OLTL Update Monday 5/4/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/4/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

While Starr is stuck at Todd’s home, she pleads with her father to let her go and take care of Cole. She tells him she’s very worried about what could happen to him if she doesn’t rush and see him right now. It’s an emergency.

At that moment, Cole is having a hallucination where he sees and hears Matthew confront him. Matthew gets up out of his wheelchair, walks toward Cole, and angrily tells him it should be Cole and not himself in that wheelchair. Cole admits to Matthew that he agrees. Matthew then tells Cole there’s one way he can make this all right. They move toward the window. Matthew opens it and tells Cole he needs to jump.

Viki finds out about Jessica and Brody. She asks if one of them might like to explain why it is that he is hiding in the bushes and Jessica seems aware of that.

Stacy is sitting on a park bench noticing somebody passed out, drunk, and homeless. She tells them they must have done something bad in a former life, and she apparently has not. She is going to have a warm bed to sleep in with the man of her dreams. She has planned everything just perfectly.

At that moment, Rex and Gigi take Shane home. They both sound excited by telling him that he may watch DVDs and have his favorite food. They hide their anger toward each other. He then asks his parents if they will cut the crap. He wishes they would stop being phony and tell him what is going on.

John and Marty are together in a motel room. He tells her that she may sleep in the bed and he will take the couch. She realizes that if they were to sleep together in the bed, it would not be the first time.

At Todd’s, Starr urges her father to let her see Cole. He tells her he knows that she just wants to get away from him. She tells him, "No." He asks her why it’s so urgent that she sees Cole right now. She realizes she cannot tell him all the details but asks him to trust her.

When Viki notices Jessica and Brody, they attempt to explain that, yes, they are seeing each other, but they need to keep it a secret. She asks them why. Do their doctors disapprove of them being together so shortly after treatment? They explain no. But before they can tell her anything, Natalie rushes out and rips into Brody. She tells him he has a lot of nerve ingratiating himself to her mother. Is it not enough he had to hurt her sister and ruin her brother’s relationship by sleeping with the mother of his child when their son has leukemia? She’s not going to sit here and listen to him or see him in her home ever again. At that point, nobody knows what to say.

Shane tells his parents that he does not understand why it is that so shortly after they know if Aunt Stacy’s stem cells are going to save him, they have to split up. They both try to explain to him that they just want him to be happy and they are both there for him. He tells Rex that if he’s going to move out, he better go now. He tells him he wants him to stay but not like this. Rex tells his son he is so sorry. He will take what he needs for tonight, and he’ll be back for the rest tomorrow. Alone with Shane, Gigi hugs her son and cries not having a clue what to say or do.

Alone in Starr’s room, Cole leans by the window wondering if he should jump. He hears Matthew say that if Cole is really sorry and wishes he could trade place with him (Matthew), he would jump. But he can’t. Matthew tells Cole, at least if he were in a chair, they would be even. Matthew tells Cole that it’s only the 2nd floor and he won’t die if he jumps. But if he angles himself just right, then Cole will be paralyzed, a cripple, just like Matthew

At Todd’s, Starr tells her father that she cannot tell him the details. It’s private, but he needs to trust her. He tells her that he’s “trusted” her before and she’s lied and gone behind his back. She then asks her father if he would not go to the ends of the earth in order to protect the people he loves if they were in trouble. He tells her yes. She tells him that she has lied for him in order to protect him from going to jail after the terrible things he did because she loves him. So she pleads with him to give her this one chance to save Cole. At that point, Todd gives Starr the keys to his car and tells her she may go but she better put gas back in his car.

At Gigi’s, before Rex gets ready to leave, he sits with Shane and assures him that he will be okay. Both of his parents will be there for him. Rex won’t be living with his mom or Shane, but Shane can come and see him whenever he wants. He promises. Gigi sits alone, overhearing and crying. Shane cries and tells them that he knew that it was too good to be true for the three of them to be a family. At that point, Gigi rushes in and cannot bear what is happening. She is almost ready to go after Rex. He leaves and she is speechless and distraught.

Stacy sits on a park bench and tells a drunken, passed out, homeless woman that she was almost ready to put herself in the same state of mind. Things are going to turn around for her. She is going to get things going on with the love of her life. At that point, the woman stands up and tells her she’s been hearing every word Stacy says. She tells Stacy she thinks it’s very dishonorable that she is hurting this guy and the woman he really loves.

Natalie goes to confront Brody when he is with Jessica and Viki. She asks him just how much damage he wants to cause her family. She reminds her sister and mother that this guy slept with Rex’s fiancé while their son is fighting for his life with leukemia. He lead Jessica to believe that he was interested in her, and now he does this. Jessica then protests to Natalie that she doesn’t know the whole story. Natalie then demands to know just what she needs to know. At that point, Jessica knows that she cannot answer Natalie’s question.

When John and Marty are together, they relive the one night they spent together.

Cole sits alone in Starr’s room gasping and pleading with Matthew to know that he is suffering in agony. He sees Matthew holding the bag of drugs in his hand and keeping them out of Cole’s reach. Matthew remarks that Cole will find out what it’s like when you feel nothing, like he does. Cole pleads with Matthew to “help” him with something. Matthew asks Cole if getting high again and crippling another kid is what he wants to do? Will it make him feel better? Cole then dives into the bed and says no. He notices that Matthew is not there. He begs him to come back. Matthew tells Cole that he (himself) did nothing wrong. He did not do drugs. He did not drive under the influence and cripple anybody. So why does he have to pay for Cole being a worthless idiot? Cole moves toward the window and hears Matthew telling him he (Cole) is almost there. Cole stares out the window as Matthew tells him he cannot take back what he did but he can even it out. Right when Cole is ready to jump, Starr rushes in and calls to him.

While Natalie and Jared stand and observe Jessica and Viki with Brody, Jessica knows that she must make them believe that she is as furious with Brody as her sister is. She lashes out at Brody. She tells him that her sister is right. He has hurt her. He’s hurt Rex and his son, and he better get out of her home and out of her life. Right then, Natalie and Jared leave. Alone with Viki and Brody, Jessica seems to realize that she need not “play” her mother the way they did with Natalie. Yet, Viki admits that she hasn’t a clue what is going on between the two of them.

Marty asks John what exactly happened the last time they were together. He explains to her that they were in New Orleans in a cheap motel. She asks if it was a cheap date? He explains that their car broke down. They’d been spending a lot of time together, but the trip was not about that. They were trying to track somebody down. She seems to remember that it was a cheap room not unlike the one they were in now. He admits that it was not the type of place where something “deep” would happen, but something deep did happen. He explains to her that they had a deep conversation where she talked about the night that her husband was killed. She then hears John talking about the night when Cole’s father was shot and how it all happened. He tells her she admitted to him that she never before told anybody about the situation, but she told him. He explains to her that she admitted that she trusted him with that secret. He shared with her what it was like when he lost somebody he loved. Then he admitted to Marty that he wondered what would happened if he ever lost her. He admits to Marty that they were both afraid to take their chances and get close to another person but this was the first time they took that chance.

When Starr runs in to be with Cole, he is afraid that she is not really there. She runs up, holds him in her arms, and assures him that she is there. She asks him what is going on. He yells that he deserves to be in a wheelchair. She holds him and tells him that she is there. She is not going anywhere. He is safe. She won’t let anything happen to him.

Back at Todd’s home, he asks his two sons to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. At that moment, Blair rushes in and demands to know where they are.

When Gigi is alone in the house, crying and lying on the couch, Viki comes by. She asks Gigi what is wrong. Gigi informs her that Rex moved out. Viki sits beside Gigi and asks her if she wants to talk about it. She informs Gigi that she knows that Shane has just come back from the hospital and asks her if he’s all right? Gigi admits that so far it’s worked, but there’s no guarantee. He has not rejected her sister’s bone marrow. Gigi tells Viki that she knows that her son has to beat this, and he is all that matters. Viki tells her she agrees, but she has some other concerns. She knows that there is something very odd with the fact that Gigi and Rex have broken up ever since Stacy came to town. She knows that it must have something to do with Stacy.

When Rex returns to his old apartment, he notices Stacy at his door. She has timed everything perfectly. She informs him that Schuyler kicked her out of his apartment. Noticing her there alone, assuming she has done no wrong, and that Schuyler has the problem, Rex is only too happy to invite Stacy to stay with him.

After Starr finds Cole, he tells her that they were all there confronting him. She asks, "Who?" He replies, Todd, his mom, Markko, Schuyler, Nora and Matthew. She tells him that they were not there. She knows that he has been hallucinating. She rushes to put her arms around him and cradles him. He tells her that he saw Matthew get up out of his wheelchair and tell him that he (Cole) needed to jump out the window and end up crippled like Matthew is. Hearing that, Starr tells Cole he must know that Matthew would never say that or want that to happen. He tells her that he believes that he deserves to do to himself what he did to Matthew. She comforts him while he cries and shakes in her arms.

When Blair goes to Todd’s home, she demands that he lets her take her kids home. She is walking with a cane appearing weak and not ready to be out of the hospital. She asks where they are. He tells her that the boys are upstairs in bed and Starr went somewhere. She calls to the boys. He asks her when she got out of the hospital. She replies she did not get out. She left when she found out that he was going to steal her kids from her. Of course, he wants her to go back to the hospital so that she will lose her kids. He would love to do that just like he and Marty were going to take their grandchild. She tells him that a cab is outside waiting for her and he better get the boys. He tells her that she is in no condition to be out of the hospital and he’s going to call her a cab. She tells him that what he has done is the lowest thing he could do. He asks her if it’s lower than her marrying John McBain? He’s a convicted murderer, fled the scene, and abandoned her and the kids. That’s the reason why they live with Todd. Blair is determined to get the kids.

John and Marty are together reliving their intimate relationship and how it tragically ended.

Viki tells Gigi that she knows her. She’s known her since before Rex came into her life, and has known her ever since. She knows that none of this adds up. Gigi tells Viki that with due respect, there are a lot of things that Viki does not know about her. Viki tells her she realizes that, but she knows that there is something very suspicious about Stacy. She knows that Stacy was trying to seduce Rex. Gigi protests that this is not about Stacy. It’s about her. She slept with somebody else. Viki tells Gigi she knows about how she allegedly slept with Brody Lovett. She heard it form Natalie, and she does not buy it.

Stacy goes to Rex’s. She knows how to “play” him. She's having him believe that Schuyler is a mean guy and she’s an innocent victim. Rex tells her that he’s glad that she is rid of that guy who is walking around with a bag of blood making accusations of her. She then tells Rex she agrees. She’s alone with no money and asks if she can stay with him. How can Rex say no?

John admits to Marty that he knows that everything is different now. She admits that she remembers believing Todd that he was going to hurt her. Now she thinks she knows that she had something very special with John.

At Todd’s home, Blair asks Todd how he could have let Starr leave and take his car at this time of night. Todd admits to his ex-wife that Starr made a pretty good case with him and convinced him to trust her. Hearing that, Blair indicates that she might be impressed.

Starr tells Cole that even if she has to go back to her father’s house, she won’t let her father take Cole away from her. They are a team. They are going to get through this together. Cole will see.

When Jessica and Brody are alone, he tells her that she went a little over the top with the things she said to him when they pretended to argue. He looks at her and tells her he got turned on to see her appearing to be pissed at him. She reminds him that he’s a Lieutenant. They grab a hold of each other. He asks her if she believes that her mom is okay with their arrangement? She asks him if he is?

After Viki leaves Gigi’s, Shane comes down the stairs and asks his mom who was there. She replies, "It was Mrs. Davidson." Gigi holds her son and assures him that no matter what happens, they will be okay because he is her guy.

At Rex’s old apartment, Stacy is playing him just perfectly, as they have both been booted by their respective lovers. He has no reason to think anything negative about her.

Blair tells Todd that if he insists that the kids stay with him, then so will she.

Starr is alone with Cole in her room while he sleeps in her arms. They declare that they love each other.

Marty and John are together, in bed, fully clothed but admitting that they would like for it to be more for them. 

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