminding her that Becca is cool and she is not. He apologizes. At that moment, Justin throws a ball at Matthew, tells him he must catch it, and reminds him that he is on wheels. He stares at Justin coldly.

In the hallway, Langston and Markko are planning their night together which they’ve called operation deflower. She notices that he is kind of freaking out about it.

Todd, Blair, and Téa all notice they have been sent anonymous invitations to attend a function at the frat house where Marty was raped. Blair asks what kind of psycho would send these things in this manner.

While Marty is alone in the motel room waiting for John, she notices that somebody has sent her the same invitation under the door.

While Blair is asking Todd and Téa what they are going to do, she notices that she cannot stand up and falls over. Todd reminds her that maybe she should have stayed in the hospital. She passes out. Todd urges Téa to call 911.

Inside the padded cell, John bangs on the door and demands that Rebecca let him out. He demands that she tells him what has happened. He knows that her name really is Rebecca Lewis. She walks away. He then gets on his cell and calls Marty. She is alone in the room with the gun he gave her in her hands. She answers the phone and tells John how confused she is. She informs him that as soon as he left, somebody put an invitation under the door. He asks her what it said. At that point, Marty appears to not be able to stand up or think.

Outside Nora’s home, Cole tells Starr that he has put off dealing with Bo and Nora for too long. She tells him it might be too soon. He admits that this will not be a good situation for him, but she is there with him and that makes all the difference. Inside, right when Bo and Nora are talking about dealing with their unresolved issues, they hear the knock on the door. Nora opens the door and asks what brings the two of them to her house. Cole tells her that her daughter has been helping him and he’s making progress. She tells him she is happy for him. He admits that he is there to see Commissioner Buchanan. Bo then faces Cole looking at him coldly. Cole tells Bo that he has been putting off seeing him. Bo tells Cole he realizes that and has been avoiding Cole as well. He admits that he has been afraid of what he might say or do when he sees Cole.

At the school auditorium, Justin and Becca taunt Matthew for the facts that he cannot attend school dances nor play sports. They talk about all the money they will spend on Becca’s "manis" and "pedis." Destiny tells them its absurd for them to spend so much money. They face her and Matthew and tell him that the only girl desperate enough to be his date anywhere would be a loser like Destiny. Matthew and Destiny face them and eye them coldly.

Cole tells Bo that he realizes that Bo has good reason to hate him. Bo replies to Cole that he does not hate him. He is angry. Very angry. He admits to Cole that for a long time, he thought the only way he would see Cole is through the bars of a jail cell. Cole tells him he realizes that and is so sorry. There is nothing he can do to change the past. All he can do now is lead a better life. He admits to Bo that he has been doing his drug program. He has been working hard and is getting clean now. He realizes that nothing can undo what has happened to Matthew. But at least he knows that he will never get behind the wheel of a car under the influence again. Bo and Nora look at him coldly. Cole then admits to the two of them that he and Starr have a favor to ask. Nora asks them what kind of a favor. Starr replies that it’s about their baby, Hope. Cole tells Bo and Nora that they need to find out what caused her death.

At the auditorium, Justin and Becca insult Destiny about her weight and about not being able to fit in Matthew’s wheelchair because she is too heavy. She tells them that they are sick to be making fat jokes and disability jokes. Justin tells Matthew he knows that he was interested in Becca, but now he’s back in loserville with nobody interested in him except for Destiny. At that point, Destiny replies to them that she has a date for the dance, and it’s not Matthew. Hearing that, Matthew looks at her appearing worried.

In the hallway, Markko and Langston talk about how they are going to find condoms. They joke and admit they are uneasy. Not far away, Lola overhears their conversation.

At Todd’s home, it appears that not only Blair is passing out, but so is Todd and Téa.

While Marty is alone in the room, she cannot stand up or awaken. John tries and fails to call her but she cannot pick up the phone and falls to the floor. She passes out on the floor. While John urges her not to open the door, an unseen person steps in and turns off her cell phone. John then tries and fails to contact her. At that point, he finds himself feeling faint just like the others who have gotten the invitation to the frat house. Rebecca enters and tells John that he will be completely immobilized and unconscious, and both God and science work in mysterious ways John loses balance but holds his gun on her.

While Marty is unable to move, the unseen person moves her. She then opens her eyes to see that it’s Powell Lord standing over her.

Langston and Markko talk about their plans. She is concerned about the expense of the Palace Hotel. He tells her that he has been waiting so long for her, and now the waiting is finally over. Lola enters and acts phony friendly. They instantly know that she is up to something.

Bo tells Starr and Cole that he read the reports and found out that their baby died of Rh disease. They tell him that they checked the lab records and found out that was a mistake. Plus, they even tested a lock of the baby’s hair. It appears that Dr. Joplin gave them the hair of another baby. That is too odd, and they have no way of finding out anything from her because she’s dead. Hearing that, Bo and Nora admit that they find that very surprising. Cole then admits to them that part of the reason why he got addicted to the pills is because he did not want to face this. Now he knows he must face the situation and stay away from the drugs so that what happened to Matthew won’t happen to somebody else. That’s why he needs their help.

After Destiny informs Justin and Becca that she has a date for the dance, they ask her what type of loser would take her. She does not answer. They leave. Alone with her, Matthew tells her he is really sorry. She tried to be nice to him but he totally blew her off. He asks if she will reconsider and go with him to the dance. She replies she cannot because she has a date. She asks Matthew if he thought she just made it up because she really is a loser.

Right after Rebecca has drugged John, she gets guards to take him away. It appears the hospital attendant is dead on the floor. She tells them that John tried to kill her and Powell is in the infirmary because of John. She informs them that John has escaped from jail and is dangerous.

Powell finds an unconscious Marty and reminds her that he knows that she has posed as Jessica Buchanan while John has posed as Kevin. He tells her she seems scared and tells her he will not hurt her.

While Todd, Blair, and Téa are all unconscious on the floor, Blair’s phone rings. Todd struggles to answer it.

Rebecca informs the guards that John is a serial murderer. He has stabbed and killed three people and has escaped from jail. She shows them John’s picture and tells them his name is John McBain.

Todd struggles to answer the phone on the floor and notices that somebody has called him on Marty’s phone. He asks if it’s Marty. It’s Powell who is dialing from her phone and asks Todd if he got his “invite.”

Cole tells Bo and Nora he needs the help of law officials like them. He and Starr do not know how to prove what they suspect about the foul play at the hospital regarding the investigation of Hope’s death. He tells them he realizes that maybe he has no business asking them for favors. They must know that Starr has not done anything and maybe they can help her. They need authorization from the police commissioner and the D.A. to get Hope exhumed. They also inform them that Marcie and Michael are on board and would like their help.

Matthew tells Destiny that she is not the loser; he is. He thought she just made up the story to Justin and Becca that she had a date. He should have known that she never lies about anything. She tells him that she’d still like him to come, but he tells her he doesn’t want to. He encourages her to have fun at the dance and goes away in his wheelchair. Alone, Destiny appears depressed and empty.

While Dorian is on the phone trying and failing to reach Blair, Lola enters and appears gracious. She tells her she realizes that Markko and Langston hate her and maybe Dorian has good reason to also. Dorian tells Lola that she does not hate her but knows she made some really bad decisions. She asks her to sit down. She explains to Lola that she and Lola’s father have gotten to know each other pretty well. Normally, she would have thrown Lola out on her behind, but because of the understanding she and Ray have, she will give her a chance. She wants Lola to understand what it’s like to be a Cramer woman. Lola admits to Dorian that she does not feel like a woman. She feels like a little girl. She doesn’t do all of the “grown up” things that her peers do. Hearing that, Dorian asks her just what she means.

At school, Langston is with Markko wondering how they are going to arrange their meeting at the Palace. She wants to pay for some of it. He tells her that he will pay for all of it. Men in his family do not let women pay. She tells him he must stop being sexist and realize that it’s their first night together. They are happily together, and they wonder what Lola is up to.

Dorian asks Lola why it is that she feels like a little girl and not like a woman. Lola replies that she guesses she realized that she is not ready for a guy like Markko. She then asks Dorian if this is just between them. She reveals to Dorian that Markko may be pressuring Langston to do something that Langston is not ready to do. Dorian asks her just what that would be. Lola replies that she heard about something called “operation deflower."

Rebecca poses as a shrink and tells the guards that they must not hesitate to use force on John. He is a dangerous criminal, a murderer, and a pathological liar. From inside the room, John screams at her and appears to the guards just as irrational and dangerous as she says.

When Todd picks up the phone, Powell asks Todd if he, Blair, Téa, and Marty all got their invitations. He tells them he’s sure they are coming and he’ll see them at the spring fling.

After Lola informs Dorian that she overheard Markko and Langston talking about operation deflower, Dorian admits that there must have been some mistake. She happens to know that expression is a code for a girl’s first time having sex. Lola informs Dorian that she believes that is what they are planning. They have booked a room at the Palace and she overheard them talking about buying condoms. Outside the door, Langston and Markko are confidently ready to put their plan into motion.

Bo tells Starr and Cole that he will start the investigation to get some answers about Hope’s death. They tell him how grateful they are. Nora is silent. Before they are gone, Nora asks Cole if she can have a word with him. Starr and Bo leave the two of them alone. She tells Cole that it took a lot of guts for him to come there today. He should be proud of himself. She tells him she hopes his recovery is going well. She asks Cole if he’s heard from his mom. He replies that she is gone and hopes that John makes sure she is okay. Nora assures Cole that with John there with Marty, he’d have to be locked up, tied down, and gagged before he’d let any harm come to Marty.

The guards are doing just that to John. They have him in a straight jacket and don’t listen to a word he says when he protests that he did not kill anyone and used to be a cop.

Rebecca and Powell embrace and declare their love for each other while they go to find unconscious Marty in the motel room and are ready to take her away.

Nora tells Cole that she is really sorry for the pain that he and Starr are going through. It’s enough to lose a child but not knowing what happened must be more than they can deal with. He says thank you and goes out the door. Matthew enters in his wheelchair, and appears uncomfortable.

Alone in the school auditorium, Destiny gets on the phone and tells somebody they “owe” her and must take her to the prom.

When John is alone in the padded room, he tells the guards if they do not believe him, they may call Bo Buchanan, the Llanview police commissioner and tell him that John McBain is there.

Alone with Nora, Bo admits that he feels for Cole. She tells him that she does also, and it makes the whole thing hard. She assessed that if Starr had not gotten pregnant, lost the baby, and had the thing with his mother, then he might not have turned to pills. Then Matthew would be going to the dance tonight. She concludes, he is right, and they must talk.

Starr returns home and talks to Langston. Langston happily tells her that after prom, she and Markko are “going all the way.” At that point Dorian enters and announces, not if she has anything to say about it.

Jack and Sam enter the living room and are stunned to see their dad, their mom, and Téa passed out on the floor.

John fails to convince the guards that he is an ex-cop nor get them to call Bo.

Meanwhile, Powell and Rebecca move Marty out of the room. He announces to her that he has to finish what he started.

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