OLTL Update Friday 4/24/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/24/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

John goes to investigate the places in Angel Square where murders may have been committed and notices a photo of Marty with a knife in it. He walks around in the dark with a flashlight.

Downstairs, Fish and another cop go to ask Roxy if she’s seen John. She firmly tells him that if John were there, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to get caught. Right then, the lab technician who is helping Roxy keep her secret about Rex’s biological father enters to discuss the secret. Right then, Rex enters and asks them what they are talking about.

Jessica goes to Buenos Dias and runs into Gigi, who again attempts to explain to her that she and Brody are not “together.” Jessica tells Gigi she wants to wash her hands of the whole thing and that she and Brody are just friends. Jessica notices Jared sitting by himself. She asks where Natalie is. He tells her that Natalie was “pretty mad” when she found out that Brody supposedly cheated on Jessica. Jessica then asks Jared to tell her that her sister did not go to confront Brody. Jared replies that he wishes he could. Right then, Natalie goes to find Brody and punches him in the stomach. At another table, Starr and Cole wonder how they can uncover the evidence about what really killed baby Hope. She tells him that there’s a lot that any DNA test can tell somebody.

Fish is looking for John, as per Bo’s orders. He goes right outside the room where John is. The other cop stands by Fish and they hear a noise from inside while John sneaks out the window with evidence he believes will work.

After Rex enters and asks Roxy what she and the lab technician are talking about, she tells him that they were merely talking about Shane. Hearing that, he asks her what they are alleging about Shane. Isn’t he going to be ok and has not rejected the bone marrow transplant? She tells her son of course.

Schuyler admits to Stacy that he has uncovered the bag of blood that she disposed of after supposedly having the test done. He asks her why she gave the blood when she didn’t let them donate it to Shane. If she did not give him the transplant, he asks her, then who did.

After Rex questions Roxy and the lab technician, Roxy wants to distract him by suggesting that maybe they slept together. Rex then tells the two of them he’s not really concerned. They notice that he is carrying flowers. Roxy asks who they are for. Rex replies they are for Stacy. At that point, Roxy’s smile vanishes. Gigi appears and she is equally not ok with Rex’s “gratitude” toward her sister. She discusses the situation with him about how it is that she caught him in bed with Stacy. He tells her that they’ve already been over it. She obviously doesn’t trust him. He is not interested in Stacy. He is giving the flowers to Stacy because Shane asked him. He reminds Gigi that for a person who just slept with her old boyfriend, she sure has lot of gall to judge him. In the other room, Roxy and the lab technician talk about how he has to get back to work and how she has to let him stay in one of the rooms

In Schuyler’s apartment, after he asks Stacy why she gave blood yet threw it away, she gives him excuses that he does not buy. He tells her that he has all the evidence about her “donation” right in the bag. He knows she’s lying about something.

Rex can tell that Gigi resents his giving Stacy the flowers. He reminds her that maybe Stacy deserves a little courtesy and respect since she saved Shane’s life, and why does she care what he’s doing with the flowers anyway? Isn’t their son the most important thing? What is she is doing there, anyway? Is she there to see Brody? She cries and tells Rex that she just doesn’t want to see him hurt. He hasn’t a clue what she is talking about; believing that she willfully dumped him and slept with Brody. He goes upstairs. At that point, Roxy comes down and tells Gigi that she is on her side with not letting Stacy get what she wants. Rex knocks on Schuyler’s door and asks for Stacy. She then tells Schuyler if he breathes a word about this to Rex, she will kill him.

Starr and Cole debate about how they conduct their investigation secretly. She tells him that Mr. J. is very capable of helping them.

Jessica and Jared discuss the fact that it appears that Jessica caught Brody sleeping with Gigi. He agrees that if it happened, she has every right not to want to see Brody again.

Natalie tells Brody that he owes Rex since Rex let him off the hook for almost killing him. Yet, he sleeps with Rex’s fiancé? He alleges that he cares about Jessica. She asks how he can hurt her like that. Brody does not know how to answer Natalie’s question.

At Buenos Dias, it appears that Cole is having withdrawal symptoms and hot flashes from not having his drugs. It appears that Starr knows exactly what is going on with him. Hew tells her that he is not high or withdrawing, but he is visibly sweating. He then asks her if she believes that examining the lock of Hope’s hair for DNA could give them some answers. He takes his hands but notices his palm is very sweaty. He then tells her that maybe they should get to the hospital before the lab closes.

Gigi tells Roxy that she is not going to tell Rex the truth. She realizes that she made a deal with God, and maybe it’s the will of God that Stacy’s bone marrow would save Shane’s life. Knowing that Stacy’s bone marrow did not save Shane, Roxy almost lets Gigi know that she knows differently. She tells Gigi that regardless of anything, she needs to know she and Rex are meant for each other. She tells Gigi that she’d better go and let Stacy know that she owes her nothing and tell Rex that she was not “bumping units” with Brody. Right then, Jessica enters and eyes Gigi coldly. Observing her, Gigi tells Roxy that it’s obvious to see Jessica also judging her for the situation. Roxy firmly tells Gigi that she need not blame herself for anything. Stacy is the one who has done wrong.

When Rex enters to give Stacy the flowers, he makes it clear that he is merely the “delivery person” who is doing what Shane wanted. She sounds gracious in telling Rex that she is so happy that God answered their prayer. Overhearing their conversation, Schuyler knows that she is lying and scamming. Stacy then asks Schuyler if he should be somewhere. Schuyler listens intently to the conversation and reminds Stacy that maybe she should put the flowers in some water so that they don’t die. He asks Rex if he was actually in the room to witness Stacy having the procedure that saved Shane. Rex asks him why he is asking.

Brody tells Natalie that he swears that he would never do anything to hurt Jessica nor Rex. She asks him why he slept with Gigi. She tells him that he is really screwed up. Her sister really, really liked him, but he jumped in the sack with Gigi Morasco. Noticing that Brody offers no explanation for why he did it, she concludes that she is so grateful that her sister found out what kind of a scum he is before it was too late. Jessica could have been devastated and sent right back to St. Ann’s. Brody must know what he did to Jessica. Brody tells Natalie that he’s very grateful that Jessica has a sister who is watching her back. Right then, Jessica enters overhearing their conversation.

Starr and Cole go to the hospital and start their investigation of the death of baby Hope.

John goes to find Marty. She asks what he is doing there and reminds him that there is an APB out on him. She tells him that it is all over the news that he’s on the loose, considered armed and dangerous. He’d better be careful. He tells her that he had to find her and show her something. He gives her the picture of her with the knife.

Right then, we see a faceless person delivering room service right outside the door.

John tells Marty that either the person with that poster in his closet is ready to kill her or maybe he just wants to frame John for the crimes already committed.

Starr and Cole go to see a lab technician about examining Hope’s lock of hair. He tells them that maybe they could find out a genetic pre-disposition of something. Starr tells him that she bets it’s very rare for him to have people come and make such requests. He said he recently had a similar request. He is the same technician Roxy and Stacy have asked to cover up the secret about Rex’s biological father and who performed the DNA test for Natalie and Jared.

Jared enters Brody’s room and tells Natalie she needs to let Jessica and Brody talk privately. She concludes to Brody that she realizes that maybe he is not interested in her. Maybe he sees “Tess.” He tells her no, and he wishes that he could tell her what really happened.

Downstairs, Roxy demands that Gigi go upstairs and tell Stacy that she loves Rex and Stacy will never have him. She’ll tell Rex the truth about what happened and Rex will kiss her and declare his love for her right in front of Stacy. Stacy will get the message and go away. Gigi tells Roxy that she will do it before she loses her nerve. Rex goes outside the door of Schuyler’s place. Stacy walks him to the door and hugs him. Gigi enters to see it, and she remembers Stacy warning her that she’d better not get too confident when Shane might need another transplant and she’s not there to give it to him. She remembers Stacy telling her that she’d better not “mess with God.” She chickens out from confronting her sister and telling Rex the truth.

Marty tells John that she does not want to worry her son about what might be happening to her. He’s been through enough.

Starr and Cole ask the lab technician to examine Hope’s DNA sample, and she asks him not to tell anybody. They want to have their privacy.

Natalie admits to Jared that she punched Brody, but he probably felt nothing with his six-pack. He laughs and tells her that he believes that Brody deserved it with what he did to Jessica. He also reflects to her that she really appears to want to keep the secret that Chloe is really Starr’s baby.

Right then, while Starr and the lab technician leave Cole alone in a room in the hospital, he yet again, notices a table with drugs. He puts some prescription painkillers in his pocket, while unseen.

Roxy then remembers going to confront Rex’s biological father after she believes Shane is ok and no longer in need of him, and she recalls a hand reaching up to choke her. She tells her stuffed chipmunk that she needs to do something. She hears him reply that what she now needs to do is pull the plug on Rex’s biological father.

Brody attempts to explain to Jessica what happened. She tells him she does not want to get into it. Right then, Gigi appears and tells Brody that she wants him to tell Jessica the truth. He then asks Jessica to go inside the room so that Gigi can tell him what she needs to tell him. Gigi then tells him that she is officially “giving him permission” to tell Jessica that the two of them never slept together. She firmly tells Brody that even if her sister has trashed her and Rex’s life, she’s not going to let Brody’s life get ruined too, so he must tell Jessica what really happened.

Natalie tells Jared that she believes that they must now keep the secret from Starr and Cole. He asks her if she really thinks she can go through with that. She firmly tells him that Starr and Cole have “made peace” with the loss of their baby. Right then, Starr and Cole walk into the diner. Cole is having the shakes and tells Starr he has to “go somewhere.” He goes and pulls out the bottle of pills but also notices the appointment card he has with the drug treatment facility.

Marty and John leave the place where she is staying. The mysterious unseen person gains entry.

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