OLTL Update Tuesday 5/5/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/5/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Cristian Vega is alone in his room painting and listening to music. It appears he’s angry. Right then, Layla enters with her dog.

Schuyler Joplin goes to the hospital and tells the attendant that he has to find Kyle Lewis. She let shim in. When he’s alone in a lab, he goes to see if he can test Stacy’s blood in order to find out if that was really what saved Shane’s life.

Kyle Lewis checks into Angel Square. He assures Roxy if he can live there rent free that he will never breathe a word to a living soul that her friend Stacy was not the donor.

Rigth then, Rex is alone in his bed having a happy dream that Shane is going to be cancer free and that he and Gigi are back together. Gigi is having a similar dream while sleeping alone on the couch at the carriage house. Rex is in his bed in his hold apartment while Stacy is ready to serve him breakfast in bed. She lies beside him and holds him. He assumes she is Gigi. But when he awakens and notices that she is not, he is startled.

Starr goes with Cole to see Rachel and do his drug test. He tells her that he has finally gotten through his withdrawal symptoms. He’s getting better, getting clean and he could not have done it without her. She tells him that maybe now they can find out how their baby died. He tells her that it felt really good to wake up let to her. He admits to her hat he was really sick and he is sorry. But she tells him he does not have to keep saying that. She tells him that she will take care of him just like he took care of her. She remarks that he talked in his sleep last night He asks her if he said something embarrassing. She remembers that he told her he loved her. And when he asks her what he said, she cannot answer the question.

Gigi awakens on the couch of her home now that Rex is gone. She notices that Shane is up. He tells her that he needs to get back to school. He asks her why she slept on the couch last night. She admits that she could not sleep in her bed. But he tells her he knows that she misses his dad and asks her again why they broke up. She tells him, yet again that it’s complicated. But he tells her he is tired of the unspecific answer. SO he demands that she tells him who messed up. Was it her or his dad?

Rex awakens startled when he realizes where he is and asks Stacy what has been going on. She appears cordial, and has a big breakfast for him. He tells her that she saved his son’s life and there was no way he was going to let her not have a place to live after Schuyler threw her out of his home. He wonders what is up with that guy questioning whether her blood saved Shane.

Shane demands that his mom tells him whose fault the break up was. Was it hers’ or his dad’s? She evades the question. She tells him that she will work out how he can see Rex. But now she has to walk him to the bus stop. He tells her she needn’t bother and he goes out the door.

Rex tells Stacy that he will no longer ask the question about Schuyler but he has to get ready to go to work. He admits that he’s not a big breakfast kind of guy. He prefers smoothies and protein bars. And he’s not going to eat the breakfast she prepared for him Right then, when Rex goes to shower, his phone rings. And knowing it’s GIgi, Stacy gleefully answers and announces that she is at Rex’s home. They just woke up together. Gigi asks her sister if she is really living with Rex. She tells her she knows that she has been manipulating Rex. Stacy asks her sister if she has a message for Rex. And she wastes no time rubbing Gig’s nose in the fact that she is moving in on Rex. She reminds Gigi if she should not be grateful that Stacy saved Shane’s life. GIgi tells her that what she did was despicable. And in order to save Shane’s life, she required GIgito break up with the love of her life. Stacy yells back at her sister. Rex enters and asks her whom she is yelling at. She knows she better not answer that question.

Layla and Cristin both admit how they miss Talia and how it infuriates them that nobody has found the creep who killed her. She admits to him that she came by because she had to talk to somebody who gets it. She wonders if maybe she shouldn’t have called. She notices the spray paint that he did on the canvas. He tells her that he cannot imagine what his brother is going through. And what he really wanted to do right now is put his fists through the wall. She tells him that if were not for the companionship of Aziza the dog whom Talia named, she’d be climbing the walls. She’s so lonely being by herself in the apartment without Sara and Talia. He tells her he knows how close she was to both of them. He asks her if she plans to live alone. She replies that she is moving out and leaving Llanview.

When Rachel notices Cole and Starr at the drug clinic, she appears cold. She reminds him if he’s late for his appointment and that she could turn him in if he does not make it to all his mandatory appointments. He introduces her to Starr. She asks him if he’s brought Starr with him to pee in the cup for him. He tells her no. The drug test will be clean. She tells him that the specimen cup will reveal that. And at that point, he sees the doubt she has in him. She demands that he goes to the bathroom alone to do the urine test and holds the cup for him to take.

When Rex is in his old apartment with Stacy, he realizes that maybe he should call GIgi and ask about Shane. He tells her that they have to work out visitation arrangements. Hearing that, Stacy asks him if he is really serious about seeing GIgi. And she tells him that should be the last thing he’d want to do right now. He tells her that he has to find out when he gets to see his son. She then suggests that maybe he and GIgi could just email or text. But he tells her that he is not going to text or email about his son. She asks if it’s a really good idea to be in the presence of Gigi so soon. He tells her that he has to be informed of anything and everything involving his son. And when he gets ready to go out the door, he “invites” Stacy to look online for an apartment or job. Hearing that, she asks him if he’s kicking her out already. In response to that, he tells her that she will probably get tired of sleeping on his couch. When he’s gone and she’s alone, she tells him that they will both get tired of her sleeping on his couch very soon.

Starr goes into the blood lab to find out what happened to baby Hope. And she just happens to run into Schuyler.

She realizes that maybe she should get out and not speak to him. But she apologizes to him for her dad coming to his home and threatening him. He tells her hat he’s not worried about her father. He tells her that he heard that she was held hostage by a convicted rapist and is concerned that she is ok. She tells him she is ok since Cole was there.

When Cole is talking to Rachel alone in her office, she asks him if he might have had a “breakthrough”. She seems to sense that he has now gotten serious for the first time about kicking his drug habit and that might be the reason he seems uneasy.

Right then, Schuyler concludes to Starr that she and Cole must be back together. But she clarifies that they are not “together”. He tells her that he can sense that they might be whether they admit to it or not.

Rachel tells Cole that she is very proud of him to know that he made a tough decision not long ago. He faces her and tells her that he got through a very rough time. And he could not have done it without Starr.

When Stacy is alone in Rex’s apartment, Shane appears, looking for his father.

Rex goes to talk to Gigi about visitation of Shane. She asks him if Stacy is living with him. He replies that she is only staying there temporarily because her ex through her out of his apartment and she has nowhere to go. Noticing GIgi’s very hostile tone regarding her sister, he reminds her that she tossed Stacy out on her ass so she doesn’t have much of a choice where she lives. She then reminds him it was because Stacy drugged him and came on to him. Hearing that, he remembers that she told him that she called the lab and found out that he did not have drugs in his system. He knows that she is now contradicting what she previously said. So does she believe that Stacy drugged him or not? She cannot answer that.

After Cristian finds out that Layla is leaving Llaanview, he asks her why. She replies that she cannot afford the rent. He asks her if she does not still have her own company. She admits that she is not making enough to afford her living expenses by herself. So she’s going to move back home with her mom and Evangeline and she admits to him that she has no choice. He tells her that he is not making enough at Capricorn and cannot afford where he lives either. He admits to her that his mom would also like him to move back with her. She admits to him that although she does not want to move back home with her family, a part of her believes that if she does, it might motivate Evangeline to come out of her coma.

Rachel tells Cole that she’d like to know more about his connection with Starr. He admits to her that Starr has been there for her. He knows that he has given Starr a million reasons to never want anything to do with him again. Rachel concludes that she can see that Starr really cares about him. He admits to her that he confident about his future. Right then, the lab technician enters and announces that Cole has tested negative for drugs. Knowing that there’s no way he could falsify anything this time. Rachel tells Cole congratulations and she hugs him.

Starr tells Schuyler that she can see that Cole has become a completely different person because of the drugs. And now she can see it so clearly because he is finally clean. He now realizes what he was doing to himself and everyone else.. And she tells him that she wants to make it up to him(Schuyler) for what happened to him because of her situation. He tells her that he does not expect that. But she tells Schuyler that maybe they can be friends.

When Shane discovers Stacy in his father’s home, he asks her if she is living there. She graciously tells her nephew that she’s just staying there temporarily until she finds her own apartment. Shane then asks her if she will not rat him out to his parents for skipping school. In response to that, she zips her lips. He tells her that he came there to see if his mom and dad can get back together. In response to that, Stacy tells him she’s sorry but she believes that it’s all over for them. At that point, Shane asks Stacy if the reason they broke up might be her fault. Hearing that, she appears startled that he would ask that. He then explains to her that when he asked his mom if it was hers’ or Rex’s fault, she strangely replied it was neither. SO that means that it was the fault of somebody else. He then faces Stacy and asks her if there is anything she might know that could enlighten him to the mystery of why his parents suddenly split.

After Rex demands that Gigi tells him whether she believes that Stacy drugged him or not, she explains to him that she does not trust Stacy. But she knows that they are through. Hearing that she may not believe the very explanation she’s given him all along for why she “cannot trust” him, he asks her what her excuse was for sleeping with Brody. Gigi evades the question and tells him she does not want to discuss it. He then concludes to her that when he caught her in bed with Brody, he was so incapable of thinking or making sense of anything. But now, the more and more he thinks about it, the more he knows that the whole thing just does not add up. He tells her that there are privacy laws so the hospital could not release the results of the drug test to anybody except him. But she tells him that they did. He then asks her if he were to call the hospital, right now would back up her story and confirm that he tested negative for drugs? And then at that point, would that confirm to him that that is the real reason they are not together anymore?

Cristian tells Layla he’d like her to stay and paint a masterpiece. She tells him she cannot paint. He tells her that he knows she can. She must feel what she is feeling now and apply it to the canvas. He tells her he will demonstrate and he grabs a handful of red paint and smears it on the easel. Seeing that, she smiles and paints at the other easel.

After Starr tells Schuyler that she’d like to be his friend. He tells her that maybe when they are both a little older, they can be friends. He tells her that now, he believes that she may have another “friend” she might want to focus upon. Right then, Cole enters. Starr greets him and tells him that she and Mr. J. were just saying good bye. He leaves and Starr can see that Cole looks upset. She asks if he is ok. He replies he was ok until he ran into Schuyler.

After Shane asks Stacy if she knows the reason why his parents are splitting up, she attempts to rationalize by telling him that lots of parents don’t stay together forever and many relationships don’t make it. Shane then asks if the reason why his parents are splitting is because his dad is having an affair with her.

Gigi tells Rex that she wanted more than anything for him to be drugged, as sick as that sounds, if it would mean that he had not hit on her sister. Until that lab tech called, that is what she wanted. But he tells her that it doesn’t really matter anymore. She was just looking for a reason to hook up with Brody. And, he tells her that here he is like a damn fool. And he had to confess that the previous night he had a dream that they got married. It’s ridiculous, right? Hearing that, she is astounded and admits to him that she had the same dream last night.

Shane asks Stacy to tell him the truth. He tells her he knows that she may be the only person to tell him the truth. At that point, she confesses to him that it is “somebody else’s” fault that his parents split up. He asks her whose.

When Cristian and Layla both do their paintings, she tells him that she can see why he is the artist and she is the underwear designer. He tells her he likes her painting and it’s all about what one feels inside. They both admit how upset and empty they are about Talia. She tells him that she has to get ready to go because she has no options. Alone, Cristian admits that he might be disappointed to see her go.

Starr tells Cole that she did not intend to run into Mr. Joplin. Cole turns away and tells her he doesn’t to know. She then tells Cole that she wants to share with him what she and Schuyler discussed. She told Schuyler that she has discovered that she only loves Cole. Right then, the lab technician enters and asks if he can help them with something. Starr replies that they want to find out some evidence about how their baby died. She admits that she has the DNA from a hair sample of her dead baby.

After Shane asks Stacy what happened with his parents, she tells him that she really should not be talking to him about this. He urges her to tell him the truth because he knows he’s not going to find it out from anybody else. Stacy then agrees to tell Shane the truth. She confesses to him that it was not his dad who cheated on his mom. She cheated. Shane asks if that is true. Stacy replies that it is. And she broke the poor guy’s heart. At that point, Shane takes the family photo of the three of them and smashes it.

When Rex and Gigi are alone, he admits to her that he had a dream that Shane was in remission. Everybody was happy. Everything was good. And he announced to Shane that his parents are getting married. At that point, Gigi looks lovingly at Rex, knowing that that is just what she wanted. And they kiss.

The lab technician announces to Starr and Cole that he’s run the tests and what he’s concluded is that the baby who died is not their baby.

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