OLTL Update Monday 4/20/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/20/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Gigi and Roxy stand outside the hospital room while Stacy is about to appear to play the hero. Gigi still has no clue that Stacy is not the real donor. Roxy tells Gigi she knows that Stacy is up to no good.

Inside Stacy’s room, Schuyler walks in and notices that she has tossed a something in a medical waste receptacle. He asks her what she was doing before he entered.

At Buenos Dias, Viki informs Charlie that Gigi talked to her about the situation Shane needs bone marrow. She doesn’t understand how Gigi and Rex could have broken up, but at least Shane will be ok. She also reflects that the christening of baby Chloe went really well and that Jessica is getting her life back on track. They reflect that Nora and Clint are having problems. Clint wishes Nora had come but she was too engrossed in work. Viki also tells Charlie that it appears that Nora and Bo might be getting closer. Charlie reflects that that might be the reason Clint is turning to Viki as he did the other night.

While Talia and Officer Fish are investigating outside of Blair’s house (John’s new house), Talia comes face to face with the stabber. John finds Talia floating unconscious in the pool and attempts to save her.

At the station, the mayor enters to demand that Bo and Nora arrest John for the murder of the two people and the stabbing of Blair.

Outside Blair’s house at the pool, Fish rushes to help John save an unconscious Talia, but they are worried that it might be too late. John tells Fish he can see that Talia is dead, and he reminds him that whoever did this may still be on the grounds, so Fish needs to go and check the perimeter. John then notices a ring on Talia’s finger that has a clue. Marty rushes outside and is shocked at what she sees.

Roxy remembers Stacy promising to pose as the bone marrow donor, save Shane’s life and keep her mouth shut about Roxy’s secret regarding Rex’s biological father. She tells Gigi that she realizes that she has good reason not to trust her sister. Gigi still believes that Stacy is the hero who willingly saved Shane’s life. Roxy urges her to see that her sister is despicable to wants to take Rex from her. Gigi then tells Roxy that maybe she will tell Rex about the compromise that Stacy forced on her. Roxy tells her that she wants her to get back with Rex and let him know that Stacy blackmailed her to break up with him.

Inside Stacy’s room, she argues with Schuyler that she is saving Shane’s life, but he knows that she has ulterior motives.

Roxy and Gigi go into Shane’s room to see Rex and Michael. They are all happy that it appears that Shane’s procedure was successful. Michael tells Shane that there is no guarantee of anything, but he is optimistic. They all talk about the power of positive thinking and of good fortune. After the pep talk from Roxy, Gigi is now confident that she can get back with Rex, but he looks coldly at her without a clue of what she has been forced to do by Stacy.

Schuyler tells Stacy that he knows she is only manipulating Rex into believing that she is a hero. He asks her if she thinks that Rex will believe that he owes her because of what she did for his son. He tells her if that be the case, then that does not make Rex her boyfriend. It makes him her bitch, and there is no honor in that.

After Talia's murder, Fish admits to John and Marty that, according to the police reports, John stabbed all of the victims.

After Charlie tells Viki he observed that she and Clint might have some sort of connection, she assures him that she and Clint are not getting back together. They are the parents of many kids but that’s all it is. Charlie admits to her that when he attended the christening, he felt like he was very unimportant to her. She tells him that she is sorry if she made him feel that way. He then reflects to her that when they first met, it was so simple. It was the two of them, without anybody else. When she discovered that he lied about Jared being a Buchanan, he went out of his way to get back into her good graces, and now he feels he has his hat in his hands. He tells her that he really believes that they have changed and he wonders if she can tell him what is really going on.

While Rex, Gigi and Roxy stand around Shane and happily celebrate how everything went well in his procedure, Shane asks where the heroic “Super Stacy” is. Roxy tells her grandson she will go and find his aunt for him. She hides her anger in his presence and goes out the door to find Stacy.

Schuyler asks Stacy if she’s going to trade her blood for a dude. She tells him that she saved her nephew’s life and it doesn’t matter how she did it. Roxy then enters. Schuyler tells her he is just leaving. Stacy asks Roxy what she wants. Roxy informs her that Shane got his bone marrow and will probably be ok. She reminds Stacy that she knows that Stacy could have cared less if Shane had died, and now Gigi no longer has to comply with what Stacy wants. Nothing will prevent Gigi from telling Rex what Stacy did. Stacy asks Roxy if she’s really that confident of that. Roxy tells her she is; Stacy is no longer needed and she can’t hurt or blackmail anybody anymore.

John, Fish and Marty realize that an unidentified stabber is still out there. Fish calls Bo. Bo asks him if he went to John’s house. Fish replies yes, and he nervously admits to Bo that there is a “problem.” Bo asks him what type of problem. Fish replies that they have an officer down. Bo informs Nora that Talia has been murdered. They don’t know what they’re going to do now.

At the pool site, Fish tells John that now that Bo knows that this has happened to Talia, the mayor will charge him with the murders and nail him. Marty agrees, and they both encourage John to flee so that maybe he can find the real killer, but John does not move.

Viki tells Charlie that he must know that she has a relationship with Clint as well as with Bo and Asa. He mustn’t be threatened by that.

Roxy goes to find Rex’s biological father. She swigs booze and tells him that she no longer needs the help from a miserable son of a bitch like him. Her grandson will be ok. She tells him that she is so happy she never has to look at his ugly worthless face again. It appears that his hand reaches up to attempt to choke her.

Stacy is putting on makeup and ready to leave her room. Schuyler asks her if she is going somewhere. She replies she’s going to see her nephew, but he knows that she is up to no good. When she goes, he knows that he can possibly uncover some evidence with the bag of blood that she put in the wastebasket.

Gigi asks Rex to step outside and is ready to tell him what Roxy has encouraged her to tell him. She believes that maybe now is the time to admit to Rex what Stacy put her up to. She believes they can get back together and rid of Stacy, as it appears that Shane is out of the woods, but not far away Stacy overhears. Right then, Shane yells to his parents that he is deathly sick. They rush in. Stacy opens the door and observes that they are all afraid that Shane may be rejecting the transplant. Michael rushes in to attempt to help him. Stacy eavesdrops at the door.

Roxy goes to see Rex’s biological father. She has a bottle of alcohol with her. It appears that the comatose person grabs her. The doctor comes in and tells Roxy she is drunk and lying, but Roxy seems to know that this “freak” is alive.

Charlie asks Viki if she thinks he wants to live in the Angel Square Hotel. He reminds her that he has spent most of his life as an outsider, a failure, and a drunk and now he is living one day at a time. Now, he is developing a relationship with his son. He is beginning to put down roots in Llanview, and he’d like to have a future with her. She tells him that she didn’t want things to move too fast. He tells her that he wants to live with her and wake up with her every morning for the rest of their lives. She tells him that she wants that too. She tells him that he may go to Angel Square and get his stuff tonight. He asks her if she is thinking of the two of them living together in Llanfaire. She replies yes.

Michael tells Rex and Gigi that things will happen, but they are “on it” yet they are very worried about the pain and the fever that has suddenly come over Shane. Rex asks Michael if possibly, the chemo will fail to kill the leukemia. Michael tells Rex he can’t go there. Right then, Stacy enters and tells Gigi that she must know it’s not good for Shane to see how freaked out his mom is. Gigi is distraught and afraid that an infection could kill Shane. Stacy then informs Gigi that she saw her with Rex, and it appeared Gigi might be ready to “break her solemn promise” She knows that Roxy is encouraging Gigi to do so. She then tells Gigi that if Shane needs another transplant and Stacy is not there to give it to him, then it would be all Gigi’s fault.

After the mayor finds out that now Officer Sahid has been killed, he tells Bo and Nora that they are worthless to let John stay on the streets now that he has killed all of these people.

Fish tells John that he must know that the mayor does not care who did this to Talia; he’s going to pin it on John. The real murderer is still out there, and John can't do anything from a jail cell. Marty tells John that Fish is absolutely right. John must “save himself” before the mayor nails him.

After Viki offers for Charlie to live in Llanfaire, he tells her that he could not imagine living in such a big and luxurious place with servants. He does not know how to act or exist in a place like that. She asks him if he wants to feel as though he’s “the boss”. He tells her he just wants to feel as though he is home. She tells him that for her, home is wherever he is. She smiles at him.

The doctor at the place where Rex’s father is staying tells Roxy that there is no way that this patient could have grabbed her neck. Roxy argues, but the woman tells Roxy she had better get out of there. Roxy tells her that she is out of there, but she warns the woman to watch her back.

While Shane suffers in his room, Gigi and Stacy observe him through the window. Stacy tells Gigi that if she does not comply with Stacy in order to save her son’s life, then she is messing with God. Gigi tells her sister that this has nothing to do with God. God would never let anybody as malicious and spiteful as Stacy have her way. God is about love. Stacy tells Gigi that she loves Rex, and God is not going to let Stacy go away. If Shane dies and Stacy is the only person who can save him, then his death is on Gigi’s hands and Gigi will have to answer to God for that. Right then, Rex enters and asks them if everything is ok. Gigi asks how Shane is. Rex tells her he’s ok now. Stacy then smiles and appears gracious. She tells Rex that she knew that her beloved nephew would be ok.

Viki asks Charlie if he’s ready to move into her home and see what it’s like. He asks her if he can bring some of his favorite CDs. She jokingly tells him no. She has all of the music he wants right in her house. She happily tells him that she is there for him, and she kisses him.

While Stacy is out of her room, Schuyler goes in and puts the bag of blood she threw away in his pocket.

Stacy joins Rex, Gigi and Shane. Roxy enters and is ready to party, assuming that everything is good, but they inform her that Shane had an infectious reaction to the treatment. Roxy then takes Gigi aside to talk privately outside. Stacy turns to Rex and appears gracious in telling him that she feels just terrible that this would happen to Shane. She tells him that if there’s anything she can do, she will. He is very gracious to her. Outside the room, Roxy demands to know why that worthless Stacy is in the room celebrating and being appreciated by anybody.

The attendant at the facility where Rex’s biological father is staying observes the patient and concludes that Roxy is crazy. This patient could not possibly do anything, but as soon as the door is closed, the shadow of a hand rises.

At the pool, the mayor arrests John for the murder of three people and the stabbing of Blair. Marty and Fish surround John, helpless to do anything for him.

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