OLTL Update Wednesday 4/15/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/15/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.


Matthew is set to return to school but tells Bo he isn't feeling well. Bo offers to stay home with him but Rachel insists she will. When Bo leaves, she confronts Matthew on skipping school. She opens up about her drug addiction and Matthew tells her what it's like for him being in the wheelchair. She tells him it's up to him to learn to take care of himself and be self-sufficient.

Starr realizes she's lost her locket at the crime scene, not realizing that Cole had found it and has it. Markko shows up at the rehab to see Cole. Cole wants to make sure they're still friends. Markko apologizes for being weird after the accident; he just didn't know what to say. Cole tells him about telling Todd about Schuyler and Starr and Markko can't understand how he could do that, after what Todd did to him. Cole admits he still loves Starr. Markko starts to tell Cole about Lola when an orderly informs Cole it's time for a drug test. Cole asks Markko for a favor. Afterward, he tells Markko he owes him one. Markko says all he has to do is to tell Starr that he still loves her.

Destiny calls Shaun because she wants to discuss Matthew, but he goes off on her for calling him at work. Shaun grabs Starr's phone and hangs up on Todd. Téa shows up at Todd's and is angry because he didn't tell her that Zach is back in town. She's also flabbergasted that he actually thinks he can win a custody suit. Todd taunts her that he knows she still has feelings for him. "Fix me," he taunted. "You know you want to." She responds by slapping him, shoving him and slamming out the door.

Back at Dorian's, Starr is livid that Shaun took her phone away. She rants to Langston that Todd called her, checking to see how she is after the ordeal with Zach. Langston points out that Cole was there for her completely and Starr tells her she isn't sure that Cole still loves her or not. Langston wonders why Schuyler hasn't called Starr, that if he really cared he would have. Besides, she says, she knows Starr still loves Cole. Starr thanks her and they hug. Cole goes to see Starr and she's happy to see him.

Destiny goes off on Becca and Jack for the way they treated Matthew the night of the dance and told them it's their fault he ended up leaving with Cole. Destiny lowers the boom by telling them they better shape up or Matthew's family might sue them. She tells Shaun to give her phone back and he tells her no, not as long as she has a crush on Matthew.

Jack and Becca go to Matthew's and give him a video game. He tells them to get lost. Becca goes back and apologizes then kisses him and asks him to return to school. Destiny oversees the scene between Becca and Matthew.

Nora goes to the police station to question Zach. John isn't allowed in the interrogation room but warns her not to let Zach get to her. Nora isn't about to play any games with Zach. Nora tells Zach he's scum, not only for the murders but that he doesn't seem to have any feelings of remorse. He tells her that he's not the KAD killer and that his innocence will be proven when someone else gets killed.

Bo finds evidence for Nora…a bloody knife found under floorboards in Zach's room.

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