OLTL Update Tuesday 4/14/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/14/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

When Schuyler overhears Stacy talking to Kyle Lewis, the lab technician, about her scam, he angrily tells her that he is done with her. She can take her “little friend,” Rex and get out.

At Todd’s home, John and Zack are struggling. Zach drops his gun and Todd shoots him with it. Downstairs, Cole consoles Starr. She asks him what he was going to tell her before things “went crazy.” He then remembers admitting to his mom that he still loves Starr.

Charlie comes to see Viki. He reminds her that they have the house to themselves and should maybe make use of that. He kisses her and encourages her to come upstairs with him. She kisses him back.

At Nora’s home, she asks her daughter, Rachel, why she doesn’t come home. Why does she live in so many places so far away? From outside the door, Clint overhears their conversation and assumes he should not impose upon them.

In response to Schuyler’s assumption that Stacy has invited Rex over when he sees Kyle Lewis, she informs him that this is not Rex. Kyle is merely here because he’s going to help administer the bone marrow transplant for her to save Shane’s life. She asks Schuyler why he is so angry and suspicious.

Shane asks Rex what is up and what he and Gigi are privately talking about behind his back. Rex then tells his son that he wants to wait until after the transplant; he doesn’t want Shane to have to worry. He acts positive and upbeat to his son, but Shane does not buy it and tells his father that he does not want his parents to keep any secrets from him.

Viki and Charlie are ready to go upstairs and enjoy their private moment. Charlie goes upstairs and Viki is momentarily alone in the kitchen. Aware that Nora may not be happy with his recent actions, Clint goes to see Viki and admit that he’s been an “idiot.” She asks him why he believes that. He replies that he made a mistake of planning this surprise party for Matthew. He invited everybody and had festivities for Matthew without consulting anybody. He didn’t realize that it might not have been the appropriate thing for a 15-year-old kid who may be crippled for life. He asks her what she thinks of the situation. She replies that she really doesn’t have an opinion on the subject and if she did, she’d keep it to herself. He knows, however that she does have an opinion.

Right then, Matthew notices that Rachel has come home. He rushes to greet his half sister in this wheelchair and is happy to see her.

Viki admits to Clint that she does agree with Nora that he did not do the right thing by planning the surprise party for Matthew. Hearing that, he demands to know why she did not tell him. She tells him that she did not feel it was her place. He asks her if she has any other opinions of his using bad judgment. She asks if that would mean his relationship with his former sister in law. He then asks her if she believes he was a bonehead to start seeing Nora. She tells him that she believes that his situation with Bo and Nora is none of her business and not for her to judge. Clint makes it clear that he does place a lot of importance upon his ex wife’s opinion.

After Schuyler questions Stacy’s meeting with the lab technician, she tells him that they were talking privately about how she’s going to go and get bone marrow extracted. She is worried about how this could jeopardize her health. The lab technician was merely there to offer her some support. Schuyler reminds her that he knows all about bone marrow. He has a degree in biology. He knows that something is up that has nothing to do with her nephew’s bone marrow.

Outside the room where Rex and Shane are talking, Gigi and Roxy talk about what they both know about Stacy. Inside the room, Shane tells his father that he would like to have both of his parents tell him what is going on and what they are hiding from him. Rex then tells his son he will bring his mom in the room and they may all discuss it. Outside, Roxy assures Gigi that she must know that Stacy has nothing on her regarding Rex. She knows that Gigi and Rex won’t let this situation prevent them from having a future together. Gigi reminds Roxy that Rex is very angry with her and believes that she slept with another man. She also believes that he slept with Stacy. Roxy again assures Gigi that her son is not going to be fooled by Stacy. Roxy knows that Gigi would never willfully cheat on Rex. Rex then enters to overhear their conversation about him and demands to know what they are talking about.

When Rachel sees Matthew, she asks him if his arms do not work. He tells her of course. Bo is also there and remarks to Nora that this is the first time they’ve seen their son smile in a long time. He asks her where Clint is. She replies she does not know and indicates that she and Clint might be having problems.

Viki admits to Clint that she did believe that when he started seeing Nora that there might be some awkward situations with his brother. He tells her that he realized that that might be the case. Having his teenage nephew involved in a car crash that could have him permanently paralyzed was not something he anticipated. She then tells him that they both know what it’s like to have a child going through a nightmare. He tells her that he knows that she is referencing Jessica. She then tells him that Bo and Nora are putting on a united front for Matthew during this time. Whether he wants to hear this or not, there might not be a place for him in Nora’s life presently. He realizes that Nora may need to put him on the back burner, at least for a while. Clint then concludes to Viki that she is the one person who knows what to say and understands everything. Right then, Charlie enters the room and senses Viki and Clint’s bond that maybe makes him feel just as isolated as Clint is feeling with Nora and her family.

At Todd’s home, Cole tells Starr that he will take her home. Marty asks John what happened when she notices that he has a cut on his face. He admits that he had a scuffle with Zach, and Todd shot Zach. Upstairs, the ambulance technicians are bandaging Zach’s shoulder where Todd shot him. Officer Fish asks Todd if his gun is registered. Todd does not want to answer that. Zach then provokes Todd by remarking to him that his daughter is hot. Todd then demands he repeats what he just said. He repeats to Todd that Starr is hot. Todd then gets up to attack Zach, but the cops restrain him. Todd then rushes downstairs. His daughter hugs him and doesn’t appear angry now. She assures him that she is ok because he and Cole saved her. Cole sneaks off, rushes to the bathroom, loads up on prescription pills, and swallows them.

Bo tells Nora he would like her to go easy on his brother. Clint is doing the best he can. She tells him she realizes that, but still believes Clint was out of line for his actions regarding that party. He tells her he agrees. She tells him she remembers that when Clint had his situation she was there for Clint. Bo then tells her that maybe nobody can understand the hell that Clint went through with his daughter. In response to that, she tells him that she knows that maybe only Viki understands Clint’s situation. She tells Bo that she knows he’s been alone for a long time and maybe Bo needs a woman to be there for him and help him through his hard times.

Charlie enters to see Viki and Clint talking alone. He appears to feel threatened. Clint realizes that his ex-wife and Charlie had plans. As he heads out the door to go home, he says the next time he’ll call first.

Stacy asks Schuyler if he sees her as scamming to get what she wants. He tells her yes. That’s the way she has always been. She then reminds him that he was a messed up drug addict. Now she can see that he’s changed. Now he’s just messed up without drugs. She then walks the lab technician out the door. He reminds her that with what he is doing, he could lose his license to practice medicine. It’s completely unethical. She tells him that what he is doing has saved a young boy’s life and he’s a hero. He still doesn’t know why she wants to have everybody believe that she is the bone marrow donor and not this other anonymous source. Yet he promises to keep the secret for her.

Rex goes outside the door and tells Gigi and Roxy that he is tired of hearing anybody saying that it’s ok for Gigi to have slept with Brody. Roxy protests to her son that she knows that Gigi would never intentionally cheat on him, but he tells her he does not want to hear any more about it. All he cares about is Shane he informs Gigi that their son needs them both to talk to him about what he can clearly see is going on with them.

After Nora implies to Bo that he has no love life, he admits that he is ok but his life could be better. She tells him he is a terrific guy and should have somebody special to settle down with. She tells him that she was hoping and believed that he and Dallas would hit it off, but he reminds her that Dallas is closer to Clint. He reminds her that his primary concern their son, Matthew. She tells him she knows that, but he deserves to have somebody to go out dancing and spending time with and eating bad junk food. Is that so wrong?

After Rex informs Gigi that Shane has demanded that they come clean and tell him the truth about what is going on in their relationship, she protests that this is not the time. He informs her that he has tried all the “sugar and spice” he can with Shane. Shane does not buy it. She tells Rex she will inform their son that they are done, but he must give her just one day. He then tells her ok. He can do that.

The lab technician tells Stacy that he knows how to make the switch in the lab. She tells him he'd better figure it out or else she is screwed. He reminds her that they both are if it does not work.

At Todd’s home, after they bring Zach down the stairs Marty walks up to him so she can face him. He looks at her and asks if she remembers him.

Viki assures Charlie that she is with him, and she and Clint no longer have a relationship. He says he is expecting Dorian for a “private meeting.”

Schuyler tells Stacy that he feels sorry for her because she is choosing the guy who doesn’t love her over the one who does.

After Marty comes face to face with Zach and he asks her if she remembers him, she has a flashback of the rape many years ago, but she tells him she has no memory whatsoever of him. Todd goes up to the room and samples the blood on his carpet. John admits to Marty that it’s entirely possible that they still have not found the stabber.

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