OLTL Update Wednesday 4/22/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/22/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda


Bo tells Antonio he's sorry about Talia. Antonio and Bo discuss murder suspects at the morgue. Antonio asks Bo if they have any leads, and Bo responds that they are holding John at the jail. Antonio later visits John in jail and tells him he doesn't think that John killed Talia. He tells him he needs to hunt down the killer and shakes his hand, slipping John a key. John tells Marty that Todd isn't setting him up, but Marty becomes angry and accuses him of defending Todd. Antonio goes back to the morgue to say goodbye to Talia. He holds her body and says he's sorry he didn't keep her safe. John uses the key to get out of jail and search for the killer.

At the courthouse, Teá has sex with Todd to stall him from going to the judge to try to get custody of his children. Marty walks in afterward and fires Teá as John's attorney. Todd chases after Marty, apologizing, but Marty doesn't want to hear it. Believing she is alone in the courtroom, R.J. Gannon startles Teá.

Ray tells Dorian that he promised Lola he would quit going after Dorian if Lola would stop going after Markko. Ray tells her he's interested in her, but the flirting and parenting thing is new for him. He says that he felt that if Lola spent time with Dorian it would be good for Lola. Ray asks why Dorian keeps finding reasons not to see David. David comes in and says he'd like to hear her answer.

Layla is upset that her best friend is dead. Christian puts in the video from Layla's birthday party that Talia had thrown for her. She and Christian watch and reminisce, remembering all the good times and how kind Talia was.

Lola tells Rachel about Cole's urine switch. Cole denies it and says that Lola is crazy, causing Lola to freak out. Rachel tells Lola to leave. She tells Cole that she's going to have Markko tell her if he provided the urine that Cole used. Cole admits that he had taken painkillers that the paramedic gave him after being knocked out. Rachel gives him a random urine screen slip and he turns over his painkillers to Rachel.

At Dorian's, Langston filled Markko in on all of Lola's psycho actions. She told him to be careful. Markko heads off to work, only to run into Lola, who threatens him and tells him he doesn't know how much trouble he's going to be in. Lola goes home to Dorian's and gives Starr and Langston the evil eye. Starr tells Langston that she thinks there is still something between her and Cole but isn't sure. Langston advises taking it one step at a time.

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