OLTL Update Thursday 4/9/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Langston observes the photos that Jack took on the cell phone of Dorian kissing Ray Montez. She asks her foster mother if she really did kiss her (Langston's) uncle. But Dorian does not want to answer or discuss that. She tells her foster daughter she wants to talk about the classes she is taking. But Langston wants to know what has changed between Dorian and Ray. She once hated his guts and wanted to kill him. What has changed?

Ray is right then having lunch with Lola at Buenos Dias. She notices that her father is happier than he’s been in a long time and asks him what is going on in his life.

Téa goes to Viki’s home. She appears angry. Viki asks her what is up. Téa tells Viki it’s her (Viki’s) despicable brother. Hearing that, Viki asks her what Todd has done now.

Todd goes to confront Schuyler after Cole has tipped him off that he might be “seeing” Starr. Todd barges into Schuyler’s home and observes the letter he was about to write to Starr. He tells him that he is a pervert.

Starr goes looking for her father but does not see him at his home. instead she finds Zach Rosen standing in Todd’s living room. He knows who she is. Cole is lying unconscious on the floor and he needs to make certain she does not see him. She asks him what his name is. He tells her that he is a “Friend” of her father’s and introduces himself with a false name. But she can sense that this person was not invited nor a friend to anybody.

At Buenos Dias, Lola and her father sit at the table and Markko waits on them. They can see that Markko is not comfortable. Ray asks his daughter what is going on between her and her cousin’s boyfriend. He asks her if something “happened” between the two of them. Hearing that, Lola replies yes and informs her father that if she has her way, it will “happen” again.

Langston demands that Dorian tells her how it is that she has made such a change in getting along with Ray. Dorian tells her that she realizes that Ray is living under the same roof with her. She “tolerates” Ray merely because he is Langston’s uncle. But Langston does not buy that for a moment. Dorian reminds her foster daughter that she is married to David. Langston reminds her foster mother that David does hemorrhoid commercials. Dorian does not know how to respond that. Langston asks her why she would kiss a guy she’s “not into”. Dorian replies that she would never kiss anybody she’s “not into”. Hearing that, Langston asks her then what is up with the cell phone photo she just saw. Dorian replies that Jack had to walk in on them and snap the photo, invading their privacy so that he could give it to Todd to help his father blackmail them so that Blair would lose custody of her kids.

Téa informs Viki that Todd asked her to admit to the judge that she arranged for Blair and John to get married for the sole purpose of preventing Todd from winning his case. He asks for that when she is representing Blair. He asks her to admit that she is perpetrating a fraud in order to win the case for Blair. If she did any such thing, she’d get disbarred. But Todd believes that’s perfectly ok and she’d be willing to do it as a “favor” for him. And what Todd offered in exchange for this “favor” he’s asking of her is to “give himself” to her. She thought that she understood the dimensions of this man’s ego. But he thinks that she would risk her career in order to get Todd in the sack. Viki then tells Téa she hopes that she does not take this the wrong way. But she knows that Téa was once in love with Todd. They were once married. And Viki tells Téa she believes that maybe the reason she is so upset about the situation is because she believes she might actually take Todd up on his offer.

Todd tells Schuyler that he has proof that Schuyler might be having inappropriate contact with Starr. It’s not just Cole’s word against his. He asks Schuyler to give him one reason why he should not kill him. Schuyler reminds Todd that he believes Todd murdered his mother.

John finds Marty at the hospital and tells her that even if he is married to Blair, he is worried about her. Rosen is on the loose. He has to take her back to her motel room and make certain that she is safe.

When Starr goes to Todd’s home in search of her father, Zach appears like he is her dad’s friend and acts hospitable. She tells him that she is there in search of some mail. She is worried that her father has gotten a “letter” from the school. Her father does not trust her boyfriend and has this problem about all the guys she likes. She searches for Todd’s mail. But Zach knows that if she walks over to get it, she’ll discover Cole passed out on the floor. So he hands her all of Todd’s mail from his counter top. She then asks him if he will tell her father that she took his mail. Hearing that, Zach assures her that of course he wouldn’t do that. It’s none of his business what mail she takes of her father’s. She protests that her father has always seen her as “daddy’s little girl”. Hearing that, Zach appears gracious and tells her that anybody could see that. He tells her she’s a beautiful woman. Not a child. At that point, while Cole lies on the floor. His eyes open and he appears to be regaining consciousness.

Marty tells John that she can get herself home. Plus, she knows that Zach had his chance to kill her when he killed Wes. That is if he killed Wes. But he tells her he is not taking any chances on what Zach would do to her or to Blair. She then admits to John that she went to the hospital to see Blair. He asks her why. She replies she wanted to apologize to Blair. She feels responsible for what happened to her. Blair might never have been stabbed, if John had stayed with her and not felt the need to rescue Marty yet again. And she asks John if she may ask him a question. Is there a part of him that merely married Blair in order to screw Todd over?

Schuyler tells Todd that the reason his mother took her life is because Todd blackmailed her. She blamed herself for what happened to Starr’s baby. She was going to go through with Todd’s despicable plan to have Starr believing her baby died so that she could protect her son. Todd tells Schuyler that even if he does not kill him now, Schuyler will go to prison. He asks him if he knows what they do to pedophiles in prison. Schuyler then demands that Todd knows that he never touched Todd’s daughter. He never “crossed the line”. Hearing that, Todd asks him just what “line” he is talking about. Schuyler then asks him why he would care. He reminds Todd that he crossed all of the “lines” when he blackmailed Schuyler’ mother to help him steal Starr’s baby.

In Todd’s home, Zach indicates that he might be looking at Starr sexually. And he bets the reason her daddy is upset about her involvement with any guy is that he doesn’t want to “share” her with any other man. And he tells her that she must know that her father’s “history” with women is “different” that that of most guys.

Téa asks Viki just what is wrong with her. Viki tells her there is nothing wrong with her. Many women fall under the same spell. Téa tells her that Todd’s insults are really a work of art. Yet, she admits that she just can’t walk away from Todd. Viki tells Téa that maybe she’s not sure she wants to. Téa tells Viki that she’s realized a million times that Todd is a manipulative narcissist that will stop at nothing in order to get what he wants. But she does remember that when she and Todd were together, she felt so alive. She admits to Viki that she misses that feeling. Observing Viki’s silence, she asks her what she is thinking.

Langston asks Dorian if Ray is a good kisser. Dorian does not want to answer that. Langston asks her how it “happened”. Dorian then asks her foster daughter why she is even discussing that with her. Langston reminds her foster mother that they had an agreement to be open and honest with one another. She has never refused to discuss her feelings about anything with Dorian. Dorian replies that a conversation of this nature would not be appropriate. Langston tells her that neither is Dorian’s making out with her uncle. Dorian then admits that she wishes she could talk to Blair about this but she can’t. Langston then tells her that maybe she needs to confide in her foster daughter.

At Buenos Dias, when Ray observes his daughter’s interest in Markko he tells her that she must be honest with her feelings He knows that all too well.

Téa and Viki agree that all people need to be honest with their feelings.

Schuyler tells Todd he knows that he that he was going to take his own daughter’s child and raise it with a woman who didn’t’ even know that he was and whom he raped. He asks Todd if he is mistaken with any of that.

John answers Marty’s question about whether a part of him wanted to marry Blair in order to stick it to Todd by replying that he doesn’t care about Todd. He did it to protect her and the kids. He did what he had to do and has no regrets. But he does admit that he has but one regret. And he looks at her knowing he cannot spell out what that is.

Schuyler tells Todd that his mom has nothing to do with Todd’s sick behavior. He admits to Todd that his mother told him everything in a letter. But he’s burned it. Todd asks him why he burned it. Schuyler replies that his mother protected him. So he thought the least he could do is return the favor. Todd then assesses that Schuyler had “motives’ to go after Todd’s daughter. He tells Schuyler that nobody hurts his daughter and lives to tell about it.

At Todd’s home, Starr asks Zach just who he is and from when he’s known her father. He replies that they knew each other way back when they were young and “discovered” women together. He indicates that she is beautiful and observes her in what appears like a sexual manner. She then demands to know who he is and gets ready to go out the door. But he asks her if she does not want to “prove” to her father that she’s not a little girl. Right then, Cole regains consciousness, gets up off the floor and tells Zach he better get away from Starr. He informs Starr that this is Zach Rosen and he raped his (Cole's) mom. When discovers that Cole was on the floor and she didn’t know, she asks if he is ok and what this guy did to her. He tells her it doesn’t matter. They have to get out of there. And he moves with her out the door. But Zach shouts at them that they can’t go anywhere and he pulls a knife on them.

Todd asks what would have motivated Schuyler to be interested in a girl so young. Was he “interested” in her? Is it because mommy abandoned him and let him become a drug addict that he didn’t learn about girls the right way? Schuyler replies no. He got to know Starr in a professional capacity as student and teacher. He could see that she was hurting about some personal things. She confided in him. But nothing happened. Todd then asks Schuyler why it was the Cole informed him that he saw Schuyler putting his clothes on in his apartment when Starr was there and she looked like she was just putting he clothes on when she left the house. Schuyler then replies that Starr came to his house. He told her that he is not going have any type of “intimate” contact with her. Todd then asks if that is what happened at the dance when he kissed her. Hearing that, Schuyler admits that that was a serious mistake. He may have failed to establish appropriate boundaries with Starr and gave her the wrong idea. But he did not kiss her. And he did get suspended from his teaching job for the “kiss” at the high school dance. Hearing that, Todd tells Schuyler that the consequences he’s gotten so far are nothing compared to what will happen to him.

Zach pulls out his gun and tells Starr and Cole they are not going anywhere. He confirms that Cole is correct. He and Todd both raped Marty Saybrooke. But he (himself) had to pay the consequences. Todd, on the other hand got away with it. Why did Todd get to have a family, become rich and successful and not serve a prison sentence? He got nailed and sent to prison. He now has no money and nothing in his life. They tell him that they don’t want any trouble with him. They just want to go. But he tells them that now that they know who he is, he knows that if he lets them go, they will call the cops on him. Do they think he’s stupid? Starr then asks him what he wants now. He replies everything that her father got.

At Buenos Dias, Ray tells Lola that maybe she needs to lay off of her cousin’s boyfriend. But she revels to her father that she believes he wants her. He tells her that she has always been a good girl and he hopes she can see that it’s wrong. In response to that, she asks him if it’s any more wrong that what he was doing with Dorian.

Langston tells Dorian that nobody can fight “chemistry”. She knows she has it with Markko. Dorian then admits to Langston that she hated her uncle when he first came there. He wanted to take Langston away from her. But now, Langston assesses, Dorian is kissing him. Dorian tells her it was a mistake. But Langston notices that Dorian has been holding the cell phone in her hands throughout the conversation yet has not deleted the photo. Dorian asks Langston just what might have happened if Jack had given the photo to David. Langston answers that maybe, David would rush home to his beloved wife. Maybe he’ll divorce her. And maybe Dorian shouldn’t be afraid to find out. She concludes that whatever Dorian decides to do, she just want her to be happy, like she is with Markko. She goes out the door. Dorian looks at her phone and sees the question of whether it’s ok to DELETE THE PHOTO. She cannot decide.

At Buenos Dias, Ray tells his daughter that she needs to realize that Markko loves her cousin and get over him. She asks him if he plans to do the same thing in regard to the fact that Dorian is married. He tells his daughter that’s a completely different situation. She asks why. He replies that David went to California without Dorian. He can’t even come back and see her. It’s obvious that she does not love him. But, Lola reminds her father that Dorian must have loved David enough to marry him. Ray then realizes that he can’t answer that question but gives her the money for the check. He gets up to leave and tells her he demands that she makes a “clean break” with Markko. And he asks her to do it right now. Alone, she puts on lip stick and looks in her make up mirror. And she goes into the kitchen to inform Markko that she has to tell him something.

Viki tells Téa that her “advice” for getting over somebody is not very original but tried and true. Téa then tells her she will take any advice she’s got. Viki tells her that the best way to get over somebody is to find somebody new. Téa then admits that she has been seeing Ray Montez. He does like him. He’s a sweet man and attractive. But she only finds herself attracted to the sick and nasty types of men. Téa then tells Viki that she really appreciates her friendship. She doesn’t have family she can confide in. Viki reminds Téa that she used to be her sister in law. And she realizes that Todd has done terrible things. But she is still his sister and realizes the horrific things her brother went through as a child. So, she admits that she is “drawn” to Todd similarly to the way that Téa is.

Schuyler tells Todd that maybe he “connected” with Starr not unlike the way Todd did to Marty. Todd then admits that he almost killed Cole when he found them in bed together. Hearing that, Schuyler tells Todd it’s little wonder that Starr ahs gotten all messed up and fallen for the wrong guys. He tells Todd that maybe the wrong guy will come out of somewhere and hurt her. And it will be Todd’s fault. And Todd is a sick son of a bitch.

While Zach is holding Cole and Starr hostage, Cole manages to dial John on his cell phone. He talks loudly enough to Zach so that John can hear that Zach is holding him and Starr hostage. At that Zach can hear John reply. He grabs the phone and tells John that Cole made a big mistake to call him. When Marty is with John, she asks what Zach would want with her son.

Markko tells Lola that she needs to get it straight that he is with Langston. He loves her and is not about to cheat on her with anybody. She then admits to him that her dad did tell her that maybe she should do the same. But at that point, she moves up closer to him and admits that the promise she made was a lie. And she kisses shim. Right then, Langston enters through the door. She leaves a message for Starr. But Starr cannot answer

Back at the house, Dorian moves to push the buttons to send the TEXT of herself kissing Ray to David. She is obviously tempted to do just that. And she “accidentally” pushes the button to send it. And the message tells her that it’s been successfully sent to David. She then freaks and asks what did she do. At that point, Ray comes through the door.

Schuyler asks Todd just what he’s going to do. Is Todd going to hit him? Todd replies no. But he pushes Schuyler’s face into the door. Schuyler falls to the floor and Todd tells him he does not want to mess with him. Todd then goes out the door.

After John has gotten the call from Cole’s phone, Marty demands to know what is going on and to come with him. He tells her that he’s discovered that Zach Rosen has Cole.

Zach assesses that he has Todd’s daughter and Marty’s son right in the room with him. He gloats about what could be better.

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