OLTL Update Thursday 4/23/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

David comes to surprise Dorian. He indicates to her that the photo of her kissing Ray Montez did not amuse him. He notices that Ray is standing beside Dorian when he comes to surprise her.

At the station, everybody is mourning the loss of Talia. Fish tells Bo that they must find who the stabber really is. They both admit they have no leads.

Rachel announces unexpectedly to Nora that she just got a job as a drug counselor. Cole is her first client.

Starr and Langston appear confident that Lola cannot hurt any of them, but is that really true?

Markko seems to know that Lola has overheard him admitting to Langston that he helped Cole falsify the drug test.

Teá and Todd have sex in the courtroom. While Teá is getting dressed, she gets a surprise visit from RJ Gannon.

Todd goes to inform Blair that John no longer has any power nor will he keep custody of the kids. She asks Todd why he'd say such a thing and why he appears so confident. Todd replies that John was arrested for murder.

John goes to find Michael, sneaks up behind him informing him that he broke out of jail and that he needs his brother's help.

Langston and Starr talk about how Markko is the "one and only" for Langston and about their plans for Langston and Markko to go to the prom together. Lola eavesdrops upon their conversation from the top of the stairs. She also overhears about Starr's problems with Cole and about Mr. J's suspension from his job. Right when Starr leaves, Lola comes down and asks Langston how Markko will be able to attend a prom from jail. Langston demands to know what she means. She replies that she knows that Markko helped Cole falsify his drug test, and Cole's drug counselor knows all about it.

David and Ray both stand near Dorian. She wonders how to explain each to the other.

After Langston finds out what Lola did, Langston lashes out at her calling her a nasty spiteful little bitch. Right then, Ray comes out and demands to know what is going on.

At the Buenos Dias, Markko informs Cole that he intended to keep the secret for him about his drug test. Langston demanded that he tell her. He now figures out that Lola must have overheard and is probably going to report that. Cole tells Markko that he's not worried. His drug counselor is going to give him a break.

After Nora finds out that Rachel is going to be Cole's drug counselor, she tells her daughter that she does not want her to do that. Rachel tells her mother that Cole needs help and she won’t cut him any slack. Nora does not accept that.

At the station, Bo and Fish talk about what they can do regarding what has happened to John. Right then, another cop enters to inform them that John has escaped from jail.

Michael asks John what he wants and why he'd escape from jail and go looking for his brother at the hospital.

Blair tells Todd that she is well aware that John is in jail, but regardless, on paper, Todd looks like an idiot. John, on the other hand is a good man and the courts will rule in his favor. Todd is confident that that will not happen

Michael asks John if there is nobody he can ask to help him. Can't Bo do something? John informs his brother that he knows he is being set up. He needs to find the real person who committed the crimes. Michael agrees to hide him in the lab at the hospital so that he can investigate.

After Bo finds out that John escaped from jail with the help of Antonio, he asks the cops to file a report. John then calls Bo. Bo demands to know where he is. He knows that John is busy doing detective work. He tells John that since he is no longer a detective he needs to let the cops do their job. Bo knows that John will not do that. He informs Fish that they will have to put out an APB

At Buenos Dias, Markko tells Cole that maybe now that he's clean, he and Starr can get back together. Cole is not certain of that. Right then, Starr enters. Coles sits beside her. They agree that they are going to find out together what killed their baby. She tells him however; before they do anything, she needs to know what is going on with his recovery.

After Ray hears the confrontation between Lola and Langston, Lola cries and acts as though she has been hurt. She tells her father that Langston has been really mean to her, hoping she can milk sympathy from him. He pulls her outside knowing that he she is up to something. She reminds him that he did not raise her. He makes it clear that he intends to be a father to her and see that she becomes an honorable person.

In the other room, David asks Dorian if she and Ray are shacking up. She tells him they are not sleeping together. She says that David is no longer available to her. He tells her however that he might plan on moving back to Llanview.

Todd tells Blair that John's fingerprints were on the knife that stabbed her. He might have been the one to stab her and kill the others. She tells him that is absurd. John would never hurt any woman, unlike Todd. She calls for the guard to get Todd out of her hospital room. Todd leaves but reminds Blair that the judge will side with him and she had better get that through her head. As he goes out the door, he runs into Michael. Michael hides John and as soon as they are unseen, he sneaks John into Blair's room

Nora asks Rachel if she has asked Matthew how he felt about her wanting to give Cole another chance. She replies Mathew is not who wants to get him in trouble; Nora is. Nora replies to her daughter that she's damn right that she wants to nail Cole and not cut him any slack. He has crippled Matthew. Rachel then reminds her mother that she hurt a lot of people herself, and without people giving her another chance, she would not have the life she has now.

Markko calls Langston to alert her that Lola has spilled the beans about the secret she knows.

When Ray is outside talking to his daughter, Langston comes out and faces her cousin but does not say anything. She goes out the door. Lola tells her father that she was lonely and maybe made some bad choices. She tells Ray that she feels bad, and she would like to do something for Langston and Markko. Ray then tells his daughter that she must remember that she is smart and beautiful, capable of being a good cousin and a good friend. She accepts what he says graciously and hugs him But as soon as she is alone, she confirms, smugly that her father does not know what she is capable of.

RJ Gannon talks to Teá and asks her if she has anybody in her life. She replies that she considered a man named Ray Montez, but it did not work. Besides, it appears that Ray may like Dorian more than he likes her. RJ then concludes that maybe it's just as well that she is no longer with a man who may be interested in Dorian, as the most dangerous place to be is competing with Dorian for a man.

Ray enters the house and lets Dorian and David talk privately. She reminds David that he made his Hollywood career more important to him than she is. He asks her how it is that she is not going to offer him support any more with his dream. She then reminds him that all he wants to do is to be the poster boy for a hemorrhoid remedy. He then reminds her that the reason he came there in the first place is to get an answer. Does she wants to stay married to him or not?

At the hospital, Michael helps John sneak into Blair's room wearing a doctor's coat and surgical mask. He then informs the two security guards outside the door that it is a new doctor who is there to change Mrs. McBain’s dressing and nobody is to enter while he's there. Alone in the room with Blair, John informs her that he does not have much time. He has to go on the run; he’s come to say good-bye.

Cole tells Starr that he's making progress and staying clean. He tells her that it's little consolation with what has happened to Matthew. She encourages him, however, to believe that maybe if he gets his life back on track then he can make it up to Matthew.

Nora tells Rachel that she is a little concerned about her helping Cole, but maybe she can support her daughter in her decision anyway. She asks Rachel if she's making certain that Cole is following all the rules. Rachel tells her mother of course she is. At that point, Nora accepts her daughter's decision and hugs her. Right at that moment, unexpectedly, Lola enters and demands to know why Rachel did not do something about Markko helping Cole to falsify the drug test. At that point, Nora stares in horror.

David asks Dorian just what is up with her playing tonsil hockey with this Columbian convicted murderer. She does not know how to answer that.

Bo admits to Fish that he does not want to see an innocent man behind bars. Fish asks Bo if that means that he intends to help John escape. Bo clarifies to him that they all have to do what they have to do.

In Blair's hospital room, she asks John why she doesn't have any say in the case against John. She knows that John would never stab her. She informs him that Todd came in and gloated, but she does not care about Todd. She only cares about what happens to John. He tells her that he needs to clear his name and get this psycho off the streets before he kills more people.

RJ tells Teá that she must know that anybody is better for her than Todd Manning is. They remember how jealous Todd was when he saw her with RJ. She admits that maybe she needs some sort of 12-step program to get over Todd. RJ asks if she might need a Manning anonymous meeting. Right then, Todd enters and is surprised that Randall James Gannon is still alive. He sits with Teá in the middle of him and RJ.

Cole asks Starr how they are going to find out information about Hope's death. Would she suggest Dr. McBain or Marcie? She replies that maybe she does not want to get them involved. She suggests Schuyler. He says no way to getting Schuyler involved.

Langston rushes to see Markko and they discuss how they believe that Lola wants to get him in trouble. He assures her that Cole informed him that Cole's drug counselor is not going to get them in trouble.

As soon as Nora overhears Lola telling Rachel that she happens to know that Cole falsified a drug test with the help of Marko Rivera, Rachel dismisses Lola. Nora demands to know if she is covering for Cole. Rachel tells her mother that Lola's accusation is pure hearsay. Nora tells her daughter that if she has any suspicion or information from any source that a client is using while on probation, she has a legal obligation to report it or she is in legal trouble with him.

David and Dorian admit that their timing is always off. They are not certain what they are going to do at this point. She tells him that she does not want to be the one to say what they are both thinking. He then tells her that he will; he announces that he is dumping her.

At the hospital, Michael gets a call from Bo asking him if he'd heard from his brother. Michael replies no. Bo informs Michael that John has escaped from jail. Michael tells Bo he has not heard that, and has not heard from John. Bo does not buy that for a minute and calls Fish to go to the hospital to look for John.

In Blair's room, John tells her that he is really sorry that he cannot be there for her and the kids. She tells him they will be ok. He needs to go and clear his good name and find the real killer; then he can find his way back to her. Right then, they kiss.

Rachel tells her mother that she is aware of the law and is making decisions about Cole's case as se sees fit. Nora reminds her daughter that she is putting Cole before her brother. Rachel tells her mother that what has happened to Matthew is done, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Now she is doing her job to help somebody with the same problem she got help with herself. Nora reminds her daughter that the next time Cole might kill somebody, and Rachel has to think about that.

Langston is unafraid of Lola's threats and ready to commit to Cole.

Dorian and David conclude that it's only their marriage that has ended. They will still always be Dorian and David. Ray walks past them and says excuse me as if he knows it's his cue to leave. David informs Ray that he was just leaving. He tells Ray that he must take good care of Dorian or he will break both of his legs. David then goes out the door and observes the plaque outside Dorian's house that says La Boulaie. He puts on his Hollywood shades and gets ready to go. Inside, Ray asks Dorian if she'd like to have dinner. She asks him if he is asking her out on a date. He replies yes.

Todd asks Teá if she's really considering getting back with that bozo RJ Gannon. He tells her that whatever is involved in that, he does not need her or her help with anything. He informs her that John has escaped from custody. He's very confident that he will get his kids very soon. Bo, Fish, and other cops rush into the hospital and into Blair's room knowing that Michael has helped John gain entry. He turns a guy around whom he assumes is John wearing a doctor's coat and mask, but he discovers it's Michael. John has already gone.

Right then, John sneaks into an Angel Square apartment with a flashlight. He notices a picture of Marty with a knife in it.

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