OLTL Update Tuesday 4/28/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/28/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.


Todd goes to see Téa, very confident that she will let him in. She tells him she is not going to sleep with him and is no longer his lawyer. He tells her he realizes that. And when he get awarded custody of his kids the following morning, he doesn’t want her to miss him too much.

Brody and Jessica kiss and he tells her he wants to make love to her.

Todd tells Téa that he can see that she is dressed up in formal wear and he knows it’s to see him. But she tells him she has plans. Right then, RJ Gannon enters and reveals that he is spending the evening with Téa. He asks her if she is ready. She gets up to leave with RJ Gannon.

Dorian and Ray are ready to go to the palace together all dressed up. Langston sounds like she wants to get rid of both of them so that she can be alone in the house with Markko. Markko enters and Dorian and Ray go out the door. As soon as they are alone, Langston and markko kiss.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Rex that “it was not supposed to be this way” It appears she’s working up to admitting to him what Stacy put her up to. Hearing that, he asks her if she means that it was a mistake to break up. Right then, a priest enters and asks Gigi how Shane is. She tells him her son is doing better. He tells her that he’s seen her in the chapel and knows that her prayers must be answered At that point, realizing what happened regarding Stacy right when she was last praying in the chapel, she tells Rex that she needs for the two of them to tell Shane that they are through.

Brody admits to Jessica that he’s spent a lot of time getting drunk and sleeping with women whom he did not know or remember after what happened in Iraq. So that means that he’s nervous since it’s been a long time since he’s wanted to be with somebody special to him. He tells her he wants her but only if it’s right for her.

While Starr observes Cole admitting that he needs his pills, he tells her that they are stronger than he is. She tells him that is not true. If it were, he’d be taking the pills in his pocket right now. And, she reminds him, his most recent blood test came back clean. At that point, he reminds her that he got Markko to take his drug test for him. And he tells her that that is what these pills do to a person. He endangered Matthew because of them and Matthew may never walk again. And because he could not deal with what happened, he had to take more. And every time he took another pill, he was spitting on Matthew and on her and on Markko and on Nora. SO, all he does is hurt people. He tells her that she needs to go to Mr. J. If that is really what she wants. He asks hr to look at him and realize that he is not worth it. But she tells him she refuses to leave him.

Téa and RJ Gannon ago to the palace and greet Viki and Charlie. Todd is nearby. Charlie notices him and asks Viki if they should invite her brother to join them. She replies that he must be kidding to imply that they should not be spending this time alone. Right then, Dorian and Ray Montez enter and greet them.

Gigi and Rex enter Shane’s room and appear positive for their son although they are having serious problems with each other.

Jessica and Brody get ready to make love.

Langston and Markko are doing the same alone in the house. But it is their first time. When he’s taking off his clothes and undressing her, she tells him that he should stop and maybe they cannot. He then pulls away and realizes that maybe she’s right. He tells her that he loves her so much but does not want her to do anything she does not want to do. He does ask her however, if they love each other an want to be together, then what exactly are they waiting for?

Starr tells Cole that she knows he did not want to do those things. He replies that he did them anyway. And it’s because, as he told her, the pills are strong. She tells him that he did not want to take the pills. He tells her hat he cannot stop. It does not matter what happens or who he hurts. She then asks him if he knows what that means. He has all but said the words. She then declares to Cole that he is a drug addict.

At the palace, Dorian introduces VIki and Charlie to Ray Montez. They greet him. She informs them that she and Ray are on a date. And she tells Viki that it may appear as a shock to her but she and David are through. Viki tells Dorian she has heard that from David and was thrilled that David came to his senses. Dorian then tells them that they will go and find their table. Charlie then warns Ray that he would not turn his back on Dorian if he were him. Ray asks him what he is talking about. Charlie tells Ray that Dorian is full of surprises. At that point Ray asks Dorian what that was all about. But before she can answer that question, she runs into RJ Gannon. She hugs him and introduces him to Ray. He informs her that he is spending the evening with Téa. Dorian asks him if he and Téa are dating. RJ asks her if that is going to be a problem. Dorian tells him of course not especially now that Téa will be her family’s lawyer. Téa then appears and warns Dorian that Todd is not far away. Ray asks Dorian if she’s going to let Todd spoil her evening. Dorian tells him of course not as long as Téa can win their case the next morning. Téa tells Dorian of course she knows she can win the case for Blair. But not far away, Todd sits at the bar and shakes up some drinks.

Langston and Markko remember how they planned to sleep together not long ago. They realize that maybe they should wait. But they’ve never defined how long they would wait. So maybe they have waited long enough. They both agree that maybe they have.

Brody and Jessica get naked and lie in bed together ready to have sex and are happy to be together.

Rex tells Shane that he and Gigi have to tell him something. Shane then asks if the doctor has told them that he cannot go home. She replies no. He then asks them what is wrong. GIgi then replies that when they go home, it will just be her and him. Rex will be going back to his old place. Shane asks his mom why. Is she breaking up with his dad? Gigi replies to her son yes. They are.

Starr tells Cole that she knows that he is stronger than the pills. He asks her if she will help him. He tells her he realizes maybe he should not be asking her for anything. She tells him it’s not that. She’s just not certain if she can help him. He tells her that his mom and John are running from the cops.. At that point, she agrees to help him. And she tells him the first thing she wants him to do is give her those pills. He hands the pills to her. She then asks him to admit to her that he has a problem. He then admits that he has a problem. She hugs him. She then tells him that he did it. He asks her what he did. She replies that he admitted that he has a problem. That’s the first step to solving it. And whatever they need to do, they can do it together. So she tells him that maybe they need to go and talk to his drug counselor together. But he informs her that his new counselor is Rachel Gannon, Nora’s daughter. She’s been great even after what he did to her little brother. She wanted to give him a second chance. Starr asks him why then he doesn’t want to take her with him to talk to Rachel. He tells her that he just wants to be with her(Starr).

Gigi tells Shane that nothing has changed. She and Rex will still always be his mom and dad and always there for him. But he asks why they are no longer together. Is it because he’s now sick? They both tell him no. It was in no way his fault. But he knows that as soon as he got sick, the two of them started having problems. He tells them that he does not get what they are trying to tell him. But she tries to explain to him that even when people love each other, sometimes “stuff” happens. He asks then what “stuff”. They reply grown up stuff. He asks them why they can’t make an effort to work things out. And neither knows how to answer that question.

Todd stands at the bar ready to mix drinks for all of the parties. Téa tells Todd that he must know that no judge will rule in his favor. He tells her that he is making a perfect martini for the perfect woman. He goes over and serves a woman standing by the lobby. Ray then asks Dorian if she wants to leave. She tells him no way. She is not going to let Todd Manning ruin their evening. He tells her he’s glad to hear her say that. She faces Téa and tells her that they really appreciate what she is doing. VIki sits at the table with Charlie observing them from a distance. Charlie asks if she is ok and remarks that she looks a bit distracted. Viki then admits that although Téa is with RJ, she is looking and thinking about Todd. RJ gives Téa her drink and tells her that she told him that everything with Todd Manning was under control. She tells him if course. When they go to court in the morning, Todd will not know what hit him, she replies. He reminds her that that is not what he means. She assures RJ that she is totally over Todd Manning. But he tells her he does not believe that. And sure enough, she continues to stare at Todd while he stands beside another woman.

Langston tells Markko that maybe they should set a date for him to “deflower” her. She tells him that even if it does not appear romantic, they don’t want to have the same consequences as Starr and Cole had He asks her how she wants to do what they intend to do. She tells him she has an idea.

Jessica admits to Brody that this is the first time since Nash died when she has been able to lose control in a good way and not be afraid. They are both happy. She tells him that maybe she is getting back to the person she was before Nash died But she admits that they have a problem in that they cannot tell anybody about them quite yet

Langston reflects to Markko that everything kind of started for them two years ago at prom when Britney kind of “forced” them to be together. They admit that they did not care for one another when they first met. And they want to celebrate their anniversary of when they met. He tells her that it’s a great idea but he does not know how he can wait that long.

At the palace, Ray asks Dorian what the “deal” was about Charlie warning him to watch his back. She tells him that Charlie has his own version of the truth and does not know how to answer Ray’s question about exactly what Charlie means. She admits to Ray that sometimes she does bad things. She asks him if that is a turn off. He replies on the contrary.

RJ asks Téa if he should leave. She asks him why he would ask that. He replies he can clearly see that Todd could are less if he is there with her or not. He’s not going to leave. And she’s not going to stop staring and thinking about Todd. She tells him that she is sorry if she ruined his evening. RJ tells her she must know that she could definitely do better than Todd Manning. She admits to RJ that once upon a time, she did. She kisses RJ. But she still has Todd on the brain watching him where he is. The woman Todd is with asks him if he wants to get out of there. He smirks and tells her yes he does.

Starr tells Cole that they will work together on his situation. Just the two of them. She tells him that she won’t let him fail his next drug test or go to jail or use again. He tells her that he is so weak. She tells him he is not weak. He’s an addict. At that point, she gets ready to throw the pills in the river. But he tells her that he will do it instead. He grabs the bottle and disposes of his pills.

Brody tells Jessica he regrets dragging her into this. She tells him that she does not want to go and does not regret anything. But they cannot keep it a secret for long. And she admits that she wants to stay with him.

Shane cries after finding out that his parents are breaking up. But Rex tells his son that he can still be happy. He reminds him of when he got sick and was not certain what would happen. But then he got better. He can do the same thing in regard to his parents splitting up. It will be hard. But Shane can do it. They will both be there for him to help him get healthy and happy. Shane is already healthy. But now they will work on being happy. Rex tells his son that they both love him. Shane cries and reminds his father that they do not love each other anymore and it’s not enough to love him

Right then we hear music while GIgi and Rex are sitting outside their son’s hospital room, regarding each other coldly. Brody is happy to be with Jessica and happy alone when she’s not there. Langston and Markko are getting closer. Ray and Dorian are happily at the palace. RJ is alone observing Todd’s “companion’. Téa returns to her room alone and angry. Right then, Todd enters and kisses her. She lets him in and they go at it. Langston and Markko are happily together by the fire.

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