OLTL Update Thursday 4/30/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/30/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Todd enters the house after being awarded legal custody of his kids He demands that Starr goes with him and her little brothers. Téa is there in an attempt to help Starr but admits that, unfortunately Todd has the legal right to do what the court allows. Starr tells them she is not going anywhere. Dorian and Ray Montez stand beside her.

Bo and Nora are in his car after taking Matthew back to school. She admits that she is worried about their son re-entering his old life in a wheel chair. They both admit that they cannot go away and must stay and make sure there son is ok.

Matthew enters in the wheelchair and notices that Marcie is back teaching and has waited to meet him by the door. He tells her she did not have to do that. She tells him she’s happy to see him. He tells her that he’s done the reading. Right then, Destiny enters and greets Matthew. She tells him that she wants him to be ok with all that has happened. But not far away, he notices Becca and seems to be pre-occupied.

Marty and John are on the run. They visit what looks to be a mental hospital and identify themselves as Jessica Brennan and her brother Kevin Buchanan. They inform the attendant that they are there to see a patient by the name of Powel Lord, their cousin. Playing their respective roles, they privately talk. Marty reminds John that she can go and visit Powell alone without his help since she has “experience” with mental patients. John tells her that he can wait there. Right then, he gets on his computer to do some investigation.

Outside the school, Nora and Bo both realize that they cannot leave. Maybe they can do a “stake out” and get hotdogs or food. She stays in the car while Bo goes and gets the food. Alone, Nora admits that she needs for her baby boy to be ok.

Matthew enters Marcie’s class room. She knows she must make special efforts to move things out of the way of his wheel chair and has to apologize for not having a “special desk”. Destiny enters and sits beside him. She asks him why he is now being cordial to Becca and Justin. He explains to her that Becca has been nice to him. He admits that he does not fully trust Justin but he still likes Becca. She tells him that she believes that they are playing him. He asks her what she is talking about. She then informs him that she told them that they can be sued for what happened to him. They are the reason he ran into the car and demanded Cole take him home. Hearing that, he tells her that she cannot be telling them about legal issues when his mom is the D.A. He asks her if she might be jealous of Becca since she is popular and cool and Destiny is not.

Dorian and Ray stand by Starr when she tells Todd she is not going to go with him. Jack and Sam might want to go with their father. But she is old enough to make her own decision. Todd reminds Starr that she is still a minor and cannot choose where she lives. Dorian protests to Todd that he cannot take her to live with him. Téa admits that he is correct that in the eyes of the law, Starr can be forced to live with him. Todd tells her if she does not comply, he can call the cops. Téa then offers to help Starr pack. Alone in the other room, Cole is alone after Starr has had to abandon him and hide him. He is lying on the floor curling up in a blanket suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Todd tells Starr he cannot wait for her. But she tells him she needs a little time to be alone and pack. Dorian protests that she is a 17 year old girl and he must give her 5 minutes. Jack asks if he can go with her. Todd then agrees. When they are gone, Dorian tells Todd that he is a miserable piece of trash. That girl’s entire life is in this house. Starr then rushes upstairs and runs to Cole. He is sweating and suffering. Shed sneaks bananas and fruits and tell shim he better eat and drink fluids. And she cannot be with him now. She tells him that her dad is now going to take her with him. She has told him a million times that he cannot. But the court gives him the right. He then tells her that he cannot do this alone. He’s afraid that if he remains stuck in this room alone, he will die. She hugs him and tells him she wishes she could be with him.

Nora and Bo eat and remain outside the school. He asks her if they should not feel grateful that Matthew is not dead like his other son. He does admit that although he is grateful that his son is not “gone” and he doesn’t have to face never seeing him again, he is not prepared to deal with what must be dealt with.

In the classroom, after Matthew admits to Destiny that he is not “interested” in her the way he is in Becca in spite of the way Becca has treated him and the fact that Destiny has been nice to him, she tell shim she’s tried to be nice to him and does not appreciate what he said. Outside the classroom, Becca reminds Justin that maybe they should be nice to Matthew because his parents could get them in trouble. But he tells her that Destiny was bluffing only to scare them. They cannot get in any legal trouble and can do or say whatever they want.

In the classroom, Marcie asks the students what they thought of the story they read. Becca replies that she thought it was “lame”. In response to the usage of that word, Marcie asks her why she’d say it’s “lame”. Justin then responds that it’s not as lame as Matthew Buchanan. In response to that, the others laugh.

John gets on the computer and looks up the name Powell Lord, outside in the hospital hallway. Marty then goes in to see the patient in the padded cell, convincing the attendant that she is Jessica, his cousin. She enters and greets Powell while he sits on the floor.

Dorian tells Todd this is outrageous. He tells her he agrees. It should have been done weeks ago. She tells him that this was Blair’s greatest fear. He tells her that in that case, she should have chosen somebody other than the local serial killer to play step father. Dorian protests that John is not a serial killer and has been framed. Ray tells Todd that he is despicable to do this to his daughter. Todd then calls him Senior and tells him to mind his own business. Dorian, Ray and Téa stare coldly at him. He asks what is taking Starr so long.

In Starr’s room, she knows that Cole needs her help. She asks him if he might want to contact his drug counselor. He admits that he cannot face Rachel or Markko or Langston. He just wants to be alone with her. Right then, Todd pounds on the door and demands that Starr gets going. The door is locked. But they know that Todd might not let it be locked for long.

While in the car, Bo remarks that he’s glad that Rachel is back, knows how well she bonds with Matthew and asks Nora if her daughter plans to live in town. Nora replies yes. In fact she took a job as a substance abuse counselor. And if that is not enough, she has been assigned to Cole. Hearing hat, Bo realizes that they both have good reason to be furious that Nora’s daughter and Matthew’s sister is acting as an advocate for the kid who has permanently crippled their son.

In Marcie’s class, Destiny tells her that she thought that the kids on assigned reading were mean and she wonders how people can behave that way. The kids laugh and talk about how she’s a loser. They make jokes while staring at Matthew about how Justin may have “mis-spoke”. They talk about how somebody can “wheel” something in. Justin sends Matthew a note about having some fun with soccer after school.. Marcie ignores the remarks and asks if they believe that it’s people’s inherent nature to be cruel. Matthew speaks up and tells her he believes that people are, by nature, good most of the time. In response to that, Justin tells Matthew he has no “legs” to stand on in making that claim. Everybody laughs. Marcie demands they stop and tells Justin that he might find it really funny that he has to write a 3000 page essay. And if it’s not turned in by the following day, she will give him an F.

John looks on the computer and then in the file cabinet to find Powell Lord.

IN Powell’s cell, he tells Marty that he knows he has no family and nobody ever comes there because of a “bad” thing he did. She asks him if he knows what he did. He replies that he hurt a girl. He tells her that he wishes he could see that girl again. She asks why. He replies that he’d tell her how sorry he is. He tells her that if he could ever get out of there for good, he’d go and find her. She then asks him to look at her and tell her if he ever goes outside of there.

Todd pounds on the door demanding that Starr opens the door. She makes excuses for why she cannot, tells him that she feels kind of sick. She wonders what to do with Cole and now Todd can clearly see him in the room if he enters. Todd tells her he will kick the door open if she does not answer. Downstairs, Dorian tells Téa this is her fault. She failed to win the case for Blair. Téa then goes upstairs and tells Todd that he may do just as he threatens. He can kick the door down, grab his daughter and go.

In Powell’s room, he tells Marty that all they let him do is go to shower and eat. He tells her that they are afraid that he will hurt people. He used to but does not anymore. She then stands up and goes to the door. He then stares at her and asks if he is sure that he does not “know” her. She then asks him if he has no idea of who she is. He stares and she gets the attendant to let her out of the room. She then tells her that Powell did not remember anything. From inside the room, Powell admits that he knows that Marty is not his cousin. Marty then goes to tell John that Powell was very confused and did not remember anything. The attendant tells them they may come back the following day. Alone with John, Marty informs him that Powell said he did not remember anything. But she remembers him.

When the class is done, Marcie announces to the students that they better do the assigned reading. And she reminds Justin he has extra work. Alone with Matthew she apologizes for what has happened and tells him she knows all too well how kids have to pick on others in order to cover up their insecurities. He then goes to find Becca and tells her that he now guesses that when Justin said he wanted to be Matthew’s friend, he was full of it. He asks her if she is “full of it” too. She looks at him and does not answer.

Nora asks Bo if he thinks he is wrong to want to make Cole pay for what happened to Matthew. He reminds her that nothing that could be done to Cole will change things for Matthew. But he admits to her that it would be damn right to say that he is angry at Cole. He would not want to think of what he’d do to Cole if he saw him.

Outside Starr’s room, Téa tells Todd that if he kicks the door down, he might be able to give her and Blair what they want. He then realizes that she’d love to see that in order to re-open the case and win. So he tells Starr that he wants to be reasonable. At that point, Starr goes out the door and he follows her with Téa. From inside, Cole is having the shakes.

John asks Marty if she observed Powell as passive. She replies yes. But that does not mean he could not be the killer. She tells him that Powell is obviously pumped full of meds. HE talked about all the women he “hurt”. And he could very well be faking that he regrets it.. He tells her that he found out that Powell is not completely alone in the place as he confirmed to Marty. And he found out that there’s documentation that the doctor involved in his case was her.

Téa goes with Todd and the kids. Starr stays behind to make a call. Todd tells her to get in the car. She tells him that she is just calling to tell Langston good bye. Meanwhile, Cole is upstairs in the room. He gets a text from Starr. He is in real agony.

Matthew asks Becca if she wants to “do something” after school. But as soon as Justin asks her to come wit him, she replies that there is no point and asks Matthew what he can “do”. He is very depressed. Destiny stands by Matthew.

Afterr Bo admits that he is furious with Cole, Nora thanks him for admitting the same things she is thinking and feeling. Bo admits that he has had so many thoughts of going fishing and standing and doing physical activities with Matthew. But he knows that that will never happen. Nora cries and admits that she has so much rage. And the whole situation is so confusing. He faces her and tells her he knows. He admits that none of this turned out the way they thought it would. They face each other and look like they might want to kiss.

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