OLTL Update Monday 4/27/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie


Viki opens her door to see David Vickers. She hugs him and is happy to see him. She tells him she’s surprised to see him as she thought he’d gone back to Hollywood. He happily tells her that he is following his dream as she has encouraged him to do. Not having a clue what his new “career” is about, she asks him, acting all excited and happy for him. At that point, he finds out that she has no knowledge that he’s the new spokesman for “Have A Seat’ hemorrhoid cream.

Gigi goes and tells Brody that even though she is not ready to tell Rex the truth about how they made him believe they slept together, he may tell Jessica. She tells him that even if their relationship is ruined because of her sister, she knows he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty. She won’t let him sabotage his potential relationship with Jessica just because of Stacy’s threats. He then asks her why she was afraid to tell Rex what Stacy did now that they are no longer dependent upon Stacy for the bone marrow. She replies that Shane had a reaction that scared her. She knows that she better not mess with Stacy even if she does love Rex. She is at the mercy of doing what Stacy wants because Stacy is the only person with the bone marrow to save Shane’s life.

Roxy goes to privately talk to Rex’s biological father, telling him that he is trash and she wants nothing to do with him ever again. Yet, she knows that she might be dependent upon him if something happens to Shane again.

When Rex goes to see Stacy at Schuyler’s home to deliver the flowers that Shane asked him to give to her, Schuyler informs Rex that he finds what Stacy did at the hospital very strange. Rex asks him what he is talking about. He then informs Rex that he discovered a bag of blood that Stacy disposed of in her hospital room. Yet, “somebody” had bone marrow that was a match for Shane. Hearing that, Rex is very baffled and wants to know what is going on.

Starr and Cole are together at Buenos Dias when he’s having withdrawal symptoms from not having his drug for the first time.

Marty rides with John in his car while he flees the murder charges. He asks her if she really wants to be aiding and abetting a fugitive. He informs her that it’s not too late to change her mind. She tells him that they are both running . The only difference is he is running form a false charge. She is running from a serial killer. She tells him that she wants to help him find this guy. He suggests that she stay in a safe-house. She tells him she realizes she wont’ be of much help to him if she has to stay there. They both agree that they cannot abandon Cole. At that point, they are not certain what to do about her son’s drug issue.

Starr tells Cole that maybe they should take things one step at a time in finding out what really happened to Hope. At that moment, his phone rings and she goes to pay the check. As soon as Cole is alone, he pulls out the bottle of pills but then puts them back in his pocket. He answers his phone. It’s his mom who tells him that she wants to talk to him. He knows that something is wrong. She tells her son that she’s fine but realizes what she is about to tell him won’t be easy.

After Schuyler pulls out the bag of blood that Stacy disposed of to show Rex, he asks him if she’s crazy. Rex asks Schuyler if he is implying that Stacy threw away her bag of blood after she donated her stem cells. Rex tells Schuyler he doesn’t understand how that could happened. Schuyler then tells Rex he realizes that Rex does not know him, but he (Schuyler) has known Stacy for a long time. He knows that something is “off” with her allegedly donating her bone marrow to Shane.

When Roxy goes to confront Rex’s biological father, knowing he may be alive and all knowing, she remembers the “chipmunk” at the front desk of Angel Square telling her that maybe she should kill him. At that point, she believes that might be a bad idea.

Schuyler tells Rex that he finds something very odd and not accounted for about the time between Stacy allegedly donating her bone marrow and the time that it was transfused into Shane. He tells Rex that he highly recommends that he looks into it. Stacy then looks coldly at him.

When David tells Viki that he’s a spokesman for “Have a Seat”, she laughs and appears to have no clue what the product is. Hearing her laughing, he appears hurt that she does not take it seriously. He also informs her that he is vulnerable today because he and Dorian split. Hearing that, she tells him that she is sorry. He tells her he does not believe that she is sorry he broke up with Dorian. She admits to him that she’s glad he’s done with Dorian. She asks him if he still has a claim to take Asa’s money. He tells her that he wants to clean up his act and be honorable now that he’s found out that Bo is his biological father. Hearing that, she tells him she’s really happy that he’s made that choice. She also asks him about his Buddhist faith. He tells her that he is exploring his spiritual side.

Gigi tells Brody that she knows that God has forced her to depend upon Stacy. He tells her that maybe the reason he is alive and many of his buddies died is because of God; although, he has no faith knowing what has happened in Iraq. She tells him that maybe God has intended for him to be with Jessica even if things are not working for her and Rex. He tells her that he knows that God will get her back with Rex. He will not let Stacy get away with what she did to hurt a wonderful woman like Gigi and the man she loves.

Roxy tells Rex’s biological father that she is worried that he might jump out of the bed to kill her, or Rex, or their grandson. She informs him that she already told Rex that she killed his father, and now she is just finishing the job. She then pulls out a diagram of life support systems.

Schuyler tells Stacy and Rex that she lied to him and told him that she threw something in the biohazard waste. He then found out that it was her blood. So it would have to have been her stem cells that she threw out. She protests to Rex that she knows that Shane got the stem cells. Rex confirms that his friend, Michael, was the doctor who performed the procedure, and he would know if something was not right with the Stacy’s stem cells. At that point, Schuyler tells Rex he realizes that a doctor would know. That only leads him to believe that it was not Stacy’s bone marrow that was administered to Shane.

After Gigi leaves Brody alone in his apartment, he contacts Jessica and informs her that he needs her to know that he and Gigi did not sleep together.

When Marty calls Cole from John’s car, he asks her where she is and offers to come with her. She tells her son that she has to go with John, and he needs to continue his drug treatment. She tells her son she loves him more than anything else in the world, and if anything happened to him she would die. She urges him to trust her.

While Cole is talking on the phone and Starr is alone at the table without him, she notices the pills he has in his pocket. She is horrified.

Cole urges his mom to be careful. She promises her son that she will and urges him to stay clean. They say their good-byes. He then returns to Starr. She pulls out the bottle of pills. She tells him he has lied to her for the last time. She no longer believes a word he says to her. She then tells him that she is done with him and storms out the door.

After Brody informs Jessica that he and Gigi did not sleep together, she tells him that she knows what she saw and so did Rex. He tells her that he and Gigi staged the whole thing for Rex to believe that they were sleeping together. She asks him how or why they would stage it. He replies they did it to save Shane’s life.

Roxy looks at the machines that are keeping Rex’s biological father alive, and she tells him that she is not as stupid as he thinks she is. She knows how to end him.

After Schuyler tells Rex that he knows there is something fishy about what Stacy allegedly did, Rex tells Schuyler he does not know why he would say these things about Stacy. He knows that his son’s aunt went to the hospital and risked her health and safety with needles that scared her in order to save his son’s life. Maybe, he suggests to Schuyler, he’s bitter that his ex-girlfriend rejected him and wants to make accusations about her. But he won’t let him do this to Stacy. He tells him that regardless of what Schuyler may think of her, Stacy did a beautiful thing. He then tells Schuyler that he and Stacy are going. They go out the door together. Rex tells Stacy that he is concerned about this guy whom she is staying with who is walking around with a bag of blood making these wild accusations of her. He appears protective of Stacy. Rex observes Gigi in the hallway talking to Brody on the phone. Once again, it appears to him that she and Brody have some “secret rendezvous” going on.

Roxy tell Rex’s biological father that she knows how to turn off his life support without setting off any alarms. She looks at the instructions, and she turns off the machine. At that point, it appears that he is dead.

Brody tells Jessica that he knows that the day she discovered him with Gigi, she was coming to tell him that she wanted to start something with him. He knows that she is lying if she says she doesn’t have feelings for him. She then sits and listens to him. He tells her that Stacy, Gigi’s sister, “has it bad” for Rex. Shane is in desperate need of bone marrow. Stacy happens to be the only suitable donor. Stacy told Gigi that she would let Shane die if Gigi did not break up with Rex. Hearing that, Jessica tells Brody he must be kidding. He tells her he wishes he was. He tells her that Gigi was desperate and asked for his help. He could not say no. He loves Shane and had to do whatever he could to save him. Any person with kids must understand what that’s like. At that point, she looks at him indicating that she really understands and feels his pain.

Viki ask David if he’s seen his father, Bo. He tells her that he just came by for a short time to see Dorian. He does not believe that Bo wants to “play dad” with him. She tells him that may not be entirely true. But he tells her he knows Bo would not be impressed by his hemorrhoid commercial. Viki then tells David she believes that Bo could use all the support he can get right now. She asks him if she knows what happened to Matthew. David admits that he does not. Viki then informs David that Matthew was the victim of a tragic accident when Marty Saybrooke's son, Cole Thornhart, transported him while under the influence of drugs.

Starr runs off to the docks. Cole follows her and tries to convince her not to give up on him. She tells him that his lies, his habit of making excuses for everything, and never accepting responsibility for anything reminds her all too clearly of somebody else she knows. She is ready to spell it out to Cole.

After Rex leaves Schuyler and Stacy’s home, she tells him he must really hate her to be "spilling the beans" to Rex about the situation. He tells her he does not hate her. He wants to save her from losing herself over this guy.

Starr informs Cole that Schuyler stole drugs from his mother’s hospital office. Her father was going to blackmail Dr. Joplin by threatening to get her son in trouble for that. That is the reason why their baby died. Cole tells her that he can see that she got too close to her teacher.

Stacy tells Schuyler that with his crazy behavior of following her to the hospital and stealing a bag of blood and showing it to Rex indicates that he (Schuyler) is insane. He tells her that maybe he is crazy to believe that this sweet and loving girl he knew long ago in Las Vegas would come back. Maybe that girl never existed in the first place. Maybe it was only his drug induced delusions that saw her as a good person.

In response to Rex accusing Gigi of having a thing with Brody, she reminds him that she can’t trust him when she caught him in bed with her sister. He then informs her that her sister is forced to live in this little room in Angel Square with her ex-boyfriend. This crazy guy followed Stacy around and took a bag of blood out of the hospital in an attempt to accuse her of failing to donate the bone marrow for Shane.

Roxy tell Rex’s biological father that if he’s dead, the world will be a lot safer, and she walks out the door. She then disposes of the papers in the trash.

Rex tells Gigi that he does not buy or appreciate her telling him that this whole thing started because she could not trust him. He walks off. Alone, she cries.

Right after Roxy has left the private hospital where Rex’s biological father is staying, an attendant enters and reveals that the patient may be alive.

Schuyler pulls out suitcases while Stacy sits on his couch. She asks him where he is going. He informs her that she is leaving his home. He is kicking her out.

Brody tells Jessica that he would never do anything to hurt or deceive her. He does not intend to sleep with another woman. Gigi is his friend and they are both at the desperate mercy of a malicious person to save Shane’s life. He moves closer to Jessica and reminds her all about the time they’ve spent together in St. Anne’s getting to know each other and helping each other. He believes that she understands him better than anyone. She then tells him that she believes everything he said. She knows how he loves Gigi and Shane and would do anything to save a child who is just like his own. At that point, it appears that Jessica and Brody are getting closer and ready to kiss.

Starr cries and reminds Cole that he drove under the influence and has crippled a little boy she’s known all her life. If that isn’t enough to get him to stop using, what is? She asks him to please tell her that he has not been high this whole time. He turns away and admits that he has been high and has fallen off the wagon, and it was more than once. They both cry. She asks what caused it. Was it because of her or something she said or did? She demands no more lies, and they can find out what happened to their daughter. They used to be able to trust each other. He admits to her that he never stopped using.

Stacy asks Schuyler where she is going to go if he kicks her out of his home. He tells her that he’s already kicked drugs. He thinks it’s time he gets another monkey off his back, and that would be her. At that point, she’s alone in the hallway.

Rex comes out of Shane’s room. Gigi is there. He smiles at her for the first time, encouraging her to know that their son is going to be okay. But Gigi knows that she cannot get close to Rex.

Roxy gets a call from a nurse who informs her that the “mysterious patient” died of natural causes and she is sorry for Roxy’s loss. At that point, Roxy believes it’s finally over. The nurse informs “somebody” that she told Roxy what Roxy wanted to hear.

Jessica and Brody kiss and declare that they are ready to have a relationship.

After Viki encourages David to go see Bo, he asks her what to do in case he chickens out. She tells him she knows that he will think of a way to succeed. She tells him that she is not sorry that he’s done with Dorian, but she’s very proud of his new career.

John and Marty are in the car heading out of town. He tells her that as soon as he knows she’s safe, he’ll bring her back to her son.

Starr questions Cole about why he continues to get high after what he’s done to Matthew. Doesn’t he know he will go to prison if he violates his probation and gets into more trouble? She demands to know what is wrong with him. He then admits to her that he has a problem and he cannot stop.

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