OLTL Update Friday 5/1/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/1/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

While in the car outside Matthew’s school. Bo and Nora face each other. He admits that none of this turned out the way they thought it would. She faces him and it looks like they are going to kiss. All of a sudden, they hear the voice of Marcie. She assumes that there are kids ready to neck in the car. She tells them they cannot be doing that on school property. But when they turn to face her, she laughs to see that it’s Bo and Nora.

Todd takes the three kids to his home. Jack and Sam are okay, but Star is not. She tells her father that he cannot make her stay there. He tells her that until she’s 18 he can. She asks him if she can please go home now. He tells her that this is her home.

Back in Starr’s old bedroom, Cole lies on the floor shaking, sweating, and unable to stand up while experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms. He tells  Starr he needs her. Dorian stands outside the door and phones Langston to inform her that Starr will no longer be there when she gets home. Her father has been awarded custody. She tells Langston not to worry. She and Langston’s uncle Ray will collect all of Starr’s things and bring them to her. She turns the doorknob unaware that Cole is in the room. She notices it’s locked and gets distracted in the phone conversation.

At Viki’s home, Jessica is in the garden. Brody comes out of nowhere to surprise her. Viki gets a call from an attendant at the mental ward regarding her cousin Powell Lord. She informs Viki that her kids, Kevin and Jessica, went to see him. Hearing that, Viki is very surprised and unaware that either of her two kids would visit her cousin.

Meanwhile, John and Marty look at the files that he has uncovered on Powell Lord. She concludes that it looks as though somebody is alleging that she is the stabber.

Cole lies on the bed having his withdrawal symptoms. Outside the door, Dorian talks to Langston telling her that she won’t stand by and let Todd take Starr away from them. She tells her that they are all Cramer women and do what needs to be done.

At Todd’s, Todd tells Starr that he realizes she is not okay at this time. But he believes that in time she will be happy to be back with her father. She then asks him if it’s okay to go upstairs, or is he afraid that she will make a prison break? Todd then tells Starr it’s fine with him if she goes upstairs and into her new bedroom. She rushes up, calls Cole, and asks him if he’s okay. He is shaking, and sweating, and barely able to move or hold the phone. He tells her that he cannot deal with what is happening. He needs her there with him. She tells him that she is being forced to stay in her father’s home right now, but she’ll see him as soon as she can. At that moment, Todd pulls the phone from her hand and tells the “little drug addict” that he better stay away from his daughter. She does not need a doper or loser like him in her life. He then reveals to her that he believes that she must be calling Schuyler Joplin. At that point, after hearing from Todd on the phone, Cole lies on the floor and hears and sees Todd standing over him. He seems to listen to his words about what a loser he is.

The attendant at the hospital tells Viki that her cousin is receiving the best care. She hangs up but appears baffled to hear that Jessica and Kevin went to see him. She then calls her son, Kevin, all the way in England. She realizes how highly unlikely it would be for Kevin to visit Powell when he lives so far away.

John tells Marty that it appears that they are both being framed for the stabbings. She asks how her signature could get on those forms. He tells her that signatures are often copied from credit card receipts and from other sources. In the other room, the attendant believes that an unseen person is Dr. Marty Saybrooke.

When Marcie catches Bo and Nora in the car, she laughs and tells him how sorry she is. She attempts to explain that kids commonly cut classes and make out in the parking lot. She appears embarrassed. They tell her that they understand how it appeared. She asks them what they are doing there. They reply that they just wanted to see if Matthew is okay. At that point, she admits to them that she does have her concerns about Matthew.

Jessica and Brody are in the garden outside Viki’s home. He wonders if they should be secretive or let people know that they are seeing each other. She admits that her sister might want to hurt him if she finds out. She asks him if Rex and Gigi are doing okay. He admits that they are not, and they worry about the threat of Stacy. But he wants to be with her regardless. She kisses him. Inside the house, Viki calls to Jessica. The doorbell rings. It’s Dorian. Viki asks her what she wants. Dorian asks Viki what she intends to do about Todd stealing Blair’s children.

After Todd takes the phone from Starr, she tells him he had no right to do that. He tells her that he has the right to protect his daughter from a pedophile. At that point, she realizes that he assumes she called Schuyler. She protests that Schuyler has done nothing wrong. He does not hurt women like Todd does. Todd tells her that she has obviously been listening to her mom and Dorian. She tells him no, she has eyes in her head. She knows of all the women he’s hurt: Blair, Marty, Téa. Schuyler’s mother is dead because of him, and now she cannot be there for Cole. At that point, Todd is surprised that she’d mention Cole since he has last heard that they have broken up.

At that moment, Cole is withdrawing alone in the room. At that point, he sees Todd confronting him and telling him he is a loser. Todd tells him that he’s not good enough for Todd’s daughter and never was. He shakes that off knowing that Todd would talk to him like that and that’s the least of his problems. But then, he sees his mother appear. Marty stands over him and tells her son that she is gone and the truth of the matter is she left town in order to get away from her worthless junky son.

The “real” Marty tells John that she wishes she could call her son. He tells her that they can call him at some point. But now he wants to find out how somebody could have forged her signature and how Powell Lord would know her. He tells her that there may be somebody who can shed some light on how her signature was forged.

After Marcie reveals to Bo and Nora that she is having concerns about Matthew, they immediately step out of the car and demand to know what is going on. She admits that there are some kids who are Téasing him since he’s in a wheel chair. Hearing that, they are outraged. They tell her that they made a serious mistake to let him go back to school. They must get him out of there and away from those malicious kids. But she tells them that they cannot protect their son from the cold reality of the world. Nora protests that this is her son’s life. Marcie then replies to her, "Yes, it is Matthew’s life. It’s his own life and they should let him live it." She knows all about being picked on. She knows that kids deal with situations like having drug issues, being in wheelchairs, being “different,” and how others view them.

At the clinic where Powell Lord is staying, the attendant is talking to somebody with a coat that says Dr. Margaret Saybrooke and believes that she is Marty. We do not see the face of the person who is posing as Marty.

Cole is alone in the room and hears his mother telling him that he is a worthless drug addict. She tells him she’s glad she has no memory of him. He is a disgrace to her and to everybody who knows him. He put Matthew in a wheelchair. He ruined his life and the lives of everyone around him. At that point, he cries and tells her he is so sorry and wishes he could make it up to all the people he hurt. He then sees her move toward him and asks if he wants her to love him. But at that point, she moves away and tells him that nobody could ever love him after all of the despicable things he has done.

Starr tells Todd that he needs to know that Cole is suffering because Hope was his child as well as hers, he almost stole their baby, what he did to Cole’s mom, and he beat up Cole when he found out about them. He tells her it was in order to protect her. But she tells him it was only for himself. He does not know what love is. He took something so wonderful and beautiful from her and made it ugly. He made her do the worst thing she could have done.

Brody and Jessica are together outside in the garden talking about how they might be able to be together. How can they be secretive? He then tells her that he wants to be with her but does not want to sneak around. He wants to go out in public with her, be with her kids and her family, and let her be around people he knows. But he realizes that they cannot do that now.

Dorian tells Viki that John McBain promised to be there for her niece and for the kids, and what did he do? He bolted. Viki then asks if Dorian is implying that John is guilty. Dorian replies, "Of course not. But John fled the scene which resulted in Blair losing the kids to Todd. At that moment, Viki gets a call from John.

When Cole sees the "demons” appear in the form of Todd and then Marty, he screams that it’s not happening and hits himself on the head. He then sees Markko appear. Markko tells him that he has failed him as a friend. Markko took the fall for him, and he still can’t stop using. In his attempt to help Cole, he could get thrown in prison and prevented from having a future. All Cole cares about is his pills, and he washes his hands of Cole.  Cole dismisses Markko and protests that he needs Starr and knows that she loves him. He then sees Schuyler appear. Schuyler tells Cole that he has lost Starr. He had his chance and ruined it with her. He sent her into Schuyler’s loving arms

At Todd’s home, Starr tells her father that she knows that she really made him angry to ask for Marcie, the one person he hated more than anybody, to adopt her child. She really believed that her child could have had a good life and that Marcie could have had the baby she’s always wanted and deserved. But maybe a part of her just wanted to do that in order to hurt Todd. She asks her father if maybe she is just a chip off the old block and just like him.

Jessica sits with Brody in the yard and they wonder how long they should wait to go public.

After Dorian informs Viki of how Blair has lost her children, Viki admits that there is nothing she can do. Dorian leaves. Viki continues her conversation with John. She tells him she realizes that he and Marty have been posing as Kevin and Jessica in order to investigate the murders and visit Powell Lord. She asks him why he did not trust Bo to prevent him from getting framed. He tells her that he had to get out and get to the bottom of the situation. He admits to her that he had to call her because she might be able to shed some light on the history of Powell Lord. She tells John that she has not seen or heard from Powell for many years. Now that she thinks about it, she might have some information. She tells him that she knows there was a woman named Rebecca Lewis who Powell used to see. They were engaged before Powell got sent to the mental ward. Rebecca was also “involved” with Todd.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, the faceless woman with Marty’s identification goes out the door to find Powell in his padded room. At that point, Powell greets “Rebecca.”

John then concludes to Marty that Viki told him about Rebecca and he now knows that they must find her.

While Jessica is privately with Brody and wondering when they can arrange their next secret encounter, Viki comes outside. Brody hides. Viki notices that her daughter is “glowing” and asks her what is up. At that point, she hears a noise in the bushes which Jessica cannot explain.

John tells Marty that he will go and find out from his contacts in the bureau where Rebecca is and what she is doing these days.

For the first time, we see Rebecca’s face as the woman posing as Marty. She goes and unties Powell. He appears like he is in control of his mental faculties. He informs her that he saw Marty and it appears that she knows nothing. He also knows that she was with John McBain an ex-cop who might be onto them. He knew that John would end up following the trail here which is exactly what he wants.

In the school parking lot, Bo tells Marcie he wants the name of the kid who is hurting Matthew. She replies that he should ask Matthew how his day went and see if Matthew gives him that information. She urges both Bo and Nora to know that Matthew is a teenager and the last thing he wants or needs is his parents meddling in his life. They admit that they are worried about their son. Marcie assures them that Matthew is a lot stronger than they think. She tells them that she needs to get back to class.

After Starr informs Todd that she believes that she is just like him, he tells her he does not believe that. She is a good person unlike him. He knows that she hates him so much she cannot wait to get away from him. At that point, she cries and asks him how he can say that. She loves him. That is why she lied under oath for him. She just wants the dad whom she knew before she got pregnant, who was a good person. If he loves her like he says he does, then he will let her go right now.

Cole is alone in Starr’s room and hears Schuyler telling him that he is not going anywhere until he hears what Schuyler has to say. Cole lost Starr by being an idiot. She begged him to get clean. He never did. So Starr gave up on him because Cole gave her no choice. He tells Cole that Starr wants a real man not a stoned little boy. At that point, Cole shakes him off and tells himself that it’s not real. He then sees Nora and Matthew enter. She asks him if he really believes that it’s not real that he is hearing what he is hearing. She asks if she was not good to him. She took him into her house and treated him like her own son, and this is what he did to her son. At that point, Matthew confronts Cole from his wheelchair. He is telling Cole that he is crippled for the rest of his life because of him. Cole tells Matthew he is so sorry and wishes it was himself instead of Matthew in that chair. Matthew boldly tells him so does he.

When Viki goes outside to talk to Jessica and hears a sound, she tells her daughter she is a bit concerned since there is a murderer loose in this town. Jessica then assures her mother that there is nobody behind the bushes, but then Jessica asks Brody to come out. Brody enters.

Bo concludes to Nora that maybe they don’t want Matthew to catch them parked outside the school. They both decide to get back to their work and get in the car to go.

Cole sees Matthew before him and tells him he wishes there was something he could do. Then he sees Todd opening up the window. Marty tells Cole to take responsibility. Markko reminds Cole that he took the fall for him. He hears Schuyler telling him that he lost Starr because he doesn’t understand responsibility. Nora asks him, why is it that she let him walk when her son cannot?

Todd asks Starr if she can just give him another day. It’s just one more day living in his house. She tells him she does not have another day. He asks her why. She then admits that it’s Cole. He needs her.

Cole hears everybody telling him he’s a loser. He screams that they stop it. They all disappear except for Matthew. He tells Matthew he is so sorry and wishes he could do something. At that point, Matthew gets up out of his wheelchair, walks towards him, points his finger at him, and tells Cole that he should be in that chair instead of Matthew.

Alone in the room, Rebecca is getting Powell ready to leave the mental ward so that he can go places and kill people.

John and Marty conclude that they need to get some sleep, but will they do it together or apart? 

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