OLTL Update Tuesday 4/21/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/21/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

John lays on his bed in the jail cell, awake with his eyes open. Zach Rosen observes him from the adjoining cell and is very curious to know what he is “in for.”

Marty goes to the station and tells Nora she cannot possibly be prosecuting John for the murder of Talia Sahid. Nora grimly replies that she is.

Bo asks Cristian to come down to the station. When he arrives, Bo informs him of the tragic news about Talia. He tells him that he realizes that Antonio is away and they both know he will be devastated.

Langston and Markko inform Dorian that while they were away, there was a murder on the premises, and John McBain was arrested for the murder.

At the drug treatment facility, Rachel Gannon introduces herself to Cole as his new drug counselor and informs him that she is Nora’s daughter. Hearing that, he appears shocked.

Viki goes to see Todd at his office and tells him she would like to talk about Téa. He shows her the recent articles he has printed and appears unemotional. She tells her brother she wants him to stop what he’s doing to Téa. Todd appears cold and engrossed in work and wants to hide his true feelings for Téa.

Téa enters John’s cell and tells him that she will represent him. She tells him that he has to come up with some answers because the police have a very compelling case against him, and it will end up with him going down for murder.

Layla is in her bedroom with the dog leaving messages for Talia without a clue what has happened. She wonders where Talia is. She tells her in the message that Talia can’t be late because it will prevent Layla from having a very important interview.

Bo informs Cristian that Antonio is on his way soon. He asks Cristian if he can talk to some people who were close to Talia. Cristian asks how it happened and who did this. Bo informs him it happened on Dorian’s property in her pool. Bo admits they don’t know who did it.

Marty asks Nora how anybody could implicate Bo. Nora tells her that she does not understand, but it looks like all the evidence is stacked against John and he’s being framed. Marty asks Nora how Matthew is doing. Nora admits he’s not so good. He’s depressed, isolating himself, and not coping with being stuck in a wheelchair. Nora tells her that her daughter, Rachel, whom he really does open up to, has come home.

After Rachel informs Cole that she is the daughter of the DA and half sister of the boy whom he injured from driving under the influence, Cole asks her how she can be impartial when she obviously hates him. She tells him she believes she can work with him and make certain that he does not fool anybody.

Viki tells Todd she happens to knows that he wanted Téa to work against Blair and John, even though she’s representing them, by telling the court that their marriage is a fraud. Todd tells her it is a fraud. Viki tells him she knows that he told Téa that if she complied and helped him get custody of his kids, then he would sleep with her. Todd asks his sister if they talked about how Téa is in love with him. Viki replies that they discussed Todd’s enormous ego. Todd asks Viki if she is Téa’s mother. Viki replies that Téa grew up without a mother, as Todd knows. Téa has had to make it on her own. She is now trying to get over Todd and could do that if he’d leave her alone. She urges Todd not to take his anger toward Blair and his issue with Téa on John McBain.

Zach listens to John and Téa from his jail cell realizing that there is no evidence against him for the stabbing, and he knows that John is in trouble. John admits to Téa that he attempted to save Talia. She tells him she realizes that, but there were no witnesses. He asks her what motive anybody would believe he’d have for killing Talia. Téa replies that she can think of at least one.

Dorian asks why anybody would kill that very attractive young police officer, and what she was doing there anyway. She knows that John would know. She also observes that two people have been stabbed on the premises since Mr. Montez has been living there. She also reflects, “Thank God that Addie and the boys have been away.” She tells them that she was going to go to L.A. to be with David, but now she cannot go with this lunatic on the loose. She then holds both Langston’s and Lola’s hands and smiles while telling them she’s glad that at least these two girls are there. They indicate to her that they are angry at each other. Dorian asks them what is wrong. Langston replies that Lola tried to steal her boyfriend.

Rachel informs Cole that she grew up in California, She loves cats, and she has three rules. He asks her what they are. She informs him that the first is total honesty. The second is total commitment. She tells him that maybe other people in his life have cut him slack but she will not. He'd better step up, do the work, and not expect any help. The third rule is that he must comply with both of the first two.

Bo admits to Nora and Marty that they have no other suspect. Nora assures Marty she’s sure that somebody else will turn up, and she can’t see herself prosecuting John McBain. Right then, the Mayor appears and asks her “why the hell not.”

Viki tells Todd that he really needs to examine whether he wants to be such a dishonorable person as to snare Téa in his web. He asks her what he has to lose. He has no incentive to clean up his act for his kids. He can’t even see them. He also informs Viki that he and Téa spent the night in the web together, and it was she who did the “snaring”. He smirks as he admits that to his sister.

John tells Téa that he knows that Nora knows that he could not possibly be guilty. She asks him what will happen if the Mayor is pressuring her to build a case. He tells her that he believes that somebody has great motive to frame him for those murders. Hearing that, Téa concludes that he must mean Todd. John asks how it is that Talia, who is his friend, has been murdered and he is accused of killing her. Téa concludes that maybe it was Todd. Téa tells him that she would really like to believe that Todd is guilty. He asks her how she went from being Todd’s number one defender into wanting to see him fry.

Viki asks Todd if he is implying that Téa manipulated him. She asks Todd if he can’t see the power he still has over her and how he could hurt her. Todd informs Viki that Téa manipulated him to sleep with her and then refused to do his dirty work for him. Hearing that, Viki tells her brother she is very proud of Téa for that and she believes that the playing field has finally been leveled. Todd indicates that she really did entice him. Viki then concludes to Todd that now she’s seen that Téa is not the only one here who has feelings.

After Langston informs Dorian that Lola went after her boyfriend, Dorian tells Lola that it’s disgraceful to go after somebody who is already spoken for. Lola defends herself. Ray tells Dorian that Lola did not mean to do anything wrong. Langston then asks if making out with Markko and rubbing herself all over him is not wrong. Lola protests that she backed off when Markko told her he was not interested and committed to Langston. She did not realize it. Dorian reminds them that they took this girl into their house, and she pulls this. Ray tells Dorian that he did ask Lola to go and apologize to Markko. Markko informs him that she did come into the kitchen and informed him that she made a promise to her father, but she admitted to him that she could not keep her promise and ended up by attempting to make out with him.

Cristian goes to see Layla to tell her about Talia. She is in a rush to go to a meeting. She is carrying a dog that she has named C.V. after Cristian Vega because the dog, like the person ruins everything. She then asks Cristian if he’s not going to make a crude comment about how she is so desperate she needs a dog because she cannot have a man. She also talks about how she needs Talia to come home. Cristian informs her that Talia is not coming home. Hearing that, she demands to know what he means

The mayor tells Bo and Nora that they are both trying to defend a renegade detective who has violated his job too many times. Nora tells him she knows he wants to frame John more than he wants to find the real killer. The mayor then tells Bo that since the LPD refused to put out a press statement of its own, he’s gone ahead and done it himself. He pulls out the report about how John McBain has been arrested for murder.

Téa admits to John that she realizes she cannot be concerned about who did the stabbing but she needs to establish who didn’t. He tells her that he must get out of there so that he can find out who is doing all these stabbings.

After Markko admits to the others that Lola told him that her father asked her to promise him something, she admitted to Markko that she could not and she tried to seduce him. He tells them that he kept his mouth shut as she asked him to, but he knows that she is up to no good, and he would never keep that secret from Langston or from anybody. Hearing that, Ray tells his daughter that she has made a serious mistake. Lola then angrily runs out of the room telling them that they have turned her own father against her.

Rachel indicates to Cole that she can see right through any addict or anybody who is lying. Nobody fools her. She asks him if he really has been completely clean as his drug test shows. He tells her of course, the test came back negative. She tells him that if there is any evidence that he is using, he will go to jail.

Bo asks the mayor if he thought that he’d get his chance to put his own spin on things. He tells the mayor that all of his charges will go right out the window as soon as John McBain is cleared. The mayor asks Bo why he assumes that John will be. The mayor asks Bo if he believes that the media does not have the obligation to warn the public of what is going on in the legal system.

JJohn tells Téa he is concerned about what will happen when Todd finds out. She tells him she realizes that Todd will file a petition to get full custody of his kids as soon as he finds out what happened to John. However, she informs John, fortunately, there is a media blackout until Talia’s family has been informed of her death. In the meantime, they are hustling to get John cleared of all charges. She leaves, and encourages him to hang in there.

The mayor informs Bo, Nora, Fish and Marty that he has put out information for all people to access about what has happened with John.

Viki tells Todd that she knows that Téa must have gotten to him. Hearing that, he tells her that if she believes that Téa won, then they may go out and celebrate by giving Téa a bikini wax, on him. Right then, he gets a call. Immediately, he turns to Viki to inform her that now, as it has turned out, he no longer needs Téa Delgado.

After finding out that Lola tried to take Markko away from Langston, Dorian tells her foster daughter she knows how painful this must be to find out that a girl she’s been nothing but kind to would do something like that. She tells Langston she is fortunate enough to have a loyal and faithful boyfriend who would never cheat on her or lie to her. She smiles at Markko. Ray Montez enters the room and tells them that Lola deeply regrets what she did. Dorian tells him that his daughter must be embarrassed with herself being a “skanky ho.” Hearing that, Ray firmly tells Dorian he will not tolerate her speaking that way about this daughter. He admits to Dorian that he really does not know his daughter and has never had a chance to raise her or find out anything about her. Hearing that, Dorian does not blame Ray for what has happened.

Rachel tells Cole she knows all too well, from experience, that it’s very rare that addicts recover without having withdrawal symptoms when they’re forced to go cold turkey without their drug the way he has. Usually they become very sick and agitated and have many symptoms and urges to take another pill. That usually happens within 48 hours of treatment. He avoids her eye and tells her she must know that that has not happened to him. She tells him that the good news is those symptoms are never life threatening. People can usually get through them. She gives him her business card and tells him if he has any symptoms, he may contact her day or night. She tells him she looks forward to seeing him. He looks at her surprised and asks her if she means that. She replies that she does. He then asks her how Matthew is doing. She replies that she cannot talk about that, but if he wants to find out about Matthew, he may call him. When she opens the door for Cole to leave, Lola is standing there smirking. Rachel asks Lola if she can help her. Cole then stares coldly at Lola knowing she is up to no good.

Cristian informs Layla that Talia has been murdered. She refuses to believe that and tells him she has to get out of there.

After Todd gets the call that causes him to conclude to Viki that he no longer needs any help from Téa, she asks if she dares to ask him what has happened now. He replies that John McBain has now been charged with murder. She asks who John could be accused of murdering. Todd replies that he does not care, but he knows that no sane judge would award custody to an accused murderer. Todd goes out the door.

Marty goes to see John. Zach greets her and remarks that "Marty the party girl" still has bad taste in men. Marty asks John if Zach is not the killer, who is?

Alone with Ray, Dorian demands to know about his conversation with Lola regarding her issues with Langston and Markko. He tells her that it was between his daughter and himself. She then asks him if, after his daughter seduced her daughter’s boyfriend, he thinks that she does have the right to know some things about it. Ray then admits to Dorian that when he advised his daughter not to be taking her cousin’s boyfriend, Lola told him that she knew that he was doing something similar himself with Dorian, who is married. Therefore, he concludes to Dorian, he could not demand that this daughter be honorable when he could not be himself.

Langston and Markko are sitting on the steps very confident that their lives are going to be good and they need not fear anybody can hurt them.

Lola enters Rachel’s office when Cole is there. She tells her she happens to have some information that she feels obligated to report to those in charge of his drug treatment. Rachel asks Lola what information she has. Lola informs her that she happens to know that Cole got Markko Rivera to swap a urine sample with him because Cole was using and didn’t want to be found out.

John informs Marty that Téa believes that Todd is the culprit, but he knows that Todd had no motive to kill Talia. Marty tells John that Todd would probably want to kill all of the victims and frame John for it. John tells her that he does not believe it is Todd.

Téa and Nora talk outside in the hallway. Téa assures Nora that John is in good hands. Nora then tells Téa that she must tell her something secretly. She is very happy that Téa is helping John. Then she informs Téa that now the mayor has released a statement that will enable anybody with an internet connection to know that John has been charged with murder. Immediately, Téa knows that Todd will jump on that. She tells Nora she must rush off and do some major damage control. She walks quickly down the hallway and runs into Todd. He smiles and smirks at her.

Christian waits for Layla to return after giving her the tragic news about Talia. She then informs him that Talia wanted to name the dog Aziza, which means beloved in Arabic. She cries and Cristian puts his arm around her.

Bo and Antonio stand in the morgue with Talia’s dead body on the table.

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