OLTL Update Friday 4/10/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/10/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, Lola walks in and kisses Markko. But he firmly tells her that he has told her “too many times” something. At that point. Langston walks in and asks them what they were talking about. She can see that they have some sort of secret between them.

Right then, Dorian is in her living room wondering if she should erase the cell phone photo Jack took of her and Ray Montez kissing or if she should send it to David. And right at that point, she “accidentally” pushes the button that sends it to David. She freaks. And right at that moment, Ray enters. He tells her that in regard to that kiss that Jack walked in on, it will never happen again. Hearing that, she appears disappointed.

Rex goes to Viki’s home and runs into Jessica. She can tell that he is very upset about something. He does not tell her what happened and they are both bewildered as to why they both walked in on Gigi and Brody allegedly sleeping together.

Gigi and Brody run into each other at Buenos Dias. They wonder what is going to happen now that they are at the desperate mercy of Stacy in order to get the bone marrow for Shane. She tells him she does not know what has happened to her sister. He tells her he does. Stacy turned into the world’s biggest bitch. He tells her that they can’t let Stacy get away with what she’s done.

Right then, Stacy returns to Schuyler’s apartment and notices him on the floor after getting punched in the face. She notices a letter in his hands. She proceeds to read that it is addressed to Starr. Right then, he reveals that Starr is the girl he’s been accused of having “inappropriate conduct’ with and her father is Todd Manning.

Todd returns home and runs into John and Marty who inform him that they believe that Zach Rosen has found Cole and Starr and is holding them hostage in Todd’s home.

In Todd’s home, Zach informs Starr and Cole that he was in college, pre-med and was going to be somebody. But then he let Starr’s miserable bastard of a father ruin his life. In response to that, she tells him that if he’s talking about his life being ruined, he should realize what he did to Cole’s mom.

Right then, Todd runs into John and Marty outside his home. They are wondering what to do. Todd tells John that he needs to know that his daughter is inside with a convicted rapist. John assures Todd that he will get them both out of there alive and unharmed. He walks with Marty and invites Todd to come with him.

Dorian and Ray talk about the “kiss” that could have happened. He tells her hat he opened a door that he should not have. She tells him that she thinks he’s making too much of this. He tells her he disagrees. She affirms that this needs to be stopped. NO woman should be taken from her husband, he tells her. And he walks away. But she calls to him.

When Langston walks into the kitchen of Buenos Dias and notices Markko and Lola alone together, she asks what is going on. He tells her that Lola has been coming on to him.

Outside the house, Todd admits to John and Marty that he did see Zach Rosen. He came to Todd’s office demanding money but he told Zach to go to hell. John then gets on the phone.

Jessica attempts to pump Rex for information about what might have happened between Gigi and Brody. He explains to her that he assumed that perhaps, due to the fact that Brody is not exactly “stable” that he could have forced himself on Gigi. But she told him that that it was her initiation. Rex also informs Jessica that some very strange things have happened. Not long ago, he had a few beers alone in the house with Stacy’s sister. He was in no way “interested in Stacy”. But the next thing he knew, he woke up in bed with Stacy in his bed naked. He knows she must have drugged him. He would never choose to sleep with Gigi’s sister.. He wanted to prove to Gigi that it did not happen by having blood test done. But he did. And somehow the test came back negative for drugs. Hearing that, Jessica remarks that that is not good and makes no sense. Rex also explains to that now Gigi does not trust him. Brody is the “good guy” in her life who’s been there for her. So he has no chance. He knows that Brody has had some problems and thought he was getting his act togethter. He could have pressed charges against Brody for shooting and almost killing him and kidnapping Shane. But he let it go and thought Brody was grateful and not a “threat”. But now Brody thinks he can do this. It doesn’t seem like a choice Brody would make either.

Gigi and Brody talk about how malicious Stacy is and how it’s just not ok that Shane’s life is in her hands.

Stacy and Schuyler talk about what happened to him. She tells him that she’s heard about Todd Manning in the paper. She knows that he’s a convicted rapist. He’s been in jail and been charged with many crimes and had his kids taken from him. So why did Schuyler want to mess with Todd’s daughter in the first place? Schuyler replies that he just happened to be assigned as Starr’s teacher. He wanted her to be assigned to another bio class. But he also informs Stacy that Starr appeared in his home right when he was getting out of the shower. She was going to take her clothes off and “give” herself to him. Hearing that, Stacy is fascinated. She asks him why, when he had he chance to have sex with Starr, did her “turn her down”. Schuyler replies that he is not “like her” (like Stacy)

When Zach Rosen holds Starr and Cole hostage in Todd’s home, he gets a call from John who tells him he needs to let the kids go. Zach asks John why. He tells him this is working out perfectly for him. He has Todd’s “little Starr” as well as Marty’s little bastard. Right then, Todd grabs John’s phone and tells Zach he will kill him if he doesn’t leave Todd’s daughter alone. John asks Todd to shut up. Marty get frustrated that there is nothing they can do now.

Ray tells Dorian that he came by to tell her that he is sorry. She asks for what. He replies for playing this game. She then tells him she appreciates that and wants him to believe that she is no more interested in him than he appears to be in her. Right then, her phone rings and she informs him it’s her husband. He leaves. After Ray is gone, Dorian lets her phone ring but does not answer it.

Langston demands that Markko and Lola tell her what happened. Lola wants Langston to believe that he came on to her although she would never want to do this to her beloved cousin. She acts gracious to Langston. But he tells Langston she must know that her cousin is lying. He loves Langston and he would never cheat on her. Langston then tells Lola she needs to talk to Markko alone and demands thatLola leaves. Markko urges Lola to listen him when he tells her that there is only one girl for him and that is her. She must believe that he would never do anything like that. She then hugs him.

Jessica tells Rex that she met Brody in St. Ann’s and noticed that he was really damaged. They both know that he accidentally shot a boy in Iraq and it really did a number on him. But, Jessica says, when she talked to Brody, she really thought she saw great guy. She thought that they really knew each other. Hearing that, Rex tells Jessica he is surprised and had no idea. He asks her if they had “a thing”. She then admits that she was considering that. But maybe it was only because she was vulnerable that she thought she might have had a future with Brody. But, she admits to Rex, she was just as devastated and surprised as he was when she found Brody and Gigi sleeping together.

Gigi tells Brody that she knows that this may not be a comfortable or healthy situation for him to be “posing” as her lover. They used to have a relationship. She knows that it was not good for him to see her choose Rex over him. At that point, he tells her that he loves her as a friend and is no longer in love with her. He’s gotten on with his life Hearing that, she asks him if he is currently seeing somebody.. He turns his back not wanting to spill. But she demands that he tells her. He then admits to her that he has been kind of seeing Jessica Buchanan. But she just happened to appear outside the door on the “day in question” . Jessica ran into Rex and he informed her that Brody and Gigi are sleeping together. So, Jessica is no longer interested in him. Hearing that, Gigi appears to be very concerned that this has ruined Brody’s future as well as hers.

Outside Todd’s home, Todd and John obviously have different ideas as to what to do. They rush up the stares together to find Starr and Marty goes to find Cole. John tells Todd that they msut do things his way. He tells Todd he must realize that he(Todd) is too close and could lose his temper and things could get out of control. They go to the door where Zach has taken Starr and is holding her hostage with a gun and duct tape over her mouth. John tells Zach that he knows that he has a “score” to settle with Todd. But Starr is not part of this. He needs to let her go. He asks Zach to open the door so they can talk. Zach tells John he does not want to talk. He just wants money. He’s going to get out of this deal what he wants. At that point, Todd tells Zach if he wants a hostage he can take Todd instead.

After GIgi hears that Brody may have sabotaged his chances with Jessica by making it look to Rex as though they were sleeping together, she tells him that she cannot let this ruin his life. So she is going to “fix” this. She gets up to go out the door. But he tells her that Rex needs to believe that they cheated on him for real so that Stacy believes that Gigi has “come through” on her end of the bargain to save Shane’s life.. But she tells him that her son is her responsibility and this is not fair to him. She tells him she is so sorry to have dragged him into this. He tells her he’s a big boy and can handle this.

Rex assessed to Gigi that he can now see that Brody sucks. She agrees but tells him that Gigi was very special to him. She knows that he was going to marry Gigi and they have a son together. She asks Rex if he is ok, knowing he’s not. He then tells her that he is not going to let it ruin his life. He’s going to go upstairs and shower. He knows he must move out of Gigi’s home, collect his stuff and move back to his old apartment.

Schuyler sits on the fire escape of his apartment. Stacy tells him that she has always liked taking big chances and living on the edge. That’s how it is that she ended up in Vegas. He tells her that there’s nothing wrong with taking chances. But her problem is her belief that she can always beat the odds. The prime example of that is Rex Balsam. In response to that, she reminds him that Rex did break up with Gigi. But he tells her that he knows that even if she has no chance with Rex, what are the chances that she could be a bone marrow donor for her nephew?. He tells her that even if he does not approve of what she is doing regarding Rex and Gigi, she is nonetheless doing something that can save a kid’s life and he’s proud of her for that. And right at that point, remembering what she just did at the hospital in order to donate bone marrow, Stacy gets up and knows she has to throw up in the bathroom.

When David calls Dorian, she attempts to offer and “explanation” by telling him that they had a family celebration. Ray surprised her by kissing her on the cheek. Jack had to snap a photo. And everybody laughed and laughed because it was so funny and absurd. But she can sense that David may not find it as funny or believe it was a joke. She assures him nonetheless, that she is a “one man woman”.

When Ray goes into the front room, Lola rushes to him and cries. She tells her father that she attempted to do the right thing by apologizing to Markko and to Langston for her dishonorable intent. But Langston went off on her, called her a slut and told her she never wanted to see her again. She is so sorry that she may have ruined everything. At that point, Ray hugs his daughter and tells her he cannot believe that Langston would be so hostile to her.

Langston and Markko affirm that they trust each other and he would never cheat on her with Lola. But he is still not certain what to tell her about her cousin. She tells him she love Lola and knows that she is alone and new in town. Maybe she should not have been so jealous and untrusting of them. But he realizes that he must reveal to Langston that Lola is not the sweet and innocent girl she wants everybody to believe she is.

After Stacy gets sick from the bone marrow procedure, Schuyler takes care of her by putting an ice pack on her head, and tells her he can get her some ginger ale and crackers. She remarks that he’s been so good to her. And they reminisce about their relationship and how she took care of him when he was withdrawing from drugs.

When Jessica is sitting alone in her mother’s kitchen, ready to “entertain” a fantasy of being with Brody, Gigi appears. Seeing her, Jessica is startled and does not want to talk. But Gigi demands that Jessica “hears her out”.

After Todd offers to let Zach take him hostage instead of Starr, Zach laughs at that and tells him he is offering him “zero value” for a hostage bargain. Zach knows that the cops would shoot right through Todd in order to take Zach out. But he reminds Todd and John that Starr, here is “too cute”. She is growing up and such a beautiful woman. Todd then demands to know what Zach wants. Zach replies money. He asks Todd if he can get him out on a chopper. Todd tells Zach he will do whatever he wants if Zach lets him have his daughter back.

On the phone with David, Dorian urges him to know that they must “Be clear” and know that she merely sent him the “picture” as a joke. She tells him she’s glad he’s called. She also tells him that this “long distance arrangement” is not working between the two of them. So she will move to L.A. if that’s what it takes. She confirms to David that besides her girls, there is “nothing” keeping her in Llanview.

In the other room, Lola cries crocodile tears on her father’s shoulder and tells him she feels so terrible that her cousin Langston hates her and believes she would want to take her boyfriend from her.

Meanwhile, Langston assesses to Markko that Lola has had a really hard time being stuck in Columbia after her mother was stabbed. Her father was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. And that has justifiably messed with her head. But Markko tells her that for Lola to lie to her face that he came on to her, that is whacked. SO, hearing that, Langston asks what they are going to do about it.

Meanwhile, Brody is sitting alone and depressed in Buenos Dias after Gigi promises she will attempt to “fix things” for him.

GIgi tells Jessica that she swears that “nothing happened” between Brody and herself. Jessica must believe her. Jessica listens silently not certain what to believe or say. But up the stairs, Rex overhears.

Schuyler and Stacy talk about the memories they had of their past relationship. They affirm that they took care of each other when they were together in Vegas. She realizes that he never let her touch any type of drugs and get addicted as he did. She remembers that he was not going to let her crash and burn. He tells her it’s because he loved her. And, at that point, they kiss.

Marty unties Cole from the chair where Zach tied him. She tells her son she must get him out of there. He is all that matters now. But he tells his mom he cannot leave Starr alone. She needs to know that he loves Starr.

Todd right then enters the room where Zach is holding a gun on Starr and has duct tape on her mouth. Todd tells Zach that he will give him whatever he wants if he lets Starr go. But Zach has to ask Todd if he does not like the way he is keeping his arms around Starr. He talks about how he knows that Todd and Marty were ready to escape together from this very room they shared together not long ago. And he tells Todd that it’s too “nostalgic” for them to get out of there now. The two of them are now locked in a room with an innocent girl. He reminds Todd that he must know what “happens next”.

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