OLTL Update Wednesday 4/29/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/29/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jack goes to Starr’s room, accusing her of stealing his mp3 player. She tells him she’s sick and to go away. Jack pushes and says she’s faking so she can go to court. She replies that she is about to be sick again. Jack decides to leave. Starr tells Cole that Jack is gone, it’s okay. Cole wants to know when the DT’s are going to stop and Starr tells him with pills it can last up to 48 hours. He asks where she got her information and she tells him four different websites. She tells him he needs to start drinking water, it will help flush them out of his system and help him feel better. Starr’s cell rings and caller ID shows Rachel. Starr asks Cole who Rachel is and he tells her it’s his counselor. She hands him the phone and he answers. Rachel asks how he is and he says fine. Rachel wants to know where he is because his bed hasn’t been slept in and hopes he’s not at him mom’s. Rachel reminds him he has a drug test that day. Starr pushes more water on him. He tells Starr he’s stupid, that Rachel knew he didn’t sleep at the center. She didn’t say she was going to bust him though. Starr tells him it will be okay, that he just needs to drink some water, clean up and then go take the test when he feels a little better. Cole tells her Rachel is going to know as soon as she sees him. He tells her he’s going to run to the Palace; he has something that will take the edge off at him mom’s.

At the motel, Marty asks John if he wants to take a nap. He says no, he’s not tired. He’s busy watching the parking lot. Marty asks him what’s so interesting out there and why does he have a chair under the doorknob? He says he’s being cautious. Marty asks if he thinks the killer followed them to Rochester, New York and John replies with “No. But I’m wanted for three murders and the attempted murder of my wife. There will be an APB out for us. And with Rochester being so close to the Canadian border.” He tells her that he hopes that Bo called border patrol and she is confused. He says if he did, then they will be busy watching the border and he’ll hopefully be able to find the killer.

Téa wakes up and realizes she overslept. She wonders what happened to her wake-up call. Todd tells her he canceled it and she giggles. She reminds him he is due in court and he says they can wait on them; he’s not leaving right now. After sex, Téa reminds Todd that this doesn’t change anything; she still plans on coming after him in court. He tells her to do what she has to do. They verbally spar back and forth until the Sun is delivered and Todd shows her the front page. She’s sickened that he used his kids on the front page.

Dorian tries to reach Téa, but the operator won’t put her through. She tells Ray that Téa is refusing calls. He tells her she does have a court appearance to prepare for. He tells her that Téa will win, that Todd can’t possibly get custody of the kids. Ray suggests they all go get something to eat. Jack comes in and wants Dorian to help him with his diorama. She tells him she can’t right now and starts to suggest someone to help and he says “Grandma puts glitter on everything.” She tells him she was going to say Ray could help him. Jack tells her fine, he doesn’t want to repeat history.

John thinks the killer followed them to Rochester. They discuss possible suspects, ruling out Rosen, since he was in jail when Talia was killed. John rules out Todd, thinking he doesn’t have the guts. Leaving Powell Lord, Todd’s cousin. Apparently at one point he’d had a breakdown, committed some rapes and may have progressed to murder. He’s supposed to be in a place called Sitwell, on the other side of Rochester, John tells Marty. He’s supposed to still be there, but John wants to check on it anyway. Maybe he will have some insight. He tells her he’ll be back soon. Marty takes his keys and tells him he isn’t going anywhere without him.

Oliver tells Bo that surveillance cameras show a woman fitting Marty’s description go into the motel room but not leaving, but witnesses say that two people that looked like Marty and John left the parking lot. Bo asked if there was a definite ID and Oliver tells him no. Oliver asks Bo why John would leave behind a stabbed picture that implicates him. Bo responds that John wants them to follow up, that whoever the killer is, he is now after Marty.

Dorian goes to Téa’s, knocks on the door and tells her she knows she is in there, to open the door. Téa opens the door and greets Dorian. Dorian wants to know why she isn’t dressed; the hearing is in 30 minutes. She tells Dorian she’ll be there and Dorian says that while Téa gets ready, they’ll go over her attack plan. Téa says no, now is not a good time. Dorian wants to know who has been compromising her and the case.

Cole tells Starr he just needs one pill, and then he’ll be fine. He suggests that she take one of Dorian’s. Starr tells him no, he will go to prison if he doesn’t get off the pills and get better. Starr gets him to settle down and tells him a story, based on their romance.

Todd smirks when Téa finds out that their judge recused herself. She wanted to know why she wasn’t informed. Oh yeah, he had them hold her calls. Téa was ticked off. She tries to delay the trial but the judge refuses. Todd’s lawyer tells the judge that John is being investigated as a serial killer. After much mudslinging and verbal sparring, the judge decides that Todd has met the court’s demands and will take temporary custody of his children.

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