OLTL Update Wednesday 5/6/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/6/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

After kissing, Rex tells Gigi that she needs to choose either him or Brody; she can’t have them both. Stacy takes great delight in telling Shane that his mother, Gigi, cheated on Rex – with Brody. Shane storms out, in search of his mother. After Shane leaves, someone knocks on the door: Stacy’s former boss, Stan, looking none too happy. He wants his money and he wants it now! Stacy tells him she doesn’t have it and he tells her she can start paying it back with a lap dance. After he leaves, she pulls her suitcase out and starts counting money.

Jessica runs into Brody at Rodi’s. He wants some time alone with Jessica, but she tells him she’s having dinner with her family. Charlie is a little confused about her closeness with Brody. Jessica explains what happened with Brody and Gigi.

Starr and Cole go see Kyle, who tells them they are not the parents of the child the lock of hair belongs to. Starr tells him that the hair was given to her by Dr. Joplin. Kyle thinks back on his meeting with Natalie and Jared and starts to do some research. Cole and Starr go to Rodi’s and wonder who the child is that the hair belongs to and how they ended up with it. Kyle, still at the lab, ends up finding a match for the Manning/Thornhart DNA.

Natalie decides to go to the carriage house to visit Gigi and finds Rex alone. Natalie tells Rex she doesn’t want Gigi to be her bridesmaid any longer but Rex tells her he still isn’t convinced that Gigi cheated on him. Natalie lets slip that Brody was waiting for Jessica in the bushes the night before and Rex wonders if Brody is cheating on Gigi and decides to confront him. Jessica shows up at Brody’s unexpectedly.

Natalie finds Gigi at Rodi’s and tells her she is no longer welcome to be a bridesmaid at her and Jared’s wedding. Jared is confused and wants to know what’s going on. Viki tells Natalie appearances can be deceiving. Just then, Shane shows up and wants to know if she cheated on Rex with Brody; loud enough for everyone in Rodi’s to hear. She lies to Shane and tells him she did and he responds that he doesn’t want to live with her anymore. She takes him home, but he tells her that everything is her fault and that he hates her. He runs out.

Natalie and Viki discuss the situation with Shane and Gigi. Natalie feels sympathetic toward Shane, but Viki feels for Gigi. Just then, Kyle calls Natalie and asks that she and Jared come to the hospital; he’d like to talk to them. Natalie lies to Viki and tells her it’s the caterer and she and Jared need to leave immediately. When they get there, Kyle tells them that Jessica is the one who stole Starr and Cole’s baby!

Rex goes to Brody’s to get the truth and accidentally sees a Rodi’s shirt on his chair. Rex assumes it’s Gigi’s and proceeds to call Gigi a slut. Brody punches him and Rex leaves. Rex is furious and wonders how Gigi would react if she walked in on him with someone else. He grabs Stacy and kisses her.

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