OLTL Update Monday 4/13/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/13/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Gigi goes to talk to Jessica to convince her that Brody did not cheat on her with Gigi. From upstairs, Rex overhears their conversation. Jessica informs Gigi that she discussed the situation with Rex and he was pretty clear on what he saw there, but Gigi intends to convince Jessica that nothing happened; she is not sleeping with Brody.

Zach holds Starr hostage with a gun and duct tape over her mouth. Todd urges him to let his daughter go. Zach reminds Todd that he knows that Todd raped Marty many years ago and he knows that Todd was going to run away with Marty not long ago.

From downstairs, Marty, John, and Cole are attempting to get into the room to save Starr.

Todd tells Zach that he knows Zach intends to rape his daughter and he won’t let him do that.

Jessica admits to Gigi that she is a bit baffled to hear her say there’s nothing going on between her and Brody. Was Gigi not “in bed” with Brody? Gigi then replies she was, but Jessica has to listen and realize what is going on.

Meanwhile, Stacy and Schuyler are in bed commiserating. He has no clue what she is up to, and he thinks that maybe there’s nothing in Llanview for him or for her.

In Shane’s hospital room, he tells Roxy that he is grateful to his aunt Stacy for the heroic deed she did, but Roxy does not want to engage in any conversation about that with her grandson. He tells her that he “owes” Stacy. Roxy tries to change the subject, but she blurts out that he does not owe that conniving bitch one thing. Hearing that, Shane is baffled about what his grandmother means by that.

Cole admits to his mom that he loves Starr. She asks him just what is on his mind regarding that. He tells her that he’s tried very hard not to love her. He hated her dad for what he was going to do to their baby, for what he did to Marty and how Starr let him off the hook in court, but that does not change how he feels about Starr. He makes it clear that he cannot turn his back on Starr when she is in danger.

While Zach holds Starr at gunpoint, he asks her if she knows about her daddy gang-raping Cole’s mother and getting away with it. Todd warns Zach that if he hurts Starr, he will go back to prison, but Zach tells Todd no, this time, they’re going to do things his way. Outside the room, John attempts to get inside.

Marty asks her son how it is that he and Starr were in Todd’s home in the first place tonight. He tells her that he did not intend to run into Starr. He went there to talk to Todd and then, unknown to him, Starr showed up later. She tells him he must know that Starr will be ok. He tells her there is no way Starr will be ok with that maniac up there. John then comes downstairs and tells them that Zach is not cooperating with them. He won’t let Starr out of the room even though Todd is willing to offer him everything he wants.

In the room where Zach is holding Starr hostage, Todd informs Zach that Blair has remarried John McBain and he wants Zach to know that he feels betrayed by his daughter and does not care what happens to her. He appears to be walking out the door, telling Zach he does not care about his daughter, but tells Zach that if he lets her go, then the two of them can settle this once and for all.

Natalie and Jared talk alone in the room about knowing the truth about baby Chloe. He tells her that they must get a safe deposit box to hide the evidence because they can’t keep hiding everything from Jessica and all other interested parties, but she tells him that maybe they should destroy the evidence.

Rex overhears Gigi explaining to Jessica that the reason Rex found her in bed with Brody was that she was forced to take drastic measures when they were trying yet failing to find a bone marrow donor for Shane. In response to that, Jessica asks Gigi what Shane’s bone marrow has to do with Gigi and Brody sleeping together. She informs Jessica that her sister blackmailed them in order to donate the bone marrow and her sister is malicious. At that point, Rex comes down the stairs and demands that Gigi stop trashing her sister. Stacy is saving Shane’s life. Gigi distrusted him and falsely accused him of sleeping with her sister, then admitted that she willfully slept with Brody, and broke up with Rex. Gigi tells Rex she knows he’s angry with her, but they both know that Shane is all that matters. He agrees with that, but he does not believe what she is trying to convince Jessica to believe.

While Zach holds Starr hostage, he tells Todd he does not intend to rape Starr. He has another plan.

Downstairs, John asks Marty if she knows of another way to get into the bedroom from outside. She struggles to remember the different types of air ducts from when she lived in Todd’s home. She and John go to find ways to gain access to the room upstairs. Right then, Cole discovers a locket on the floor. It appears to be Starr’s locket. John goes upstairs. Cole privately tells his mom that he many times forgets that Starr has her own stuff, and he admits that the reason he came up there was to talk to her dad about a guy she’s “hung up on.” Marty then asks her son who the “new guy” in Starr’s life is. He informs her that his name is Schuyler Joplin. He’s the new bio teacher. Hearing that name, Marty admits that she remembers hearing that Schuyler is Cole’s new drug counselor and asks her son if he really intended to tell Todd about that. Cole admits that maybe he just wanted to provoke Todd to kill the guy.

Observing Schuyler’s black eye from his confrontation with Todd, Stacy asks Schuyler what he’s going to do now. She knows he’s in a big mess, but he tells her that maybe the two of them should go back to Vegas. There is nothing for either one of them here. She tells him she cannot leave Llanview. She knows that fate sent her here to be with Rex. Hearing that, he asks her how she knows that fate did not send her here to be with him.

Jared tells Natalie that with or without evidence, she’s going to drive herself crazy with the dilemma of what to do with the situation involving Jessica having Starr’s baby. She asks him if he can bring himself to tell Jessica that her baby is dead and Chloe is really Starr’s and let Starr know all that has happened. Jared admits he cannot. She tells him neither can she and that is the reason why they must destroy the evidence.

Rex asks Gigi if she did not sleep with Brody. Gigi tells Rex she needs to explain. He tells her he knows what he saw; and so does Jessica. Jessica tells Rex and Gigi that she does not want to get in the middle of their situation. It’s none of her business what happened. They both need to get out of her home. Rex goes out the door. Gigi tells Jessica that she is terribly sorry she had to drag her and Brody into this. She hopes that Jessica never has to know the desperation of having to save your own child at any cost. Hearing that, Jessica indicates she hasn’t a clue what Gigi is talking about and doesn’t believe that she and Brody did not sleep together. Gigi then goes out the door.

At the hospital, Roxy goes and talks to the lab technician about a way to get the bone marrow from the anonymous “John Doe.” The lab technician asks Roxy why it is that she keeps refusing to reveal the identity of John Doe.

At Todd’s home, Cole tells his mom that he and Starr may never be the same, but he cannot leave her held hostage by a rapist.

John tries to gain access through the air ducts. In the room upstairs, Zach tells Todd that if he wants Zach to let his daughter go, Todd has to make major sacrifices. Todd then tells Zach if he lets Starr go, then Zach can kill him. Zach then reminds Todd that he could easily shoot him in the back and that he did hard time for him. Todd then tells Zach that that is the very reason why he can’t understand why Zach would want to do something like this. It will only send him back to prison.

Meanwhile, John struggles to get into the room through the air duct.

Jared and Natalie conclude that they need to burn the evidence, but when they put it in the wastebasket and light it on fire, the fire alarm goes off.

The lab technician asks Roxy why she would want to have everybody falsely believing that the bone marrow came from her “friend,” Stacy. She clarifies to him that Stacy is not her friend. Hearing that, he tells her that that is the very reason why he does not understand why she’s is letting Stacy “take the credit” when the donor is some anonymous person whom Roxy does not want anybody to know about. She tells him that while they spend time arguing about this, Shane could be dying. Isn’t a kid’s life more important than questioning her about the situation?

Todd struggles to save Starr. He distracts Zach while Starr runs out of the door, which unknown to Zach, Todd had unlocked. Zach then holds a gun on him, tells him that he may have saved Starr but he’s signed his own death warrant.

After the smoke alarm goes off, Jessica rushes into the room and asks Natalie and Jared what they are doing. Is there a fire? They tell her that they were just “having fun” by destroying an old picture of Jared’s high school girlfriend. They both appear as though they are having fun. She tells them that she does not want to prevent them from enjoying themselves, but she was a little worried when she heard the smoke alarm go off. The safety of her two children is the most important thing to her. She then tells them that she can take the wastebasket and dispose of the “materials” for them, but they cannot let her see what is in there. She discovers a CD and asks tem what’s on it. Not wanting her to know the answer, they tell her it’s a “private” CD. She then tells them that she will let them have their privacy and leaves. At that point, they admit that they are now having her believe that they are making movies of the two of them “doing the deed,” but they conclude that they are in this together. They want to “have fun” and get ready to sleep together.

Zach holds the gun on Todd, ready to kill him. John comes out of the air duct and jumps him.

Stacy tells Schuyler that she once believed that her life was in Vegas and with him, but things have changed. He seems to know that she has some delusional idea that Rex was meant for her. He then tells her hat it’s just like a drug addiction for her and in many ways sicker than his actual chemical addiction. He tells her if she wants to waste her life on somebody who obviously does not want her, that’s her business, but he’s done with this whole situation and he angrily goes out the door.

Gigi goes to the hospital and finds Roxy. She tells her that she knows that Rex will never forgive her for what she did and she understands that Roxy has good reason to hate her for breaking up with her son, assuming that Roxy has nothing to believe except that Gigi willingly cheated on Rex with Brody. She tells Roxy that her sister has forced her hand, assuming that Roxy hasn’t a clue what she means. At that point, however, Roxy surprises Gigi by revealing to her that she understands all too well the “problem” with her sister. Gigi asks Roxy why she would have a problem with Stacy.

The lab technician goes to see Stacy at Schuyler’s apartment and tells her they must talk. If he’s going to switch her samples with that of the anonymous donor, they need to talk about how to “pull that off.” Right then, Schuyler appears from outside the door and demands to know just what they need to “pull off.”

In Shane’s hospital room, he asks his father what is up with his grandmother's trashing aunt Stacy. Roxy just called Stacy a conniving little bitch. He asks his father what the word conniving means. Rex is baffled about how to answer that question for his son.

Outside the room, after Gigi asks Roxy why she has a problem with Stacy, Roxy reveals to Gigi that she happens to know that Stacy has been blackmailing her and has forced her to break up with Rex.

Natalie and Jared sleep together and they talk about how Jessica needs to “make up” for losing Nash and they conclude that after they destroy the evidence that they were going to present to her that Chloe is not her baby, she will never know.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Jessica folds her baby’s clothes and keeps them all in a tub with Chloe’s name and her age on them.

Starr rushes to find Cole and Marty. She tells them that Todd managed to get her out of there in time and put his own life on the line for her. Marty then gets on her phone and informs them that the police are on their way. Upstairs, John and Zach struggle. Todd picks up a gun and fires.

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