OLTL Update Thursday 4/16/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jessica gets ready to have baby Chloe baptized and takes her to Nash’s gravesite beforehand. She is very happily telling the baby that this is a wonderful day for all of the family including aunt Natalie and Uncle Jared who will be her god parents. And they all know that that is what Nash would want.

Clint, Viki and Charlie all get ready to go and take Bree with them. Viki asks Clint if there is tension in his house with Nora, Bo and Matthew. He replies he believes that everything will work out. Nora is attending the baptism with them and he believes that it will bridge some gaps.

Cole goes to see Starr and asks if she’s ok after almost getting kidnapped by Zach. He admits to her that when she came down the stairs unharmed, it was the best moment of his life.

At school, Langston grills Markko when she knows that he knows something he is not revealing about Cole. She reminds Markko that Cole is responsible for Matthew being paralyzed and she urges Markko to please tell her that Cole is not using again. Markko turns his back on her, however and reveals that he cannot tell her that.

Starr informs Cole that she is having “thoughts and feelings” about their deceased baby and, ironically also about baby Chloe.

At the station, Nora, Bo, John and Officer Fish all attempt to investigate and find out who the stabber and murderer is. John reveals that he does not believe it’s Zach Rosen

At Todd’s home, he tells Téa that he knows she wants to sleep with him. He takes off his shirt and smirks as he tells her he wants her. She urges him not to do this and reveals that she might be resisting her urges to sleep with him. She tells him that she knows that he merely wants her to get Blair and John’s marriage annulled and help Todd get custody of his kids. She knows that is what he wants. He does not want her. But he knows that he can wear down her resistance.

Nora tells John that if there is evidence, then Rosen is their guy. But John tells her that he believes that the person who killed Lee Halpern and Wes Granger and who stabbed Blair would not have merely taken Cole and Starr hostage. He would have killed them. Nora reminds him that there are a lot of assumptions about many things. But she bets it’s Rosen. He tells her that he believes that there is a serial killer out there whom they are still unaware of. Right then, Nora realizes that she has to get to Chloe’s christening as she has promised Clint. But since she needs to wait for the lab results in order to solve this case, she might not be able to make it.

Natalie and Jared get ready for the christening but reveal that they are a bit uncomfortable and worried what it will mean with the big secret they are keeping.

While at Nash’s gravesite with baby Chloe, Jessica tells her baby that she “met a guy” whom she liked. Unfortunately it did not work. But she’s encouraged to know that love is out there. And right then, out of nowhere, Brody shows up and tells her he’d like to talk to her.

Cole tells Starr that he has to confess to her that the reason he wound up at Todd’s home was to inform him of his suspicions of Starr’s relationship with Mr. J. Hearing that, Starr knows that her father must have gone over to Mr. J’s home and attempted to kill him. She must do something. But Cole informs her that Mr. J is fine. He saw him earlier today in rehab.

Right then, Téa reveals that she will “take Todd up” on his offer. She takes off her blouse. He lifts her up and they kiss and undress each other up against the wall. She does not resist him and wraps her legs around him as he kisses all over her. It looks like she wants him.

Langston tells Markko that he really should not be keeping secrets from her. They learned that keeping from her that Lola came on to him was not the thing to do. He argues that this is not about him. But she protests that they need to be concerned about Cole. The last time they turned their backs on Cole’s issues, he got Matthew paralyzed. At that point, Markko admits to Langston that after Cole and Starr were kidnapped, Cole took some pain pills. And he had a drug test the following day. Markko realized that Cole would be sent back to prison if he tested positive even for something as silly as pain pills. So he let Cole use his sample instead. Langston protests that Marko should not have done that because Cole has to comply with the zero tolerance policy which means absolutely no drugs in his system no matter what.

Cole tells Starr that the main reason he came to see her was to give her the locket that she dropped on the floor at Todd’s. He hands it to her and she remembers that it has baby Hopes’ hair….(actually Chloe’s()

Marcie and Michael get ready to attend the baptism, almost as if they subconsciously know how it is relevant to them.

Inside the church, Viki reveals to Natalie that she knows that Natalie has had something on her mind that she is not revealing to anybody and that she has hesitated to agree to be Jessica’s child’s godmother. In response to that, Natalie tells her mom that she is just aware that being a god parent is a big responsibility and she wants to make certain she is ready for it. But Viki reveals to her daughter that she does not buy that explanation and knows there is something very crucial on her mind that she is not telling anybody.

Brody tells Jessica that he really wishes that he could convince her that he does not want to hurt her or have her believe that he’s interested in anybody except her. But, hearing that, she does not know what to say knowing that she and Rex both discovered him in bed with GIgi.

Markko protests to Langston that Cole saved Starr’s life and almost got killed doing so. He merely took a pain killer. Should he go to prison for that? She reminds him that Cole is an addict. He needs help and has to play by the rules. The DA”s son is in a wheelchair because of him. And if Nora finds out that he is using again after she let him avoid a prison sentence and Markko is helping him violate his probation, she will nail them both. Not far away, Lola overhears their conversation.

After Cole gives Starr the necklace, she realizes she must reveal to him that she happens to know, for a fact that their baby could not have died from RH disease. She knows because Marcie informed her that she accidentally found Cole’s blood test and discovered that he does not have the blood type that could have caused her death. Hearing that, Cole stares at her stunned.

At Nash’s gravesite, Brody tells Jessica that she did tell him, not long ago that even if they are not ready to be serious right now, they can still be friends. And he wonders if that offer is still good. In response to that, she turns her back not knowing how to answer that.

After Viki demands to know why Natalie appears to have some secret, Natalie reveals to her mother that she is worried. She wants to make certain that Jessica can “keep” her child. Hearing that, Viki ask her daughter why she’s afraid that Jessica wouldn’t be able to keep her baby. Natalie explains that she is worried that it’s entirely possible that Jessica could relapse. Her shrink once thought that everything was ok. But it happened again unknown to everybody. Hearing that, Viki tells her that the loss of Nash would be enough to devastate anybody and send them over the edge.. And she’s confident that Jessica is getting better. Knowing what she is thinking but not daring to say to her mother, Natalie replies that she wants more than anything to help her sister stay healthy. She only wants what is best for her. VIki tells her daughter she knows that Natalie loves Jessica and she hugs Natalie.

Nora phones Clint from the station and tells him she cannot make it to his granddaughter’s christening. He tells her it’s ok but appears disappointed. Nora works with Bo and John on the mystery of the stabber. They look at photos. Bo asks John how Blair is. John replies that she’s getting better but the doctors say it will be a while before she’s 100% and he informs Bo, incase he did not know that he and Blair got married. Bo says he’s heard and congratulates John. He tells him he did a good thing to prevent Todd from getting custody of the kids.

Right then, after Todd and Téa have gone at it on the floor, he casually tells her that “now that the deed is done”, she needs to go to court and tell the judge that John and Blair’s marriage is a sham. But she continues to lie on the floor and smugly tells Todd she’s not going anywhere nor doing anything to help him. She just wanted to use him for sex and owes him nothing for it. She takes her time about getting her clothes. Todd then reminds her he thought they had a deal where he would “give her another chance” if she would agree to help him get his kids back. She then clarifies to him that their “deal” is that he would be her “sex slave” as he told her. But there is no contract that obligates her to do anything. She smirks and asks him if he feels used. He protests to her that he knows that Blair and John’s marriage is a fake. She scoffs and tells him that she knows that it’s so hard for Todd to believe that Blair could love anybody except for himself. He protests that John McBain has no business living in the house with his kids. But she tells him that she does not believe that he has any business being anywhere near his kids. She knows he loves them. But loving his kids does not qualify him for being a good father. She appears very smug and confident. She tells Todd that she used him for sex and that’s all she intended to do.

After Cole finds out from Starr that she found out that their baby did not die of rh disease, he asks her how that could be. Dr. Joplin confirmed it and he’d like to get some answers. She tells him that that would involve having their baby exhumed. She discussed it with Marcie. Nobody wants to do anything so gruesome. And it won’t bring Hope back.

Meanwhile, at Nash’s gravesite, Jessica admits to Brody that she wishes that she could just “Be friends” with him. But she has to admit to her feelings where she cannot settle for being his “hang out pal” while he’s having a sexual relationship with Gigi. And she has to get going to take her baby to her baptism. He protests that he is not sleeping with GIgi. But she does not comprehend that. She takes baby Chloe to the christening. The chaplain conducts the formal ceremony with Chloe, Jessica and all the family. And he asks Natalie and Jared if they are ready for this commitment of being god parents. In response tot hat, they are both spooked but reply yes.

Cole protests to Starr that he cannot just let Hope’s death go without some answers. Does she want their baby’s death to mean nothing? She replies that she believes that their child should be alive and well, getting bigger and being healthy and getting baptized just like baby Chloe is right now. Cole then puts the necklace around her neck(with their baby’s hair). She then remembers that she is late and must get to baby Chloe’s christening.

The priest christens Chloe Victoria and tells Natalie and Jared that they, along with Jessica, must guide her and protect her from evil.

Right then, Cole goes to baby Hope’s grave after he’s gotten the startling information from Starr. He tells his deceased baby that he won’t rest until he gets some answers about how she had to die.

Starr rushes to attend baby Chloe’s christening. She happily greets Jessica. Jessica can see how the baby seems to bond with Starr and asks Starr to hold her while she goes and does some thing. Not far away, Viki observes her niece’s profound connection to the baby.

Lola appears and makes her presence known to Langston and Markko. She acts nice. But Langston angrily lets her know she does not buy it. She does not trust her or like her. She has to tolerate her because they live in the same house. But Lola better stay away from her and her man. She walks away with Langston. Alone, Lola tells Langston she’s going to make both of their lives miserable. And she seems to know just how to do that with what she has just overheard from them.

After Todd and Téa get their clothes back on, she asks him if he believes that after one roll in the hey, she will just “do his bidding for him”? He admits that he is not really complete any more than she is with the situation. She reminds him that she’s dome to the realization that she means nothing to him. But he indicates that that may not be entirely true.

Jessica notices how Starr seems to love her baby. Starr tells Jessica that she loves the baby and that baby smell. Jessica then takes Chloe. And at that point the baby cries now that Starr has to give her back to Jessica, almost as if she knows who Starr really is. Jessica asks Starr if she’s been doing any “babysitting” these days. Starr goes out the door without answering. She runs into Marcie and Michael. Marcie asks Starr if she’d like to join them for lunch after the ceremony. Starr smiles and appears as though she’d like to but knows that there is something going on.

Jessica sits alone in the church with her two kids, telling them that she will take care of them both as a a single mom with the help of the family and Natalie and Jared. From outside the door, Brody appears and witnesses her, revealing that he is not ok with that and knows that’s not what she wants either.

Right then, Natalie and Jared go to Nash’s gravesite,. They agree that nobody will ever know. They tell him they cannot ever let Jessica know what has happened because they cannot let her lose her mind and lose everything. Jared tells deceased Nash that he and Natalie will not let Jessica lose the two children that they both love. They know that that is what he wants.

Not far away, Starr goes to Hope’s gravesite (which is really Jessica’s baby’s gravesite) and overhears Cole telling the deceased baby that he won’t give up until he gets some answer.

Téa leaves Todd house. But they both reveal that maybe they miss each other more than either is willing to admit.

At the station, Fish tells John he is the hero to have found the evidence against Zach Rose. But John is less enthused and asks him to “keep it down”. Inside Bo’s office, Nora presents the file with the evidence of whose finger prints are on the knife. And she tells him it’s John’s fingerprints.

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