OLTL Update Friday 4/17/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/17/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Starr appears by baby Hope’s gravesite to overhear Cole telling their baby that he needs to know why she died. She informs him that she heard that he wants to know and she will find out with him. He asks her why she has suddenly changed her mind when before she told him she wanted to let it go. He asks her what happened.

Marcie goes to visit Gigi and Shane in the hospital. She appears up beat and wants Shane to remember the fun they used to have with all the books she introduced him to. He admits that those were good times. But now all he can talk or think about is cancer. She tells him she knows. But he can take heart knowing there’s a donor now. At that point, Gigi cries and rushes out of the room. Alone with Shane, Marcie tells him she would not worry. His aunt Stacy will donate the bone marrow for him. He tells her that it’s not just that. His mom and dad are having serious problems and breaking up. Hearing that, it Marcie knows she has never heard that before.

Right then, Michael is ready to perform the bone marrow extraction for Stacy. She is very worried in her hospital bed. As soon as she is alone, she calls Roxy and demands that she hurries up and does what she needs to do so that she (Stacy) can get out of there. Right then, Rex unexpectedly enters and asks Stacy who she is talking to. Right then, Stacy puts down the phone not wanting Rex to know what is going on.

At the station, after Nora has informed Bo that the only fingerprints she discovered on the knife that stabbed Blair and the others were John’s fingerprints.

Right then, John enters his new home where he lives with Blair. Marrty enters and admits to him that she would like to talk to him about the Zach Rosen case.

Right then, BO informs Talia and Officer Fish that he has come up with the information that John’s finger prints were on the knife. But before they can respond, the evil mayor appears and demands that Bo tell him why he “kept the secret” from him. Bo asks what secret. The mayor replies that he means the fact that John McBain stabbed a woman and then had her marry him so that she could not testify against him. At that point, Officer Fish asks the mayor how John’s print could possibly be on the knife. He protests that he knows that John could not possibly have done that. He saved Blair and somebody is setting John up. Bo then instructs the two cops to get back to work and calls the mayor and Nora into his office to talk privately. At That point, Fish wants to take action in order to save John. But Talia reminds him that he has to let Bo handle this or else they could all lose their jobs.

In Bo’s office, the mayor demands that Bo tells him what kinds of secrets the cops have kept from him.

John informs Marty that he happens to know that Rosen is not the stabber.

Marcie goes to talk to Gigi privately and asks how it is that she is so upset and crying. Gigi does not want to answer the question and simply replies that she’s worried about her son. But Marcie tells her that what she wants to know is what has happened between Gigi and Rex.

Rex enters Stacy’s room, admitting that “Things between them are kids of weird”. IN response to that, she tells him that she wants to explain. She obviously has a trick up her sleeve to make him like her. He tells her that he is eternally grateful to her for saving his son’s life. But he says that in a very “non-romantic” way. He tells her he dos not know how he can make it up to her. She replies that they can think of something.

Right then, Roxy is working with the lab technician about how they switch the real bone marrow donor’s sample with Stacy’s so that Stacy does not have to have the procedure for nothing. Right then, they are interrupted by a doctor who demands to know what is going on.

At Hope’s gravesite. Starr informs Cole that at Chloe’s christening, it made her feel happy. The baby was surrounded by her entire family. Jessica let Starr hold the baby. And it made her think of the way things used to be. She has so much hope before Hope died. And she seems to know something.

Marcie tells Gigi she does not wish to be nosey. But she wishes that Gigi would tell her what is going on between herself and Rex. Gigi then asks Marcie never to tell Shane or anybody else. Marcie promises she will keep it private. Gigi then informs Marcie that she and Rex broke up and it’s over. But she cannot tell Marcie exactly what happened.

In Stacy’s hospital room, she tells Rex that it means so much for her to be able to save her nephew’s life. She appears happy and gracious. He tells her that he realizes that she is making a major sacrifice and he’s very grateful. She tells him she would do anything to save Shane. Right then, Schuyler enters. Rex notices him and there is awkwardness. Schuyler has flowers for Stacy and appears to know who Rex is although Rex has never heard of him. He and Stacy explain to Rex that they are old friends and Ex’s. Schuyler tells Rex that he knows how difficult this must be and he wishes Rex’s son well. He then tells them he has to go. Stacy smiles at Schuyler and thanks him for coming by. Alone with Rex, Stacy explains to him that she was desperate for a place to live and knew of nobody in Llanview except for her ex boyfriend. She had not choice after Gigi kicked her out when she had no job or no money. Hearing that, Rex tells Stacy he’s really sorry that that happened.

Marcie tells Gigi she really wants to know how it is that Gigi and Rex broke up. She knows that they have a good thing that cannot be ruined.

When the doctor enters to see Roxy talking privately to Rex’s biological father with this stranger person, she demands to know who he is..

Marty admits to John that when she noticed Zach Rosen’s face, the memory of the rape came back to her. John then concludes that something like that always stays with a person. And again he admits that evidence proves that Rosen is not the kiler..

Bo talks to Nora and the mayor and asks if the mayor wants him to charge John with murder. Nora protests that it’s impossible that John could have done it. The Mayor then concludes that the two of them are obviously covering for John because they are his friends. Nora asks the mayor how he could assume that John would kill two people, keep his fingerprints on the murder weapon and then stab his own wife. The mayor replies he is not assuming that. He knows it. The mayor then comes out to demand that Talia and Fish go to arrest John McBain and throw his ass in jail. Bu Bo instructs them not to move a muscle.

At baby Hope’s gravesite, Cole tells Starr that before their baby died, he thought the same as she did; that they could get through anything. Although he was angry at Starr for wanting to give her up to adoption, he believed the day baby Hope was born, things were way better than they are now. She informs him that Marcie was at the christening. Cole asks if Marcie lost it. Starr replies no. She kept it together. Cole admits that sometimes people can get to that place where they are at peace with stuff. Starr informs Cole that Marcie is back with Michael and getting on with her life. She obviously wishes Hope could have lived. But she’s at peace with the situation. She then tells him that maybe if they could find out how it is that Hope died, they could move on and maybe there would be peace for them.

The doctor at the place where Rex’s biological father is staying demands to know whom the strange person is(the lab technician). Roxy tells her that he is her nephew who is there to accompany her and offer her some moral support and some help in talking to her son’s father. The doctor does not buy that. She then leaves. Knowing that ‘the patient” has no brain activity, she hasn’t a clue why it would matter if a “family member” comes with Roxy to see her son’s father. She leaves. And when they are alone, hey successfully collect the sample and head back to the hospital to save Shane.

Gigi explains to Marcie that she is back with Brody. But Marcie does not buy that and knows that Gigi is only in love with Rex. Right then, Schuyler enters and asks GIgi if she is the mother of Shane. He’s a friend of her sister’s, he informs her.

Stacy tells Rex that if Gigi is ready to get “pay back” upon the two of them for what “they did”, then Rex deserves so much better. Rex thanks her for saying that. Right then, Gigi enters and looks coldly at the two of them. Stacy faces her sister and looks smug.

Fish asks Bo and Nora why it is that the mayor would want to believe that John would stab and kill anybody. And are Bo and Nora going to let John get nailed for a crime he did not commit? Nora tells them all that it’s obvious that John has no motive.. But Talia tells them that she realizes that there is evidence stacked against John.

John admits to Marty that he is not confident that Rosen is the one who killed the two people and stabbed Blair. She asks them who does he believes did. He admits he does not know. She tells him that she is confident that he will find out and get to the bottom of this.

And right then, from outside the house, it appears somebody is spying upon them.

Cole asks Starr if she believes that there really is hope for them. She admits probably not. Too many bad things have happened. His mom, Matthew. And they both need to feel better. He tells her that he knows she has been through hell also. So why has she not flipped out? She replies to him that she did flip out only in a different way. She tells him that going through the pregnancy was hard but she believes that giving the baby to Marcie was the right thing. He tells her that he really failed her. But she tells him that he was there for her. And now she wants to be there for him and find out how their baby died. He then asks her if she thinks she can handle that. She tells him she does not know. But maybe if they can find out what happened to their baby, it can bring peace back to them and she really wants that. He tells her he wants that too. And he always will be there for her. She then tells him that there is one more thing. They are the only ones who can know that they are going to find out what really happened to Hope.

Roxy rushes to see Shane, very happy that she’s finally “gotten the goods”. She asks Shane if he’s ready to “kick some cancer butt”. Outside the room there is tension between the lab technician and Schuyler.

Inside the room where Stacy is going to have the procedure, Gigi asks her if she is almost done. She tells Stacy and Rex that all she wants is for Shane to get better. That is all that matters. Rex asks her if there is really “nothing else”. She does not reply. Right then, Michael is ready to go through with the procedure. Knowing that this is it, Stacy demands that Rex tells her where his mom is. He asks her why she needs to know the whereabouts of Roxy. Stacy does not know how to answer that. Rex, GIgi and Michael all believe that Stacy is the one who must save Shane’s life.

Talia informs Bo, Nora and Fish that she heard from John right before the stabbing. Nora then tells them that maybe they should get a court order to search the premises for evidence. Bo tells the two cops that they need to find John, bring him in and not let him talk them into any more shenanigans. Alone with Bo, Nora asks him what he thinks has happened. He tells her he hasn’t a clue but knows that somebody is setting John up.

Marty tells John that Cole has informed her that he believes that Starr has been “involved” with one of her teachers. And wouldn’t he just have to be the son of Dr. Joplin. And right then, they can hear the noise from the unseen person outside and ask what that was.

Roxy appears unusually happy and confident to Shane. He does not understand why knowing how upset and fearful she was before. She then rushes out to talk privately with the lab technician. She gives him the instructions as to what to do so that she can privately give it to Stacy to pass off as her own bone marrow.

IN the hospital room, Stacy tries to stall Michael and tell him that he must wait because she’s feeling woozy. Right then, Roxy enters and tells Gigi and Rex that Shane needs them. They ask why. She tells him that he’s really sick. They leave the room. She then makes certain that the doctor gets a call and also leaves so that she can be alone in the room with Stacy. As soon as they are alone, she pulls out the blood samples from her “cooler” and tells Stacy she may use this as her own sample. Stacy demands that she tells her what she’s supposed to do with that. But Stacy is happy to know that Roxy and the lab technician were successful. Roxy asks her if she is feeling better. She smiles and nods. Roxy tells her that’s too bad. She wishes Stacy was sick as a dog.

Talia and Fish go to find John. And While Talia is outside, the mysterious unseen person finds her and looks like he’s going to attack her.

Starr and Cole agree that nobody in either of their families or Marcie or any of their friends need to know that they are going to find out how Hope died. Nobody needs to know it especially Marcie since she’s “let go”. They then agree and tell their deceased baby that they are going to do this for her now and know it’s the only thing they can do.

IN his hospital room, Shane talks to his parents and tells them that they must know how miraculous it is that Stacy found them. Rex replies yes. They owe her everything. GIgi reveals she does not want to hear that.

Right when Stacy is alone in the room, she puts the bag of blood that Roxy got for her back in the cooler. Schuyler enters and asks her what she is doing.

Roxy notices Gigi crying hysterically and hugs her in an attempt to cheer her up and believe that everything is going to be good now. She happily tells her that in no time, the bone marrow is going to kick the cancer out of She’s system. And she tells Gigi that she knows that her skanky sister is up to no good. Hearing that, Gigi looks at her not knowing what she would know about Stacy.

Bo tells Nora that he does not believe for a minute that John would stab any of those people. Nora then asks him if it was not John or Rose, then who was it?

Fish knocks on the door of John’s new house. Marty answers. He asks her if she knows where John is.

Right then, Talia appears to have been stabbed and is floating unconscious in the pool. John rushes to save her.

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