OLTL Update Thursday 5/7/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/7/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Téa goes to Todd’s home and ask him who is holding him hostage now. She tells him he must be “tied up” since he hasn’t been returning her calls. Right then, she removes her rain coat to reveal sexy underwear. But right at that moment, they are interrupted by Jack. Blair appears behind him.

Rex returns home and informs Stacy that he went to talk to Brody but noticed that Gigi was having a “nooner” with him and she was in the shower. He concludes to her that this morning, he believed that maybe he and Gigi could make things work after all. But now he knows the reality is that Gigi is just a slut. Hearing that, Stacy concludes that he deserves better. Rex then stares at Stacy and asks how Gigi would like it if…And at that point, he pulls toward her and kisses her. While they are occupied, the phone rings. It’s Gigi. She tells Rex that Shane is really upset about something And he needs them both. But Rex is busy with Stacy.

At the hospital, the lab technician informs Natalie and Jared that he has confirmed that Jessica stole Starr Manning’s baby. And he assumes that they know all about it and have covered it up.

While John and Marty are making their rounds, aware that somebody has been posing as Marty, they call the attendant at the hospital. He tells the nurse that he is Kevin Buchanan. And he and his sister, Jessica would like to see Dr. Marty Saybrook. But the attendant tells them Marty is not available and she hangs up. Right nearby, Rebecca Lewis knows that she better not let anybody know that she is not Marty. She informs the attendant that she does not believe that Powell Lord’s family wants him to get better. They’ve kept him there for too long and nobody has come to see him. She convinces the attendant that that is “so sad”. And with her help, hopefully, Powell will get his life back. From inside the room, Powell observes them.

Right when Téa comes to seduce Todd, Jack enters and Blair makes a surprise entrance. Jack knows all about what is going on. Blair instructs her son to go in his room. Alone, Téa apologizes to Blair and informs her that she assumed that Todd would be alone. Blair appears resentful and jealous. Téa asks Blair why she is wearing Todd’s bathrobe. Blair replies that she spent the night.

While Rex and Stacy are kissing and falling on his bed, his beeper goes off. He pulls away telling her that he knows this is wrong.

At Rodi’s while Gigi is trying and failing to reach Rex, Marcie and Michael appear and can tell that she is upset. She tells them that now she’s lost not only Rex but Shane as well. At the other table, Star and Cole are wondering what they are going to do now that they’ve heard that the lock of hair was not from their baby, Hope.

Right then, at the hospital, Kyle Lewis confronts Natalie and Jared assuming that they are lying and covering for Jessica knowing full well that they know that she stole Starr’s baby. They don’t know how to respond to what he says to them.

After Blair informs Téa that she spent the night with Todd, Téa asks Todd to please tell her that they did not sleep together. Blair then tells Téa that if they were, it would be none of her business. She also announces to Téa that she is fired. She failed to help Blair in her case. So she has no more use for her. Téa protests that it is not her fault that John skipped town. Blair tells her that may be, but Téa has a real problem with her obsession about Todd. And she asks her when she’s going to get over her habit of throwing herself at men who don’t’ want her. But she turns around to see the look on Todd’s face that confirms that he does want Téa as much as she wants him.

At the institution, Rebecca enters Powell’s room to reveal that they are lovers and she is going to pose as Dr. Marty Saybrook in order to help him bust out of the place. But they both seem to know that the real Marty Saybrook and John McBain are on their trail looking for them.

At the hospital, after Kyle Lewis finds out that Jessica stole Star’s baby, he tells Natalie and Jared that he is going to call Starr and Cole and tell them all about it, unless, of course, they’d like to do it. They stare at him speechless.

At Rodi’s, Cole and Starr wonder how they are going to find the answers about their deceased baby. Not far away, Marcie and Michael try to assure Gigi that things will be ok between her and Rex. But Gigi informs Marcie that Shane found out that she slept with Brody. Now Rex won’t even return her calls. She is at the desperate mercy of Stacy and hasn’t a clue what to do.

Right then, when Rex is with Stacy in his apartment, Shane enters unexpected. Rex asks his son what he’s doing there. Shane replies that he is moving in. Stacy then turns around to reveal that she does not want that to happen.

Kyle Lewis reminds Natalie that Starr Manning is her family. And shouldn’t’ she be informed about the truth? Natalie protests that it’s pretty sick that some lab rat is keeping this secret. Kyle tells her he’s right. Starr did not switch the babies and does not need this. So maybe he will call Jessica instead.

Right then, at Rodi’s, Starr and Cole observe Michael and ask shim if he might be able to help them with some answers about Hope. Marcie is talking to Gig about what to do with Rex and Shane.

At Rex’s home, Shane does to want to tell his dad or Stacy what the problem was between him and his mom. He tells his father that even if he previously agreed to live with his mother, he will not. And the reason is she is sleeping with Brody. Hearing that, Rex demands that Shane tells him who it was who told him that. Stacy sits silently.

Blair tells Téa that she is not doing her job. And she could be disbarred because the stat law would have a problem with her sleeping with the opposing party. Right then, Jack enters and seems to be aware of all that the adults say. Blair demands that he helps her take the trash out and stay out of their business. Todd instructs Jack to do what his mom says. At that point, Téa appears to not be ok and believes that Todd and Blair are getting back together. She then goes out the door. Todd follows her and asks her why she is leaving. She angrily tells him if he wants Blair, he can have her.

John informs Marty that he has been investigating Rebecca and found out the only family she has is a brother named Kyle Lewis. And he’s a lab technician at Llanview hospital.

While Blair is with Jack overseeing his homework, she gets a call from John. She asks her son to go and check on Sam. She asks John if he is ok. He asks her if she’s been asked any questions. She admits that Bo might know what is going on. He then informs her that he thinks he might know who the killer is and maybe she should be careful.

In Kyle’s room, Rebecca tells Powell that she cannot leave him there. But he tells her that he knows that as long as they stick to the plan, everything will work.

Blair informs John that Todd got custody of the kids. He tells her he is sorry. She tells him that it’s not his fault. He did what he had to do. But Téa has been sleeping with Todd. So she’s fired Téa. He tells her that he will come back and help her get the kids back. She informs him that she has checked herself into Todd’s home. And she knows that he(John) is with Marty.

After Shane informs Rex that he heard that his mother slept with Brody, Rex demands to know who told him that. He looks at Stacy who is silent. He doesn’t want to get her involved in the situation. So he replies to his father that his mother told him that. At that point, Rex is furious. He runs out of the room. Alone with Stacy, Shane confirms that he doesn’t care who told him the information. He knows it’s true. Stacy smiles knowing that her nephew trusts her. Rex takes the call from Gigi and tells her that if their son needs time and wants to stay with his father and Stacy, he thinks they should let him.

Téa asks Todd what he is supposed to think when she comes and notices his ex wife in his bathrobe. But he touches her and asks her why she would have a problem. She jokingly reminds him that if she’s sleeping with him, she’s sleeping with everybody he’s slept with, including Blair and Marty. And that would mean that he is sleeping with John by sleeping with Blair and with RJ by sleeping with her. They both smirk and Todd is hoping he can get Téa in bed. But she pulls away and gets ready to leave.

Blair talks to John on the phone and reveals to him that she might have some unfinished business with Todd.

Marty calls Cole while he’s with Starr at Rodi’s. She asks her son what is up. He tells her hat he’s getting better and Starr has been helping him.. She does not know how to respond to that but tells him it’s wonderful that he has Starr. She promises she will be home soon and urges him to take care of himself. Starr then talks to Marcie and Michael and appears afraid to ask Michael to help her with the big secret. Cole then sits with them and confirms to Marcie and Michael that they have had some questions. Starr then informs them that they want to have Hope’s body exhumed so that they can find out how she died.

When Kyle Lewis is ready to call Jessica and report her. Natalie urges him not to. She tells him that her sister is not well. She has just recovered form a break down. But he tells her that she may tell that to the D.A. He protests that Starr Manning has the right to know. Natalie protests that Starr was going to give that baby up for adoption. Jared then asks Kyle if he had a sister, would he not want to protect her the way that Natalie wants to protect Jessica?. At that point, Kyle seems like he might reconsider.. But they seem to know that they must bribe him to compromise his principles. Jared asks him how much. He replies $100,000. Kyle reminds them know that he could go to prison and needs to pay for med school. So if they want to save Jessica, they must make it worth his while.

In response to Rex telling Gigi that they should let Shane stay with him and Stacy if he chooses, she protests that they cannot let Shane call the shots. But he reminds her that Shane does not want to live with her. She tells him that she does not want Stacy around her son. But Rex wonders why she has this problem with Stacy. She cries and protests that she needs to be with her son. He suggests that in that case, she may come to his home. But GIgi cannot accept the terms. Rex then hangs up and tells Stacy he cannot believe that GIgi would have the gall to tell Shane that she slept with Brody.. Stacy tells Rex that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Shane to stay with GIgi regardless. He asks her what she means. She obviously means that she wants to be alone with Rex.

After John gets done talking to Blair and Marty gets done talking to Cole, he tells her that he has to go. He needs her to lock the door behind him. And if anything happens, he needs her to call Bo. He leaves his gun with her and gives her instructions on how to use it even though she is not comfortable with that. He tells her that if he is not back in one hour, she must call Bo. She urges him to be careful. And he heads out the door.

After Téa admits to Todd that she has slept with RJ, he protests that he not jealous. But she knows otherwise. And he confirms to her that he and Blair did not sleep together. And it appears they want to undress each other. He kisses her. And right then, they are interrupted by a messenger who gives Todd a subpoena. Téa then realizes that she got one of those earlier also.

After Starr informs Marcie that she wants to exhume Hope, Marcie reminds her that she thought they agreed not to. And it won’t bring her back. But they inform her that they found out something very odd. They had a lock of hair. And the lab technician confirmed that it was not Hope’s hair. They need another sample. And in order to do that, they must exhume the baby. Michael could help them with that. But they won’t do that unless Michael and Marcie are ok with it.

After Kyle has informed Natalie and Jared that he needs $100,000 in order not to tell everybody that Jessica stole Starr’s baby, they leave, he gets a call from his sister and tells her he might not need any money from her. At that point, she seems to know what he is doing. They both have an “edge” on Todd Manning and Marty Saybrook in relation to their respective kids.

John then goes to the institution and finds Rebecca. And he admits that he knows she is posing as Dr. Marty Saybrook.

Rex tells Stacy that he cannot make Shane go back to Gigi. He wants to stay with his father. She tells him that maybe only Gigi can administer Shane’s pills and take are of him when he’s recovering. But he tells her that he wants Shane there. Right then, Shane enters and reveals that he accidentally dropped Stacy’s hair dryer in the toilet. She reveals that she is totally grossed out and not ok with Shane staying in the apartment with her and Rex.

Right then, Brody is working alongside Gigi and getting along with her much better than Rex is.

Alone in Rex’s room, Stacy is ready to plot her plan to take Rex from Gigi.

Cole and Starr tell Marcie and Michael that they were ready to forget all about what happened to Hope. But things get stranger and stranger. First, they find out that Hope could not have died from what Dr. Joplin said she died of. Then they find out from Kyle Lewis that they didn’t even have her hair in that locket. At that point, Marcie tells them she understands. Right then, Natalie and Jared enter and wonder what they are going to do in order to keep Kyle Lewis quiet with what he knows. And they are spooked to be in view of Starr, Cole, Marcie and Michael.

At Todd’s, Blair faces Todd and Téa. She informs them that John is out investigating. Todd reveals to her that he bets that John is the stabber.

Téa, Todd and Marty have all been given an anonymous invitation to attend the fraternity meeting. It appears to be an invitation from Powell Lord.

Right then, John goes in the room to see what appears to be Powell, passed out on the floor. And Rebecca locks the door on him.

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